PLL Recap S02 Episode 22 Father – Daughter Dance

Welcome Back all you PLL Lovers !!

This week we begin with Em sneaking into her room at Hanna’s after speaking to the cops about Maya. Hanna is awake of course she turns on the light as soon as the door is shut. It’s obvious that Em is frustrated with the whole Maya being missing but not contacting her “thing.” All the cops told Em was that Maya’s parents know she packed a bag. Hanna isn’t ready to let it go just yet though she insists that maybe Em should have mentioned that Maya has not returned any of her communications. Yep I agree with Hanna I get the feeling that something is wrong in this situation. Moving away is one thing but why would Maya suddenly cut Em out of her life? It wasn’t that long ago that she made a home for her in her own room; an underwater dedication. I know Maya might be a flake but if Em is really concerned she should have mentioned what was happening.

In other news, the sisters Hastings are chatting it up in a blue car somewhere away from the house. Last week I was all in a tiff because I thought that Spencer was in danger. Um yeah, the writers made it seem all mysterious that Melissa was being a mean brat telling Spencer to hurry up they had to leave the house to chat it up. Spencer had left her phone behind and I was sure she would need it. Hmmm turns out it was anti-climactic to say the least.

Melissa shares that she has been leaning on Garrett for support since Ian died because he was a friend of Ian’s. She does however think that the night before she told Garrett too much personal information. Before she can tell us what she told him she explains that before Allison had gone missing her parents fought all the time but it stopped and her father seemed almost relieved when the girl, Allison was gone.

Hmm how does she remember this so well? How does she connect the two situations is what I want to know?

Melissa supposedly came home late one night after finding Allison flirting with Ian; she told Peter about the texts she sent to Allison. She told that to Garrett. Anyway that night Peter according to Mel, looked like he approved of her behavior toward Allison.

Spencer shares the Allison blackmail story but Melissa asks her do we believe that their father wasn’t the one being blackmailed. I found that an odd question, WE?? Spencer looks doubtful.

Cue Theme Music

The next morning at the Montgomery’s Aria is dressed in some shoulderLESS animal print dress that I would love to be able to wear LOLI am working on my arms. Ella comes in the room as Aria is getting her bag ready for school to tell her that Byron is coming back from some Random conference on that day. Byron is excited about the Father/Daughter dance that next night. Aria isn’t into the idea of the dance considering Byron’s recent over the top behavior but Ella tells her she might have to compromise basically.

Ella is not ready to tell Byron she spoke with Aria/Ezra about their relationship because she is still considering it. My thought on this is either she thinks her daughter can handle an adult relationship or she doesn’t; she has to KNOW her daughter to decide. If its just going to be based on age then she should just tell them its not happening so they can start to move on. Aria looks stunned by the lack of indecision from her mother.

Over at the Marin’s Ashley receives a call from Officer Douchey Darren. Oh my, can’t they give him another job to do besides but Ashley and Hanna? Is there no other crimes in Rosewood? What is this Mayberry? A one horse town with so little crime they have to start making up stuff? The jail house has one drunk who spends most of his time residing there LOL.

Okay I will focus, so I don’t really know why Darren called except that Ashley left the police report from A with him so he could find who is harassing Hanna. He called why? It’s a mystery but more than likely he just likes talking to Ashley. HE is having dreams of their time together each night, you know its not like he is actually hot on the case of A or anything.

Hanna comes in the room to announce that Tom bailed on the Father/Daughter dance do to another appointment. I bet he had to take that Brat, Tom’s eveil None Spawn, Snate to counseling or drug rehab or something LOL. Ashley offers to take Hanna herself to the dance; they agree its an Independent thing to do.

At school Spencer reads a text from A they received: Does mom and dad know you are watching murder movies it would kill them to find out? Spencer can not sufficiently explain about Garrett and Melissa without revealing Personal family stuff which is going to get in the way I can see that for a mile. Spencer is suddenly taking up for Melissa which seems odd to the others as they look discreetly at each other. Oh poor Spencer I do think she is getting the short end of the stick with Melissa who we know is probably lying to her YET again. Melissa is one of the four people IN Allison’s room the night that she was killed that is a fact That Spencer has to face and deal with. I predict her House of Cards will fall soon. They all do agree they CAN’t jump the gun going to the cops again. Spencer is given time to get more evidence.

At home Spencer is met with a gift from Peter. HE is trying so hard to buy her love now that he has been shown to be an adulterer, not just a regular liar. The gift is a diamond necklace, its a pre dance gift. Melissa says its called over-compensating. She thinks he can use his money to shut people up. According to Mel, Peter has a lot to cover up for but Spencer is acting like she doesn’t believe it. She still believes her father might be innocent of giving Allison the blackmail money.

