PLL Season 2 Finale Recap-Chuckie Dolls and Pretty Eyes

Hi all looks like we have reached the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 2, it was a wild ride. I have to say before I start that I was a bit underwhelmed by the finale as a whole but mostly regarding their use of A. I also found the backwards time line hard to follow especially since Jewls and I were doing a LIVE Blog of the finale, so any moments I was typing I could easily miss where they were on the timeline. Warning this recap is longer than the episode LOL, Okay so lets get started.

We start off this episode with all girls in the police station covered in dirt. Now the first thing I thought was that they were digging up something like a clue or trying to find Anne’s body but my main memory of course was the one of the theme picture of them dirty.

So here we start basically at the end of the episode and as I mentioned before it was distracting and not effective to me though yes it good to have variety around in shows some times. I suppose a season finale is a good a time as any right, oh well.

Things get creepy right away, Officer Doo Good is watching them from behind the one sided mirror. He is talking to someone we don’t see right away. He is talking in this weird voice that I am sure all the fans of the show were like screaming at the TV, HE DID IT, to whatever has happened LOL. He says they have not said a word since they have been here he tells the person next to him who we now see is a man with a cup of coffee, “there is probably a promotion in this for you,” Officer Doo Good adds. At this point I don’t know what is going on except maybe this guy brought them in, you know because the girls are known criminals, right? NOT!!!

“You were right all along they are guilty,” the man says and he plays with his pen, now I guess the way he is dressed kind a spiffy in a long sleeves shirt or something is supposed to tell us who he is but I got nothing. He was just a guy with the wrong ideas as far as I was concerned. Yeah I know Jewls knew him and we were LIVE BLOGGING but if I had been alone I would not have known so I am sticking with my story LOL!!


The man gets up from the table and he puts down his cup so we see it has a police department symbol on it but he could still be a guest cop not necessarily local right? He goes in the room with the girls and we see is Officer Douchey, those are Jewls words not mine LOL I guess he is the guy that was sexing it up with Ashley to get Hanna outta trouble in season one, something I only slightly remember. I actually remember it more from her recaps, but I digress. He walks in the questioning room looking all suave.

He says, “did you miss me?” Arrogant much, then he goes on to tell them, “it doesn’t just look bad it is bad, homicide is a capital offense,” can I say Duh LOL, “in the state of Pennsylvania and you girls are going down.” Okay that line was laughable I mean who says you are going down, unless they are trying to be tough and have no idea what they are talking about, you know like this guy.

Then its theme music time………
Got a secret,
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you’ll save.
Better lock it,
In your pocket,
Taking this one to the grave.
When I show you,
I know you,
Won’t tell what I said,
Cause two can keep a secret,
When one of them is dead.

That song always reminds me of the another song that creeped me out as a child and I still can’t get out of my head.
The Worms Crawl In,
The Worms Crawl Out,
Into your stomach,
And out your mouth.

They eat your intestines,
They scramble your heart.
Now you feel like
You’re all apart.

This is how
It is to die
You end up looking
Like apple pie!

It was in a movie called Picture MOMMY Dead…….no idea why that stuck with me all these years but its creepy….okay back to the show

I’m not HOME

After the break we see that the girls had gone looking for Anne at her house 12 HOURS earlier. Here we go with the flashbacks. The voicemail says she had to go out of town for a family emergency. Now who goes off leaving their patients only moments after calling them to say they have URGENT information? Foul play much? I mean really even Benna couldn’t make this stuff up. If I was them I would have been freaking out and not stopping until I have found where her family emergency was and leaving no stone unturned but what do they do? Let’s see.

They deduce by the papers on the porch and her mail being unchecked that she didn’t come home, again who leaves so fast they don’t even stop to change clothes? It is all highly suspicious and nerve racking. Here we get last weeks recap from Spencer. The bottom line we can’t trust, Benna, Ian, Jason, and Officer Doo Good because they are all connected, they are again left with no one to go to for help. It’s pointed out that last time someone thought they knew who A was they were hit by a car, that was Hanna. I would say A has them where she wants them alone and frazzled. My input on this is that it sucks but there are even more people they cannot trust just around the corner, at least in my view. I would add Wren as one despite the cheery oooo accent.

