Lying Game Recap Episode 7

Hi all I am trying to do better on recapping this show; thanks to hulu I might even be able to catch up.









This episode starts out where the last one ended; that is Sutton who has no reason to not play herself or so she thinks She is at the mental hospital where she found her mother. She is being held in a room; though unless they think she is nuts makes no sense to me. Anyway she tries to tell them who she is but since the white haired lady has instructions to not allow her to see Annie she is not cooperating. You know I think this would have been more effective if the lady had been more upfront with Sutton but then we wouldn’t have a mystery right?

The next morning after trying to tell them who she is yet again she gives the lady her phone number at her house. I don’t know what she was thinking except maybe she panicked but wouldn’t that cause issues for Emma. Oddly enough the woman calls Alex first instead of the parents. Ah the plot thickens, yes I know she talk to him before but I had no idea how deep she was in this whole affair.

In Phoenix, Emma and her buds are at the hospital with Mads who is sitting at Eduardo’s bedside. Okay what happened to him being too old for her? Ethan shows up to talk to Emma. Emma looks upset with him as she follows him to a more private place to talk. It is kind of amusing and sad because while Ethan is arguing with Thayer over him sleeping with Sutton, Mads and Char walk up. They think that Emma is Sutton so they are kinda confused by the conversation. You see Ethan is in love with Emma in case you missed it but he has to still talk about Sutton as though she is Emma; yeah a mind twister for sure but amusing. ‘
Thayer is protecting Emma but in reality it comes across as him looking out for Sutton. It’s definitely twisted, but Mads get upset all over again because she thinks her bestie is keeping secrets.

Then there is Laurel who is falling fast for young Justin. I still think there is something weird about this guy. I mean did he kill his parents or something? He just seems off some how. I don’t care about him being homeless and all but something else has to be up with him. Its either that or he is just a boring sweet guy LOL Laurel wants to know how the living in a foreclosed house thing works. Oh and how can they be coming and going out of a foreclosed house? Won’t the neighbors be nosey? How often do you lose your house then have people in and out at all hours; seriously wouldn’t the cops be coming by after a while? Justin explains that he has to pack up his stuff and take it with him every time he leaves just in case they sell the house before he gets back home that night. I tell you that has to suck but he seems to be making it work for him.

Ethan overhears his brother talking to Alex in the hall at the hospital but he is not sure why they are talking to one another.

Eduardo wakes up and sees Emma who he thinks is Sutton standing outside the room. She goes in to talk to him and he says something about Alec paying him and something about her but he has a hard time breathing before the machine starts to buzz. They kick her out of the room; of course Mads is upset that she irritated Eduardo.

Outside Thayer speaks to Emma and tells her that whatever the issues are with Sutton and her friends its on Sutton not her. I think Thayer is just hurt because he knows Sutton still likes Ethan even though she slept with him. Thayer insists Emma needs to start making her own decisions just like Sutton has done. Emma who feels close to Thayer spills all the information she has learned about Annie, Alec and Ted to him which he willingly accepts. Emma can’t shake the feeling she is being watched, as well she has great intuition because nosey Alec is at the door watching the two of them.

After the break, we find Alec talking to the doctor at the asylum about Annie and Sutton. Alec pays this lady to have Annie in the place. He insists that Sutton is in Phoenix with her parents not in the mental institution like the doctor has told him. Alec has to know this will blow up in his face the more people become involved. He is playing a losing game here but I am interested to see how far he will go to keep all the secrets buried, or at least the ones that remain.

Laurel talks to Emma about sleeping with Justin. I am not sure why she bothered to mention it to her except to say she wanted to do it LOL. I am sure there is more to the story coming up. Laurel thinks Justin is so cute; he only wants a golf scholarship and its why he is being sneaky so he can go to the best school to earn one.

Thayer tells the girls, Char and Mads, that he moved to LA because of his dad, Alec, but he doesn’t tell them exactly why.

In the halls of the hospital, Ted with Alec talk about Eduardo’s recovering. Here we find that Eduardo over heard Alec talking about Annie. Alec warns Ted to keep the kids away from Eduardo and his big mouth especially Mads. Ted looks stricken. It looks like their secret is all over the place.

Hey I remember Dan from when he was on General Hospital he was good looking
Young Tyler Christopher

And he isn’t that bad looking now but they make him look portly and older on the show 😦 is sad

Over at casa del Ethan and Dan they have a heart to heart talk which was more than a bit confusing. Ethan asked Dan what it was he had to share with Alec at the hospital and Dan’s lame answer was to owe no one anything basically. Now maybe I heard wrong but he really just avoided the question so as not to lie straight out. Dan is believing everything Alec tells him but there is no real excuse for it as far as I can tell. Pleas leave a comment if you can explain.

Ted throws the kids out of the waiting room with little explanation and oddly enough Thayer asked him if there isn’t another reason Ted doesn’t want them around. Bravo for Thayer though he received no reply he is at least letting them know someone else is hot on the trail for truth.

At Mad’s house there is a brief gathering of what could have been the big reveal but Emma refuses to say anything. Mads only wanted to know what was up that could have involved Eduardo but Emma chickened out. You know I get she doesn’t want to ruin the relationships but still how hard can it be to put just a bit of truth in the mix without the details? Thayer was the gentleman but not saying anything though he could have suggested Emma tell them what has been going on at least to a point but he let he take the lead even though it meant Mads is still upset with her. Oh and why Char was walking around dressed like she was going to the mall in her black sexy dress and flower? Her outfit seemed out of place.

Outside Emma feels like she is being followed again and ends up macing Ethan LOL.

After the break, Emma is still mad at him but Ethan follows her home for protection or he tries to. She instead has a flat on the road. She has plans to change her tire but without a spare she decides to ride the bike with Ethan. Remember she is angry with him because he was so upset she didn’t tell him right away when she found out that Sutton had slept with Thayer.

