Supernatural S07 Episode 8 Recap Sam Gets Roofied

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This is the recap for “It’s Time for a Wedding.”

This episode begins with Dean getting advice from the waitress at a strip club LOL. Sam has been gone four days because he needed time to think and well Dean is concerned but mostly in need of some company. What’s new right? Well after a few moments he gets a text from Sam, telling him to meet him three blocks away. Oh did I mention they were in Vegas, I guess it’s a yearly stop for them, any who, Sam is at the Wedding Chapel getting married LOL. Oops we don’t find that out yet LOL Balls, getting ahead of myself, but surely everyone knows by now LOL. So Dean arrives at the chapel gun in hand thinking that even though Sam told him to wear a suit that surely they are on a case. He goes down the aisle with Sam all the time asking him what they are up against.

Sam proclaims he is in love and YES getting married. Poor Dean talking about being in the dark but he does have a good sense about him; that will come in handy later. The bride comes down the aisle in a wedding dress with her face concealed. She stops in front of them then we say as she raises her veil its BECKY, yep Chucks Girl, the Samlicker99 fan fiction writing Becky LOL. I guessed it a while back even before the spoilers revealed it, but its weird because she looks younger.

Dean still can’t wrap his head around the idea that Sam might be in love with Becky. Becky insists that Sam did all the tests on her and she is not a monster. She goes off to pay for the ceremony that has already happened, not sure how I missed that they were already married LOL but Dean stays behind to try to talk some sense into Smitten Sam.

A while later, Sam leaves with Becky to go on their honeymoon at a mountain cabin, HUH? You know I never figured Becky for a woman with a hideaway. Oh but the first thing Becky does as an official Winchester is to tweet about it; hmmm I am seeing a red flag. I think my first official thing would have been to consummate it; anyone else on that band wagon??

Dean calls Bobby to leave a message about what has happened.

When they arrive in Delaware where Becky’s cabin is supposed to be she stops at a restaurant where they are holding a class reunion to tell them she is coming with her plus one. Yeah it looks like Becky is really wanting people to know she is married; insecure much?

Now I have to say I didn’t like this version of Becky. The few episodes she has appeared she is over the top happy and glad to be alive. She didn’t seem neurotic or clingy at all to me. She was just a fan who appreciated meeting the stars of the books and well Chuck.

Sam shows up inside the restaurant as Becky is doing her RSVP for the reunion. He makes a good-looking plus one for Yicky Becky or so that was what Joscelin called her. It looks like Becky was considered a loser at school. Kids can be so cruel especially when they stay that way as adults. Becky also tweets about that incident. I see a pattern here.

On the way to the car from the restaurant; Becky sees a friend, Guy who she introduces to Sam. The guy seems happy to see her and happy for her. She tells Sam that Guy is an event planner but afterward she goes up to Guy again only this time he gives her a vial of something. She says to him if everyone had a Wiccan in their pocket the world would be happier. Hmmm so Guy is giving her something that more than likely has to do with all this Sam happiness I would guess.

Dean arrives at the restaurant just as they are leaving. He goes inside has a seat and notices a few strange incidents have happened locally in a newspaper.

Meanwhile the newlyweds are about to eat dinner when Sam starts feeling weird and seeing double. He suddenly doesn’t know where he is or why he is with Becky. She quickly gives him a drink with the stuff that Guy gave her in it. Oh BECKY NO!! You can’t get a Winchester by magic; its not allowed LOL

Somewhere else in town a guy practicing batting dies when someone in the stadium using magic on him. Now this could be thought of as random but hmmm we will see.

Dean shows up with a non stick waffle iron. Sam and Becky are already on the case working together. It only takes a minute for Dean to go off on Becky. He has decided that people in town who are getting their dreams fulfilled are also ending up dead shortly afterward. Sam insists he and Becky are in love but Dean thinks Sam is not acting like himself which is true. HE is the same but a bit off. Sam is moving on and does not need Dean according to him.

Bobby calls Dean to tell him he is on a case in Oregon but there is a local guy who can help him out. Dean isn’t happy to hear the news but he promises to meet up with the man.