Now its like this

Emily wants to know what they can do next but after Spencer explains they should go into terror alert Emily phone rings right on cue, “that did not just happen,” Spencer says suspiciously LOL

Maya hold on lets get rid of Hanna first

Now despite the freaking out over Anne’s situation at least Emily is trying to have a life or so we are led to believe in the next scene. She and Maya are chatting with Hanna at the house about DeGaying camp. Hanna rambles as she is hanging out in the shared room of her and Emily but they let her know nicely they need to talk since Maya has been away. On the way out, Hanna has a foreshadowing comment about the wedding, considering the drama a the rehearsal she says, the wedding couldn’t be any worse, *remember that*

Cue disappointed face

Is Maya wearing the universal peace symbol on her shirt, a dove, uh oh

Hanna leaves and Maya give Emily the news that they should start over as being friends but we can see that Emily is a bit disappointed. Maya wants to make sure that Emily still likes her but though I didn’t at first know what she meant I believe it’s about perception. Maya’s view of being gay might be different from Emily’s OR she might think that Emily has been away from her for a time and have not recalled how she really behaves. I wish I could explain that better.

How dare they hurt Toby

Over at Spencer’s it turns out Toby had an incident on the highway involving his truck. His brake line was severed which is only something that happens on purpose. Dum de Dum Dum, so someone is out to hurt Toby that is so low. Do you think Peter did it? That is doubtful because Spencer could have been in the car I bet it was A……

Oh you wanna practice making babies

So then he and Spencer talk about what their baby would look like because Toby thinks the brake issue was probably happened because he ran over something at work, you know that was um lame. You have to run over a lot of stuff to sever brake lines I would think if its even possible, I am no mechanic but I wouldn’t take that lightly. As they are canoodling Toby notices he can see Jason out the window of Spencer’s room. Toby man you really gotta try to close your eyes when you are snuggling up with Spencer, Geez man.

Dude, interior design

Spencer sees Jason also as he is taking the paper off the window. Oh my goodness why, I don’t know why he didn’t just buy some sheets to put up to start with; it would have been easier and taken only a few seconds to put up and down. Wait forget that how about some curtains LOL. No instead he has to hang around the window taking off each piece of newspaper. “He spends a lot of time in Alison’s room,” Toby says, “maybe he likes the view,” Spencer replies before she yanks the curtain closed.

Don’t make me lie to your face, its too hard

Now one of the sadder parts of the finale is when Spencer lies to Toby to protect her lying father. I don’t know I guess she can’t tell what he said without telling why he did it? She tells Toby her father didn’t tell her anything else. The conversation with Toby goes like this:
Toby: You are a pit ball when you want answers
Spencer: But Daddy said I had to play things his way now (lie)
Toby: Really?
Spencer: Stop asking me questions (almost tells the truth)
Toby: You are okay with that?
Spencer: I have no choice (lie)

Toby totally didn’t buy it and I am glad, he says, “we always have a choice.” Toby gives her the disappointed look because he knows she is LYING.

Hey look people I don’t call or you know, KNOW!!

I love you crazy hannna banana

Kiss me and shut up 🙂

Over at Hanna’s she is trying to call Anne again and I notice like I did before that Hanna has all these contacts on her phone um, that she never mentions or calls LOL This time Anne’s voicemail box is full so I guess it is now a dead end, no pun intended. The door bell rings and its Caleb coming to see Hanny. “You’re beautiful,” he says before she starts to ramble about the horror that was the wedding rehearsal and her life. Luckily Caleb knows how to shut up Hanna and get a kiss in the bargain, Go Caleb make Hanna melt LOL 🙂

I’m obviously waiting to sex it up with Aria

Look what the cat dragged in

Ezra is lying sultrily on his sofa when witchy poo, Jackie, walks in carrying coffee for him and her. I totally wouldn’t drink anything she gave me, WARNING Z, you might be mesmerized. Small talk blah blah blah I loves you Z and you make me all giddy just being close to you….oh wait you have a gurlfriend, who is she I want to kill her blah blah Aria happens to be at he door while the two of them chat and she hears Ezra tell Witchy poo he is taken. BAM!! I cannot believe Jackie lied and said she didn’t realize he was the total catch, you know she still doesn’t realize it I think this chick likes games. She had her chance with Z man and now she just doesn’t want to lose the game to Aria. I know she is that kinda gurl, look at all that shiny lip gloss its suppose to make him look at her lips LOL instead it repeals him.

