PLL- Season 3 Episode 11 Recap Maya’s Killer Gets Desperate

Hey all you Pretty Little Liars Lovers I am back again with another fun recap.

Lets get to it. WE find Hanna with Spencer attempting to choose clothing that will cover her bandage since she doesn’t want Ashley to know that she hurt herself. She chooses a long skirt which she last wore in a play a few years back in her Hefty Hanna days. The phone rings and its Wren, but Hanna doesn’t pick it up so Spencer questions why of course Hanna doesn’t tell her the details. Moments later the doorbell downstairs rings and we find that they have been hiding out in the room waiting for Ashley to leave the house.

In walks the guy that is now dating Ashley, yes the minister that I gotta say is looking kinda cute in his jeans. HE has come by to give Ashley a heads up on a flash drive he found at the church that so happens to have videos of Hanna and her friends on it. He is aware that it seemed the girls didn’t know they were being filmed, so I guess he only watched enough to see that part with the girls. HE gives the drive to Ashley after she confesses there was a bully after her Hanna and friends a year before. HE leaves with a kiss and Ashley puts the drive on the table near the door.

The girls heard the conversation of course so they rush to grab the drive almost as soon as its placed on the table, rookie move I think. Of course they are caught, “Hanna what are you doing?” Ashley asks.

Cue Creepy theme music

Back at the Marin’s Hanna argues with her mother though Spencer seems to have disappeared, I imagine she has either gone by this time or hidden upstairs. I say this because Ashley is taking Hanna to school, which I find odd because didn’t she know that Spencer was upstairs? Ashley does make note of Hanna’s outfit. I think its kind of joke because the skirt is not really Hanna’s style.

Over at Ezra’s Aria wakes him with a bouquet of flowers which is unexpected on first glance. Oh but its Fitz’s birthday so its turns out to be a sweet not weird thing, you know the flowers. Anywho, it seems he had a fitful rest because he is now concerned that Maggie may have spiraled out of control after his mother dealt with her. Now logically he should know if Maggie was the type of girl to first off take the money and secondly to go off the deep end. It seems they were intimate in high school and he is not the kinda guy that either then or now would just hang out with a scatter brained kinda girl. I know it’s just my opinion.

Either way he is down and out about Maggie now that Aria, last episode kept bringing her up, yes I am blaming her for not leaving well enough alone. WE get what we ask for right? Of course she is now feeling like why is he so concerned about Maggie UH DOH, just letting sleeping dogs lie would have been in the best interest of the relationship me thinks. I do of course feel that Wes and MD aka Mommy Dearest are in this together to get Fitz to let go of Aria, I don’t trust Wes any more than MD. He couldn’t suddenly show up in Ezra’s life without motives. Where has he been till now? MD is probably paying him to play the dotting brother to see if Aria will fall for him, its a test, bottom line.

Anywho, over outside the coffee shop, Emily confesses about her kiss with Nate to Paige who of course had seen it happening. Paige is surprisingly unmoved, but she has had time to process. Hey I’m not saying she is not insane I am saying that she knows how to play Em. She says well you both loved Maya it was just a reaction to that its not about him, basically that’s my paraphrase LOL.

Over at school Spencer talks with Aria about Hanna’s obsession with finding A yet again. Aria mentions that she might try to find Maggie but Spencer warns it’s a bad idea. They both see Cece as she is passing out information at the school. Spencer wonders aloud why she is at high school, Aria comments that she thinks Cece never left. Yes she does have that kinda party girl I’m a popular cheerleader vibe about her. It’s probably what Allie liked about her.

Cece is having some trunk show at the boutique. They have yet to show the owner of this boutique anyone notice? It’s always Cece working or talking about working which again is another odd situation. Anyway, Spencer had volunteered to work the show and in the end volunteers the other liars as well. The two see Emily with Paige and Cece comments that Allison would die if she knew that Em was with Pigskin. Spencer then has a flashback moment.

The whole of the flashback is about Allison having a feud someone named Pigskin, which happens to be Paige according to Cece,. Allison had bruises from Paige kicking her which looked quite bad.