Alec takes his kids out to get Chinese which is so odd because since the kids aka young adults LOL stayed in the car couldn’t they have just ordered from home?? No real movement in this scene, I mean Mads asked Thayer why he came back home and he said he was getting what he needed in LA which could have been said at any time any other place. Okay well moving on.

Ethan goes with Emma to her room because she she is acting like she has no idea what she wants any more. Their conversation is interrupted by Laurel who is looking to speak with Emma/Sutton. There a brief few moments where Emma expresses her wishes that Laurel have her first time with a boy be with someone that she won’t regret it with. Just after the Gilmore Girl moment is over, Yes they went there LOL there is the sound of a ringing phone that fills the room. The doctor from the mental institution is finally calling to see if a Sutton Mercer lives at that number. Emma says Yes and the doctor hangs up. Now what did that prove? Won’t the doctor think that maybe there are twins? She has the picture of Sutton and both Alec and Emma verified there was a Sutton but the doctor already knew that by the picture. I hope she can figure out one and one is two soon.

At the mental institution the doctor goes to tell Sutton that the real Sutton is in Phoenix. At first Sutton is resistant as she tries to explain the truth the doctor who is more than confused at this point or doesn’t care because she is getting paid to hide Annie, is not hearing it. She calls in the guys with the needles though it was though Sutton was trying to harm her no reason for her to have them come in, anyway Sutton changes her story again to make them all go away. Well what a fine mess she is gotten herself into. Oh and Thayer seems to have forgotten the real Sutton, is he getting a bit close with Emma now?? Why would’t he have called her to check up on her by now? Really? Only days ago they were chummy and have known each other since birth or at least a long time LOL

Speaking ot Thayer, Emma wakes up to find him in her room while she is still sleeping. Okay maybe Thayer likes anyone that looks like Sutton LOL Thayer has discovered with his mad computer skills that Derek, Char’s new beau has been contacting Alec. He sees that its somehow related to the entire mystery. He want to talk to Char to see if she knows anything but Emma doesn’t think its a good idea. Thayer suggests she come clean with everyone but Emma isn’t ready for that. Eduardo seems to be a good person to work on for information according to Emma but Thayers informs her that suddenly you need a key code to visit the hospital. Wow that was quick, how much do they want to keep the kids away from there, Obvious much? LOL Ethan shows up looking and acting suspicious of seeing Thayer talking to Emma though he denies it.

Over at Char’s Thayer goes on his fact finding mission. He manages to let Char know her boy toy, Derek, is up to something with his father without accusing him. Nice move Thayer. He also tells Char he is hot so she won’t give a second thought the has mentioned Derek and Alec father are in cahoots on something they don’t know about.

Back at the hospital Sutton comes on to an orderly to get more time out of her room. It seems she spent the night; now she has made the doctor think she might need to rest another day. I assume the plan is to have a chance to see her mother while she is in the hospital.

Thayer hacks Ted’s computer to get the code for the hospital for Sutton/Emma which seems a bit too easy for him computer wiz or not.

Laurel stops in the kitchen to get a bottle of wine to go with her other smart girl props: scent, candle, sound, a tape, and saftey, condoms. Wow interesting how grown up she seems to be, I mean what is she all of fifteen? She is all ready to go have a happy night of sex with Justin. Oh and I’m no square but really this is ABC Family right? Okay I’m done LOL

Char mentions Alec to Derek but Derek only tells her Alec called her because he had to do community service to pay for being convicted of possession of drugs. It was cool that Char was smart enough to lie about where she got the idea he had been talking to the D.A. who is Alec, she says she can’t remember LOL then suggests they go back to kissing.

Thanks to an orderly, Sutton finally makes it in the room to speak with her mother. Her mother, Annie, seems coherent at first but she goes back and forth as far as believing what Sutton has to say. I imagine part of it is the drugs and the other part is she has been lied to alot. Annie gets aggrevated when Sutton mentions Emma. It seems she has been told that Emma died in the fire, Annie says that he told her the other girl died. Its when she starts freaking out and calling for help. They have to drag Sutton out of the room to calm Annie.

At Justin’s place Laurel comes on strong with the whole wanting to sleep together thing. I was not impressed that she was so gung ho I mean had Justin even mentioned sleeping with her? Or is this just she thinks its how things are done?

Over at the hospital Alec finds out what Eduardo knows about the conversation he heard at his house. Eduardo says they were all just names to him.

The plan to talk to Eduardo falls apart for Emma/Sutton when they arrive to find he is having problems breathing again notably after a chat with Alec. Mads, Ethan, Emma/Sutton arrive to only be told to leave by Ted.

After the hospital they all gather at Mads, where Emma gives them a half truth. She says she is close to finding her birth mother and Alec may know something about her, the birth mother. Alec walks in before she says any more.

The parents show up at Justin’s after Mom freaked out that Laurel wasn’t home at two in the morning, I guess it didn’t matter that Emma/Sutton wasn’t home? The mom ran out almost as soon as she saw Justin lying next to Laurel on the floor. She had this disgusting look on her face; not sure if it was the house or the fact that laurel look like she was too comfy in her tee shirt as though they had done it.

At the hospital a police man picks Emma up to take her to Vegas. Sutton looks in shock, I guess she never suspected the doctor lady would go that far, I guess her giving Emma’s name put her on the hot list. Emma is wanted in Vegas.

Unluckily for Emma/Sutton Travis shows up at the Mercer’s looking for her that same night; that is the last scene. Now I hope Ethan is hanging around outside protecting over her like he tends to do.

Well that’s all for this week; feel free to leave comments until next time.


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