Does anyone else think that maybe the Money was NOT blackmail money? As Vivian Darkbloom maybe Allison had a job/profession? Let’s throw out a few things a fifteen year old can do for that kinda cash and avoid the most obvious LOL, how about investing? how about modeling? how about taking care of a rich older person you know hanging out with them/listening/being supportive?? Those are what I can think of that could have been paid in cash including the unspoken one…..

Moving on, Peter is satisfied that Spencer likes his gift because she is speechless; not a natural state for young Spencer LOL. She has to promise to wear it to the dance of course she agrees as Melissa stands by seemingly doubting everything her father says.

Ashley meets up with Darren in his car that night. We find out what he wanted earlier, he wants Ashley to get Hanna’s phone for him to investigated it. He insists who ever is the culprit is in Hanna’s world. Hmm I think Hanna woulda thought of that LOL.

Not too far away Hanna is with Mona shoplifting/*cough* walking down the street talking. We find out here that Caleb is suffering with his rich Mommy in Monticeto this week which means no sexy Caleb pictures. If you are missing you just check last weeks recap LOL. Hanna asks Mona if she has had any more texts from A but she has not. I guess since she is being punished for her crime we are to believe that A is satisfied. Mona moans on about her various community service duties; Hanna finds it all amusing.

Unluckily for Ashley the girls see her in the car with Darren. Hanna looks shocked and a bit sick.

After the break, Hanna confronts Ashley about being with Darren. Ashley is only looking for answers because Hanna isn’t telling her everything, YIKES, Hanna this one is on you, Babe. Ashley confesses to giving the report to Darren to try get answers. Yep its true if you are trusting Darren or the Rosewood PD then you are digging in the wrong place for clues, Hanna thinks so too.

Ashley sees Hanna’s phone on the counter but before she can get the nerves to grab it Hanna comes back to get it.

Over at the Montgomery’s we get a sweet moment with Mike and older sister Aria. HE is in the bathroom attempting to shave the one hair on his chin as she walks by. HE asks if she is going to the dance with Byron because he needs a ride since he is going to help with DJ duties. Mike admits to knowing about Aria he suggests its best to just go along with the program. He also wants to know why with all the problems why she is still seeing Fitzy, Aria explains its all about the love; its worth fighting for.

At Hanna’s, Emily’s father is in town also for the dance as well as the weekend. They arrive with coffees as well they discuss Pam who stayed behind in Texas for a charity run. Hmm interesting that she didn’t come to see her daughter she has left behind living with someone else.

Emily mentions that Maya has gone off to California but that she has not heard from her. Her father then tells a tale of his time as a runaway, he went as far as Albuquerque, before they brought him back home. HE thinks the bus in the cheapest way to travel under the radar. HE suggests they take a look around; if Maya thinks that people who care about her are still looking she might be inclined to reach out.

Over at the Hastings, Spencer is eyeing the necklace like it can tell her Peter’s secrets before he knocks on the door. She turns down the offer to play tennis with him and his friends in leui of staying at home to study/sneak around his office.

I tell you before he is out of the driveway she is in his office. I totally would wait until a person leaves the driveway then add five minutes in case they return for something but hey I am CAUTIOUS. LOL

The first thing I notice that is odd is that even though his office is in his HOME he has pictures of the girls on his desk. Now maybe he works out of his home but reallY? I can see doing that if you work in the public sector but at home where you see your children all the time is Over Kill or is that just me.

Anywho, Spencer comes in ready to be nosy. She checks the top of the desk, then the side drawers before she finds the main desk drawer in the middle locked. IN the bottom left side drawer she pulls out the tax files for 2009. She hits “pay dirt” when she finds a check stub for cash, fifteen thousand dollars. Hmm haven’t we heard that number for? Spencer is surprised by the sound of a door opening.

After the break, we finds its only Melissa. Spencer lies to her saying she was only getting a stamp. She gets one then leaves the room. Melissa looks oddly toward the desk. I totally think she will so her own little search.

At the local bus station, Em and Dad, arrive to see what they can find out about Maya perhaps visiting the location. The guy who worked a few nights ago won’t talk to Emily until he finds out that her father is a fellow military man. *NO Comment* Anyway he did see Maya she bought a ticket but later on he saw her talking to someone in a dark car outside. HE turned around again but she was gone as well as the car. He can’t tell them whether she ever got on the bus or not.

