Revenge Recap Episode 14 The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


I was excited to learn that this weeks episode, fifteen, is finally going to give us that look into what happened on the night that we originally started the show. So let’s get started with the warm up (14) it was a doozy.

Emily, the narrator, begins by telling us about being introduced to a book, titled The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. According to Wikipedia the book is written in the imitation of prophecy or basically as though it is prophetic. I love those kinds of books because I believe that their is truth in all things even if they appear to be false. It’s like there is always light though the degrees may vary, but I digress.

Emily as she narrates, says “in the book, Blake wrote if the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

Then we get different people’s reaction to receiving the invitations to the upcoming engagement event. Of course, Emily and Daniel have the best expression of happiness. They kiss and caress in bed.

Victoria is reviewing one of the tapes that she has received of David Clark. On this one he is speaking of her and their baby. She tenderly touches the screen before Charlotte walks in the room to tell her the invites are gorgeous.

Victoria tells Charlotte it’s just an engagement anything can happen its obvious that Charlotte doesn’t like the sound of that coming from her mother. In an effort to make Charlotte smile Victoria asks her to lunch but Charlotte declines because of a previous appointment to dine with Declan.

At Emily’s she walks down the stairs in a white dress all ready for the engagement photos. I find it odd that Victoria is in charge but it’s probably just a way for Emily to keep an eye on the other woman, allowing her to mother her.

After Daniel leaves for the office, Emily gets out her own copy of her father’s tape talking about baby Charlotte. I always wonder how Emily doesn’t get caught watching stuff on her computer it’s not like she uses headphones; Daniel could just as easily have walked back in the house a few minutes later.

Nolan calls to find out why Emily decided to go along with the engagement and Emily gives him the news that Charlotte lied to Daniel about her involvement with David. I can totally imagine how livid Emily must have been after what Daniel said.

Emily wants to be in control of how Charlotte finds out about her father she takes the tape and carefully makes it ready to be delivered. Nolan warns that the consequences might be similar to what happened to Jack but Emily is determined to get the news out that Victoria was no innocent with David Clark. Emily thinks that Jack will get over Amanda 2, but Nolan is concerned still as she hangs up on him.

I had a feeling Emily wasn’t going to let that slide. Victoria had to be really scared to lie to Daniel the way that she did, not that I have any mercy for her either LOL. She threw her ex-lover under the bus yet again.

I noticed this time that its addressed to Charlotte not Victoria. I have to confess that Emily should have mailed the it right away except hmmm the mail is very slow and if she needed it delivered quickly that wouldn’t have worked I guess LOL Priority or not and plus that would give it paper work issues, yeah a mess in deed.

Just when Emily was thinking that Jack had started getting over Amanda 2, she sees that on Amanda’s phone which she has in her possession, that he has called six times. Looks like Jack is persistent.

I almost think it would have been easier if Amanda 2, had stayed around long enough to piss him off in a deep way, you know cheating on him or something then her leaving would have been easier. Of course her being in town always seemed awkward to me but I suppose it was bound to happen eventually seriously in the first season though. I am thinking maybe late Season Two would have been a better time.

Over at Jack’s, Nolan delivers him a big screen television but he doesn’t say why. I guess he is just trying to buy his friendship again of course he is also around to see how Jack is doing.

Jack goes to throw away his invite away then notices on the floor under the bed that there is a tape. It is an interview with Amanda, you know those stolen tapes from before. Well I think its funny that Mason would write Property of Mason Treadwell on an item that was at his house LOL. Jack looks at it as though it was the Smoking Bullet!!

Conrad is at lunch with Daniel when he makes a dry comment about Victoria modeling the engagement after both sides of her personality, Fire and Ice, LMAO. Daniel doesn’t laugh he is in serious mode, it was funny though. Daniel shares that he knows about Charlotte’s paternity. He is all Mom has gone through so much and Conrad just laughs. He sees that Victoria is somehow twisted the truth but before he can get how that happened Grandpa Grayson arrives.

The guy playing granpa has been acting forever. I remember him from Knots Landing, his real name is William Devane.

I like grandpa he is a straight shooter. He tells Conrad he basically needs to get his old lady in hand. He didn’t build his empire to be pulled apart in a very public nasty divorce. Conrad looks concerned that Victoria has brought his father into the picture.

