Secret Circle Recap Episode 7 – A Witchy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone though I am a day later than normal LOL what’s new right LOL

Screencap Credit: capped by Me 🙂

This episode begins with the unlikely duo of Faye and Cassie shopping for Halloween costumes or just hanging out at the local Occult store looking for decorations. Cassie notices something as she walks in that seems familiar to her but she doesn’t mention it to Faye who is intent on looking like a sexy witch doctor LOL. I do love Faye’s enthusiasm for life. Its seems Cassie has given into Faye’s charm as far as being talked into giving a Halloween “get together” at the Blake house while Grams is out-of-town for the night. This sounds like a bad idea up front, teen witches alone on Halloween, the making of a horror movie for sure.

Faye teases Cassie about breaking up Diana and Adam despite Cassie defense of it wasn’t about me LOL, anyway Faye drags Cassie over then to invite Luke who has conveniently walked into the store, to the “get together” for Cassie. . Oh this is going to be fun, except I totally didn’t trust Luke the first time and still don’t……but oh lets not get ahead of ourselves LOL, again.

As Faye goes to change into her regular clothes Cassie goes to the counter to pay the owner for the decorations that Faye has requested. The man recognizes the Blake name on the credit car before he asks about Amelia. The moment Cassie’s hand touches his the mirror behind him breaks, much to both of their surprise.

The theme music plays then we arrive at the Blake house to find her chatting with Gram, Jane. Residual power and active power crossing so says Jane after Cassie tells her about the incident at the store. Looks like Jane is just a wealth of town information. There are more witches in town though they supposedly do not practice at least as far as anyone knows since the fire years ago. The owner of the occult shop Calvin is also a witch. Jane goes off on her trip to see Henry, that is the father in law of Dawn, the grandfather of Faye who we last saw lying helpless on the floor of Dawn’s house. Jane might get a shock, right but we will get to that later. Jane is going to check on Henry because she hasn’t talk to him in weeks; Cassie has told Jane about the Halloween get together because Cassie is such a good girl.

At the boat Adam talks with his father, Peter, about him being wasted as well as how Adam blames him for breaking him up with Diana. Adam seems quite bitter though he is only fighting his desire for Cassie I assume. He accuses his father of loving Amelia more than his wife, who was Adam’s mother.

Diana, Faye and Melissa all arrive at Cassie’s to help with decorating; Diana loves Halloween. She hasn’t talked to Adam since the break up but she doesn’t want to discuss it. They have a lot of decorations because the drama club chipped under the condition that they would be invited to the party yep now it will be a party.

Cassie finds part of the blade from the knife used to cut her the week before, left by Simone. What they don’t sweep under their tables ?? In tv time I guess it could have only been a couple of days, right?

Cassie decides to go back to the store to check on the symbols on the piece. She talks to Jake about it on the way to the car and he tries to convince her not to go inquire about it at the store. Jake touches the hood of her car; his plan is to stop her or delay her I would think. He leaves without even checking on why she is still sitting there.

Jake arrives at the shop of Calvin Wilson, the occult shop owner, to find the man taking a break but Jake doesn’t care. His only desire is to threaten him into keeping his mouth shut on what he knows. Jake asks about witch kruids, they can be used for seasoning food or killing witches Jack says, LOL. Yes because we need a recipe for killing witches on this show, it might come in handing UH, HUH, if you are a witch hunter. The Vampire Diaries might need that spell when rival witches come against Bonnie LOL and they will, but I digress. Jake shows Calvin how the items could be used to kill he also commands Calvin to tell Cassie that he doesn’t have an answer to her questions or he will kill him.

After the break, Cassie arrives to ask about the piece she found but of course Calvin says he doesn’t know what it is. She gives him her information but Cassie sees something that could help her so she makes a distraction by breaking something to get it. She takes a picture of the similar knife in the window while he goes off to get a broom to clean up.

Melissa finds Jake at Nick/his parents grave where they discuss how they do not have things in common even though they both loved Nick. Melissa suggests since Jake left Nick alone to that maybe its his own fault.

Cassie goes to Adam for help on decoding the images on the knife. I find that odd since she is all gung how about how she doesn’t like him but whatever. Oh but wait Cassie had called Diana but so far she had not arrived, oh maybe a weak attempt at matchmaking? Adam talks about Diana like she is his be all end all girl. Ah and Faye comes from upstairs where she has been looking through Cassie’s book so they weren’t alone after all. Oh well we know eventually Adam will give in to Cassie’s charms right LOL its fated in the stars according to his father. So they find out the symbols point to an old society of hunters, middle ages the Getticas, they shall not suffer a witch to live is their motto.

