Secret Circle Episode 4 – How Helping Can Do Harm

Hi time again for another secret circle recap I have to see this one was a stunner so let’s get on with the show.

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We began this week with the new couple, Melissa and Nick at his house getting it on; yes I know not a shock but that used a bit of magic this time to take off her blouse, hmmm maybe the are getting the hang of working together in more than one way, LOL. Now they are going to be late for school or are they just skipping it all together, which makes me wonder where’s Melissa other parent? Nick was the only one that lost both parents as far as I recall. *Spoiler* Perhaps the missing parent will show up in the next episode which looks to be Melissa Centered.

Across the way at Cassie’s she is obsessed with finding about Heather Barnes, the what happened and whys of her existence.

Cassie reports to Diana at school with this; Heather Barnes spent two years in the psych ward then fell off the map. She does however have a brother that is fairly local. It’s decided that Adam will go with Cassie to talk to the brother. Okay there is this awkward scene where Cassie insists she can go alone since Diana is busy after school but Adam begrudgingly agrees to go with her LOL yeah we know he was already when the conversation started he just didn’t know how to volunteer LOL.

Faye is at her locker trying to open it with her mind when Melissa walks up and the lock opens. Faye wishes the magic was more like in the movie the craft where they could do what they wanted again; she then begins to act a little jealous. In her opinion Nick is a user and Melissa a loser for letting him use her. Melissa tries to hold on to the trust she is building in Nick, I applaud her for that. I don’t believe that you can change people you should just accept then or move on, my two cents. I do however think Nick is trying to be better for her so she needs to stop being insecure or at least letting Faye get to her about it.

Cassie and Adam not only find Wade, Heather’s brother on their trip to find Heather but also Heather. She has hasn’t moved in sixteen years. Heather grabs Cassie as she stands in front of her.

After the break, while Wade is calming himself down from seeing his sister make a movement after so many years Cassie notices something on Heather’s arm. Cassie apologizes after Wade tells them they should go and outside Cassie mentions what she saw. According to Adam the mark was a Sigel a mark used in spells. Cassie is freaked out that her mother could have done something to harm her friend, she is dead set on finding a way to help Heather.

At Cassie’s house she shows Adam her mother’s book of shadows. Each family has their own book with different spells and history. Until now only Diana has found her family’s book. I think Cassie having a book might make Diana even more insecure but that’s another sub plot LOL. They find the Sigel in the book with a spell to undo what happened to Heather.

Faye finds Melissa at the diner waiting for Nick. After a few minutes Faye mentions to Melissa that Nick is outside talking to a girl. Melissa gets pissed at Faye for telling her though Faye told her in a way that was all kinds of wrong. It’s clear that she is jealous of the two of them for some reason or she just thinks she knows Nick’s type of guy.

Adam and Cassie are preparing the spell they need to use to help heather when Diana comes in the room. It’s an awkward moment because Adam is holding Cassie’s hand after getting blood from her finger for the spell.

Diana is convinced that what they want to do is not a good idea because they don’t have enough experience to do a spell this soon. She vetoes the idea; as she speaks for Adam and herself. I think this was a bit over kill from Diana I think she is even more concerned about Adam being with Cassie but also she thinks she is the leader. It had to have stung for Adam to tell her that Cassie also has a book, its like a competition now, right LOL. I could be wrong but it is a possibility. I do think Cassie has the right intentions but more research couldn’t hurt; if Diana had made that a priority instead of just Um do what I say I am the leader it might have made a difference.

Back at the diner, Nick sits down to talk to Melissa only to find she saw him with the other girl evn though Nick explains the girl is someone he has known forever as a pal. Unfortunately Faye has gotten in Melissa head and she blows Nick off calling the other girl a slut and saying she is done. OMGosh really? maybe its PMs but one minute she standing up for him and the next she just blows him off. I know its typical behavior with sensitive emotions but really? Give the guy a break, I say that now I might have done the same thing at one time or another LOL. It’s just hard to trust people because no one wants to be the fool or get hurt.

Cassie is still standoffish with Faye but it turns out she is the one that is willing to help with the spell. I know it’s because she always wants to do magic LOL. Her desire to help is also related to her wanting to read Cassie’s book.

Cassie with Faye got to Heather’s house and go inside once they see Wade leave. He arrives back just as they finish reading the spell after putting the poultice they made over the Sigel. They race back to the car then leave with the thought that it didn’t work. Faye is ready to go to Cassie’s to claim her prize of reading through the book because Diana never let anyone read hers.

We see something crawling under Heather’s skin, it looks like a worm, before she wakes up and the first thing she does is slam Wade, who is a big guy, against the wall which knocks him out. She steps over his body then leaves the house.

Oh Chase Crawford’s voice over the Fiat Commercial, so comforting, LOL What I don’t like is the commercial that keep repeating like three times in a row, seriously they have to fix that.

After the break, Melissa is at Nick house when he arrives, he has no parents and obviously no locks on his doors LOL. Melissa apologizes for wigging out earlier, darn straight, get right girl LOL. Nick accepts her apology and they are all good though she is sufficiently embarrassed for listening to Faye’s nonsense.

Adam is with Diana discussing the implications of the Sigel on Heather’s arm. According to Diana its related to dark magic. Sometimes insects and things are used in rituals; they also believe the Sigel on Heather was used to suppress an evil entity. Adam calls Cassie to let her know.