Byron arrives home in time to see Aria choosing her dress for the dance. She makes note that things are not the same this year; she really doesn’t want to be his little girl but she doesn’t say it just yet. She is trying to be nice to him but she isn’t really in the mood to bother we all know that. Now I have to say something; I am not anti Father or anything I am a totally Daddy’s girl. My dad spoiled me rotten maybe it’s why I think Byron is a creep. I don’t know I am sure he means well. Then again my father never cheated on my mother either. I know people make mistakes but people also tend to try to listen better when others make mistakes, later.

Emily gets out of the shower to find she missed Maya call, darn it. Now Maya might think that she is just avoiding or trying to get her back for her not answering before. 😦 Emily tries to call back bu the mail box is full.

Over at the Marin’s Hanna and Ashley get into it again; these two get along so well usually at least when Ashley is believing Hanna’s lies. This time Hanna dumps her phone in the dishwater to avoid Ashley getting it and Darren investigating it. Great Plan Hanna, I hope you got all the important stuff on a back up the way Caleb would have taught you LOL. I think so too !!! No way she would give up her phone to water damage without storing the information before hand.

After the break, its Dance time. Dad meets up with Emily all dressed in his Military dresswear. Emily is all down that she spent her time with Dad looking for Maya. Dad is just glad to have spent time with her at all. His big news is he is being shipped out to Afghanistan the next morning for six months. Pam actually stayed in Texas to pack up the house. See I like her dad he is easy-going!!!

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Out on the dance floor, Byron is the captain of a sinking ship. It looks like everything that he says to Aria just makes her a bit more upset with him. She is using one or two-word answers but he isn’t getting it at all. HE thinks he is out with his Little Girl. He brings up the first time they danced; you know the old on the shoes bit that fathers supposedly love to do with little girls.

I just have to make note of Aria hair in this scene. The side pony and the wavy hair do with the stray hair in the front does not looks young or sexy or whatever it makes her look old. Its bad enough the actors are in their twenties but they really need to be aware of that when they do the makeup and hair. WOW it was a bad look the dress turned out better than I expected though.

Oh the scene was enhanced when I heard they played Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry in the background, love that song.

Hanna shows up just when Byron goes off to get punch. The girls met up in the lobby area to find that Hanna is not dressed for the dance but she also has news. She explains about the incident with her mother at home earlier. Aria reminds her that NOW Ella and Ashley are both asking questions.

Anyone else find it odd that now Mona is in the Liar’s Circle of the girls since she is getting the A texts too? Hmmm its a bit too convenient right? She could be working with A and now she is on the inside.

Spencer reminds them they are not alone, hmmm Mona, before they say too much about how A tends to hurt those who try to find her. Mona suggests that she has a plan for the one of them, Aria, that can lie the best. She herself can’t lie that well; she says at least. I don’t believe that at all; the others cringe.

A while later Spencer takes a picture with Peter before they dance. He is just so handsome its too bad all the cuties can be just a big a liars as the not so cuties LOL. Spencer rolls her eyes as Peter talks about bustin’ moves and pumpin’ up the Jams LOL, oh my gosh really?? Trying too hard there Pops!!

Spencer in her never-ending desire to do the right thing tells Peter about being in his desk, the check stub and all he can think of is “where you in my desk?” He says they have trust issues but she should not have gone in his desk, even though she tells him she saw the stub was for the exact amount that Allison had stashed away. Wait did anyone see this money? Besides Jason? He is the one that told Spencer the story of the money right? Do we even know if its true? Yeah I am talking about the supposed Allison money.

Either way Spencer has lost her desire to be the Pretty Hastings Princess at the dance, she is ready to go home after the discussion. ‘

Aria finds Byron to tell him they also have to go because Hanna needs her. She has to just out-and-out tell him she is not his little girl any more before he wants to leave also. Dense much? He has been in his own little world about how his little girl should feel, what she should do, how she should be, he didn’t notice that she has grown up now.

A motorcycle drives up as Spencer is waiting to leave. She mumbles Toby’s name but the person leaves after only a minute. We have no idea who this might have been, Toby doesn’t have the only bike in town.

After the break we see Em with Colonel/Dad Fields dancing. They talk briefly about him wanting to have the weekend with her; before we see Hanna watching all the fun while she stands alone. She made her mother angry so no one is there for her. She looks a bit jealous, fueling my theory from last week LOL ok not really.

Over at the Marin’s, A aka Aria confesses to having been the one to send that shoplifting report which she made up, she also to tried to scare Hanna straight off her shoplifting sprees and she is also A LOL.
Ashley appreciates Aria coming by to tell her about it but NOPE I doubt Ashley believes her.