Jake is with his boss, the head witch hunter guy, setting up the jars to set in motion the deaths of the teen witches. He puts in the Kruids, before he explains that to kill a bound witch the wrong way means their powers will pass on to others, so they can’t afford mistakes. Looks like Jake knows more than his boss, who is a believer that witches are somehow morally wrong? Jake puts a spell on each bottle representing each witch, Faye Chamberlain, Melissa Glaser, Adam Cummings, Diana Mead and Cassie Blake. Now they only need a personal object and the blood of each before they set it on fire which will kill them.

The leader introduces Nick to a couple of other witch hunters, one from Salem and the other YEP I guessed it that lucky LUKE, that seems so conveniently available at the store earlier. I knew he was up to something he was just to eager to hang with Cassie then he was being nosey at the party that night when they had issues in the hallways.

After the break, Jake arrives home to find Cassie on his step waiting. Cassie tells him that Simone was a witch hunter. She suddenly realizes that Jake isn’t asking the wrong questions; like you only have those three symbols to determine that the girl was a witch hunter. Is interesting that she shut her mouth when she got the feeling he wasn’t being honest or real with her. Way to go Cassie, glad you have your wits about you now. She ends with see you at the party later before she walks away.

At the house Cassie asked Faye to help her occupy Jake when he arrives because he obviously knows more than he is sharing. Ah she showed him to symbols but he mentioned three? Okay I see, I missed that before. So Cassie is dressed in a bee suit carrying a gun so she is a KILLER BEE, LOL. Melissa is dressed as a Naughty SCHOOL GIRL, appropriate, I think and Faye as a SEXY RED Riding HOOD also that is what I think not sure.

Diana’s outfit I cannot identify its like a top hat and some black stockings maybe a ring master but she has funky weird teeth, yeah no idea. Adam shows up with a skull face thing on again I don’t know the outfit but he sees Diana and only thing he says is she looks WOW and she goes away. Those two need to just move on real fast because I am already bored with that plot LOL, YAWN!! They do talk briefly but as soon as she mentions Cassie he is quiet. Yeah it’s over move on, folks, fight a new plot. You know every teen girl doesn’t have to have a boyfriend folks GEEZ there is more to life and tv then making out.

Calvin shows up on the boat to talk to Peter. I guess Calvin living across town means something to these people even Jane mentioned it like its far away. Peter and Calvin were buddies once it seems. Calvin thinks that Cassie needs to be aware that John Blackwell is her father. Blackwell a name we have heard before I gather is not one of the good guys. So Amelia most have been drawn to bad boys; in this case the bad could mean the dark side in witchy terms. Amelia drawn to the dark side meaning Blackwell means that Cassie is somehow in danger or may have some latent dark powers, HUH? Now how would that work, unless the Blackwell bloodline is a darker witch bloodline. I got a bit confused here. Calving is telling Peter that Cassie needs to know about her Pops, bottom line.

Jake shows up at the elaborately decorated house and Cassie tells Faye to go do her sexy thing to get his attention. Cassie runs into Luke dressed as a Gangster, as she tries to leave supposedly for ice.

Jake tells Faye No, which he has never said before according to her who is his ex girlfriend, but he does follow her upstairs.

Melissa is kidnapped while looking for Faye outside. With all the people coming and going no one notices the pig face guy carrying her, HUH? What kinda town is this?

In Cassie’s room upstairs Jake takes the opportunity to grab a personal item, while Faye is intent on sexing it up with him.

Over at Jake’s, Nancy Drew aka Killer Bee aka Cassie gets nosey. She can see Faye and Jake through the window but I guess she doesn’t think they can see her, REALLY? Even in their busy state they would have seen her through the glass but oh well.

Faye accuses Jake of being different, somehow distant than his normal self.

Meanwhile Cassie keeps searching the room; she finds a knife with a symbol just before Jake comes in the room.

After the break, Cassie’s excuse for being in the house is to get the mp3 player for Melissa. As far as the knife she wants to know why Jake has it? Jake shows her a bunch of weird items with witch hunter symbols as he explains that maybe somehow Nick had gotten on the Simone’s radar. Cassie seems to believe him. Faye shows up just when Jake is trying to get the knife from Cassie. Faye is worried that she can’t find Melissa so they leave.

Just when Cassie is trying to explain to Faye, Calvin calls her. He tells her she is in danger but also that he left something for her just before Jake stands in his path while he walking down the street.

Diana runs into the pig face guy and he chloroform her in another part of the house.

