PLL – Season 3 Episode 1 The Girls are Back in Town

Hi all you Pretty Little Liars Lovers Season 3 has finally begun. I was so excited last night well I”m sure you all were also.

Lets get down to it.

This episode begins Five MONTHS later which of course will give us plenty of flashbacks over the season, umm how convenient right. I gotta be honest I would have preferred to start seconds later after poor Emily saw that Maya might have been the dead body, it was all so sad and really annoying that Maya was possibly written out of the show. Come on Emaya Lovers you know its true.

Oh well that was not to be.

They are as it sometimes happens all set up for a night of sleeping over at Spencer’s where we get our usual what’s been going on with the gals chat up. In this case it was over the break which must have been summer for them.

Spencer and Aria both attended Hollis College where Spencer took a full load while Aria took a well deserved space in a photography class. She actually got in over one thousand other students. Wow didn’t know she did photography? HMM Hasn’t Aria always been the writer in the group oh I know she did ceramics a while ago but not sure how that translates into Photography maybe its a new love LOL.

Emily escaped to Haiti to build houses while Hanna took cooking classes with Caleb and expanded her vocabulary although she was offered an internship with Vera Wang that she turned down. It seems she didn’t know interns worked for free LOL.

We do notice in this first scene that Emily its hitting the drinks a bit heavily. She seems to be down still about Maya’s death also. She makes comments about her not making it to senior year while the others can only apologize for their merriment on their own excitement.

Sometime later they wake up to find the door open Aria who was asleep on an uncomfortable looking chaise notice that Em is missing. Spencer has been looking through the house but she is not to be found.

We are shown Emily at a graveyard with a shovel near Allison’s resting place. There is no body in the ground. Emily it’s totally zoned out as though she is not even taking in the sight before her.

Cue Creepy Theme Music

The girls are suddenly at the cemetery, obviously Emily did pick up the phone to tell them her whereabouts. Emily doesn’t remember much but she had been drinking heavily. Spencer finds that on Emily’s phone is a call from her phone at midnight when they were all asleep. Spencer realizes they are being set up; someone was in the house without their knowledge. Spencer insists they leave the graveyard immediately

On the way back, Hanna and Aria bury the shovel that Em had been holding. Though I think this might make them look guilty later on but they were worried about fingerprints. Where else would they have taken it right?

At the house Emily is instructed by Spencer to burn her clothes with all the dirt on them. Hanna and Aria are on the way back when they see Lucas downtown. They hide and watch him driving off in his car it’s after like two in the morning; they wonder why he is up and around. You know just like them; getting into mischief LOL.

Spencer decides they should go to the lake house; she leaves a note indicating that they had been gone there all the time. The next morning they get the call about Allison’s missing body.

Does anyone wonder why Spencer is to good at this stuff? I mean she is always thinking on her toes; is it just the way she was raised? Is there a lawyer gene? Is she just smart that way? I don’t know sometimes those kinda people are the most twisted right?

Spencer get the call from her mother about the body the next morning; she pretends to be surprised. Her mother is relieved that the girls weren’t involved.

Despite Aria wanting to go to the cops and confess what little they know they agree on a story based on them being at the Lake House. The gist of it is: they went up in the afternoon and hung out all night talking of senior year and roasting marshmallows. Emily looks/feels guilty because she was the weak link that got taken or some how ended up being the patsy for the missing body. I really hope she doesn’t suffer with this drinking issue all season then again I also hope she won’t end up with Paige not sure I can have it both ways.

BOOM, Aria wakes up at Fitz house he comforts her saying there is no more A. He indicates that she has been having nightmares but I feel like I missed something here. Was she dreaming the whole incident or what? She does have the same shirt as earlier at the lake house though ok.

Okay then I see this is later that same day; after they spent at the lake house. Fitz shows her the morning paper ABOVE The not so efficient Rosewood Police Department is going to pin not only Allison’s murder on Garrett but also Maya. Don’t you love two for one shopping? *shakes head*
According to the paper via Fitz; Maya had something that tied Garrett to Allison’s murder so the theory is that Garrett found Maya before she could turn in the evidence. Luckily for them or so they think, Formerly Blind Jenna (Benna) turned in Garrett with her own piece of the puzzle.

According to Rosewood Calender, its Labor Day weekend or in this case Ezria’s Anniversary/the weekend that Allison died. Either way Fitz wants to celebrate at the same place where they met and hooked up in the bathroom, so sweet, so strange so SEXY, you decide LOL. I am just glad these two are still together; it looks they are stronger than before. OH except for the thing where Ezra is really in the dark about the last two season with Aria being tortured by A or why she was being tortured, YEP.