Emily gets Jack’s message this time when he calls; he wants to meet with Amanda to talk about the tape he found. He also assumes she must have been the one to torch Mason’s house since he found a piece of his property at his house.

After the break, Emily goes to Nolan to tell him what has happened. He volunteers to get the tape back from Jack. How is he going to actually get something that does not belong to him from someone else who it doesn’t belong to?? LOL That really seems like a stretch, right?

Over at Victoria’s, Ashley goes on about how she spoke with Caroline Herrera about making Victoria’s dress for the engagement party, really? How rich are they? LOL sorry not buying it. I don’t know I have my moments though I love this show. They should watch what names they throw around. I haven’t seen any famous people running in and out of their events. I mean no Regis or Kathy Lee even so when they can give us that then they can throw in some famous designer names. I think they should stick with local up and comers. Recently Vera Wang was on Gossip Girl, but that show is about fashion, gossip and sex. Okay maybe its just me, but I ain’t buying it without some appearances of celebs you know old-time star power because it’s a sophisticated show.

Victoria speaks for a moment with Ashley who shares that growing up without someone to protect you in the world helps to learn to survive in it because neither of them had father’s in their lives growing up. Oh yes bonding with the help because your own daughter can’t be around you? LOL

During the photo shoot, Victoria invites herself to lunch with Declan and Charlotte later that day, though Charlotte is hesitant. Daniel arrives demanding that Charlotte know the truth, luckily he addresses his mother with the demands. Victoria suggests that it isn’t the right time. Really Daniel, you find out one little thing and you are all up in arms? You are so easily led young man, I guess that is why Emily is hanging on to you LOL too bad so sad you are a cutie.

For some odd reason Daniel has to be coaxed into an easy pose with Emily; very strange. They usually looks fine together he is just all hyped up about the big secret he learned. He could never be a spy that is for sure I though the had promise maybe he just needs more practices at secret keeping LOL.

Emily has a flashback to the first time she saw Daniel.
He was at a bar talking to a young lady about the book, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Emily who was then was sitting across from the room watching. I guess this was during her stalking him time. She had what looked like darker hair and glasses, obviously he doesn’t remember her from this time because he thinks they met since she came into town whereas the flashback seemed a while back. He was at the bar complaining about his horrible life as a spoiled rich Grayson brat.

Conrad arrives after Daniel and Emily are almost done but when Charlotte asks for a photo with him he puts her off. She in return accepts Victoria offer on the lunch outing she is having with Declan. Poor mixed up Charlotte, she has always had her father, Conrad, attention at any time she wanted I imagine she is confused now by his behavior albeit unconscious.

Conrad drags Victoria in the study where she tells him that he needs to keep acting as though they are civil and to settle the divorce out of court or she will make his life a living hell. You know that sounds good but she was the one that had the secret child even though he had his own affair. I suppose that is her way of thinking she has evidence against him also that can make things uncomfortable at Grayson Global.

Meanwhile at the bar, Jack shows Nolan the tape. He asks for his help in viewing it. Nolan is hesitant since he has an idea what might be on it. Jack won’t let him take it with him though he only wants to get a player so he can watch it. Nolan says, sex tape? LOL yeah right if only.

Victoria invites Emily to the dinner that night since she wants Grandpa Grayson to see them all as a happy family. Emily gets a call from Nolan after Victoria walks away. Daniel leaves to change and she takes the call which is bad news from Nolan.

When Emily finds out the tape number she recalls it as one of the ones from her interview with Mason as a child. But before she can leave Ashley arrives at her side. She tells her maybe they can do more spontaneous picture outside to which Ashley agrees. The family shots were Victoria’s idea. Emily excuses herself to go off to do secret wedding things.

Amanda 2, calls Jack to tell him to bring the tape to him; we find after she hangs up that Emily is there.

After the break, Emily tries to convince Amanda 2, that the way they are handling things is the best way. I can’t see this going well because of all the emotions with Jack and Amanda 2.

Over at the bar, Victoria makes her entrance in jeans or dark slacks maybe black, which look odd on her though I am probably just not used to it. Declan meets up with them and after finding that the bar only had two wines: white and red, Victoria orders a Bourbon LOL. She and Charlotte talk briefly at the table where we learn Victoria likes to shake up her life now and again. I bet she does since we know she didn’t come from money and there was a lot of shaking going with her and David, yes bed shaking LOL.

