PLL – S04 Episode 9 One More Time Poor Jenna

Hi all I have the urge to write a recap but it won’t be as long are eloquent as usual. I burned my hand earlier and it’s hurting like crazy, I will do the best I can but I feel this will be the only chance to get this done so let’s get started.

I do have to say that Mona confessing last week saved the week for me. I was not getting into the whole idea of Hanna confessing the execution of the whole situation was bogus. The flashbacks with Wilden were so fake it was worse than what Hanna was attempting to do; I seriously would have changed the channel if not for Spencer/Aria/Em’s antics. Mona’s confession seemed like a good idea well then this week even that plotline was a FAIL for me. Yes certainly A put her up to it or she thought it was a way to win some points from the girls but I guess we will see..

This week begins where last week ended with Mona in the confession booth at the local PD. WE move from there quickly to find Hanna at Spencer’s house, I bet she had no idea what her Wacky exBestie was up to and/or was it the plan all along?

Mama Hastings gets the call that Mona made her big confession but she gives the girls the look and asked them did they put Mona up to it. They both say well No Mommy of course not but Spencer gives Hanna a look when Mom walks away. Hanna what have you done.

Over at Aria’s she is watching Jake get dressed inside her house while she is on the porch with Spencer who wants to meet up with her later. She watched entranced by the GOODIES she missed the night before when he slept on her couch because she didnt’ want to be alone at home with Mike gone. Hmm what IF Mike had decided to come home, would he have believed his sisters NONE Slut status then? Aria watch out now.

1 em smiles

Then there is Em and her loyal dog …..eer umm gal pal, Paige, they meet up and discuss the Mona issue but Paige doesn’t want to discuss Mona you know because she only has Half a clue of the significance of well anything. She is more concerned about Em’s Birthday, hey I didn’t know it was coming around so soon, did YOU all!! An ywho Paige has plans to make out with Em at her aunts lake cabin, she is so obvious, she couldn’t wait to get her away from Pam.

So it turns out Paige has set up an interview with some swim coach/training person for Em to talk with about college. Em expresses to her once again that her arm is bad and its going to be a while before its better but Paige insists it can’t hurt to chat. She is sooooooooooo desperate to get Em to go off to school with her, I blame this on her personality flaw of not wanting Em to get away now that she has mesmerized her and there seem to be no other choices for Em. I can’t imagine there are NO other cute Girls at Rosewood High that would be better choice, indeed.

2 jake with aria

Later at the coffee shop Jake is with Aria leaving after grabbing a cup of coffee while Maggie is at table telling Ezra she is moving to Washington to go to school. Maggie wants to logically take Malcolm with her but Ezra who had been staring at Aria across the room like he might jump up to go over and confess his love snaps to life all upset about his son moving.

3 maggie with ezra

I have to be honest I think Maggie came to town hoping to get Ezra back but even after Aria left the picture Ezra still showed no interest so she is leaving after only recently coming to town with her son. She is the one traumatizing him dragging him from one place to another on a whim. On the other hand, I think Ezra wanting Malcolm to stay with him makes even less sense because he is a new person in his life. He should just settle for some visits and basically move on till Malcolm is old enough to spend more time with him on his own like in his teens.

Good news and bad news up next, thanks to Mona’s bone headed confession Ashley finally gets a chance to go home. The bad news is since apparently policeman are worth more she has to come up with One Million in bail money(100,000.00 cash) to actually get out of the jail. That is so bogus how is one human worth more than another, I could see if it’s just based on the type of crime but not the person’s occupation. Is a teacher worth less than a crossing guard, or a housewife less than a corporate suit? Gee Wiz the things we learn on TV.

4 coach

Moving on, Emily goes to talk to the coach/trainer ,Dominic,that Paige set her up with. I didn’t think coach when I saw him because every other time I have seen this guy he was a bad guy on a cop show LOL. Any who, he is kinda gruff and it seems hard on the girls but I guess it’s how trainers have to be. Emily gives him her recruiting video to watch.

5 hanna with ted

Across town Hanna is sitting in a park or near a trail of sometime, a place I have never seen her before. The closest Hanna has gotten to dirt in the last three years is making out with Caleb in a tent. So Ted comes walking out and sees her upset, she tells him the news and he says to her to have faith. Hanna says, I don’t need faith I need money LOL in true Hanna style, so practical, well not most of the time.