OOps what do we have here

Close up of those wickedly large earrings

Off to save the shrink will call Ezra later

Aria gets a text from A as she is listening outside Ezra’s door, it shows a picture of Anne with a newspaper with the words, she is still alive. I don’t know what the paper said except Rosewood Observer, maybe it just means I see you LOL.

I’m a box

After the break, we find the girls at Spencer house with a box and its 10 hours earlier. The box says open or she dies on it; it was inside her house after she walked Toby to the truck. So I am thinking she must have done some serious necking by the truck, maybe with eyes closed LOL or the person was already in the house the whole time? They discuss that they were so happy to be able to tell someone about A and now they hope Anne is not going to die because of them.

<img src=

Hanna’s doll says, “stop the wedding,” oops just when Hanna is getting along with Tom.

Spencer’s doll says, “keep Toby safe,” which can mean any number of things but Spencer decides it means for her to give him up. I do think she was wrong in this assessment but though only time will tell but maybe not till next season. Either way this was where she figured out that Toby’s brakes failing was A and not and accident.

The reason we can’t go around telling the truth because it always come back to them hard, Aria says. The theory is that A wants them to get what they want but by doing so its a set up for her to control them. Before I go further I have to point out I HATED the doll thing and not because they were creepy but because it was sooo much. I mean the name tags, the programming them to say those things, the fact that A knew about each of their lives in detail from Aria’s rivalry with Jackie to Hanna’s issues with her father and it was all toooo much for me to take seriously. Yes I love those run on sentences. I stated on the Live blogging event that the A villan has become a plot device in a negative way. If I didn’t love the characters I would give up even trying to figure it all out, now I am just being honest. Fortunately I do love the girls and their guys and even the parents so moving on 🙂

The bottom line: “they have five hours to obey their chuckie dolls or Anne dies.”

Speak louder so I can hear you

Back at the station house Aria decides to make her one call. Eagle eye and eared, Officer Doo Good can’t keep his eyes and ears off of her. I swear his ear reached over and was on her shoulder LOL he was trying so hard to hear who she was calling. But I am getting ahead of myself, before Aria was on the phone Officer Doo Good told another officer, the dark guy, that they couldn’t find the page five from the coroners report which was the analysis of the trace evidence from Alison’s death. I found it interesting each report had the same information on page five LOL but also that they were all the ones missing. All record of physical evidence is missing, yep there, officer I can see how that might be unbelievable you know because Officer Doo Good is such an exemplary copPer, oh and always trustworthy, but yeah its all gone.

Man it takes longer to cheat than to do it myself

Six hours earlier, Aria has to go and do her dirty doll deed to Jackie. Jackie makes it easier with her snarkiness. She has all but stopped being nice to Aria at this point. “looking for Mr. Fitz, wrong floor,” she says to Aria before she even utters a word. I totally would have been in your face with the way she behaved, gloves off BIATCH!! Okay sorry. Aria hands her both papers that were in the box and suddenly she is all does Ezra know? I mean really? Of all the people to worry about when you have plagiarized an old boyfriend isn’t one of them LOL the woman is wacko for cocoa puffs. Aria tells her she needs to leave Hollis just like she was told to do then Jackie attitude was back again. You know seriously home gurl needs to meet A in an alley lickety split. Aria even apologized for having to let her know that she knows she is a nut job LOL but Jackie just looks pissed and ready to fight again.
Ezra calls Aria as soon as she leaves Jackie’s office but she is not ready to deal with him so she does not answer.

I would have liked to hide my shoulders this week

After the break, its five hours earlier and Emily and Hanna are dressing for the wedding. Emily wears the sexy dress with the off the shoulders bodice which makes her look elegant. Hanna has no idea what she is going to do as far as her dolls instructions; Emily looks fearful for her. Speaking of the devil, Tom walks in looking ten years younger after his visit to hair club for men. Hanna apologizes for throwing up on Isabel’s dress, LOL, oh well it wasn’t that cute right. Tom is all forgiving and ready to hug, well it is his wedding day.

Use your words

Over at Toby’s work site he and Spencer look like to Zombie’s sitting in his truck not talking. She has called him to talk but so far no so much talking has happened. Toby says, use your words LOL, j/k, but he does feel nervous that she is quiet, it doesn’t happen alot with Spencer I would be nervous too. She confesses to him about lying to him earlier but she thinks he won’t accept her because she has so many secrets whether or not she trusts him is not really the issue.