At the Hastings Peter reports a break in because he is JUST NOW, noticing his gun is missing. Hmm does that mean that maybe someone in the house who has a KEY, it was locked earlier, took the gun? Do we know if it was returned from last week? So someone who knew that Spencer was in the office *hint- Melissa*, took the gun for nefarious reasons. OH and the drawer was left unlocked, as well pictures of Allison are on the desk now but they were not there before, to me this is another sign that it was Melissa who decided to snoop while Peter was with Spencer. Is this perhaps because she knew that Spencer would confess to snooping so the gun was taken to make her look guilty knowing that Peter would protect her? I am trying to use Melissa’s thinking, it’s giving me a headache LOL.

Spencer takes the folders with Allison’s pictures.

Not much later Byron is looking for Aria even though she had told him she had to be at Hanna’s. Mike is the kid that he finds reading innocently in his bedroom. It’s okay we know he is hiding a PlayBoy under the cover but its all good *wink wink*. Why else would he be smiling so much?

I like Mike but he is a bit too perky/smart/cute this episode right? Or is that just me? I think I might just like bad boys LOL. Byron asks him where Aria might be…….hmmm she already told you POPPER, *shakes head*. Mike advises that Byron might have been too hard on Aria, he suggests he needs to ask why Aria hid her relationship with Fitzy/Ezra.

Again we are back at the Hastings where Peter sees that Spencer has the pictures of Allison. He explains it away by saying they were used to hire a detective find Allison. REally? How many pictures does one P. I. need to find one girl? You know all the shows I watched they are lucky to have one picture to go by let alone like twenty LOL. Any pervy detective woulda spent more time looking at the pictures than finding the missing girl right LOL. Oh and supposedly the fifteen thousand was used to pay the P. I. Hmm so he is really sticking to this P. I. story now; I bet he thinks it sounds good.

This is sounding a lot like He said/She said because in the beginning of the episode Melissa was blaming Peter regarding the whole Allison fiasco. Now he is blaming her for spending the fifteen thousand to try to save Melissa’s crazy hide.

It was all to look into Allie’s disappearance. He was worried about Melissa because she was harassing Allison because of her always coming on to Ian. Ummm you mean my psycho sometimes kinda nice sister, Crazy Nanny Mental Melissa? Melissa had sent Allison threatening texts then Allison went missing. Hmm not Spencer is taking notice. He said he needed a piece of mind. The cops supposedly arrive about the missing gun so he sends Spencer upstairs. Which cop? Was it Melissa’s new bestie, Garrett or Ashley’s pal, Douchey Darren?

After the break, Melissa comes to Spencer’s room. She wants to know what’s going on with the cops downstairs. She is all I was in the barn, didn’t see or hear an intruder in here because I was watching TV. Wait her tv is broke, hmm she says oh its cool because I was watching it on my computer DOH !! Good save Crazy woman LOL or NOT!! I tell you maybe Melissa’s mother is related to Peter LOL she just aint’ right in the head LOL.

Melissa suddenly wants to go back into the city; earlier she was complaining about how she hated to always go into the city….hmmm very interesting right. The cops show up and she is OUTTA there LOL.

She takes Spencer’s hand and tells her how she can always count on her; Spencer looks at her hand like she is being held by a snake LOL …..maybe so. Melissa tells her she can keep her safe but Please tell me Spencer is finally seeing her sister out of CLEAR EYES she was threatening her friend, the one that ended up DEAD, what other proof does she need. She either trust Peter or Melissa but at this point not both.

Did u see that shadow move by the back door?

The next morning Ella meets with Ashley at her house. Ashley didn’t believe a word Aria said the night before so NO she isn’t the best liar it’s just that her parents don’t pay much attention unless its written on paper obviously. Ashley knows that whoever A is they have the girls totally terrified. Good Job Ash, I knew you would be the Best Mom candidate. Ella mentions that A also knows stuff about her family based on something A sent, but she is not specific. ON the down side Ashley is still trusting in the police whereas Ella doesn’t believe that is the way to go. Ashley is convinced that the cops are the way to go LOL. If you look you can see a shadow outside the door then we see someone watching them on the other side of the room. Yeah A is on the trail again this tome Mom’s might be targets.

Arias gets a call from Jonah a while later, they go to Brookhaven. He has told them that was another location that Vivian had received texts from in a block radius of where they were standing. A minute later they find a Doll Hospital, the dolls look like the ones they were tortured with before.

