Supernatural S07 Episode 12 Recap Back in Time

Screencapped by me via MegaVideo

Our guys Sam and Dean are sitting outside a house when they see a guy dressed in a hat walking around toward the alley. They chase after him then they split up which is never a good idea for these two. Dean finds the guy and there is like a red light coming from his hands as he holds a guy on the ground. Dean rushes toward the man and they both disappear in a blast of red light. Sam comes around the corner to see it happen.


Dean is researching Dick Roman as Sam tries to sleep. Sam’s phone rings and he wakes up to answer it. Dean says, “don’t give me that dirty diaper look I ain’t calling you.” Ahhhhhh so sweet they added a reference to Jared’s real life. Anyone who hasn’t been in a closet is aware that the last Seven Months has been about little Gen, Jared’s spouse expecting a baby boy; so sweet.

Anyway, the call is from Jody Mills, the sheriff. She has heard of a case of a grad student going missing and being returned looking like a mummy minus the wrapping. She said it sounded like their kind of thing. I suppose she is trying to keep them all busy since Bobby has passed on. She informs him its the second body with the same M.O. in the last two weeks.

Now I always liked Jody Mills, she and Bobby were a Hoot together but this scene just doesn’t have quite the same zing for me. I guess they will say she is supposed be sad and all but something about it is just seemed robotic.

Oh well, Sam tells her it does sound like their kinda job and she tells him that she is nosy that is how she ended up hearing about a job in Ohio when she lives all the way in Sioux Falls since he asked.

Sam tells Dean he hopes he is watching cartoon smut because reading Dick Roman stuff is just self punishment. “It’s called Anime and its an art form,” Dean retorts as he pretends he was watching smut LOL. Okay only on Supernatural is watching smut okay.

In Ohio, they move to a new hide-out aka new place to squat. It’s a two-story with one semi functioning bathroom. Dean is a bit out of shape that he doesn’t get the better room but hey at least it’s not a motel.

They go to talk to the first witness who immediately reminds me of Ron the one that knew of the conspiracies way back in “Nightshifter.”

He tells them he watched as his neighbor, Mr. Durban, who was held by the neck by a man dressed in snappy shoes and a fedora. Some red stuff came out Mr. Durban and he aged before his eyes, “he looked like a raisin,” he added. LOL

Back at the house they research what they witness told them. Sam finds that greater Canton, Oh is a hot spot for weird deaths. They notice that even in previous years the victims were killed in threes. So in their case there is one person left to die.

Dean says he wants to take a look at the laptop and Sam asks him if he wants to look at more Anime or if he is strictly in to DICK now; very wrong LOL though I know its supposed to be a play on words. Dean just rolls his eyes.

He also quickly pulls up the local web feeds for Canton which has Sam wondering how he learned to do that to which Dean replies, “a tutorial from Frank.” Sam just looks jealous, he has always been the computer wiz of the two of them.

Dean brings up the cameras around the place the first bodies were found and Sam officially requests that Dean teach him the trick LOL. I know it hurts to be in the dark right Sammy.

Sam notices a guy in the feed looks like same one from a previous photo many years before. They decide to find out if the girl who found the first body is still alive and around.

Terri had been a young girl when she found the body. The man in the photo that was also around the night she found the body is named Mr. Snider. Okay so we are back at the start, they are sitting in front of a house that used to belong to Terri’s parents when she was a kid.

This time we see Dean coming out of the Alley after the man with red light ran off, he is holding a gun but he is not in 2012 more like 1940. The police pull up and tell him to drop the gun.

At the police station the policeman goes through Dean’s things which he can’t make heads or tails of LOL. The cop believes that the no signal notice on Dean’s phone makes him a spy and Dean’s FBI badge date is in the future by sixty years. Dean does some hard math to find out he is stuck in 1944.

A man comes in the room asking Dean to explain what happened to him the previous cop scatters like he is in the presence of royalty or he just needs a break . The man sits down then insists that Dean tell him everything he can about the red light. The man asked specifically about the red light and Dean decides the man must be a hunter. A hunter from the 1940’s. The man introduces himself as Elliot Ness.

IN our time, Sam is at the house putting up clues on the wall. You know it would be bad if someone showed up and found those it would implicate him in the crime, right? Sam gets a call but even though he at first thinks is Dean its Jody again. She wants to know how she can help and Sam invites her over to lift boxes. I tell you that Sam knows how to entertain a lady LOL.

IN 1944, Dean is excited about meeting Mr. Ness he is all ready to tell him about he Untouchables movie that he happens to love but Ness tells him to “slow it down”. Ness is curious to know if time travel is something on a lot of menus in the future but Dean confesses it is not. They are hunting the same thing in different centuries it is surprising and interesting to Ness. He wants to work with Dean on the case in his time but Dean is dressed like a “bingo stiff” so he needs new clothes.