Bloody Hell, its my Spencer

She breaks up with him in the middle of her speech about surviving the secrets in her life. Lucikly or too conveniently Wren sees her crying under a tree.

Dresses and Skulls ?

At the Montgomery’s, Aria is dressing for the wedding in a pink dress with a skull necklace that has bright blue eyes. I suddenly had a thought about A now even though I know Benna and Officer Doo Good killed Alison, oops or NOT, I just wonder if A is some how still someone else. I tend to be logical and now and again I wonder if someone even closer to the girls is really on A’s team, now don’t scream but even one of them. I mean they have been through a lot, could one of them have snapped and be trapped in their heads. Is this all a dream? You know at this point, its open season for theories.

Blah Blah Ella tells us that Byron has taken Mike out for pizza since now Mike is seeing a therapist and its instant happy family again…boring…cause we all know Mike is lying to the therapist its what teens do especially on this show of liars but oh well, Ella thinks its all good.

I wont’ even dignify Jackei’s presence in this scene with a picture.

Ella goes off for a bath only to leave Aria to answer the door to find Witchy Poo on her threshold all feeling perky and ready to fight. Someone deck this woman please!! She came over to basically tell Aria the gloves are off. She wants Aria to leave Ezra to her, what?? is she drinking early in the day? I don’t see where she got her idea. If Aria doesn’t do what she wants then she will tell the school that Ezra is dating Aria and he will be fired but I guess it will have to come out like it was Aria’s fault. I didn’t follow the logic; she just wants Ezra to be either alone or with her….selfish much, witchy poo? She totally shows us the audience that she is childish, selfish and a big pain of a trouble maker, again with the character who has NO redeeming qualities, she is being set up to DIE!! I mean we no longer need her in the show because her use has ended when A said to get rid of her, anyone else see that??

Cute doll for Emily but still Chuckie’s bride

In other news, Emily is driving to the church when her car tells her to go in a different direction then she knows is correct. “that’s weird.” She tries to fix the Navigational system but it has a mind of its own like most electronics LOL. A car horn sounds behind her but it doesn’t matter because she suddenly notices her Chuckie Doll is in her back seat, its actually kinda cute. Emily whirled her head around like the girl in The Exorcist LOL sorry it was a quick look. Despite the back up of traffic behind her Emily picks up her doll and it says: “I’m taking you to her.”
Emily figures out the Nav system is taking her to Anne who is the only person missing in this episode, logic right.

I gotta find this guys name

Over at the police station, I guess we are back from the Earlier parts for now…..see confusing, there is a group of reporters asking questions, because you know Rosewood is a booming metropolis. Oh and the death of a local girl months ago is big news…….hmmm. Okay I was slow on this one but at the station they are giving us a close up of the girl’s story they will tell next or at least start with; this time its Spencer’s turn.

You are so lovely

What about Toby?

Four hours earlier Wren has saved Spencer from embarrassing herself by crying under a tree, by offering to give her a lift home. He is charming and suave as he tells her she is beautiful in her dress she has chosen to wear to the wedding. I think Spencer was vulnerable otherwise I don’t know why she would let Wren kiss her when she Luvs Toby :(. I was so afraid Toby would see them and it would have been over for them for good instead of temporarily. Then I had the thought of Spencer’s Chuckie doll, it said Save Toby and maybe it was just meant as an implication toward Benna’s involvement also in the mystery of who killed Alison and and WHO is A. Anyway Spencer has spoken with Wren on their drive back but I have no idea what she could have told him; surely he doesn’t know all about A just about Melissa. And if my theory is right since I am not a truster of Wren he could also be in N. A. T. it could be an honorary membership based on good looks or the need for a British Brother LOL. I had to put that in there because I know Jewls loves her some Wren. Wren does earn points when he suggests that maybe Spencer gave up too soon on Toby, Yes listen to Wren, but she insists Toby would need a forklift to navigate through her tonage of emotional debris, great line. The kiss happens after the flirting and he puts her wrap on her arms.

At the church, they come from miles around to the wedding of Tom and Isabel, the angels sing the birds fly up in formation….oh wait no maybe not. Any who, the girls are wondering what on earth happened to Emily because she left home before Hanna, they are beginning to worry about her.