At the cabin, Becky is doodling in her Sam loves Becky book. Now you would think having Sam in the house married to her would be more real but Yeah its weird for her to being messing with the book. It could be that getting what you want with so little effort is not fulfilling? hmmm

Sam presents Becky with her own fake ID before he sees what is in the book on the bed. HE thinks its great which yeah would have totally freaked out the original Sam right? He would have been disturbed by the obsessiveness.

Sam with Becky meet up with Dean and his temp hunter at the office of the potential next victim. Oh My Gosh, Dean with the sweater VEST……..YOWZA…..he looks so much hotter in the VEST……did’t know it was possible ….WOW. Ok I will focus again or try LOL.

Dean and Garth find out that the man’s wife was the one who had the dream of her husband being a CEO. She is the one with her life in danger.

At the cabin, Sam gets another headache but Becky is out of her potion.

The witchy guy from earlier that killed the baseball guy is the same guy that drops a light on CEO’s wife, Marcia, well almost, Dean is there to save her. She was the one who made the offer for her soul at a bar.

Becky knocks Sam out with the waffle iron after he says he is calling Dean. UH OH, Becky’s plan is falling apart and she can’t get a hold of Guy.

After the break, Sam wakes up tied to the bed and not in the good way LOL.

Sam hears the conversation Becky has with Guy, sorry writers this is a bad name LOL Guy so generic, over the computer and he is LIVID. NOW this the Sam we know. He doesn’t like being deceived we learned that over the last few weeks.

After the break, Sam tries to explain to Becky that her friend Guy is the bad person killing people but she doesn’t want to believe it. She says Guy is a Wiccan like the Witch in OZ LOL.

When Becky goes to meet up with Guy she gets a shock. Guy asks her to pay for the potion she had received for free, this time and the price is her soul. Guy is a cross roads demon, though its funny I think the old Guy must have been an easy target to be possessed someone like Becky.

He tells Becky she can have a one time only deal of twenty-five years of life as long as she doesn’t tell Sam she can have Sam’s love her forever.

Okay I am confused. Dean and Garth are at Becky’s apt/house when they find that she has posted on her twitter she is going to the lake with Sam. I thought they were already at the cabin? Maybe it was old post, but Dean looks on the back of the picture on her desk to get the location? Not sure how I got lost. Oh wait, when they saw the reunion place they were still in town on the way to her apartment maybe but not yet at the cabin? Huh? Maybe.

Becky goes back to Sam where she goes on and on about how she loves him and wants him even if he can’t understand before she finally takes the gag from his mouth LOL. Sam tells her she can do better than to drug someone to love her. Becky seems sad and confused but determined to get her way. I can appreciate wanting to get your own way but when it comes to other people well they do have FREE WILL.

Back at the party we see that Becky missed the reunion as she tried to decided about the offer from Guy. She agrees. Yeah I am confused too?

After the break, Becky lights a match then throws it to the floor to reveal the devils trap underneath Guy. Looks like she used her time wisely. We then see the Winchesters and Garth have arrived.

Guy explains how he is using a loop-hole to collect the souls early by using an intern. Yep the man at the scene of the murders was a demon. The intern shows up to fight with the Winchesters; Becky stabs him with the demon killing knife in the back. Dean is about to kill Guy when Crowley arrives. Looks like Jackson, Guys intern, ratted him out. Crowley cancels all of Guys deal then promises to make an example of Guy. Crowley tells the Winchesters he has told the demons to stay clear of them while they deal with Leviathan, he hates them and wants them to be done away with. HE takes Guy then leaves. Hmmm saved by a demon LOL

After the break, Sam and Becky signed the annulment papers. He thanks her for saving his life but he thinks she is a good person just not for him. HE encourages her that she will find someone who loves her back. Garth is already eyeing her but Dean shakes his head NO!! 🙂

Outside, Garth gives Dean and awkward hug LOL “Ah you’ve made a friend,” Sam teases Dean LOL

They talk about how Sam doesn’t need Dean all the time because he is a grown up. Sam suggest maybe Dean can take of himself for a while and not worry so much about Sammy.

That’s it for that episode; pretty good. I admit the first time I saw it I wasn’t that impressed but it was kinda fun. LOL

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