Back outside, Calvin reveals to Jake that Cassie has dark magic inside of her, but Jake is not convinced that people can change who they are just before he lights the match to put an end to Calvin’s life. Calvin the almost hero died trying to help Cassie, I hope she gets whatever it was he left for her that he mentioned.

Over at Cassie’s she comes into her room to find two people making out on her bed. Random interracial chick in a cheerleader outfit and cute guy extra number one LOL. The leave with smug looks on their faces, well they got their fifteen seconds of fame, oh they are part of the drama crew I imagine since they were the only ones invited to the soiree.

A guy dressed like Adam comes into the room just as Cassie is reaching to get the crystal from the drawer but it’s not Adam its Luke we see as she falls down after pulling off hit mask.

After the break, we find Luke getting the blood from Cassie as the final ingredient for the jars to kill them all. They are in a ring of iron sulfite to prevent their magic from working we are told. It’s interesting how the older guy is in charge but he doesn’t know a whole lot, the youngsters are doing all the work. LOL Luke was born into a legacy of witch hunters the same way they were born into a legacy of witches he gets to do the honors.

Luke begins the ritual as outside Jake tries to stop it. He explains to the head hunter, Isaac, Ah yes finally a name, he explains that they cannot kill Cassie like the others because of her dark magic. He won’t listen but inside Cassie yells NO and Luke Breaks one of the glasses. He tries to set Cassie’s jar on fire and she sets him on fire with her power. WOW she is really stressed, hmm. Don’t make her angry.

Adam breaks free then begins untying the other while outside Jake cuts himself before screaming. They come outside to see him on the ground where he gets up then lies about being attacked by a man in a pig mask. Looks like Isaac saw the error in his ways before he disappeared so as not to be seen as being with Jake. Adam looks skeptical but Cassie just looks wild-eyed.

You know I have to wonder how much Jane knows of Cassie’s dark magic..? I think she might know more than she lets on right? She has shared so much information but she didn’t mention Blackwell or magic, why?

After the break, Adam goes begging back to Diana but she says nope not happening.

Then we see Cassie cleaning up after the little get together and almost being killed. I gotta tell you she is one tough little cookie LOL. Jake shows up and gets Cassie to talking. She thinks she used her magic to keep the witch hunter, Luke, from killing Diana. Except how can she know maybe Diana and the others helped? hmmm they were all wanting to survive. She is curious as to why the hunters didn’t round Jake up with him, she doesn’t trust him it seems. YES! Finally she might be using her noggin LOL she lets him back out the door because he has no good answer as to why he wasn’t in the thick of it with them.

In the mailbox Cassie finds what Calvin left for her. It looks like something with the initials J.B. that would be her father, John Blackwell. It looks like maps or something with a seal on it.

That next morning, Jane arrives at the lake house to find Henry on the floor just before someone knocks her out after she grabs the crystal from its hiding place. Hmm so Jane knows about where Henry keeps his crystal so they must have been great friends. My guess is it was Dawn that knocked her out or Charles I doubt it was a secret she was going to Henry’s to check on him.

WOW another rocking episode of Secret Circle, I do like the twists and turns of this mystery. I hope they keep them coming. Please leave comments.


  1. This show really does just keep getting better and better each week. As much as I was frustrated with what the writers did to Nick, I think Jake was a solid addition to the story. I like the way he shakes things up for the Circle, and brings out Cassie’s darker (read: more interesting) side.

    I’m always a sucker for a good three-dimensional villain. And Jake, so far, seems to fit that bill. On one hand, to murder his own kind, and his late brother’s friends, to boot, seems, on the surface, like a heartless awful thing to even consider doing. But you can also see Jake’s perspective here, to some extent. He feels as though witchcraft in general, and these people, specifically, killed his family. And, to some extent, he is right about that (though, this is really no fault of the Circle’s).

    I also like how, through all his bravado and phony attempts to befriend Cassie and the rest of the crew, you can see that a part of him really likes Cassie, is drawn to her, and would secretly love to practice magic with her. . . among other things ;_. The actor does a really nice job of portraying that inner conflict, in his eyes, and facial expressions, while, on the surface, acting like a totally phony douchebag.

    Ooh, and this week’s episode? The best yet . . . the drunken confessions and accusations, the hot sex, the visions, and, most frighteningly, what Charles did to Jane at the end of the episode . . . things just got REALLY dark, really fast. I’d always assumed that Secret Circle was geared toward a slightly younger audience than TVD, due to it’s predominantly female cast, and it’s subject matter. But, lately, I’d argue that Secret Circle is the CREEPIER show . . . in a good way, of course.

    I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts on last night’s episode!

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