Random thought: what if the Group of A, hires people who are having issues with the girls. I know it sounds weird but if A is every where and sees everything then they know who is fighting/rumbling not getting along. So it can be an endless number of people who hold ill will from time to time who then A uses to do their bidding. For example Noel was Aria’s ex I think then there is Maya who went away and is acting quite strange now as well as Jackie with her weirdness, it could be an endless number of exes and even people like Lucas who are watches that are some how involved. It’s just something to consider.

Another one who is not hiding her hate

Hanna and Caleb make such a cute couple then Kate walks over with an attitude. Hanna has to scurry off to get her purse that seems to be ringing leaving Kate with Caleb. Now Caleb might not know all the A details but he Luvs him some Hanna, he doesn’t appreciate Kate trying to flirt with him, all big eyed and hungry looking. “You have a very pretty dress, but you should know it gives you back fat”, Caleb says…touche !!

Well it looks like its Hanna’s turn to do her dirty deed, “she’s about to run out of air,” says the TEXT fr0m A.

Really a barn

Meanwhile Emily arrives at her destination which is a barn. *Hint* ladies we gotta find who owns these pieces of land that they are sending you to all the time…..HELLO.. Now why in the world didn’t she call the girls to tell them she was being instructed to go somewhere other than the wedding? I don’t get that at all. I guess she figured the others had to do their deeds alone but was it part of the plan that they had to do them solo? Now that I think of it witnesses might have helped in this situation especially with witchy poo.

Evil Step Mommy or Not

Over at the wedding, Hanna request to speak to Isabel, the bride, while they are in the middle of the wedding ceremony. Isabel looks shocked but with a room full of people she can’t exactly play evil step mother so she goes off with Hanna to chat. While Hanna goes to do her dead the girls decide they need to go warm up the car in case Hanna needs a fast get away, good idea. In the rectory, Hanna tells Isabel that Tom screwed around with Ashley while he visited them, Tom hears and can’t believe Hanna ratted him out, of course, Isabel was appalled and walked away angrily, oh me oh my. Yeah what was she doing while Tom was with Ashley, I gotta feeling it wasn’t needlepoint, just sayin’ he was gone a while.

So as soon as Hanna does her deed the phone rings with the address of where Anne is waiting, 457 Grover Road.

Over at the barn, Emily goes inside to find a car running, of course the carbon monoxide knocks her out when the barn door closes on her. Yeah that was expected; again why not call the girls when she got there?? I totally think this event could have been avoided.

I LOVE you Spencer can you hear me

After the break, Toby is at the station putting his finger in the face of the cop, he is obviously feeling tough. Poor Toby, dumped by Spencer instead of her standing up for her one chance at happiness. He sees Spencer and yells he loves her but she won’t answer, it was heart wretching. What I want to know is where did all the extra cops come from? It’s like suddenly the two cop town is full of officers. Why couldn’t the girls go to one of them? Do they have to stay at the station?

*shakes head*

Three hours earlier, is when Emily was lying on the floor of the barn which is doubling as a garage. Someone opens the door and pulls her outside. I can say the person had MAN hands.

Hello My Pretty

Emily then wakes up or dreams of a conversation with Alison, who is all pretty and brighter than the sun..okay maybe not. It looks like she is lying in a field with a girls jean jacket under her head.

Emily and Alison sitting in a tree

Dream Cheating

The conversation went something like this:
Alison: It’s cool you are dead now
Emily: Alison?
Alison: So glad its you Em, I loved you the best
Emily tries to get up but Alison tells her to rest
Alison: No one loved me like you so you were my fave
Emily: So I’m dead?
Alison: That biatch thinks this is what you really want to be completely free of A
Emily: Do you know who A is?
Alison: Of course I do
Emily: You have to tell me
But wait if she thinks she is dead what will it matter? hmmm
Alison: I don’t think that is a good idea
Emily: Why?
Alison: Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead
Emily looks like HUH?
Alison: You have to decide what you want Emily; you can stay here or come with me
Emily closes her eyes
Alison: Sweet Emily
Alison kisses her

Wakey Wakey

Emily wakes up to find she is outside the barn and the girls are gathered around her. “She’s still alive,” Emily says. They at first think she is speaking of Anne but she reveals she means Alison.