Meanwhile Cassie is watching Faye read her book when there is a knock on the front door downstairs. She goes to answer to find the door open but sees no one at first. She locks the door but still keeps looking; seriously? I would have closed the door but left it unlocked in case I need to run outside LOL. She runs into Heather in the hallway.

After the break, Heather is looking for Amelia though Cassie tells her that her mother died. Heather helped Amelia take Cassie away. The entire time Amelia is scratching the Sigel. The night of the fire evil got inside of them. She wants Cassie’s help but she has no idea its Cassie fault that she is in trouble now.

Upstairs, Faye ignoring the ringing of Cassie’s phone till finally she decides to answer it when she sees its Adam whom she gives a hard time for calling Cassie.

Downstairs Cassie finds out the Sigel had been to stop the evil from hurting Heather. Cassie asks her questions about that night. The demons gather where there are witches according to Heather’s recollection.

Faye comes down stairs to find Cassie on the floor. Heather with her demonic force goes after Faye. Adam figures out something is going on when he hears Faye scream as she runs around with the phone in her hand. Nick and Melissa see Faye at the window and they go next door. It takes a while for Cassie and Faye to get out of the house with heather chasing them around. They open the door to find Melissa and Nick who I think added their force which scared Heather out of the house. She runs into the street and is distracted by Wade, who has been looking for her, calling her which is why she was hit by a car.

After the break, the ambulance takes Heather away but only us the audience see the worms crawling on Nick’s jacket after they crawl out of Heather’s arm. The group all go their separate ways. Melissa with Nick and Faye all alone as well as Cassie but of course Adam has to take Diana home even though he is worried for Cassie. They did finally have a chance to tell her about the Sigel and Cassie is horrified that she jumped the gun but I don’t think as much as she should be. I mean really its her fault the lady died; her trying to help caused a tragedy. If she had waited they may have been able to find a New spell that would have actually healed Heather, hey I’m just sayin’ no disrespect to Cassie but we know its true. You have to wonder if what Amelia did was the same thing; she tried to help but left Heather comatose all those years.

At his house Nick tells Melissa he is basically not worthy of her devotion but they kiss and she stays over again.

Adam arrives to help Cassie with clean up at her house without Diana’s permission, he is a rebel now LOL. It would have been so cool if they had cleaned up the BEWITCHED way, hands free, magic only LOL> What is the use of having the powers and not being able to play, right. Adam agrees with Cassie that its important for them do find out what happened to their parents the night of the fire especially now.

The last scene is EWWW, the worms are crawling over Nick and Melissa out of the bag. Now I think you have to be open to possession so I wonder if their sexual activity has made them open because why cling to those two? I guess we will see. Just a thought.

Interesting episode, folks, I liked it a lot despite the worms.

Things I learned this episode:
1. Don’t try to help someone without all the details you could do more harm than good.
2. Just because a guy talks to a girl doesn’t mean he wants to hook up with her.
3. Diana is level headed but still can be jealous.
4. Faye can be a good friend when she wants to be.
5. When someone dies with a demon inside them make sure to you clean up that mess; don’t assume its okay after the person is dead. Don’t you all watch supernatural LOL?

Feel free to add in the comments what YOU learned.


  1. Awesome recap, sassyfran! You know, I actually didn’t watch this episode, because, believe it or not, as brave as I am, when it comes to vampires, werewolves, witches, and the like, I’m actually a TOTAL WIMP when it comes to “possession” stuff (also zombies, I HATE zombies!). So, yes, I’m pretty much admitting to being frightening an episode on a teen show.

    By the way, I don’t know if I’ve asked you this before, but have you read either the Vampire Diaries books or the Secret Circle ones? It’s interesting because the concept of “Slither,” the next episode of TSC (which I suspect I will ALSO be afraid to watch) actually seems to be inspired by the premise of a Vampire Diaries book entitled “The Return: Nightful,” in which strange little wormlike demons possessed DAMON, and made him do BAD things . . . well, worse things than usual. Needless to say, I HATED THAT BOOK! (Nobody possesses my Damon, and gets away with it!)

    I’m reading The Secret Circle series now (What else would I do on my three-day staycation? ;)), and am LOVING it! I think the creators of this show did an EXCELLENT job casting Faye, as her looks, personality, and intonations, match the character in the book TO A TEE! I’m pretty sure Faye’s my favorite character, on the show, by the way. She’s just so cool. And I have a real soft spot in my heart for the baddies, as you well know.

    It’s interesting, because the actual Secret Circle novels feature a coven of TWELVE. And, while I know starting off with such a large cast, would be unwieldy for a new show, I must say, some of the non-TV featured witches are a lot of fun. And now that I know they exist in book world, I suspect I will miss them greatly!

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the next episode. And once they stop dealing with this possession stuff, I promise to start watching again! 🙂

    • Oh I know I used to hate Demons on shows too LOL but then I watched supernatural for six years now its all the same but i do hate snakes. If those things turn to snakes I willl have difficulty or spiders LOL. Glad you liked the recap hun, I am loving this show almost as much as the diaries LOL. I waited too late to read your GG recap but I will check it out in a bit still loving your take on things maybe because its so much like mine, great minds and all. Oh and I have not read any of the books for any shows at all including twilight and now since I am recapping I think it would only confuse my overly full mind. I do love reading though usually nowadays I am reading spiritual books that don’t involve any thing more than reading over stuff every now and then before meditating on it LOL time has gotten to be an issue in that area.

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