Spencer is dazed out as she accepts the offer to help Cece set up at the trunk show. She stares unconsciously at Paige who stares back. I think they need to learn to be a bit more slick sometimes but I guess being in high school doesn’t prepare you for the ills of the world.

IN computer lab, Hanna is chatting with Caleb from across the room all sneaky like. Hanna tells him about the flash drive and asks for help. All he can think about is kissing her which is no help I gotta be honest, though the short scene was cute.

Jenna walks up to use Hanna’s computer so Hanna leaves, I am convinced Jenna saw what was on the screen, it would be just enough for her to report back to A that Hanna is secretly seeing Caleb again.

After the break, Emily sees stalker/Nate as she rides Paige’s bike. Nate is all I think we gotta to go out. He is all excited. You know guys that like gay girls might possibly consider themselves gay LOL, hey I don’t know it’s a thought, right but it does mean they like the masculine type vibe. It’s funny, like he thought with one kiss he was going to break up Paige and Em, IF ONLY that would work I would say KISS HER AGAIN, but he is a stalker LOL. I think Em will finally see that real Nate soon. He made a comment about Maya having lots of boyfriends to Emily after she tells him that she wants to only be friends with him. HE only said this to make her doubt Maya’s love and to make her feel bad, no way that it’s really true about all the guys.

Meanwhile, hard-headed Aria goes to see Maggie as an undergraduate student named Amy. She just wants to see how it is to work as a school teacher or something like that. Why of all the people to contact would she choose Maggie’s class? I think of course this is all a set up for next season storyline where we will hear all about Ezra’s past and see more of MD.

In the hallways on the way to swim practice Spencer in her assuming way lets Emily know that maybe Paige isn’t the one to trust. Spencer isn’t real sneaky about just putting it out there or at least Emily takes it that way. We see someone watching them talk as Spencer doesn’t call Paige a snake, but she does say the word which comes back to haunt her later LOL, hint. Emily walks off in a huff to practice.

Outside eating Cherries which seems to be her favorite treat, we see Jenna. Hanna walks up to tell her about the thumb drive that her mother received. She wants to make certain that Jenna is aware that if it goes to the police it wasn’t her fault. She is walking away from Jenna as Nate drives up.

Nate is looking for Emily obviously in the wrong place because if he knew anything about her he would have been aware where she might be at that time of day. HE asks Hanna if she knew that he and Em had gotten close, Hanna says hey NATE she is GAY LOL its funny. I don’t think that Nate gets it because he is such a psycho. His focus changes to Jenna who is seen walking to the car when Hanna mentions that Jenna faked being blind for a while. Oh wait why isn’t Jenna driving her own cute car, now that she can officially see again? Odd right? Nate is surprised by that he yells at Jenna, “I know you saw me,” which is code for he saw him doing something that he shouldn’t have been doing at a time he thought she Couldn’t see him LOL. Jenna just looks at him with her dark glasses on.

Over at the fake teacher interview, Aria finds out not only that Maggie is very much in control of her life but she also has a seven-year old son named Malcolm who is in her class, surprise surprise for Aria. I personally think that Maggie refused to give up her baby and told MD to Screw off unless MD offered to give her a nest egg for her son.

Spencer arrives to help Cece but she is alone without help for the show. Cece laughs as she tells her of an incident with Allison. Allison had stolen some of Emily’s stationary and written Paige a steamy note saying it was from EM. Now that is why Paige was all confused I imagine. Anyway, Cece and Allison watched as Paige taped a reply note to a sign. Allison got out of the car and took the note then confronted Paige with the information about sending it. Paige looked livid. I guess part of the problem is that Paige’s father is a minister so she had all kinds of hang ups especially about being a gay girl.

Cece makes a comment afterward saying that she thought that Allison was a bit scared of Paige. Something I find odd also is that even though Cece and Allison were friends she never really talks of her with sadness she always has a smile. I am starting to think this chick is not even half of who she says she is. She is either part of the A team or something even worse like an escaped mental patient LOL. Oh and why is she the one doing all the work for the supposed trunk show? Where is the owner of the boutique?

