Recap Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Special 2011

I will start off by saying this episode was very good for giving us background on characters that we may have missed in the series but also might have been a bit confused about.

Okay so on with the show;
In the beginning Alison is telling a Halloween story about twins, one of whom is a murdered, to the little boy who Hannah is babysitting. I have seen this episode like four times and it just hit me that Alison could very well have a twin of her own. In the Season two finale, with Emily, Alison talked of A as someone who she knows very well. Of course if she did have a TWIN then her name would more than likely start with A also. Maybe the sister A is in cahoots with everyone who felt wronged by Alison because she, herself could have very well been hurt by her sister in one way or another. Maybe she is even a fraternal twin or a male, or even adopted so that maybe even Alison did not know her/him when she arrived in town. Just a thought to add to the pile of theories around the every present Question, of Who is A? Anyway, this episode is called the First Secret so it should tell us many things. Well the little boy is gung-ho to hear the rest of the story despite Hannah’s warnings, so Alison finishes the story of the death by stabbing the pumpkin on the table with emphasis.

The scene after the theme song is supposed to give us a feel for the old days, you know happier times. Spencer was a geek, Hannah was heavy, Aria was wild and Alison was the boss/leader of the group. Yes they could have been a girl band LOL. So they walk and talk about what they will wear for Halloween. Hannah wants to go as Britney though Alison comments that she better wear the tightest fat pants she can find, I assume as not to embarrass her. Emily comments that her boyfriend, Ben, wants her to wear a sexy cop outfit but she plans to go as a Native American Girl.

Just then Noel Caan, the popular guy, drives up with his buddies and the girls all blush except Alison who has a witty comment, “All that testosterone and not a sheep in sight,” she says. I had no idea what she meant until now, I guess she was saying “Where are the Girls that are usually hanging all over you guys?” Right?

Anyway, after Noel and the guys drive on; Alison’s comments about their giddiness but she is happy that they will be attending a party together like what they never have? It just seems weird. Actually I notice how a lot of her acting seems awkward and stilted. I guess with the little we get to see her I never thought too much of it but it’s not good. Something about her is just off to me.

As the continue to walk they decide to get dressed for the Halloween party at Spencer’s just before they stop in front of the old abandoned house on the block. Emily insists she saw someone inside while Spencer says around Halloween there is always kids going in and out trying to be brave to say they stayed there. As soon as the girls pass by the house we see the door open, and the car parked across the street is labeled Radley Sanitarium.

Okay now wait, WHAT?? So someone from the sanitarium is roaming around the old house? Does that mean someone escaped? Maybe a girl or boy who tried to kill their sibling when they were younger? Hmmm and why hasn’t the entire town been alerted of this situation??

Poor misused Toby

Sometime later, we see Emily chatting with Toby who tells her that his father remarried and his new step mother and step sister are moving in. Emily comments its only been over a year since his mother/left dies/whatever. Toby doesn’t look all built and brave at this point in the story. The poor guy looks abused and depressed. I guess its why Emily talked to him he seemed harmless. Toby mentions how his step sister knows how to get what she wants.

At the costume store, Alison is acting like she feels someone watching her before she turns around; then she is grabbed from behind by a masked Noel. Alison was truly terrified but she does a good come back, the girl is brave I give that to her. She suggests Noel bring his mask to the party.

Call me Jen NA

Alison meets Jenna for the first time in the same store; they talk about the fact that Alison is going to the party as Lady GAGA so Jenna cannot. Now during this exchange I noticed how much Jenna looks like Alison, but maybe I am imagining things. Could she be her long lost sibling? They have similar noses and Jenna also looks capable of caring for herself. I mean Alison and her could have gone head to head but Jenna says that now she knows Alison is wearing Lady G then she will choose another costume, but hey she just didn’t want to start a fight in the store. She is new in town, being Toby’s new step sister and all; oh I didn’t mention that ? Yeah Jenna and Toby are Steps LOL. I know I am playing Devils advocate but this did just occur to me. There is such a comparison to Toby’s depressing look and Jenna’s in control cute chick look its crazy right?

