Supernatural Recap S07 Episode 16 Ballet is only the Beginning

I was so glad to see Supernatural on my television again last week; after seven years I still LOVE this show or maybe its the cute guys not sure but ……..

On with the recap, I do have to say this episode disturbed me. The reason is I am a person who collects antique items and shops at thrift stores. It gave me Pause to say the least. Normally if I buy a used book I wipe it down with alcohol or with clothes I always wash them before wearing; but from now on I will be also praying to the universe over any old items that come in my home. Better safe than sorry LOL.

IN this first scene we see several ballerina’s getting ready to go home after practice. They discuss a fellow ballerina who hadn’t shown up that day, of course the person in question the next moment walks it the door. It seems this particular ballerina relishes practicing alone because she thinks she is a diva. She has brought with her on this day a pair of used ballet slippers I say used because the bag looks like the generic kind they use at thrift stores. She puts on the shoes than stretches as she prepares to do her practice. She puts in the music, dims the lights then begins. Everything seems normal at first but then we notice the guy mopping outside is using the same strokes as the ballerina is inside dancing, the same timing. The girl can’t keep up with her legs movements. She can’t stop herself, she starts screaming and to be honest I didn’t want to see what happened. The maintenance guy found her, the shoes were not on her feet, seriously I was afraid to see more LOL, some things are sacred like horror movies before would never have someone mouth over stretched then they did that now the feet are off a body……..its just gory.

Meanwhile or the next day in snowy Oregon we find feisty Dean talking to Frank on the phone. He wants to know what’s up with the coordinates but Frank has nothing. He actually hangs up on Dean, very funny stuff. Sam walks up with his fifth cup of coffee for the day because he is trying to stay awake to keep Lucifer away or he can’t sleep because Lucifer is in his head not sure. Anywho, he has read about the ballerina case apparently Dean saw Black Swan twice and is all in; he loved the hot tutu on tutu action, go figure. When would Dean have time to see a movie, especially one his constant side kick aka Sam as unaware of Ah he saw it online I bet.

Moving on, they arrive at the Portland PD where we find one of the officers had a ballet fanatic for a daughter. She happens to be in the evidence room with her daddy drawing or something while he works. He tells her to leave the shoes alone because, you know they are not toys.

Little girl goes off to the ladies rooms where she finds the ballet shoes have beat her to the bathroom. They sit innocently on the floor. Little girl does not find this odd at all she simply sits down to put them on after making sure no one else around. Interesting she was smart enough to do that though sitting on a bathroom floor, the thought makes me cringe; the shoes are magically her size. Ok, little girl this is where I would have taken them off OR at least hesitated.

The boys arrive in the evidence room looking for the shoes at this time. The policeman realizes his daughter must have taken the shoes.

Sam and Dean rush to the ladies room to find the girl who suddenly is in the air with no control of her own. She starts twirling and its obvious she is a bit freaked now. Sam tells Dean to grab the shoes as he grabs the girl to stop her movement. The little girl keeps yelling sorry each time she accidentally kicks dean LOL he finally does get them off of her. Sam decides it must be a cursed object, YOU think?

They take the shoes to the store listed inside of them to see if anything else might be cursed or has been sold recently that has caused issues.

IN the car the shoes end up in the back seat despite being put in the trunk to start with LOL oops. Dean is having the urge to dance, oh and the shoes look his size now LOL so cute.

On the main street we see a realtor with her assistant talking to a guy about selling his shop. The old guy says no but these two have a plan. The woman indicates that the man who has arms full of stuff, who is named George, has to get her door. Hmmm so she is the boss I see and demands respect, who is the chick?

In the antique store while Sam is talking to the owner Dean takes an interest in the shoes LOL, he looks longingly at them LOL. Sam puts the shoes back in their padded case. The owner had no idea what is happening. He was trying to get rid of items that his mother had in boxes; the woman has died he was cleaning.

Over at a house not far away a woman is cooking. She is chopping meat then goes to grab a tomato but suddenly the tea-pot sounds. She looks at it oddly like she didn’t recall turning it on. Uh oh that can’t be good. She picks up the teapot and pours the hot liquid down her throat……..EWWWWWWWW.

After the break, we return to the antique store where Sam and Dean tell the owner, Scott that maybe the items were in the SAFE for a reason. We get to see the safe and there are all kinds of writing on it like for protection or safekeeping I would imagine. HE gives them the names and addresses of all the people who bought the objects from the safe.

They find the tea kettle lady first…..ugh. They decide they better split up to get the other two items, a gramophone and an old porn magazine.

The lady turns on the gramophone then leaves it in the room with her kid while she goes upstairs. The machine starts calling to the boy, “I have a secret for you, Timmy,” it says. Timmy gets up to listen. Here again I have to wonder who does that? Listening to an inanimate object? Doesn’t it make the kids look stupid? Timmy goes in the kitchen to get a knife then he stalks his mother when she comes back downstairs.