She makes a second comment to Spencer about Wool making her itchy, earlier she asked the same question did anyone else notice??

At Emily’s she and Paige are studying on the bed when she brings up that Spencer mentioned that Paige knew Allison and not just in passing. Paige turns the tables and questions why Em was the only one drugged at the party of the first episode this season. Emily insists she trusts the girls with her life, Paige says she is right she just needs to get to know them better, yeah right LOL.

Aria is at Ezra’s when Wes arrives. For some odd reason she confesses about her visit to see Maggie to him. I guess it’s because he looked so trust worthy and innocent. I seriously think this guy is a trap for her.

Over at the boutique, Spencer is in the dressing room when a snake jumps out and its on the floor. Spencer screams and screams but Cece is outside with the truck. Cece finally shows up and knocks out the snake with a statue or something.

After the break, Spencer is freaking out about the snake, about Paige about everything that is happening she finally takes a breath as the phone rings. Spencer recalls that she said the word snake outside the swim practice area, Yes I am with her on this one but it could have been anyone, who had the time to get it in the box for the shop? Hey it could have been Cece, right?

Emily calls Hanna to tell her that she can’t find the knife from Maya’s bag. Spencer suggests to Hanna that it could be that Paige took it since she is suddenly always at Em’s house. Yes Yes I can see that Yes. Does it seem like Em is being played for a fool this season because of her connection to Maya?

Over at Ezra’s apartment, Wes is with Aria as she officially panics over learning that Ezra has a real live son. I gotta be honest here I don’t see the big deal. I mean its Maggie’s kid as far as that girl goes she seems all good with her lot in life. Yes its Aria’s fault she was nosey so maybe she should suffer a minute but in the end its has little to do with her. Wes is all comforting and stuff but again I think he has ulterior motives.

Over at the boutique Hanna has arrives you know because she is the Fashionista LOL. There is a shameless promotion of Tresemme Dry Shampoo as Cece offers it to Hanna. Hmm how often do boutiques also have hair products, NOT usually unless it’s also a hair salon. This is a magical place, TVWorld LOL. Hanna looks appalled that is offered to her at all.

In the dressing room, Hanna is accosted by none other than her sneaky beau, Caleb. They kiss and cuddle before Cece stops by with matching shoes, that she puts over the door, to go with the dress that Hanna chose on her own despite Cece recommending it for Spencer. It was amusing because Cece is so much the control person choosing outfits for each one like she is the big Fashion guru, LOL guess not that is Hanna’s forte.

Ezra finally arrives home for his birthday celebration to find Wes helping Aria take something from the oven. I wonder who actually did the cooking it looked like an actual pan LOL. If I were Ezra I would have found that suspicious but hey that’s me. It seems Ezra also talked to Maggie and is relieved because according to her things are all hunky dory. She didn’t mention the little kid, Malcom, though and as Ezra goes off the shower the other two look stunned. I think it makes sense that if MD was involved she would make certain that Maggie minded her p’s and q’s if she ever spoke with Ezra again. I imagine it was part of the deal to get her to leave town quietly.

After the break, Em arrives at the boutique with Paige. It’s a test for Em’s friends I think because Spencer is bad mouthing Paige basically though it’s all for Em’s own good but she is not seeing it now. You know I hope next season Em is celibate LOL. She needs a break that is for sure.

Cece takes Emily off to try on the dress she chose for her while Paige stays back in the shop with Spencer and Hanna. Paige helps Spencer with a display. The entire time Paige is talking about how Emily has helped her feel confident, which is the problem. A person has to feel Confident from inside themselves not from someone else, this is what makes a person become a stalker/killer because they THINK they need someone to make them WHOLE, just a reminder to everyone !!!

Paige admits to having acted out, she asks Spencer for a fresh start between them.