“I’m watching you,” says the text that Alison gets before she turns around to find a person in a mask behind her, “Freak!,” she yells.

After the break we find Alison and Ian downstairs at Spencer’s house playing with a camera. I seriously do not remember this part of the episode, but Alison was flirting with Ian who is Melissa guy.

Melissa and Spencer come down stairs discussing Spencer’s top-notch paper or speech or something. Alison comments that is good that Spencer can count on her sister. Melissa gives Alison a strange look; obviously Alison knows something about Melissa or it wouldn’t have been suddenly awkward. The man in the room, Ian, didn’t notice at all as he brags about their costumes for Halloween, Bonnie and Clyde, how appropriate in light of things that happened later. Ian’s betrayal and Melissa weirdness.

Yes I am Byron’s Favorite student

Over at Hollis College, Aria takes her father’s brief case to his office only to find a student of his reading on his sofa. AWKWARD, Daddy Montgomery, Byron, comes in acting likes is normal for students to drop by his office to “hang”, um right?

Later that night, Hanna is at home alone watching a scary movie when the phone starts to ring just like in the movie and the lights begin to flicker. Hannah looks terrified. The phone rings again but this time its Alison asking if Hannah had sent her a text earlier that day. I imagine Alison has been calling them all asking though it wouldn’t make sense because if they were at the costume shop they would have been talking to her not texting her ….HELLO!! The door bell rings this time and Hannah finds her mother with a cop, Officer Darren, on the threshold. Mom, Ashley, has had too much to drink so she got a ride with the cop who later became her lover briefly. Okay HUH? I thought when she slept with the guy in the first season she didn’t know who he was? Oh well I guess the timeline overlaps some where.

Oh Mom you are the best!

Ashley apologizes for letting the bills pile up or whatever thing she has done since Tom left her. Hannah makes her feel better by telling her that Tom’s new girlfriend is hideous, before she tucks Ashley’s inebriated self in on the sofa.

At school the next day Ben is spreading rumors that Emily slept with him. The girls are all ready to go knock him out but Emily stops them by saying that its true.

Mona stops by to say hello but Alison tells them to ignore her. Yes Alison is the Queen Bee, telling them what to do and how high to jump, Hmm its a wonder that she died before he time. We also see Lucas sitting at the same table with Mona, I guess it’s supposedly the loser table. Now I notice in this scene that Lucas does not look angry or like someone on the edge, just a note.

Alison makes a comment about Emily not being a virgin, “Shy on the streets; sexy in the sheets,” she says and again it just seems awkward. Alison thinks that its a good thing that Emily is not a virgin now which goes against Alison whole everyone has to do things just so attitude. I don’t know maybe I am reading too much in to this, maybe. Alison always acts like the Miss Morality or something, pronouncing judgments and deciding fates on her whim.

Alison: Look at your Dad now

Meredith: Oh great, busted

That afternoon Aria and Alison are hiding from Mona as they walk down the street only to see Byron’s car hidden behind a tree. He is in the back seat with the girl from before, Meredith, kissing her. Aria looks totally shocked. So she believed the baloney about him letting kids crash in his office? YIKES. I guess she wanted to think her father was cool. I have to wonder if Alison set it up so Aria would catch them…..hmmm.

Big Brother Jason

Over at Alison’s she is writing in her diary when Jason comes in the room asking for money for the party. I think its odd he would ask her for money, don’t they both get their cash from the parents? Couldn’t he have just gotten it from the cookie jar or something. He tells her he and his friends are making a movie but he if tells her what kind he would have to kill her. Oh those kids, so loving so kind LOL. Jason hands her a box that was on the porch for her before he leaves. She opens the box to find a voodoo style doll with a note on it: its my turn to torture you. She looks as though she has to think about who it can be.