Ness introduces Dean at his seamstress place as a guy from the future. Dean says, “gas is four bucks a gallon, cheese comes from a can and the president is a black guy.” “Paint me impressed,” the lady says. Ness just looks at him LOL.

In the future, Jody arrives at Sam’s hide out with boxes; the boxes are from Bobby’s storage. She sends Sam outside to get them with the warning that at least three of them have something alive in them.

Back at the tailor/seamstress place, Dean comes out looking mighty fine in his spiffy new suit. …but anyway Dean is real impressed himself as he looks in the mirror. I do hate that long part in his hair it reminds me of his play a Few Good Men it’s a style thing though I guess, Dean mumbles, “awesome.” “You a religious kook?” she asks Dean but Ness replies, “he just likes saying that.” LOL Ness tells her and I guess her name is Ezra, they are hunting a time traveler, “delightful,” she replies sarcastically.

After she is done looking over Dean’s buttons she asked what the two idgits have stepped into and Dean laughs. He tells her she reminds him of someone; cute huh. I just hope they aren’t saying just anyone can take Bobby’s place.

In the future, Sam notices on the photo of the Fedora guy there is an odd ring on his finger. The center of the ring is shaped like an eight or an hour-glass. Sam recognizes the symbol from a book with it.

They skip back to 1944 and Ezra says the symbol is the infinite hour-glass. NOW I have to say the back and forth skipping is harder for the recapping but it does keep them from repeating information which I hate in shows. Dean says it the symbol he saw on his ring and is told that its the mark of Kronos.

Sam tells Jody that being a God isn’t what it used to be. They make up for lack of power by being twice as pissed off and a lot more hands on.

Ezra speculates that Cronus/Kronos is using people as time juice to get back and forth through time. She suggests Dean let him use him but it seems a playful suggestion because she can’t resist Dean its just not possible.

Sam thinks they need to find a way to summon a god.

Ness thinks they need to stick with what they know then sends Ezra for information on killing a god. “No trouble at all,” she snarks. They plan to come back in a few hours after going to see if the house is built yet where Snider started. “That is the Chicago way,” Dean quotes from the Untouchables movie. Neither Ness or the lady have any idea what Dean is referring to its kinda sad. She calls him over to put on a coat and he looks like a sullen kid. He says he will never watch that movie again LOL. Yep movies don’t always get the facts right.

At the house, Ness kicks in the door instead of using a lock pick its funny cause we all know its Dean’s favorite way into places also. They walk in with guns drawn to look around.

Ness wonders aloud how the guy has enough “lettuce” to support the house. Hmmm lettuce.

Dean finds the betting journal and notices that Kronos is betting on races that he knows will win based on future information. The biff strategy. IN the journal they notice the guy that does the guy betting for Kronos’ name so they decide to pay him a visit. They also note that he returned to 1944 a few times.

At the bookie, Lester Young’s, Ness lets Dean roughs him up a bit. I guess he is into good cop bad cop LOL. Dean punches the guy out and Ness is quiet. Dean’s defense is he learned it from watching him, Ness. Ness scares Lester by telling him that Dean just got back from a war kicking in Nazi skulls if he doesn’t get to kick around someone every couple of days he gets touchy. LOL I love the way they work together. Z”Is Lester a german name”, Dean asks Lester who is getting real scared by now. Hey I like the way Dean works with Ness.

Ness asks Lester about Snyder and is told that he never missed a bet but he gave Lester the creeps so he cut him off. He paid him off at a dive called Haggerty where Lester thinks he lives.

Sam finds a spell to call Kronus but he has to be summoned at an exact time that Dean has his hands on the guy to surf him back to 2012. They have to get the exact time; which discourages them momentarily. Jody finds a bottle that has a note on it from Rufus telling Bobby to enjoy it because he won the bet whatever it was. Sam agrees they should drink it because Bobby would want them too.

Dean and Ness set up a stake out outside Haggerty’s to watch Snyder. Ness drinks something out a flask and Dean comments he thought he didn’t drink. Ness tells him he went after Capone because he had the best “hooch” in Chicago LOL. I guess how else would Ness have known without tasting it.

Ness shares that he started as a hunter because Vampires were changing people in Cleveland and he got the “bug.” It’s funny that Dean originally assumed that someone died in his life to make him a hunter I guess up till this point its the only kinda story that Dean has heard from hunters. I appreciate that there is at least one character who was doing it just to help out not for revenge.

