PLL S04 Ep2 I Have Enough Voices in My Head

Well we are back for another PLL recap so let’s get started. Keep in mind I give my titles based on what stood out in the episode for me.

We arrive back in Rosewood not long after the funeral. The girls are at the local meeting spot the Rear Window Brew. Spencer is engaged in an edible re-creation of the night that Wilden died trying to figure who/where/what was watching them. Hanna is freaked out that her mother’s phone was in the casket plus having wild thoughts that Alison is still alive when Mona arrives moments later, I assume they have called her or maybe she just followed them who knows. She is all let’s get started like she is the boss LOL. The other four stand together giving her the appearance that NO she is not part of the group most especially not the leader.

1 outside with mona

In attempt to get them to trust her, Mona agrees to take them to the RV’s hiding spot, only to find that its missing. Yes the audience is aware and A LOL that the portable Lair has been moved. Mona its a bit surprised or Pretends to be I’m not real sure on that. She promises she had no idea, but like me they don’t seem to be buying it especially Aria and Em who decide to watch Mona as she gets in her car. Inside the car Mona is all huffy that they don’t trust her but her voices in her head get interrupted as she is grabbed from behind from DOLLFACE, yes the one from the end of last episode. Who knows if its Melissa or Shauna or Jason or Cece or whomever is not in town this week LOL, but they scare her pretty good. She falls out of the car before Em and Aria rush to help her. Just as they help her up the DollFace turns Mona’s car around and tries to run them all down. Looks like who gets hurt isn’t much of a concern, which to be honest is not typical A behaviour? Right? Up until know there always seemed to be such coordinated planning from A.

Cue Creepy Theme Music
2 hanna aria outfits

Fashion Side Note:
I thoroughly enjoyed Hanna’s green/white stripes/prints outfit I thought it was so cool except the belt and necklace not so much LOL. I think more simple accessories would have been less busy.

Moving on, over at the Marin’s the next morning Hanna hesitantly returns Ashley’s phone to her. Ashley makes up a big ole lie about how she must have left it at the hotel registration desk while checking out. If that were true the hotel would have called her so she was aware and not concerned about it. Hanna tells her it was in the mailbox, it’s probably where Ashley got the idea for her White Lie. Ashley also complains about having driven to New York instead of taking the train, which I think will actually not be in her favor. At least on the train they would be able to check the schedule whereas driving means she could be anywhere at any time.

Meanwhile at the Hastings, Spencer receives a rejection notice from her favored college, University of Pennsylvania. This surprised me mostly because I thought she would have been interested in going to Stanford or Columbia, UP seems very local and un-Hastings like. Yes I realize it’s where all her family has gone, just sayin’.

Later that day or morning Hanna in her green outfit is with Aria wearing her Lips/Kisses tee-shirt walk in downtown chatting. I find it ironic that Aria is wearing the outfit that so reflects what A has been saying the last couple of episodes, Kisses. They discuss Em, Mona and the possibly stolen phone of Ashley’s. I personally think that Ashley dropped her phone before or while confronting Wilden before A showed up to do him in.

Suddenly they see Shauna studying; Hanna takes the opportunity to confront her about her association with both Wilden and Jenna. Shauna seems taken back and luckily Hanna doesn’t give her any real chance to reply before Aria pulls Hanna away.

At school, Paige is setting up the dorm room or a model via the internet for she and Em. Emily arrives in time to have a good look. They are both anxious to go to Stanford to live. I still think little orphan Paige sees Emily as her prize; she is NOT in love it’s just WANT. I still see that look of desperation in HER. If things don’t go her way she will get CRAZY again and do something stupid if A doesn’t kill her first.

3 tobey

Tobey stops by Spencer’s house to pick her up for breakfast but in his desire to hurry up they argue. Spencer thinks he is acting dodgy which he is because he has that secret and he leaves without her.

4 spence with ezra

After Fitz’ class Spencer tells him she was rejected by U of P even though she has not informed the others. It just so happens that he is reviewing applications for college to make sure the essays are written properly for the students.

I never noticed how much soda Hanna drinks until this season LOL weird. It actually sucks because that is a bad example for us even if its lite or sugar-free. SODA is bad people;please AVOID, do some research LOL. Anywho, Hanna is on the phone with Em who is looking for a heating pad but finds pain meds instead. Hanna also discovers someting; her mother’s muddy shoes under the kitchen counter, hmm, the plot thickens. Ashley’s involvement with Wilden always makes me think of Rosewood’s sordid past. I don’t really know about the sordid past but considering what happened to Alison I think its been a dirty town from the start like all towns they have a hidden history.

Em takes the meds, plus more for later with her.

5 jake

Across town Aria signs up for martial arts protection classes with some cutie named Jake. She had originally gone looking for Holden who only works on Fridays it seems. I wonder if we will get to see Holden this season or if it was just an excuse to go to the martial arts studio.

5 mrs d with hanna

Later in the day, or back on the home stretch LOL, Hanna is trying to contact Spencer put is eyed by Mrs. D, who is always around lately. I still can’t get over how normal her house looks just not what I imagined at least on the outside. So let me get this right, they moved when Alison died, then Maya moved in and she died, now Mrs. D is back? Where or where is Mr. D? Yes I know off making lots of money to support the nothing special house they have reacquired.