I hate you doll

So she takes the note to put it in that ugly doll in the box that Aria now has at her house that Jason gave her at the memorial in season two. Now I know for sure that the box holds various clues to who killed Alison. I knew that ugly doll had a meaning; it was just annoying painful to look it. Alison looks resigned to her fate after she puts the box back in its hiding place which seems to be a type of grating.

Officer Darren goes back over to check on Ashley and Hannah but he tells Ashley to be careful on the roads because people are unpredictable. HUH, sounds like a threat? Or that he knows something, I’m just sayin’

Alison goes by Spencer’s after seeing Byron in the car with Meredith. It’s interesting to see that Spencer is also a seamstress who has the gift of sewing standing up LOL or I just didn’t see the stool. Alison goes on about how Melissa doesn’t want the Hastings parents to look to close at her meanwhile she is talking Spencer up. I don’t really understand what she was saying but again I am sure Alison has something on Melissa she is not telling Spencer. Alison tends to know more about people than she shares until its needed for her LOL. Spencer is in tears thinking that the information about her not winning the election will make her parents upset with her but Alison is convinced that is Spencer wants to win then She can make it happen. WOW some kinda magic hold she has in that town.

Oh Dad I really do hate you Now

Byron the sleazy husband/father asked Aria to lie for him by not telling Ella about him fooling around with his student.

The next day Emily reveals to Alison that she didn’t sleep with Ben but it doesn’t matter because they will surely do it eventually and she wants Alison to keep that a secret. Well I tell you have learned about secrets, it’s easier to keep your own then to keep others.

Alison you are going down

The next day at school, Alison is kind of flaunting that she knows things about the girls. The voting thing with Spencer and the Dad thing with Aria, no one really seems to mind that they are in the dark about each others issues too much. I don’t think I get that they can all be so close but Alison be the only one they share secrets with ?? Lucas spills coffee on Alison’s boots a minute later, “Don’t touch me,” she says, then adds something about hearing a rumor that he was half guy and half girl. Mona is standing there listening to it all with kind of smirk. Lucas says to no one in particular, “one day she will get what’s coming to her.” Mona looks nervously around.

The announcement that Spencer won the election comes just before the break.
While dressing for the party at Spencer’s house they see someone wearing a mask watching them but they have no idea who it might be. There were several of the same mask/outfit at the costume store. I am sure everyone knows who its supposed to be but not me, so any guesses please leave comments.

“It’s Halloween, Hannah don’t you love a good scare?” Alison asks but after the others leave the room Alison makes Aria feel bad about being depressing after what she saw her father doing. Wow this was so judgmental of her it’s how I have always seen her. She has her scales always measuring people’s motives. It’s odd she reminds me of an older person in may ways. She is the judge and juror, handing out favors where she will and casting judgment on those she does not like. She actually threatens to tell Ella if Aria does not by saying “are you sure no one else so your father with that tart?” or something like that LOL. Seriously with Alison for a friend, who needs enemies right. Control Freak, Much?

Dr. Sexy OBGYN

Alison makes her entrance with the others, um yes Aria actually went, but only Noel really notices them even he loses interest after he sees Jenna in her body suit Lady Gaga outfit walking in. I gotta admit she did look better in her Lady G costume.

After the break, Alison offers to let Jenna into her realm of life in Rosewood but Jenna, likes to pick her own friends. OH YEAH the war is on, so this is how it started. Seems like Jenna came to town with an attitude. I guess that is how she and Alison butted heads initially huh. OH and on the way over to talk to Jenna Alison ran into Mona who she didn’t recognize dressed up in a cute Catwoman costume. Mona made a comment like you will know who I am or something. Make me think that well…..I won’t spoil you.

On the other hand, Jenna meet Mona and they hit it off right away……so lets see alliances formed from way back. Jenna/Mona, Mona/Lucas, hmmm I wonder how long those alliances have lasted, did they make plans from the start? it would take time to bring Alison down? Did Mona get close to Hannah to learn things for Jenna? Did they ever really switch sides? Is Jenna, Alison’s, long-lost crazy sister? Is Mona her sister? Is there a sister? I keep thinking about what Jenna said in the season two finale about how Alison deserved what she got? I don’t think that was just about being blind. Oh how about Garrett who is not in this episode; is he related to Alison, maybe?