Jason go home

Back at the station, Emily arrives in the room after they gave her oxygen. I am not sure since we are taken back to the station at this point; maybe she fainted or something. Outside the room the parents are hanging around. The lawyer Hastings and Peter as well as Jason who arrives to have a conversation with Peter. This is the first time Peter spoke patiently and almost lovingly with Jason, well after the initial why the hell are you here part LOL. Jason supposedly came to represent Alison to her friends but the discussion reveals to us that according to Peter he never believed Jason killed Alison. Now that was a shocker to me and big eared Officer Doo Good seemed to be listening to this conversation, is there more than one of this guy? LOL

Alison was good at keeping secrets but also good at punishing people with the truth, says Jason. Yeah that will needs some analysis LOL. He also says he knew what he would find but so far I don’t know what it was I imagine it could have been what he took out of that box he gave Aria. Whatever it is Mama Hastings does not know or at least Peter thinks she doesnt.

Officer Doo Good looks up from being nosy to see someone at his desk, “you shouldn’t be here,” he says. I assume is Benna all excited to see what is happening OH sorry to hear what is happening.

Back at the barn, two hours earlier, they think Emily was seeing things considering her comment on Alison. She notices that there is a shovel leaning in front of the barn that was not present earlier. They to to look at it and of course find a note. The note has the coordinates of what they believe to be Anne’s body, hopefully still breathing body. Using them with the address that was given to Hanna earlier the go in to try to save the shrink. I don’t know still how they found Emily though because she was knocked out when they arrived, Plot hole? I guess they could have GPS’D her?

We suffer for beauty

NO ocifer we are not praying to the moon

Trying to take a nap

Just when the stop to take off the high heels, which I would have done to start with LOL they noticed they are at the location they need. They race to the spot that looks as though there is a straw sticking from it you know for air, then start digging with their hands, noisely. They only find a mannequin but suddenly there are cops on foot and a helicopter, again where are these cops when the girls need them ??? Nope they are around when they think the girls are doing something wrong, typical small town I guess. “They set us up,” Spencer says, “for what?” Aria asks before the cops take them into custody.

Parental Units 1

Parental Units 2
Oh and Emily’s parents are on the way


Back in the station, the parental units have gathered to see what they can see or do for their daughters. Ella sees Ezra walking in so she takes it on herself to go tell him he is not needed to help Spencer out. Ezra is stunned but we don’t get to see his reaction to Ella’s assumption of his dating Spencer; I wonder if he will confess his love for Aria, I sure hope so.

Lawyer Hastings, Mom, meets with the girls to advise that Officer Douche has been reinstated despite his actions. He has evidence to back up his allegations against them.

Oh Baby this talking about murder makes me hot

You talk too much blind girl you can disappear too

Over in the private room Garrett, Officer Doo Good, and Benna are gloating over their finally getting the girls properly framed for Alison’s murder, well setting them up. Benna is only sorry that the girls don’t know its them doing everything to them. Garrett confesses to being ready to stop being a cop while he runs his hands all over Benna, ugh, kinda wanna hurl now. He waited for months to get in the storage room, I assume to tamper with the evidence, he only has to wait a few more months to quit the police force. Benna is eagar to be gone it seems they do have a snag in that Jason doesn’t think he killed Alison but he doesn’t know Garrett wrote the note about I saw what you did. Garrett gives Benna a look when she says, “we are getting away with,” the look is like he really isn’t into her or that he doesn’t want the same things as her.

You can call me tall or sexy but don’t call me stupid

Another murder weapon huh?

Officer Douchey, whose name I do not know, shows up with the shovel from earlier, the one that Garrett stole from the evidence room, that someone used to kill Alison and because the girls had it he thinks they are guilty. Sorry one plus one does not always equal two dude, you gotta long way to go in solving this cold case.

If you only knew how much I really hate you

Back in the private room Garrett gives Benna something the he calls page 5 for her to burn; its the only thing that links them to that night. Now since Benna is blind she can be easily fooled I am thinking that Garrett is playing her; for all we know he has another main squeeze. When Benna says “she deserved to die like that,” Garrett has another weird look, he it totally not as into Benna as she thinks. So another random theory is that Garrett liked Alison and there is a whole other side to what happened to her that we don’t even know yet. Is it possible Benna set him up and he is just as happy that she is blind as the girls are….yikes.

