Secret Circle Recap Midseason Finale Jake Likes Cassie

Screencaps Credit: Capped by me at the site

Hi I was sad to see it was already HIATUS time for the tv shows especially this one that I have grown to love.

This week we began with Stepfordized Jane talking to Cassie about the symbols on the information that Calvin left with her. Jane suddenly seems to know nothing where before she had answers for all of Cassie questions. She doesn’t even recall that Henry has died; I’m sure that would have been a major discussion in the time since his demise was discovered last week. I really hope it doesn’t take Cassie too long to figure out that Jane has been compromised. I am glad that Cassie takes the pages with her to school because if Charles showed up to gloat about what he has done to Jane he might have decided to have a look himself. It’s just weird to see Jane just sitting at the table after Cassie is gone; very creepy like she is waiting for further instructions or something.

At school its obvious that Melissa is still depressed as we see her walking down the hall. Luckily her concerned father, who we have yet to meet, has invited her UCLA cousin, whose name I didn’t understand, to town to help cheer her up as well as to help the father at the Gala. It seems this same cousin was the object of Diana’s affection when Diana was twelve LOL no doubt when they were all twelve except said cousin. Diana is totally embarrassed that Melissa brings up the crush but she doesn’t dislike that the cousin is in town.

I’m sorry I don’t find the cousin attractive in the least but he has nice teeth. I am sure it’s just me. LOL, I think it’s the hair cut though if it were longer or wavier or didn’t show his head so much, it might be different. Ok so I decided to do a search on the cousin whose name is HOLDEN. Hey that is a good-looking dude and I was right its the wonky haircut. Here is a better Picture. His real name is Arlen Alexander Escarpeta. Okay so now we know.

Next up we find Faye in her mother’s office still in depression over grandfather Henry. Faye finds it in bad taste that Dawn still wants to go to the Maritime Gala. Dawn insists she is the co-chair with Melissa’s father so she has to attend. Faye accuses her of being bitter towards Henry. Hmm could Faye be the one to find out that her mother killed grandpa Henry? Wow years of therapy ahead for Faye I can see it now.

Later on that day while Faye is hanging out at the old house, Cassie shows up with Jake. Faye watches out of sight as Jake gets a bit nosey while Cassie wonders off to find the lights. Faye confronts Jake on seeing him take something from the table. The item he has taken is a Jasper stone which he confesses he wants to put on Nicks grave. Faye still believes with her whole heart that Jake is up to something but Cassie is not ready to see it yet. Faye leaves after pronouncing that she will find out what Jake is really doing still in Chance Harbor.

Jake finds a family tree inside one of the pages of the sheets that Calvin gave to Cassie. HE says that witches usually separate the paper then put it back together after using the sheets for codes. At the top of the page it reads: Balcoin family tree. The Balcoins were a dark line of witches at least according to what Isaac said a couple of weeks ago. Jake looks shaken when he sees the name Balcoin. He has to go all of a sudden, leaving Cassie behind to try to find Calvin to figure it all out. Looks like she is on her own without the real Jane and we all know Calvin is long dead.

Cassie ends up at Diana’s house trying to get things figured out; though they are not able to find any hits on-line for other relatives related to John Blackwell. When they decide that finding information is a bust for the day, it’s decided that Diana will go solo to the Maritime Gala while Cassie will try to get the nerves up to ask Jake to attend.

Jake meets up with Isaac with the news about the Balcoin line. They are aware that the Balcoins were the Origins of black magic. Cassie is the last in the line of ancestry because before her father, John Blackwell was believed to be the last. At some point along the way the Balcoins had changed their name to Blackwell.

Ok I think the plan is to take Cassie with them. Jake plans to be ready to go with Cassie the next day, but Isaac has doubts because he can see that Jake likes Cassie.

After the break, Cassie is unable to get Calvin to answer the door at the shop so she assumes he is away. Yes he has gone on a long trip; one he will not be coming back from.

At Jake’s house Cassie invites Jake to the Gala but he declines. She doesn’t understand why he seems to suddenly be rejecting her after the magic kiss last week where she was sure he liked her. He tells her he is not interested.

Faye talks to Adam about what she believes to be true about Jake at the Boathouse. She thinks something weird is up with Jake; she insists he is after something because according to her Jake is never interested in anything it’s just not him. He sounds like he was a party guy always looking for a good time; I suppose that was his past with Faye.