Ness comments that sometimes he wants to punch through the red tape with a silver bullet and hunting sets him free. Dean on the other hand confesses that he hunted because his family did at first but now people keep dying. He doesn’t know why he does it any more. Ness calls him soft and Dean looks a little upset but didn’t Frank already tell him to smile and do the job? Ness tells him hunting is the only clarity he will find in this life. They both watch as a Blonde lady leaves the bar in a red coat. Snyder walks out next and the two get nervous.

The get out to grab weapons from the trunk, “great merciful awesome,” dean says LOL
They follow the other two down the alley only to see them kissing after they raise their shotguns at the ready.

Next they find out the name of the lady and split up. Dean goes back to Ezra’s while Ness goes to Lila’s house.

Ezra has the weapon to kill Kronos, its a thousand year old olive branch carved by vestile virgins dipped in some kind of blood. She says, “you and Ness both owe me, Smoothie.” Dean replies with “you can have whatever you want.”

Dean finally realizes as they talk about killing Kronos that he could get stuck in 1944. Ezra doesn’t think him staying around is so bad just before she grabs his lapels and kisses him LOL. She believes there are lots of ways to pass the time, then she says the kiss is for luck. Dean is surprised to say the least. I don’t think he was fighting it unless he was just in shock. She says she is lucky, but his only reply is thanks after she gets her lipstick off his lips.

He has a mental not visual flash of memory from another movie, Back to the Future three, then he asks her for a piece of paper. Now this is what I missed before.

Over at Lila’s Snider surprises Ness; they fight and he mentions the hunter that rode him into town. It’s apparent he couldn’t find Dean though he says he took care of him or maybe it was he wanted to take care of him. Lila comes out after the fight to give him the trash he was supposed to be taking outside. She doesn’t see Ness who somehow got up during the short conversation. Snyder doesn’t look happy to see him gone.

Inside Snyder makes a bold move to invite Lila to go with him because she is always wandering where he goes. He demands she to pack to leave but he yells at her in the process its obvious she is not comfortable with his tone. Yes great move because yelling at a woman is the best way to make her obey; NOT!1

Dean makes a wild excuse to go into a house telling the man it’s about a termite invasion. I doubt the FBI would be involved but whatever he looks so cute saying it LOL. Dean goes right upstairs as the man lets him in the house. He goes in a room, pulls the bed from the wall and lies on a pillow on the floor. I must have been out of the room the first time I would have remembered this LOL part. The man comes in to see if Dean is okay and he tells him he will install something to protect the room forever. It looks like he is trying to figure out something the way he looks at the wall.

Meanwhile Sam is asleep when he should be researching as Jody arrives with coffee for them. She tells him to get some sleep before he goes off to his sleeping bag and crashes. He notices something on the wall; its his name engraved. OH I get it now; Dean went to the same house that Sam is using but he went to it in 1944, cool huh. So Dean has sent Sam a message and he wrote everything like a ten-year old; even the part about being excited about Ness, Lila Taylors involvement as well. The top of the Moore’s Tailor Haberdashery stationary that Dean used also has the date on it which is November 5, 1944.

They use the information to find the current Lila for detailed information that night. She thinks that someone named Michael is in trouble for reading comic books when Jody tells her she is a cop LOL I guess it was anime or something. We get it enough already with the anime references its like a one trick pony, getting lame.

Jody shows her the picture of Snyder, “Ethan” is Lila’s response. The night the clocks stopped was the last time she saw Ethan. The time it stopped was 11:34. She also mentions that Ethan choked the life out of one of the police that came to get him the man he killed was Dean according to the picture Sam showed her.

Dean goes to Lila’s looking for Ness but gets attacked by Ethan. Ness holds a gun to Lila to even the playing field.

In 2012 Sam and Jody get ready to do the spell to get Dean back in time.

In 1944, they reveal to Lila the things that Ethan has done. He says he does it for her though to keep coming back to her.

Jody and Sam keep working on the spell; oh it’s so exciting LOL

Ethan explains its his life it takes three sacrifices but he can control where he lands he just can’t stay for long. Hmm sounds like a movie I saw once, The Time Travelers Wife.

He insists he loves Lila. He tries to explain the kills away but she thinks he is a monster.

He grabs Dean before she can stab him then Ness shoots him in the shoulder letting go of Lila.

Sam starts chanting.

Ethan has Dean around the neck when the red light shows up; they both arrive in 2012 and Dean has the knife.

Sam fights Kronos/Ethan then stabs him in the chest. AS he is dying Ethan says he knows their future and its covered in thick black ooze. Yeah I don’t know about this statement; now is it because he is a god? Or what? “They are everywhere, enjoy oblivion,” he adds before death.

An interesting episode though why does Dean always go back in time? He gets to wear the costumes and be like a ten-year old excited. I guess its his personality LOL

I give it a 7+ ….please leave your comments.

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