Ezra and Maggie end up in an argument when he suggests that Malcolm could stay with him while she is busy at school earning her Masters. Maggie takes offense and despite initially saying that Malcolm could stay briefly with Ezra she changed her mind, to NO Malcolm is going with her. Oh well enough said, right? Hmmm

6 shauna with jenna

7 sparia

Okay here comes the part of the episode that irked me. Sparia are leaving the school on the way to Em’s make shift party thrown by Paige when they see Shauna with Jenna aka Shenna LOL. They are outside discussing Alison and something to do with the cops. What I hate about the scene is that there was NO reason they had to be outside talking when they were LEAVING together. It seems Jenna is losing her sight again so Shauna is her seeing eye dog.

After the break, Ashley arrives home from jail with her new anklet, you know the monitor that tracks her movements. I have a feeling that will be in a subplot sometime soon. We will see the monitor not on her foot, I’m just saying we don’t usually get information that is not followed up and that is a good thing.

Back at the interview, Dominic is critiquing Em’s movements on her recruiting video. She has potential but also a lot of bag habits. Em is like um I won the race in the video LOL. Trainer guy bottom lines it for Em, her chances are slim to none to get in line for a scholarship after being out of the water for a year.

At the lake house where Paige is throwing Em’s Surprise party we see that the girls have arrived. They discuss what they heard Shauna telling Jenna, they guess that either Alison is alive or someone knows more about her death, I think. Spencer and Aria plan to get Jenna away from Shauna at the party to get some answers. Sparia continues with this weeks update on the whereabouts of the TOBSTER. He was in New York looking for a girl who belongs to a P.O. box in Philly I think it’s the blonde, Cece. By the way, when does Toby do actual work these days is Spencer his Sugar Mama LOL

While the girls are setting up for the party, Ezra goes to Mama Hastings for advice on trying to get part custody of Malcolm. She warns him it will be a battle. Ezra says he is all in but I think he is only doing this out of boredom, with Aria out of his life he is focusing on Malcolm as someone to love. If he was dating Aria I think he would be more willing to just visit Malcolm like a guy who has a son that lives out-of-state usually does.

Aria is surprised when Jake walks in with a tall blonde. Em is equally as surprised when she walks in the door and says, Why did you lie to Dominic then suddenly everyone is saying Surprise. Great job, Paige on both counts, lying to get Em an interview and having a party for someone who really is not in the mood for a party. Touche!!

While Em is dealing with her surprise Ashley gets a visit from Ted at home. Oh my gosh she treats this man like he hung the moon because he is a minister, he is just a guy. Oh well he is pretty nice though he seems creepy to me, I feel like there is sooooo much more to him than meets the eye, to me it has to be sinister. He brought pie so they proceed to eat it. I want pie today so bad, I might have to go buy one tomorrow.

8 shauna with jenna

Back at the party, Shauna and Jenna have arrived because Shauna insists she had to go for the sake of seeing the coach. She wants to show him she is all about team spirit but I think it’s a lie. I think Shauna has other motives for bringing Jenna to the party. Jenna doesn’t want to be there so they plan to go in make an appearance and leave again or so Shauna agrees to that arrangement.

Inside the party Aria tells Spencer about Jake being at the party with the blonde with giraffe legs. Is Aria jealous or what, Spencer says the blonde is trying really hard.

It’s odd the way that Shauna seems to flaunt Jenna as she leads her in the party; it’s not like they are dating she is like pulling her hand very awkward. I thought Shauna loved Jenna but it’s not like that at all unless Jenna isn’t ready to come out as gay or she is just not aware of how weird it looks.

Outside on the dock we get the verdict for Standford and Em, turns out she can’t go because she can’t afford it and Paige hears the bad news with tears. She knows she and Em won’t last 2000 miles apart but hey Paige you might find someone new just like Em needed to all along LOL.

9 mona packing

Over at the None coming home party, Hanna calls to thank her dad for getting her mother out on bail but as soon as she puts down the phone she gets a call from Mona. Mona who we see is packing for a not so quick trip me thinks. She tells Hanna you are welcome since she made it possible for Ashley to come home by confessing. Looks like the Rosewood PD have to start over looking for a killer it also means the killer is still on the loose, folks.