Outside Mary Queen of Scots, aka Spencer, asks Alison what she was talking to the new girl, Jenna about before Alison, pulls the ballots she had taken for Spencer out to give them to her. HUH, I thought Alison had some friends in high places, no she just took the ballots? LOL that is laughable. See I think Alison is sometime a little girl running scared and other times I think she is a mastermind lol. Spencer throws the ballots into a handy fire that happens to be on the porch, I guess it’s some kind of heater? WE see someone is watching them as Alison tells Spencer she would be surprised to know who her friends aren’t? I guess the ballots had the names on them. I see Alison trying to build that wedge between the Hastings sisters I hope she has a darn good reason. I never did figure out what Melissa had done besides stand with Ian, but I bet its a doozey.

Hanna and Aria go to the woods for beer, anyway they get scared by some weird costumed creature.

Best Lady Gaga

Meanwhile inside, Emily is dancing with Ben but giving Jenna a good once over and of course ever-present, Alison notices. “Where you wishing you could taste her cherry chapstick, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me,” Alison says in Emily’s ear before she walks away and we see someone watching Alison again. Okay I can see how most everyone had a reason to get rid of Alison she was not the most likable young lady to say the least, very least LOL.


Later while the four are wondering what happened to Alison who hasn’t been seen since the bonfire, they receive a text from her saying she is in trouble. NOW girls how long have you known Alison? How often is she truly in trouble? OH well lets see what’s up LOL. The address she sends them is for 313 Mockingbird, yep the old house that everyone avoids.

They go into the house despite their fears to find their leader. We see another of the masks people walking around though the girls do not. The go upstairs to look just before the break.

The find Alison locked in a room, she gives them a story about someone threatening her with a knife at the party. She actually leaves them in the room to lock it so she can go use her phone in the hallway. What kinda sense does that make? They just came from the hallway having seen no ONE!! Not smart now she is alone and they are locked LOL. SeriouslY? Then there is a scream; suddenly the door won’t open. WE get a view of the other side of the door where something has been put over it to lock it. The girls watch as someone pushes Alison against the wall then fights with her. Alison runs the other way but the masked person looks toward the scream of the girls.

They eventually climb out of the window; they faithfully go back inside to find Alison. She is sitting downstairs in a chair, she tells them it was a hoax. They were all so scared for her. They passed her test, now she knows she can count on them, as if they wouldn’t before. She wants to go back to the party then. Seriously?

Can I say EWWW

They arrive back at the party then comment it like a different party because a lot of the people seem older. Of course we see Melissa and Ian; its Noel’s brother’s friends that are older. I guess the mask person was supposed to be a Zombie, there are several of them around, now. Boys play with toys and girls play with boys, Alison says to Ian as she sees him with a toy gun. Melissa makes sure to claim Ian with a kiss right away, I have to wonder what that is all about. Is Melissa that jealous or is she trying to prove something?

Jenna is talking to Officer Darren just before Lucas goes up behind Alison to call her a “Bitch,” we see his face after he takes off the Zombie mask. Noel walks over to Alison to tell her he couldn’t make it to mess with her at the house so someone else was wearing the mask when she thought it was him, huh? Well we saw that Lucas had one and there was also shorter one earlier, coulda been Mona, hmmm.

Alison gets another text, “Dying to know who I am, you’ll find out, A.”
Alison does not tell the girls what the text says, which I find out but she does love games. She told them it wasn’t Noel why not just confess? I think in a sad the way it’s all she has is her secrets it keeps her in control. She looks around to see all the different people who wore that same costume, they are all suspects in her murder too I imagine LOL.

Night Folks

Wow an interesting episode. I can’t wait till January for more of the show.
Please leave comments.

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