Diana helps Melissa as well as Holden set up the tables for the Gala as she smiles and blushes at Holden that is so cute. I do like that this show is not shy about introducing interracial relationships and flirtations, two thumbs up.

Charles arrives to take Dawn to the Gala only to have her tease him about the draw of the crystal he has with him. Dawn berates him on his mistake of not hiding Henry’s body well enough. I assume them going together is just to cover the lie they told Diana about them dating LOL. I can’t wait till this all blows up in their faces. It’s a good thing the circle has kept hidden the way that Henry’s body was found.

After getting dressed Cassie takes down the family tree she has found to show Jane. Jane can’t even focus long enough to listen to Cassie’s questions about it. Good grief, magic gone wrong for sure. *shakes head* How obviously messed up does Jane have to be for Cassie to notice? Jane never met anyone in John Blackwell’s family, HUH? She also states that Amelia never mentioned them? Well I guess if John was the last of the family that might be true but wouldn’t a mother want to know a little bit about a guy their only daughter was dating? Yeah I know Jane is Stepfordized LOL but again wouldn’t Cassie wonder about Jane’s lack of knowledge in that area.

The door bell rings before Jane goes off to powder her nose, I want to know were they expecting someone? It hasn’t been that long since they were attacked and almost killed. I wouldn’t be so eager to get the door when no one was supposed to be arriving, I guess I am paranoid LOL. Cassie does have enough common sense to put the pages away out of sight before answering the door.

Surprise, its Jakey, all dressed up in a suit looking HAWT, at the door. He apologizes for acting like a Jerk earlier but also he confesses to an attraction to her. Cassie doesn’t let him off easily, loving her spunk with Jake. I am going to find it hard when she has to start liking Adam because so far he is my least favorite witch.

After the break, we are at the Gala. Charles finds Jane standing by a wall with her hands shaking a bit. She makes a statement about watching Amelia have fun on the dance floor but Charles corrects her, “you mean Cassie.” Jane walks away but Charles surely realizes the spell is going bad. He looks disturbed.

Faye arrives with Adam, since their plan is to keep an eye on Jake together. I like them working together for some reason. Adam immediately heads in Diana’s direction while Faye goes off to find a bartender who will give her drinks for them. Good luck with a room full of adults LOL.

Jake takes Cassie out to dance then we see that Adam was actually heading for a wall to hide behind so he can keep his eyes on Jake. Ah so he is trying to focus good job Adam, The two Blondes looks sooooo Blonde together but its cute. Cassie can’t stop thinking about her father or talking about him. Jake is quiet. Before he gets a call Jake relays what is supposed to have been an incident where he talked to Nick who told Jake he admired Cassie because he could tell she was strong despite her sadness.

Jake leaves the dance floor with Adam following behind him.

Holden decides to ask Diana for a dance and she hesitates only moments before she goes for it. Melissa smiles as Diana giver her a look, Melissa answer is a nod.

Outside Jake learns that the council has decided that Cassie needs to go with the witch hunters that night, according to Isaac.

After the break, Adam sees Jake talking to Isaac. The instructions from Isaac to Jake are that he has to take Cassie from the Gala. The council wants to use Cassie’s power to their advantage. Now hold on!! if they are trying to get rid of all the witches because they are so EVIL then why would they want to involve themselves in using the witchy powers?? Interesting huh? Oh my question was answered LOL they want to use her power to fight other witches……hypocrites MUCH??

It doesn’t take much for Jake to convince Cassie to go with him; hmmm not much at all. He says its important come with me in that desperate voice, I am surprised she went for it since he has had so many mood swings in the last couple days SHEEKS!

Adam gives Diana the nod that something is up while she is dancing with Holden. They all meet up with Melissa to try to get Cassie on her phone. They don’t get any answer so they split up: Melissa with Diana and Faye with Adam.

Over at Jakes house he tells Cassie what he knows of the Balcoin line. He reveals that her bloodline is dark. He shows her demonic looking pictures from some book. She freaks thinking that he believes her to be a monster but a few minutes later he tries to convince her he can take her to safety. He wants to keep her from people who want to use her magic; yeah even though she has whiplash from his recent behavior changes LOL. She says NO even before she gets the TEXT that Jake is a Witch Hunter.