At the party Aria and Jake have a weird conversation, they aren’t dating but she is jealous and he doesn’t understand her worrying about what he is doing boring boring let’s get her back with Ezra and move on with it..

Outside Paige suggests Em go enjoy her party well at least that she can do correctly, Paige not Em LOL.

Inside again Shauna still has that constipated look when Jenna tells her its past time for them to leave. Aria stops them as they are on the way out. The conversation about Alison is cut short by Paige bringing out the cake. Everyone starts moving in one direction and Jenna gets separated from Shauna in the shuffle.

At the Marin’s Ted is leaving and tells Ashley not to run, because he has a lot riding on her yep that’s code for I ponied up the money for your bail. Oh I also think maybe Ted killed Wilden because I think Ted is stalking Ashley, again the dude has some secrets me thinks. I know wild theory but we all know the killer is someone who is expendable if we are going to find out who Done it this season at least in that murder. Another thing is why donate the money for bail Anonymous like then hint to the person that you were the one?? That is something that makes another person feel indebted to you even if they want to move on from you. I do know Ashley thinks she is not good enough for him but that is total baloney we are all equal I don’t want to get started on that again.

10 jenna wet

Outside Em finds Jenna floating in the lake. Shauna runs up, “I thought she was inside.” Humph some guard dog she turned out to be that, Shauna.

After the break, Em informs the girls that someone must have hit Jenna on the head first because she has blood on her coat sleeve from where she pulled her from the water. Shauna glares at them as the ambulance takes Jenna away.

11 h a

At Hanna’s Ashley informs her that Ted was the one that paid the bail.

Paige is surprisingly calm after someone almost died at her Aunt’s cabin, she can’t believe that Em saved Jenna like what; she wanted to let her drown. I have to wonder if Paige was somehow involved, I still think she might be working with A or Mona or someone just to stay afloat herself. I mean how often does Paige have spontaneous parties and besides she is not the bell of the ball kind of socialite. I mean the only people who would come to her party would be the swim team right.

12 aria with jake

Jake tells Aria after seeing what happened with Jenna, that he sees why she is wound so tight LOL, yep a lot goes on with those girls. Blah Blah Blah they finally kiss and make up I guess they will be hanging together for a while. I am such an EZRIA fan that this Jake guy to me is just a FILLER for when they do end up back together. Ohhhhhhh Then there is the fact that I think this girls need to spend time NOT being with a guy and learn to just live on their own like women do in real life but yeah its tv all about Sex, lust and the next mystery I guess you gotta love it or turn it off and read City of Bones LOL shameless promotion of upcoming movie LOL.

OH and Unlucky Paige finally gets in bed and Em is pretending to be asleep; looks like she has a lot on her mind. I would be thinking why was Paige acting so non-chalante about Jenna being saved.

Spencer goes to the hospital to check on Jenna and finds out from Shauna who I have decided is just a bad actress LOL, that Jenna is afraid of Cece. Hmm maybe because Cece knows way more than she ever told the girls and/are because Cece is doing Alison’s dirty work because Cece cracked up when Alison died.

It looks like Mona checked herself in to Radley, unless that was the terms of her leaving the police station which it can’t be because they would have just taken her there to begin with.

Anyway, we see red coat standing outside someone’s house, it looks most like the lake house where Em is staying the night with Paige. Red coat unscrews the lattice-work with an electric screw driver (who carries thos around, only someone who had taken a look earlier I bet) and goes right in under the house like she has done it many times before.

The last scene is a person in a Black Hoody playing a song called Any Time then putting the lyrics in an envelope with Toby’s name on it.

That’s it for this week, I am glad I had a chance to do this, its been busy for me lately.

My favorite parts:
1. Team Sparia, I love Spencer working with Aria in any capacity.
2. Em pretty much breaking it off with Paige.
3. Jake asking Aria on the scale of 1-10 how jealous she was.

Least Favorite parts:
1. All other parts with Paige
2. Em finding out she won’t be getting a scholarship
3. Shauna dragging Jenna around then not being there when she was pushed in the water.

Yeah I suddenly have more of a respect for Jenna now, not sure why. SEE Yall next time.

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