I’m outta here

You want some pie, pretty eyes

One of the last scenes is Anne talking to gloved hand person, “I’ve done everything you asked me to do,” she says before she takes an envelope then gets up to leave. The waitress comes over to gloved hand to pour him some coffee and says, “How are you doing tonight, pretty eyes you want a piece of pie?” Now that statement alone is going to be topic for discussion…….WHOA ! interesting episode hope you all have some comments I am ready to talk now LOL


  1. I know I say this every week, but I’m pretty sure this recap of yours is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! You’ve really outdone yourself here. I know it was a lot of work, and probably took you forever to finish, but the jokes, analyzes, interesting tidbits, and theories you included in here, just made this a joy to read. So, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

    Since we are on the topic of warm fuzzies, I just had a BLAST liveblogging with you! Though we always discuss the episodes on eachother’s blogs, after they air, it was really cool getting to do it with you LIVE. Plus, I do see evidence of our shared liveblogging sense of humor in both yours and my recap, which is really cool!

    Now, on to the episode . . .

    Nice catch on the parallel between the girls having dirt on their faces, and wearing dresses, in the PLL promo poster, and also for a good portion of this episode. It kind of makes me wonder whether the writers of the show have ALWAYS planned for this particular episode, and the plotlines that comprised it to exist. As this show has progressed for two seasons, many are beginning to wonder whether the writers are simply dragging their feet, and making stuff up as they go along. The existence of this parallel, if it was , in fact, purposefully inserted into the episode (which, I think it was) should serve as strong evidence to the contrary.

    Regarding the “12 hours earlier . . . seven hours earlier . . . six hours earlier” etc. plot device, I felt the same way about it that you did. It came off as forced, and a bit clunky, to be honest. This device tends to work best, when the situation presented at the beginning of a film or episode is SO bizarre, and intense, that, you find yourself regularly trying to piece together, how it could possibly have gone down. Here, though I WAS curious as to why the girls were dirty, in dresses, and wanted for murder, most of the answers to these questions were fairly self explanatory, when you really thought about them, and actually had very little to do with those creepy dolls. Does that make any sense? 🙂

    LOL , about your admission that you only recognized Deputy Douchey, based on my frequent references to him. I’m honored! 🙂 If you get a chance, DEFINITELY check out the first few episodes of PLL again. They are absolutely “eye opening” where Deputy Douchey is concerned. (Well . .. you’ve seen those shirtless shower pictures. ;)) As much as I rag on his cheesy super villain lines, the creepiness of him sleeping with Mama Marin in the pilot, and his always seeming to hit on Hanna, I actually think he’s a great character, in that you really do love to hate him. I for one, was happy to see him return.

    That being said, the writers need to get their act together on some of his dialogue. Because, as we both noticed, it was pretty darn awful. It’s interesting to me how this show has such witty one-liners, and powerful dialogue for SOME of its characters (mostly the PLL girls), while other characters regularly sprout painfully obvious comic book lines like “You’re going down,” or “She deserved to die that way.” I guess, it’s hard to really flesh out supporting characters, while giving most of your air time to these extremely three dimensional main ones. But still . . . a little rewriting certainly couldn’t hurt.

    I’ve been rereading what I just wrote, and it all sounds very negative, when I actually found much to enjoy about the episode. Certain scenes, like, for example, that great wedding scene, the Ali Dream sequence, and many of the scenes that took place at the police station, were really intriguing. And, on second watch (it’s amazing how distracting liveblogging can be, as fun as it is to do), I’ll qualify my earlier statement that nothing happened, and admit, that there really were a lot of questions answered here. But, of course, as is the nature of this show, many more were asked.

    Like what does “A” have on Shrinkypoo? Is Maya hiding something? And what is adorable Wren going to do with that snotty handkerchief? 😉

    I guess we will have to wait until this winter to find out. (By the way, I thought the promos for the Halloween special looked awesome. I can’t wait!)

    • Thanks for stopping by Jewls. Wow the finale seems so long ago now. I can’t believe I never stopped here to reply back to you though I did on your blog LOL. I can almost see why they didn’t reveal A but it would have been so cool to finally know. I think they fear that with the big reveal that people will stop watching the show though at this point if you are watching I would think you would keep hanging in there especially if you have a favorite ship. I think my favorite one is still Aria/Ezra then Spencer/Toby… least for now. I also have to tell you the NEWS…………….I finally ordered PLL Season 1……..yeah, yesterday. I know I am a season behind but It will be even cooler for me because of having watching every single episode of Season 2 more than once…………I think it will click for me now………….:)

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