Meanwhile the Marin’s are shoplifting, hmm sorry shopping trying to keep their minds off their issues. Way to go Ashley take your sticky fingers lovely child to a place to tempt her LOL. Yeah you know I love those Marin girls they have STYLE.

The Hastings ladies arrive, that is Spencer and Mama Lawyer. We learn from Mama that there had been a petition to exhume the body of Allison but the body disappeared before that could happen.
They ladies are both glad the girls were out-of-town the night before but that shows how much they know right !!

Spencer gets a call from unknown while shopping near Hanna. She ignores the call which means either she knows who is calling or she has received them before. It’s my guess she doesn’t know but is trying to figure it out without bothering/worrying the others. Spencer is always the mother hen in the group.

She does tell Hanna that Tobey has been coming over for showers because where he is living the shower needs to be repaired; its on his list of things to do in his new place. Spencer is glad to see him every day, oh so sweet.

Some nosey women in the store basically point and stare at them before Hanna offers to take a picture for them to get them to go away LOL. Yes a picture is worth a thousand words and they should know better, for shame for shame.

Spencer wants to stop thinking about what happen, you know go to a movie or something but Hanna tells her she has an appointment with doctor Sullivan which turns out to be a lie. She is actually going to visit Mona at the Sanitarium. Yes they are lying to others and each other its Pretty Little Liars it’s what they do right. Though normally it’s for the benefit of not explaining or to keep someone’s feelings from being hurt. The kind of lies we all tell.

I really Need some Sun

I just figured out that Hanna signed herself in as Rivers which is Caleb’s last name. Oh so cute I guess it’s the only name she could think of to use as a cover while visiting.

At the Fields house Pam comes in the room to find Em hovering over a picture of her with Maya. She tries to encourage her but Emily blows her off saying she is fine. WE all know she is not by any means but that is how things are with teens right. Leave me alone I’m good but then they go off and cry to their friends; wait I do that sometimes LOL okay it’s just life.

Moving on, at the crazy house, Hanna is reading a magazine during her time visiting Mona who’s just staring into space. I totally think she if faking it most of the time. She was perfectly find shopping, going shopping, thinking about shopping and you know talking about shopping, Noel plus school stuff. I do wonder if she hasn’t killed her poor mother whom we never have seen. Did they check Mona’s house, morbid right…..ok.

Hanna finally bursts out with ” I wanna know what I did to make you hate me so much to a still silent Mona. Hmm manipulative much, Mona? She basically by being quiet is making this all about her as usual. Hanna should just move on but we do tend to go after those that could care less about us for some weird reason.

Hanna is leaving the room only to run into None Other than, Wren, Jewls Fave boy toy on the show. Okay now Jewls I totally think Wren is involved on the A team somehow not sure how but we will see huh LOL.

Hanna asks Wren not to tell anyone that he saw her at the Sanitarium and he tells her he works there two days a week. I find it interesting this dude is all over the place; when does he have time to sleep? See this is why I suspect something is up that he is where A is being held or in my eyes a part of TEAM A. Then we see Mona’s eye looking out a crack in the door of the room and she is no longer on the bed all starey eyes. I knew she was up to something; she isn’t that slick.

ABS Tobey 🙂

After the break, Spencer is hanging out with a half-naked Tobey who has just used her shower. I was surprised to find out in this scene that they have not slept together because Spencer has her reasons. Hmmm is a reason maybe named Wren whom she drunkenly propositions in Season 2? Tobey would be horrified to find that was even a consideration, now wouldn’t he? Yes she does have options.

Anywho, she gets another unknown call that she ignores before Tobey like everyone else goes on about how lucky it was that she and the girls were at the lake house the night before. Yes she has to lie yet again to someone she loves.

At registration Hanna is with Caleb whom she has to bail on going shopping with because she is going to see Mona which she calls an appointment with Dr. Sullivan. More lies ladies more lies poor Caleb; how would he feel about her seeing the supposed psycho and perpetrator of many crimes against them. NOPE he would not be very happy oh and just the lie would be enough to tear them apart I imagine.

On the other side of the school Spencer and Aria are chatting before Lucas walks by totally ignoring them. They totally think he knows something he has that sleazy I am up to no good look about him, Yes I see that too ladies, it is kinda HOT.

They don’t think its a coincidence that he turned dark after the Masquerade ball. They finally start to wonder about Emily which I find odd since she is usually with them. We then see she is standing outside the window looking at them. Okay kinda creepy, again why are they not more concerned about her? Self absorbed much ladies?

Back on the inside of the school Aria chooses the one stall in the bathroom that doesn’t work but instead of simply changing to a new one she keeps turning the knob. I know she did look a bit distracted. She then begins to hear noises as well she looks out the hole between the door and the make shift wall and sees a dark clothed person pacing in the bathroom. She calls out then screams before the door opens up, because you know it was broken.

