The Secret Circle Season 1 Finale Recap This is NOT the last Episode

Yes I have been hesitating to write this recap partially because I have been lazy LOL and partly because I am hoping that we can #BringBackTheSecretCircle There are several Petitions through twitter and other places online just do a search.

I really LOVED this show and I DO think that with the Power of the FANS it will Return perhaps on another channel next season. I look forward to that day. Let’s give it OUR best SHOT Folks, Renewals are about people watching shows so lets show THEM we were Passionate about The Secret Circle.

Okay so this episode begins with Diana in the car with Grant. Yes the Grant I do not trust for some unknown reason. She has been napping, he is an exciting date I suppose LOL while he only sits and looks out the window. Right on cue, Diana receives yet another urgent call from Cassie. It’s this weeks end of the world Scenario. She has to meet up with them to try to save Fay who has been kidnapped by the evil/demon possessed Ebin.

Speaking of Fay, who is on the ferry boat, she is being manhandled by some pervert that is in the employment of the above mentioned, Ebin. Ebin arrives on the scene ready to put forth his plan.

Cue creepy theme music

Over at the old house there is a meeting of the minds aka witches, Diana appears ready to rave and rant about how her Daddy Dearest is evil; and yes Cassie has informed everyone else of all they learned last week in their flash to the past. Thank Goodness!!.

Ebin calls using Fay’s phone and demands one of the crystals so that they CANNOT create the crystal skull. Okay at least he is being honest right? Of course they discuss the pros and cons. If they give up the crystal its likely Ebin is lying about giving Fay back. If they keep the crystal and make the Skull then maybe they are walking into JB hands because he is the reason they think it will work, so says Diana. Hmmm At least they are talking about this without HIM; that is very much an improvement.

Here is the plan: Diana goes with Cassie to meet with Daddy Dearest to create the all powerful skull and to back each other up on staying as one sister unit not allowing him to fool them. Jake, Melissa and Adam will be the back up plan by going to the Ferry to stake out the place they are holding Fay. Sounds simple right?

Meanwhile Charles and Dawn meet and catch up on what has been happening. Dawn tells Charles that JB was going to mess with his mind so now he is aware of why what happened did indeed occur. Neither of them are able to find their children as well they consider the worse must be up. Only one person can help them according to Charles but he doesn’t tell us at that moment who that might be.

Diana and Cassie see their father near the water.

While the others arrive at the ferry boat to do their stakeout. Oh so much fun, I am getting used to seeing Melissa with Adam, they could make a cute couple.

Back near the water JB tells the girls that by destroying the crystal in the skull forming ceremony their circle will no longer be tied to a crystal and their circle will be unbound.

After the break, at first Diana thinks they should consult the others about unbinding the circle but Cassie talks her down off the ledge of it all LOL. They do what they’re told in order to make the skull including handling burning crystals. As Balcoin’s they are the ones able to perform this ritual they throw two a piece of the crystals into the water.

Back at the Ferry Jake is ready to go to rescue Fay, oh how sweet. The others stop him but then they all feel when their power returns to them it like a sudden surge. Adam finds out by accident that he has his magic back when he calls out to stop Jake and Jake lands on his back. OOpsie.

Inside the boat at the ferry, Fay figures out the same thing as she is able to loosen herself from her chains. She can’t resist kicking the butt of her captor on her way so she can get back her phone LOL go Fay.

The grownups are just about to meet with Charles’ mommy when Dawn gets a call from Fay where she tells her she knows she is a witch LOL great time right. Dawn says she knows, LOL yep she sure does. Fay explains that she is a captive of Ebin on the ferry and he has demons in him. Wow that is a lot for one phone call. Fay has to get off the phone and knock down her captor again LOL guess he never met a witch before he should have stayed down.

Charles’ mother decides to give them her power to help out because their power was destroyed at the time it was stripped from them. Oh how generous of her, we all know she does not like Dawn for treating Charles badly in the past.

Near the water, Cassie is instructed to grab the skull as it’s still forming. Diana has to put her hands on with Cassie’s as the skull continues to form;afterward Cassie holds it and she looks power-hungry.

After the break, Adam decides he better go check on Diana and Cassie while Melissa decides to stay and help Jake find Fay on the ferry-boat. I suppose them having powers now they feel less afraid or cautious then before.

Back near the lake, its made plain that JB has a different goal than the sisters who simply want to use the skull to get Fay back from Ebin and you know save the world from evil demons. JB takes the chance to knock out both Diana and Cassie with his magic, the magic he supposedly does NOT have.