Charlotte wants to invite Declan to dinner that night to meet grandpa and whatnot LOL. Victoria says its important to Conrad that things to smoothly. Interesting Conrad doesn’t even want to come to dinner LOL, liar liar Vickie.

Speaking of Conrad, Ashley arrives to get the list of invites from him for the engagement event, known as Fire and Ice. He calls Ashley, Victoria’s pet bird, which I found disrespectful to Ashley though she ignored it. His list is incomplete because of the crossovers of his guests and Victoria’s guest still have to be sorted by his assistant, oh maybe his pet bird LOL. Before Ashley can leave the room he asks her what is her game? Again with the insults? He woulda been slapped by now if it were me or royally cursed out but Ashley is the lady that I am not LMAO. He then calls her an opportunist. She makes no comebacks whatsoever which shows a good amount of restraint, BRAVO!! She only says let me know when the list is done.

Yes of course, she will use his remarks at some point but he would blame her Victoria does treat her badly as Conrad pointed out but Ashley seems to know how to bide her time. I have to wonder if she is still in contact with her nutcase ex-lover, Tyler. He had a plan for them that might still be in play.

In other news, Jack arrives at the motel but Amanda 2 won’t look at him. He gets pissed and pushes the door open bursting into the room. I am sure Amanda 2, was afraid that Emily would be sitting on the bed of course she is hiding. Jack rants about fires, Atlantic City, spontaneous trips you know all the things he believes because of the web of lies perpetrated by Emily. I know officially Emily is Emily 2, LOL but that would be way confusing LOL. Oh my goodness this was hard to watch, but not for the reasons you might think. I don’t really believe Amanda 2, does a good job on these emotional parts, but that is my opinion. She just doesn’t come across as really invested in the part. The whole I want to cry but I can’t I have to be strong is just not working for me. On the other hand, she is breezy and fun on the sexy drinking, making out dancing lying around half-naked parts.

She confesses to making mistakes, yep you can’t go wrong with that confession Babe we all have. Jack then does the unexpected and won’t leave the tape. Oh my gosh aren’t there any good looking babes that hang out at his bar? It’s bad enough he is in love with a memory from his childhood. Emily runs out and tells her to go after him but she refuses. Damn it, Amanda 2, we gonna have to deal with you more? UGH.

As I said earlier I think bringing her in the story so early was a mistake, a total JUMP the SHARK.

After the break, Emily is at Nolan’s telling him how he should use some demagnetizer to erase the tape so Jack won’t see it. Nolan doesn’t agree with this plan but it seems he will do what he can to in act it. Emily shares her plans to enlighten Charlotte about her heritage, anonymously of course at the family dinner that night.

Emily arrives at the dinner and pretends to have found the envelope on the door step; she hands it to the maid to deliver. Inside Daniel greets her with a kiss and she nervously looks toward the envelope which the maid has moved to the table.

Victoria seems excited to see Grandpa Grayson as he hugs her while Declan and Charlotte look on.

Moving on, Grandpa brags to Declan that he only went as far as the eleventh grade and started Grayson Global at age twenty-two. Oh a self-made man, gotta love them. Don’t ever let where you start dictate where you finish he says and Victoria heartily agrees.

While Emily is being questioned about how she met Daniel she has another flashback to her long dark-haired days in the bar. The girl Daniel had been “chatting up” was her study buddy. Emily pretends to have no interest in even talking to Daniel. She talks like a New Yorker, but won’t really look at him. I guess she was trying to keep her disguise. She says if you want to show up your parents then be better than them, then leaves the other two behind.

So basically we get the true first time she met him while in the NOW Victoria has commented that the relationship between the lovers materialized out of thin air.

Conrad arrives late and we see Emily still keeping an eye on her envelope that has now been moved to the bottom of the stairs. Now this is odd why not just leave the envelope alone eventually Charlotte would have seen it. What was with that maid; she had nothing else to do but worry about one small package??

Gramps goes out to dance with Victoria while Charlotte goes with Declan and Conrad to his office. Gramps teases and half jokes with Victoria about marriage. He wants a promise that things won’t get ugly with her and Conrad on the divorce front.