After the break we find out that Aria had a panic attack yeah but there was someone in the bathroom, we saw them. She tells them she thinks she saw A but they don’t want to hear it because they still want to believe that ONLY MONA was A…….hmm right.

Hanna tries to use a new word, Jubilation but it sound dumb I’m sorry, “We will all one day have jubilation” LOL really? The hug it out after that, poor Aria.

Mama Hastings tries to get Spencer to go on a girls night out with her and not sure who else though she mentions Melissa I can’t see her taking that belly out on the town for drinking LOL. Spencer has other ideas she leaves the house as soon as Mama is out the door. Her excuse had been that she had to study but that was a lie of course.

At the Montgomery’s it looks like someone is moving out. I think its Ella yet again. They discuss, past, present and future plus a constipated look of Byron’s that appears at every mention of EZRA LOL. So Ella is leaving the house because she is not getting along with her husband yet again and she doesn’t want to pretend. Lucky she has the freedom to do that not everyone can just leave and move on to be themselves without complications. At least it seems the whole Ezra/Aria drama had been settled among the family. I can’t wait to see the way Byron acts with Ella out of the house.

Moving on, Emily meets up with Tobey at the coffee-house where he is renting the loft upstairs. He is finally on his own he thinks it feels good. He hasn’t seen Benna since she left town. I guess him getting back with Spencer could be one reason for that, she and Benna were not buds LOL. Emily does tell him she is not alright but she doesn’t expand on the reasons he assumes it has to do with body of Allison’s being moved.

Spencer has arrived at her destination, the hotel where they found A’s lair. It’s late, dark and we see someone is watching her. I would never in a hundred years go back to the place alone, would you? The whole idea of it is sketchy LOL why would spencer, is she packing heat? I know she is like a dog with a bone always wanting to know what is going on very detective like plus being logical.

After the break Spencer goes safely into the empty room then sets up her computer; she looks determined to find out something or she already knows. It’s all very mysterious like. Shhhh

Over at the Marin’s Caleb is helping Hanna cook or at least hanging around her like the sex crazy teenager he happens to be LOL. She of course lies to him about her session with Dr. Sullivan. Caleb wants to know what she tells the Doctor at her sessions but she just hems and haws around the none details. Caleb is hoping that they are chatting about him, oh typical male egos, so fragile. The phone rings as Hanna teases him. She has a call from R.S. which is really Wren telling her that they believe her seeing Mona is helping her. How is that part of his job as a twice a week doc? I can’t see it sorry. Don’t they have volunteers for that kinda stuff. Oh then he tells Hanna to come by tomorrow to see Mona again, isn’t his two days up for the week?

Back at the coffee shop/Tobey’s Loft, Em is confessing to him like he is her priest. She partied too much and has been very angry. He is of course understanding of it all him being the former bad boy of Rosewood though it was mostly a set up LOL. Then again Tobey and Em have been close a while its natural for her to come to him right? Except no one ever really tells Tobey the whole story so it’s not an equal relationship at all more of a convenience.

At the hotel, Spencer gets another call this time she answers, “I’m listening,” she says then we see she is being watched from outside or so it seems. It’s possible its just a camera angle right? Sometimes I get irritated by all the illusions of watching when nothing happens am I the only one that feels that way?

At the Montgomery’s, Ella tells Aria that the cops want to talk to her at the station. Oh great here we go yet again; they just can’t get a break. Does anyone ever wonder if for some reason one of them really is in on some of this drama? After the death of their friend someone could have snapped. My guess is either Hanna or Spencer if that ever does come to light you heard it right here LOL.

After the break, the girls are questions and they all have the same story though we don’t see Em at the police station. We do see Ezra walk up; but so does Ella she stops him to tell him it’s not a good place for him to be but he is all, really I thought we were pass that LOL yeah Ezra exactly.

Ella, Ezra and Aria all decide to go eat together. Wow that is a big jump from the end of last season; I totally want to see what has transpired to make this happen. Ezra looks doubtful and I don’t blame him.

The next day Hanna is talking to Mona in an attempt to get her to respond when she suddenly turns her way and we see that Mona sees Allison in place of Hanna. Okay I am still not buying that Mona is nutso. I gotta admit I am just confused now. I know that Dr. Sullivan had diagnosed her with some sort of personality associative something or other but all sound like mumbo jumbo to me LOL. Hanna just looks at Mona as she notices Mona is smiling at an empty chair behind her.

It was good to see Sascha, Allison, she is so cool on twitter all the time. So positive and outgoing.