At the house it turns out that Charles mother also suspected that Diana wasn’t his daughter; WHOA how could she have not told him over all these years right? According to her family is not just about blood. I agree with that but still. Charles asks her to help him redeem himself for his daughter; he thinks there is another way to make things right besides the skull.

On the boat, Melissa with Jake run into Fay as she tries to find a way out. Fay kisses Jake and I have to say I never really thought these two would make but they are HOT together woot woot!! Ebin finds them all which means they end up tied to a pole and surrounded by fire, go figure he has a think for fire. I guess the idea is if you are burned to a crisp then you can no longer be a problem, very inhumane.

A few minutes later Dawn comes on the boat with Charles and hears the screaming. They see Ebin and go around. They then split up and Charles chants a spell that makes Ebin bleed while Dawn goes in to put out the fire to save the others. OOPS the spell that Charles used put the demons in him, how did I miss this before Oh wait I missed this entire section last time, ok.

Jake doesn’t leave with the others he goes to find Charles where he kills Ebin for his parents and Nick. He turns around to find that Charles had gone away.

At the old house Cassie confronts JB about his using them to get the crystals to create the skull which is all he ever wanted anyway. He said that witch hunters has always been the key word to get witches to help him out.

Back at the boat, Charles jumps into the lake after he realizes he has the demons in him. He wants Diana to be proud of him and his sacrifice not remember him as a murderer.

All the time JB wanted the crystal skull to kill all the witches that were not of Balcoin blood. He says a spell over the skull. The witches on the boat get really sick, like they are burning from the inside.

After the break, Adam arrives also in pain and JB throws him around the room. Cassie decides she needs Diana’s help in order to over come their father so she provokes Diana into using her dark power. Together they use the crystal against JB. JB falls dead on the ground he looks all burned up.

After the break, they all meet up at the Blake house where they decide that Adam is to be trusted with the job of getting rid of the crystal skull.

They discuss binding the circle again which Cassie is all in for while the others don’t think its necessary to be a group. Cassie mentions that fact that JB told them their were other Balcoin children, hmm so he was busy while he was out of Chance Harbor of course. The others don’t seem that surprised about the information of JB wanting a Balcoin circle. Diana reveals she is leaving town they can do what they want without her basically LOL. Cassie tries to guilt her into staying since she is her own living relative you know except the ones she has yet to meet LOL. Diana is sorry but she has to get out and away from Chance Harbor, I can totally understand though well she doesn’t know Grant at all and I still don’t trust him. On the other hand, Diana is a powerful witch whether she wants to acknowledge it or not she can handle herself. I hope she does not return totally deluded about meeting guys because Grant turns out to be a dud.

Anyway, inside the house Jake tries to get Fay to go home with him but she turns him down till another time, they kiss, ahhhh.

WE get a glimpse of Grant picking up Diana at the coffee shop for their trip. I gotta wonder where is Dawn? Does she not care about what is going on with this orphan child? Oh and it wouldn’t hurt her to check up on Cassie either? It’s very weird oh and where is Ethan this episode?

Melissa and Fay decide to celebrate their solo magic by making Chance Harbor their playground…..yep time for some fun for this witchy teens, go for it. There is dancing/music and the ordering of another HOT guy. Ahh got to love teen witches!!

Over at Jake’s he gets an Ominous note from Gramps saying their fight is far from over; there is also some sort of file in the box.

Oh and it looks like some part of Charles survived we see him with his mother who slices his arm then puts a symbol on it in blood. He looks up at her like he has no idea what she is doing.

Adam is at the Boathouse with the skull as he rubs his hands all over it; its obvious he is tempted by its power. OOPSIE we thought Adam was the boy scout right? Okay well anyone would be tempted by its power I suppose he is only human. I totally want to see where this storyline goes. OH OH if I were writing the storyline I would totally have him cloak it in plain sight. OH and I am now thinking of a fanfiction I can write…..oh if I can only make the time, we will see. LOL I would rather just have more of the show though to be honest!!!!!!

Diana sees the Balcoin symbol on her hand as she gets in the car with Grant, NOPE you can’t get away from family …….

At the Blake house Cassie has also found the symbol on her hand, she is using it to light the fire in the fireplace, she looks to be excited about hers.

The Last scene is of who we believe to be the other four Balcoin children waiting outside of town; the clue is they have the same symbol on their hands.

Bring back the SECRET CIRCLE there is so much more to the story……….Loved this episode.


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