6 tippy

So Mrs. D, eyes Hanna and they chat about Tippy the bird on porch that just so happened to be Alison’s roomie while at her Grams house. According to Mrs. D, Tippy knows more about Alison than all of them put together or so she imagines. I smell a set up does anyone else?? I think Mrs. D came back for some real answers, it’s not like she works or has any hobbies oh besides listening to the voices in her head, or so she says LOL. She offers Hanna the bird. Also Mrs. D, tells Hanna that Alison didn’t teach Tippy Hefty Hanna, which I am beginning to think was really Mrs. D’s name for Hanna, why else would she keep bringing it up.

7 alison flashback

8 mrs d

Hanna happens to ask if Mrs. D saw Alison after she was found, apparently Alison was wearing some revealing yellow blouse that Mrs. D hated. We get to see a flashback of Mrs. D with Alison the day she tried on the dreaded blouse. Mrs. D didn’t approve of the blouse or the idea that Alison wanted the girls to come out to Cape May to hang out. Alison does this childish thing of holding her breath. At first Mrs. D, tells her to go ahead and fall out on the sidewalk but she is all about tradition and is quite embarrassed at her daughter’s behavior so she gives in. Alison instantly gives her a smile, as she gets her way. Spoiled much, right? I think Mrs. D could have killed Alison herself the way she looked at her. I tell you Alison had some nerves they way she acted.

Back at school, Ezra gives Spencer his opinion of her application essay. He believes she was too honest, having gone through so much drama in two years has changed her according to Spencer. Ezra is all great with the idea of change but not so much with full disclosure which he doesn’t recommend in this case.
I don’t think Troian was quite able to get that slight tear to fall from her eyes, sorry Spence, FAIL.

9 mona with aria

In downtown Rosewood, Aria is taking her first self-defense class with New McHottie Jake. It all seems fine until she decides to kiss him, WHOOPS, those lips slipped LOL. She runs out of course in embarassment. She is in the car trying to go around some construction when she sees Mona chatting it up with a cop, Aria rushes over to get Mona because she doesn’t trust her talking to policeman or at all I imagine.

Mona and Aria argue but we do find out that there were high-heeled shoe prints at the scene of Wilden’s demise. Okay well how long does it take to find that out? Supposedly Mona was listening to the people behind her while talking to the cop, nice trick.

At Hastings House, Tobey confesses to having taken the RV, he also shares the reason. It seems that A in exchange gave him a copy of the transcript from his mother’s last day at Radley before she supposedly committed suicide. Tobey thinks there is more to the story since his mother’s demeanor in the papers seems like one of calm and determination to do better. Spencer hesitantly agrees. I imagine she isn’t keen to spend any more time at Radley. Aria arrives as Tobey quickly leaves.

10 em swims

At the swim meet, which oddly enough none of the girls attended, Em looks full of nervous energy after taking a couple more pain meds. She seems okay in the water except for a bit of weaving. She ends up hitting her head on the wall of the pool; Paige appears quite upset and Shauna seems surprised. Shauna had told Em earlier that she wanted the last Stanford spot for the swim team well it looks like if she was good time wise she might get it. Poor Em, I wonder how wild Paige will get now that she might not get her way with having Em at Stanford.

As the paramedics that Em away she is careful to not reveal how she hurt her arm, she says it was a fall on her bike. Good thinking considering she had a fresh head wound.

Aria is babbling about Jake while Spencer ignores her inquiry about Tobey’s hasty departure when Hanna arrives with Tippy. They wait to hear the bird talk while they reveal a few things, what are they thinking the bird tells all? Hanna gets the news about high heels at the scene of the crimes, we can see she is nervous about this but the others don’t know about the muddy shoes yet so she doesn’t reveal it. Tippy makes various sounds and said something I never quite heard.

Later at home, Hanna asked her mother if she was in New York at all; Ashley carefully answers by saying she didn’t kill Wilden. She doesn’t say she didn’t see him or didn’t see who kill him. Earlier in the show she said whoever killed him did the town a favor. I have to be honest before last week I never thought Wilden was that much of a Scuz ball LOL seeing him in the queen of hearts costume threw me for a loop.

12 spencer with tippy

Back over at Spencer’s, Tippy is driving her nuts and she wants Hanna to come reclaim him LOL I can only imagine. Just before she finally has a chance to tell Hanna, she figures out what the bird is saying. He is singing the tones of a phone being dialed. Hanna rushes over.

Spencer calls Aria just a soon as Jake arrives to check on his favorite new pupil. He wants to make sure they are okay despite her running off earlier after the Kiss. She is fine and they make a tentative date for coffee, oh so sweet, Aria like the rest of Rosewood can’t wait to date another guy again so soon. People its okay NOT to have a boyfriend/girlfriend just be YOU for a day all alone you might like it; SHEEKS!!

13 missing bird

After Jake leaves Aria goes to Spencer’s to help make the call to the number Spencer has deciphered from Tippy’s noises, no one picks up the phone then they discover that Tippy has been Bird NAPPED.

Somewhere along the way though I really am hesitant to add this, a NOT believable lovesick Emily tells Paige she wants to go away with her too, I cannot wait till A gets rid of Paige it all seems desperate to me, over the top. Running away never helps believe me I know.

14 watching ashley

Ashley is at home later that night we see someone watching her and decides to trash the shoes literally. She is almost out the back door when the light goes out, she goes outside anyway in the dark.

14 food

This week the show had one of those over top endings where A is feeding Tippy a piece of chicken off a full plate of food, what a waste. That plate could feed three people or at least the way I eat, like a bird LOL.

Well that’s it for the week, I hope you all enjoyed the recap.

My fave moments:
1. Mrs. D saying she had enough voices in her head.
2. Hanna getting in Shauna’s face, she looks so surprised.
3. Spencer asking Em if she needed to stay in the car because she seemed afraid LOL.

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