Spencer is at the jail the next time we see her talking to Garrett. Garrett insists he is innocent, that he might know who killed Allison, that he was close to pinning the crime on her, that he knows things she doesn’t want to know. He has the nerve to ask her help in getting her mother to represent him in exchange for his revealing who took the body to her.

I don’t know how he can know that after having been in jail for five months unless they came to the jail to tell him their plans. He does tell her that all the girls are in danger. Oh yes the season three set up of things we will learn, well cool huh.

Emily has flashes of memory as she jogs down the street where she sees a cute little blue mustang, the kind that Benna would drive if she weren’t you know blind. Now the flashes make it look like that Emily may have been in the trunk of the car. She then gets a text from Unknown that says I bet you remember me. We are to assume its send by the driver of the blue mustang. OH and jogging on concrete is bad for you feet, bad idea. But wait Unknown for Spencer was Garrett, hmm.

The pool party the next day turns out to be the day of confessions. Emily arrives in tears then tells them she feels all guilty; plus she is remembering maybe being in the blue car the night the body was gone. Hanna tells about visiting Mona also about how out of it that she seems to be.

Spencer takes them to the hotel, that I noticed later is for sale, to show them the empty room as well as images on her computer that give details of what used to be in the room. The story goes that they had come back to empty the room that next morning after the faithful night of the Mona is A reveal, but someone else had already done the room clean up.

Finally they have the AHA moment we waited for, someone was helping A or as they think Mona. See I think that Mona was the helper and not A she is only the Fall Girl. Mona the fragile girl who pretends to be strong, the very smart girl who pretends to be all THAT!!

They suspect the black swan from the party to be the helper but she is awfully slim to have done anything on her own. They really have to concede there was more than just two girls involved in all that drama, really now wake up!!

The car alarm goes off outside on the other side of the hotel, of course they do the stupid thing of the night, leave the computer and door open in the room to go see what’s up INSTEAD of leaving two of them behind to guard the room or at the least grabbing the computer to take with them ALL.

All the car doors are open at their arrival, The car is full of pictures of them in the woods over the empty grave. It’s overkill of course; once again who has all this time?

Then they get their first A message of the season, “Mona played with Dolls I play with body parts, Game on Bitches.” Well that says it all……..Welcome Back !!!

Just a note: There was no last second A this episode you know the creepy hoodie scenes, I wonder if that is going to be something new.

Well it was great, please leave comments.


  1. Awesome recap. I loved reading your analysis of the episode. And of course, you always have a knack for getting the best screencaps from the episode. I think you bring up a great point about the series taking the easy way out, a bit, by not dealing with the direct aftermath of Maya’s death/disappearance. (I’m still not 100% convinced that was actually her body.) But I agree with you, that this gives the writers plenty of opportunities to fill the season with flashbacks to the girls Lost Summer, just as they did the first two seasons with all those Ali flashbacks. It’s a clever way to reveal information that might not be readily available in present day.

    You know me, I always love me some Wren. So, I was thrilled to see him making an appearance, so early in the season, and even interacting with a little liar that ISN’T Spencer for a change. I wonder if, since rumor has it that Toby and Emily will be bonding quite a bit this season, perhaps, Spencer will rekindle her own little flirtation with Wren. A girl can dream, right?

    Speaking of interesting pairings, I kind of like how last season’s PLL enemies are destined to become this season’s uncomfortable allies, like Mona for Hanna, and Police Boy Garrett for Spencer. The girls are right in recognizing that no one could better explain to them the motives and plans of the A team better than it’s former members.

    You know, on first watch, I wasn’t crazy about this episode. I felt like all the good stuff happened in the first and last scenes, and not much happened in between. But on second look, I appreciated it a lot more. I love all the parallels the writers created between this episode and the pilot. In a way, it was like a love letter to fans.

    I also like that the writers aren’t shying away from the emotional and psychological effects being tortured by A for a year is having on the girls. You can’t go through what they did, and not be affected by it. I think Hanna’s odd need to visit Mona, Emily’s drinking, Aria’s panic attacks, and Spencer’s A-centric obsession are some of the most realistic storylines this series has done so far.

    I can’t wait to see what they bring us next. Thanks again for your spectacular recap. You rock.

    • Hey you thanks for commenting. I said a lot on your blog but I will add its going to be an interesting season especially with Emily in a fog. I have to reiterated by saying that I hope Em finds another girl beside Paige I think her time has passed. She looks at Em likes she is an ice cream cone and it sickens me. I think Paige is in lust with Em because she was her first girl kiss. As far as Wren I think Hanna’s visits to Mona are going to make him a regular at least for a while, I know you are loving that and he isn’t half bad to look at though a favor the accent to soothe the savage beast LOL. Talk soon.

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