Aria is suddenly freezing, Spencer sends her to grab a coat from her car. The coat turns out to be the red one that belonged to Vivian. Aria puts it on then turns around to someone who says, “Vivian?”. It’s a cute young guy who is surprised to see it’s not Vivian I would imagine. Hey I am sure they made only one of those red coats LOL.

Last scene is gloved hand, buying a copy of the Rosewood Observer, the main news is a missing girl, looks a lot like Maya St. Germaine. Maybe we will finally get to meet her parents if they come forward-looking for her.

That’s all folks, Great Episode !!
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  1. Great review. I thought I was the only one thinking that, when Spencer went to snoop in her dad’s office that it would be better to wait about 5-10 min. Lol. We are so like minded.

    I actually thought that Aria was a tad too tough on Byron when she said, “I’m not your little girl.” ouch. We all know that Byron’s being hypocritical but he still cares for and wants to protect his daughter.

    What’s going on with Maya and how is she connected to A?

    Did you also notice that the last shot before the screen went black at the end of the episode was a close-up of Aria’s face? The camera usually pans out to reveal who A is snooping on or to reveal what A is up to. Interesting.

    • Hey Ash, thanks for commenting. Jewls also mentioned in her recap that Aria looked an awful lot like Allison when she was playing Vivian Darkbloom LOL. I have to admit I never woulda picked Aria to be an A candidate but all the gloves are off now who knows what will happen right LOL.

  2. Awesome recap, as always, sassyfran. I love reading all your “A” theories. 🙂 I’m particularly intrigued about your ideas about the possible different uses Alison might have had for $15,000 as Vivian Darkbloom.

    Lots of people brought up the “twin” theory with regard to Alison. But what if Alison herself was leading a double life? What if she had this entire existence as Vivian Darkbloom that none of the girls even knew about? That would be one busy 15-year old! 😉

    $15,000 does seem like a lot of money to pay a private investigator. And really, Papa Hastings, no grown man should have that many pictures of a teenage girl that isn’t your own. It wasn’t even as though the pictures were from different time periods, or featured Alison with different haircuts.

    Unless she’s posing as Vivian Darkbloom, or dressing up for Halloween, if you’ve seen one picture of Ali D, you have seen them all. The existence of all those pictures made me think that Jason might not be the only Dilaurentis fathered by Papa Hastings . . . maybe Alison was too. If so, that opens up a whole host of possibilities as to what that $15,000 was for. Informal child support, perhaps? 😉

    i also felt the same way you did about Mona. Though I don’t think she’ “A,” the lie she concocted to get Hanna out of the jam with respect to the police report was just a bit TOO good for someone who is supposedly “terrible at lying.” On one hand, I don’t think that the writers of PLL will make Mona “A,” just because they’ve promised to divert from the books. On the other hand, I definitely think “A” got to Mona, and somehow blackmailed her to get in with the girls, like she has. After all, it was absolutely in A’s best interest that the moms and Deputy Douchey lay off the trail of that police report. So, it makes sense that Mona would get that done on A’s behalf.

    Oh, and I would LOVE if Aria ended up being “A,” just because that would be totally and completely unexpected. Unfortunately, I don’t think the writers would have the balls to do it. (For one thing, it would screw up storylines related to Aria for future seasons.) That said, one of my favorite things about this episode, was the way they made Aria seem like a chief “A” suspect.

    The part where she actually uttered the words, “I am “A.” “A” is for Aria, were pretty hilarious. What if the other PLL girls had selected Emily as the biggest liar, or Spencer. Neither of them could have said those lines, because neither of their names begin with “A”. Just some food for thought . . .

    • Hey you busy recapper you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Its funny just hearing Aria say those words were probably why I DO NOT think she is A, it was all so logical. Its funny though I never thought of A as Anonymous LOL which in reality might be our answer because Anyone can be Anonymous see how I did that with A’s LOL

      As far as Peter with all those Allison pictures yes it was quite odd and don’t put it pass Mr. H to be the father to more than one D kid LOL he is a multitasking business man right!
      As far as Allison and her multiple Identities I am so in for that theory its obvious she had at least one and I keep remembering that episode where Emlly saw her. Allison kept talking about A as someone else but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a part of her own personality. Who is to say if Allison is really dead. Did we see her in the casket? Even so what if she was only knocked out then later taken away to that asylum; remember the car that was at the house that one day form the asylum. We never did get any leads on that?? Oh and the whole fashion show notice where it said I am back Bitches! Doesn’t that mean anything NOW?

      More things to consider.
      Talk soon we gotta plan the Finale interactive chat.

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