Then we have Ezra blowing out his candles on his cake. Wes teases him about this taste in music before he gets up to change it. Wes meets with Aria in the kitchen, he says its possible his mother has paid Maggie to be quiet. Yes I said that but I still think Wes already knew this, maybe its my suspicious mind. Aria suggests that Wes talk to his mother about the possibility without of course letting on they know about Malcolm.

Back at the trunk show preparations we see Paige talking to Cece which seems out-of-place but Allison was the one that disliked her or so Cece said. Hanna and Spencer are obsessed with idea that Paige has the knife so they send her on an errand so they can rummage through her bag.

They are caught with the bag by Emily as she walks out looking very Hot in the purple dress. She is upset to see what they are doing though so she and Paige prepare to leave. Hanna thinks the search was a bust till Spencer shows her the earring she found in Paige’s bag. Anyone ever figure out whose earring that was? WE thought it was Meredith’s but we still have no idea. Does anyone think that maybe Cece was involved way back when?

After the break, Paige is with Emily on her front porch drinking tea. Pigskin Paige fesses up about hating Allison’s guts for torturing her starting in ninth grade. She had no idea what she was up against with Allison. She says, “Allison was relentless.” Poor Paige was all alone, is this going to be her confession to the cops. This was not a good cry scene, I’m still not a Paige fan not by a long shot.

At the Marin’s Ashley has watched the videos on the jump drive and decided she will take care of the drive, by grinding it in the disposal but its obvious the Marin’s don’t understand Electronics at all. Hanna blending a drive earlier in the season is an indication that they need Technology help LOL.

Ashley confesses that the drive also had videos of her and Wilden that she just wants to forget.

Minister cutie shows up ready to take the drive to the police but Hanna confesses to having destroyed the drive herself. HE is disappointed but I betcha he made a copy after he watched it, though he says he didn’t. liar liar I bet he saw enough to like Ashley bedroom moves. He just seemed a bit too interested in the drive to be totally innocent of not seeing it all, open your eyes Ashley. Anyone wonder why he didn’t just give it to here, period, after he saw Hanna was on it?

Spencer meets up with Aria to show her she found the other earring they had been missing. She suggests that Paige is A.

Back at the outside tea party, Paige has to go empty her bladder/wash her face/look around to see what else she wants to take, which leaves Em alone outside. We see someone watching her or is it just a camera angle, who knows LOL. Jenna walks up before she notices that Em might have company, she warns Emily to be careful who she spends time with. This is all long enough for Paige to return from inside and reject a call from Spencer. You know Spencer trying two warn Em against Paige, yes that call.

It’s a small town it would have been better off if Spencer just walked to Em’s right?

Also Em watches Jenna leave in a cab with suitcases, must be summer vacation, right she didn’t say goodbye forever. We watch as Em goes back to the porch then back inside with little orphan Paige who stares after Jenna as she watches her leave in the cab. Okay that was creepy.

Last scene is hoodie person, A, putting money in a jukebox. They chose a song called Smiling Faces Sometimes, then they turn over a key to someone else who is also in a hoodie, stylish NO, LOL.
I noticed last episode that the hoodies were on a rack like you find in stores, could Cece be officially an A candidate or just the one with supplies LOL!!

Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend.
Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within.

Well that was an interesting yet strangely odd episode. I of course think that alot of this Paige information could have been dispersed over the season instead of so much at the end but oh well.
Leave comments, see you next time.

Thing we learned this episode:

1. Spencer can be tactless when she believes it necessary.
2. Aria can be self doubting when it comes to Ezra
3. Wes might be a plant in Ezria’s life.
4. Emily has blinders on when it comes to Paige.
5. Hanna was in the Mamma Mia play.
6. Cece knows too much to have only just arrived in town.
7. Ashley has fallen for the pastor dude, hook, line and sinker.
8. Paige was tortured by Allison.
9. Nate is now aware that Jenna saw him in a compromising situation when he thought she was blind.
10. Jenna left town to get out of the cross hairs of a killer.


  1. So who died at the very end of the episode when Hannah was balling. Emily was being confronted by a police officer but I still don’t know who was on the stretcher. I thought it might be Caleb but I’m not sure. Please respond

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