Sam walks in just in time to keep the kid from stabbing his mother. They don’t ask questions which I find ODD, but just let him take the item away. I personally would want to know what the heck is going on? Yeah yeah it’s all about time on these shows, but still he could have at least tried to explain UNLESS Scott had called them already, but again she would have known better than to use the item…..oh well.

Dean calls to tell Sam he got the porn but he won’t tell him what the guy was doing with it when he got there LOL. I guess its best left to our imagination.

They are going to meet up with the items. Dean arrives with his item at the store then has a conversation with Scott. Scott had been pushing his mother to sell the store for years. He had wanted his mother to have some money by selling the store but after she did finally sell his mother died in a car accident the next day. He feels guilty but Dean says that won’t help just do better from now on. Ah so Dean is learning. HE reminds Scott to stay away from the safe they will get it out after all the items are returned.

Dean goes outside to wait on Sam. Dean starts walking then realizes that almost all the buildings have a SOLD sigh with Bicklebee REalty on them.

Speaking of Realty, they are having a meeting with the stubborn guy from earlier over at the office. They are still trying to convince him to sell to them. He says no again then Joyce, yes that is her name, takes his hand with a pretense of shaking it and then changes into him. He is of course freaking out. Yes she is one of those Leviathan things…..ewww. She breaks his neck. She then signs the contract herself. George the assistant reminds her that Mr. Roman doesn’t like them calling attention to themselves and this is her second murder. She was also the one that killed the Antique owner lady. She instructs George to take Mr. Marshall home, put him in bed with a burning hot cigar near by.

After the break, we see sirens outside the Realty office window. The realtor jokes about Mr. Marshall and his cigar smoking then tries to sip her which was tepid coffee; she is dissatisfied yet again because she likes it HOT. She tells George he is a her fifth assistant since she took over the body. She also sends him for new coffee. I have to say with the way she described what she wanted its no wonder the warmth of the coffee was all he messed up LOL.

Dean calls Sam who is still trying to get back to him on the other side of town. Dean tells him about the auspiciousness of the Realty company buying up everything and wonders how it relates to the late antique lady. Sam can hardly keep his eyes open but he converses with Dean or tries to before he hangs up.

Dean calls Frank when he can’t get pass the fire wall online, after clicking a link on the Bicklebee Reality site. Geothrive is the site he is trying to access. Oh and since when does Dean do computers?

Meanwhile Sam falls asleep at the wheel and almost has a head on with an Eighteen wheeler. He decides to stop for more coffee then. Sam happens to walk up to the window of the Java Shack just as George is walking away. He hears Sam’s voice and recognizes though I have NO IDEA why he would. What they have Leviathan seminars on catching the Winchesters with voice recognition as a class???

George follows Sam then calls his boss to tell her the news about seeing Sam Winchester. It seems George was excited because he thought he would get to eat Sam. Joyce tells him that she can eat Sam but he cannot LOL, so strange. OH and of course she can tell that there are two pumps of sugar in her coffee after he finally got it back to her, late LOL.

Over at the diner where Dean is waiting drooling over the pie LOL he is also talking to Frank. Frank tells him that the GeoThrive site is owned by Roman inc. Frank tells Dean to leave town but of course Dean and Sam are the heroes they gotta save the people.

Sam finally arrives at the diner he can’t focus because Lucifer is in his head even after Dean tells him the Leviathan news. Sam gets a call from Scott, who says he looked at something and now he wants to rip off his own head, he needs help. WE of course see a second later that Scott is drawing Sam and Dean into a Leviathan trap.

After the break, we see the monsters now have Scott tied up as they discuss what to do with him. They decide that George will just turn into Scott so no one knows he is missing.

Dean arrives with Sam and are completely surprised to see the monsters. There is a brief fight before George tells Sam that the stuff he and Dean like throwing at them is in a bucket near by. Okay how does he know about that, more seminars??? Dean is still getting beat up by Joyce before Sam dunks George with his consent. George even tells Sam where to get a sword. Sam cuts off Joyce’s head. They put her head in the safe with the other things to be taken away. They tell Scott to leave town and don’t stop till he finds some place that he don’t speak the language. I guess that is a safety so he won’t say the wrong thing.

George saved them so that he could eat Joyce. George explains they should look at the big picture it’s not about a few real estate deals. Dick Roman plans to build a research center to cure cancer in Portland. George says it is because they are only here to help, hmmm I think its more like they want the FOOD to be PURE/Disease Free LOL.

After the break, they leave Portland to go to Frank’s.

They arrive at Frank’s to find him gone, blood, and a big mess. “Not good,” is the final word from Dean. You think?

Well since there is no body I can only assume that Frank is alive with the monsters unless they took him as a snack, he might get used as Winchester bait LOL, not funny.

Everyone might know the answer but since I do try to stay fairly spoiler free to write the recaps I don’t know for sure.

Great episode, I can’t wait till tomorrow for more of the FRESH Episodes.
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