At Nolan’s, Jack arrives with the tape. Nolan wants to know why he wants to see the tape so bad and Jack gives some excuse about if he is going to let her go he needs to know why. I don’t buy it I think he is just curious, though maybe it’s mostly because he has no idea there are other tapes. *shakes head* Is it just convoluted to me?

Anyway on the tape a young Amanda tells Mason that the dark-haired lady, Victoria, will help him because she used to kiss her daddy on the lips all the time. Hmm doesn’t sounds so much like rape anymore to me.

Jack looks upset, well because all he knows is that Amanda has been through alot being the daughter of the most hated man in America, already. He thinks she has gone bad because of being ill-treated, you know the self-fulfilling prophecy some of us fall prey to in our lives. He leaves Nolan’s house then with his hands in pocket; he is thinking I can tell.

At the Grayson’s Conrad apologizes to Charlotte for taking his frustrations with Victoria out on her. He says he wants her to be strong enough to withstand any possible instabilities in her life. She recounts some random incident where Conrad made her laugh for hours after a bad boyfriend incident. She thinks as long as Conrad is in her life she can handle anything, ironic huh!!

Emily sees them hug and looks sad. I imagine she is sad that they took away her father and she never got the father/daughter moments like the one she is watching.

Emily rushes over to grab that dreaded envelope but Victoria meets her and picks it up but Emily gets it lying that its just from another wedding planner she doesn’t want Ashley to find out since she is planning the wedding. Victoria doesn’t seem concerned as they walk away.

Hopelessly devoted Jack goes to the motel to try to talk to Amanda 2, again. He thinks he understands why Amanda did what she did even burning down the house. He says all of that through the door. Amanda isn’t opening it instead she calls Emily to ask why she let Jack see the tape. Of course, Emily has no idea what is going on. Then Amanda insists she is going after Jack. WTH?? Did she suddenly forget that she wasn’t AMANDA for real??? Oh My goodness I think things could fall apart real fast if Amanda doesn’t die LOL not to see she should be killed but she is about to open a Pandora’s box with her fake memories and WILD emotions, am I right?

At the party Grandpa grabs Emily’s phone which is odd then he tells her technology will be the death of us. So does Gramps know something or is he just being nosey?? Speaking of awkward LOL

Just before the break, we see Amanda trying to chase Jack’s car. I totally think she needs to walk away.

After the break, Daniel is telling the proposal rain story to everyone at the table as they eat. Gramps says that with beauty, brains and a big heart to boot, Emily remains him of Victoria. LOL that has to hurt was he trying to insult her?

Jack bursts in on the dinner all wound up after seeing the tape. He confronts Victoria about that was on the tape and she is quiet after he leaves. Daniel jumps in trying to defend her only to find out he has been lied to when Conrad just confesses to the whole affair business as well as to the paternity information. Victoria can only leave the table but Emily doesn’t look happy though we know she is laughing inside.

After the break, Gramps gets on to Conrad about not understanding the difference between family and business. He suggests that Conrad step down as CEO and groom Daniel to take his place. Since Gramps is chairman of the board he will get whatever he wants. We then see a smiling Victoria, what? Was it her plan for this to happen? Or is she just using it to get what she wants? You know to keep everything she has grown accustomed to.

Emily calls to check on Jack, well really to make sure that Amanda hadn’t met up with him yet LOL she gets all teary eyed when he mentions that in the tape Amanda was just a little girl that everyone stopped fighting for. Daniel stops to tell Emily he is going to find Charlotte then we see her with Declan at the bar; it turns out both of their father’s are dead. Charlotte tries to wrap her mind around it. You know now maybe Victoria will tell the truth about David Clark, how he was a good and kind man?

Perception – it’s not what you look at that matters, but what you see.

Emily blames Nolan that now Jack is in Victoria’s cross hairs but Nolan reminds her that she was going to reveal about Charlotte anyway. Emily insists it didn’t involve Jack. Anybody else think that Emily is trying to save Jack for herself? Yeah they do belong together, well maybe before but Em has changed since she used to be little Amanda Clark, you know all grown up now having learned what life is really about.

Emily arrives in her house to find her memory box gone but an invite to the engagement party with Emily Thorne marked will attend. I guess this is code from Amanda 2, that she is around. Emily looks around the room but doesn’t hear or see anyone. Nolan meanwhile is on the phone still because she dropped in shock. Emily does not look happy

Yes that was one good episode, I can’t wait for more.
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