After the break, Cassie lies about the text saying it’s from Diana who is worried about where she has gone off to.

She leaves Jake to go next door to pack; thought I have no idea what she had really planned to do except maybe just to get away from him for a few minutes.

At her house she is grabbed by Isaac as Jake watches through the window. Jake runs out side to try to stop them because he really does want her to trust him. Jake is knocked out by one of the men helping Isaac then left on the side-walk after he tries to stop them at the car outside.

Back at the Gala, Jane is feeling dizzy when Charles walks up with Dawn. Jane mentions that its nice for Dawn to be with Charles because she generally is mostly interested in John Blackwell, HUH?? So I think Amelia’s competition for John was Dawn. Yeah I think the spell has taken Jane back to the past. Amelia, then John Blackwell references LOL oh Charles you screw up. The two of them offer to take Jane home but she wants a moment alone to adjust her shawl, HUH? why? she is going home. Dawn berates Charles yet again about the spell that is affecting Jane.

Adam grabs Jake up off the sidewalk in his attempt to find out where Cassie has gone. Faye who seems to be the only one that has INSIGHT can see that Jake cares about Cassie. HE promises that if they can help him get to her and save her then he will Leave town. It’s cool that Faye can feel things, she must be the Empathic Witch. Although as deep as Melissa has felt Nick’s death I would have thought it was her but she isn’t really in this storyline tonight that much.

The three arrive at the docks to see Isaac carrying Cassie into a boat. They can’t do magic on the boat because its made of Ashwood the same stuff they used in the circle the night the hunters tried to kill them. Adam wants to be the hero while he suggests Jake maybe blow himself as a distraction LOL, oh Adam now you want to be a hero. I’m glad you are finally stepping up though to do something other than mope.

Inside the boat Isaac throws Cassie like a rag doll on the bed,,,,,huh? Why?

Adam runs to hide inside one of the other boats while inside a boat Isaac ties up Cassie’s hands and feet.

Jake uses a spell to knock out some lights for distraction while Faye watches with enthusiasm in her eyes. I imagine she is thinking if Jake can do this then I can learn how too. A couple of the lights bursts on Isaac’s companions. Isaac sees as Adam goes inside to help Cassie.

Isaac grabs Adam as he walks out the door with Cassie.

After the break, Jake comes behind Isaac to distract him while the others run off. The use their magic to set a fire to keep the men chasing them back.

Jake admits to Isaac that Cassie matters to him; he insists that she can fight off the darkness. He doesn’t think that the circle has to be destructive. Isaac reveals that Cassie isn’t the only Blackwell child in the circle. My GUESS its the other child is Faye Chamberlain. My logic is based on Dawn’s attraction for J.B. mentioned earlier LOL. OH then the whole thing about she and Cassie fighting like sisters all the time.

Melissa with Diana show up as Jake leaves with the hunters, just like he promised Adam. It’s too bad Cassie didn’t get to say good-bye, right?

Oh that was it? I thought it had more to it about Jane.

Ok I guess that is all till January 5, 2012, I cannot wait. 2012 is going to be a wild ride anyway but with this show it might be FUN too.

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  1. Sorry, I’m so very late to the “party” on this one. 🙂 Man, I’ve been missing this show something fierce. I just adored the last few episodes. And I was super intrigued by the concept of Cassie having a dark half sibling in the circle. Clearly, it’s not Adam, because . . . well . . . given the whole “Cassie and Adam are meant to be” thing . . . ick. It wasn’t NIck, because, by definition, that would mean Jake was also a Blackwell, and . . . ick to that too, for the same incestuous reasons. 🙂

    That leaves Faye, Diana, and Melissa. I can definitely see your rationale as to why it would be Faye. On the other hand, I kind of like the idea of it being Diana, possibly on her mother’s side (or maybe even from Charles). I just feel like, since Diana’s seemingly the most “moral” of the circle, giving her dark magic roots, would add an interesting layer to her character. It would explain HER connection to Adam, as well. Plus, like Cassie, Diana seems just a smidge more powerful than the rest of her circle, which might be why she’s led it for as long as she has.

    Just a thought . . . I just basically wanted to stop by, and let you know how thrilled I am that you’ve been doing such awesome recaps for this show. I love all the pictures, theories, and, of course, all the funny. I can’t wait to read the next installment, when the show returns. 🙂

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