90210 Recap Episode 8 S04 Meet me in Vegas

So this weeks recap of Last Weeks episode begins with Naomi having breakfast made for Austin because its his birthday. She and Annie are in the kitchen rehashing how their relationships both begin in AWKWARD ways, yep I think so LOL.

Austin comes in the kitchen, grabs a waffle, then announces he has to go to Vegas. He leaves without inviting Naomi to go with him to her surprise. Her plans for his birthday had included the breakfast being eaten in bed plus I am sure she had some wild plans on that matter. She is understandably confused by his announcement as well as his disappearing act. “He is taking the waffle to Vegas but not me,” she says, well not everything is about you Naomi, I say LOL.

In another part of the house Silver is working while Teddy is watching her LOL. Marissa has Silver working practically twenty-four hours a day. Teddy rambles about how he has to find a date to his sister’s wedding. They moan about how Shane would have been the date he would want if he could only get his parent’s to understand.

Naomi comes in the room to announce that she is taking all of her friends on her spontaneous trip to Vegas. Now I know Naomi is supposedly rich, but how much money could she have? She bought a mansion in the hills and every week she is throwing money out the window on parties and such PLUS she has to be paying for school unless she paid up front? It all seems to be a strange plot device for her to be able to pay for everything for everyone all the time. I personally am not buying it. If the girl has a brain in her head she would know better. Unless at some point they will bring in an episode where we find out she has spent all her money and is not a pauper, LOL.

Over at Liam’s he makes the announcement about Naomi’s invite for ALL of her friends to go to Vegas including him, Dixon and Navid. Liam has already told Naomi they are all coming. I guess Dixon has been hanging close to Navid to avoid being alone to keep from taking drugs which because Navid has no idea is making him uncomfortable LOL. Adrianna wants go to too but with Silver invited it’s just too Awkward, so she decides to stay back to watch the bar.

Marissa runs into Silver, as she is getting ready to leave town, with more work for her to do but silver explains that she THOUGHT she had the weekend off. YEAH give the girl a break Marissa it’s not like you are paying her that much. I imagine is all about giving her a good reference LOL. Oh she has the never to say its ok for her to have time OFF but she has to take her laptop and have a fax connection. I think that is BULL NO one has to be available 24/7 in real life unless they are making a butt load of money. Silver is getting ripped off and I am just saying it. Marissa is using her like a DANG work horse. Okay rant over LOL.

Shane meets up with Teddy where they briefly discuss their attraction to one another. Silver comes up to basically guide them through going to Vegas together LOL. She does the asking while Teddy takes the credit. See this the Silver I like, the none judgy one; not one that always seems to be on Navid about every other thing he does with his family. Anyone every notice she is carefree around everyone but with Navid she is NOSEY and always in his face on stuff. The guy is just doing what he can to get by in life. If she can’t accept him then she needs to move along.

Speaking of Navid, his uncle arrives to find Navid leaving for Vegas. Ahmad gives him a package to be delivered to an associate. He tells him to guard the package with his life. Navid has to do it to gain his uncles trust. Navid immediately calls the detective, Kat, to tell her what is going on. He thinks this package thing will take down his uncle.

After the break, we find Liam has booked them all the presidential suite. Oh maybe this is an attempt to show us that Naomi doesn’t have to always shell out all the cash, good job. Awkward moments present themselves for Navid with Silver as well as Annie with Dixon because she thinks he has a gambling problem. Looks like Annie has been so wrapped in her life that she missed Dixon’s new problem.

Naomi is upset that she can’t find Austin even though she has tried calling all the most expensive hotels on the Vegas strip. Hmm maybe he left town to get away from you, I don’t mean that but she is acting very needy now. I bet its Holly’s voice in her head saying, “Austin doesn’t have girlfriends.” LOL

Oh this will be fun I was in Vegas this year at least it will be familiar to me, YES! I can tell you it’s over the top fabulous but all the hotels have gambling and swanky restaurants so it all runs together after a while. Well it did to me; I do recommend that everyone take some time to visit at least once; it’s a place YOU have to SEE to Believe.

Thanks to Liam’s new celebrity status the whole gang is able to jump to the head of the line at some fancy pool party. They also get free swag bags and drinks. Hmm Liam you go !!
Silver sits down to try to sip on her drink only to get a call from Marissa asking her to recut some footage for a town hall meeting that has to get done you know right away. GOOD GRIEF, you know a campaign should have more than one person doing Video stuff. It’s just crazy Silver can’t get a minute to herself. I totally think Marissa is over working her and Silver just keeps saying YES. She needs to LEARN NO!!!

One of the Jersey shore guy, Vinny G., is sitting next to Liam and he tells him that in Vegas the celebrities are treated like gods. LOL

They all get ready to get in the pool but Navid is holding on tight to the bag that his uncle gave him to deliver for him. The guys laugh at him for carrying the man purse (Murse).

He asked Annie to watch over it.

Teddy and Shane make a date to hang out together later on.

Annie finds out that Patrick’s convention is also in Vegas; she has stars in her eyes with excitement as she plans to surprise him later on.

Austin arrives at the pool, after receiving like fifty messages from Naomi, he not so excited to see Naomi. It’s like he tries not to express his anger but only shakes his head. Austin reminds me of another guy on another show that really wants a relationship but has so many past issues that its hard for him to get in his head that all girls are different.

After the break, Vinny G, invites Liam to an invitation only poker game that night; Liam says he will think about it.

Navid gets out of the pool to find his murse missing, oops.

Austin confesses that his father is a country legend, Judd Ridge. It’s obvious to us that the man intimidates Austin. Naomi on the other hand doesn’t quite get it. She makes a date to meet up with Austin later after the big birthday party his father is giving him.

Liam decides to take the guys to the poker game. It’s funny how they suddenly remember that Dixon had a gambling problem; no one knows his new problem. Either they are all very selfish because they really are just bad friends to not have noticed his new problem OR Dixon is good at lying/hiding his issues. They apologize and are ready to leave if he is can’t deal but Dixon says its okay he is over gambling. LOL yep he is on to another addiction.

Oh and of course, Silver is about to go out on their separate endeavors when Marissa calls needing her to fax some things to her. Ok I won’t get started again but that is Ridiculous; can’t Marissa afford to hire more people instead of working one to death?

Naomi tries to get into Austin’s party by standing in line but it turns out that Austin didn’t add her as his plus one. WELL it’s because he said he would see her later after the party; the party his dad throws for him to prove he is a good dad. The party that Austin endures as he tries to be a good son. UGH that hard-headed girl Naomi just can’t get in her head that she should NOT go in the party. She is not happy to see the entertainment just walking in the door, which is weird shouldn’t they go in the back way. Anyway, she sees a girl dressed as Marilyn Monroe pays her to be allowed to take her place.

Annie sees Patrick but as she it talking to him looking across the room at him she sees him kissing on another woman. He had no idea she was across the room he is too busy being a womanizing jerk.

Navid is in the hotel room getting the wire put on him by Kat so he can pass on the package his uncle sent with him. They hear the door open as they are talking about the contact so to avoid suspicion, Kat jumps on him then kisses him LOL Wow like we couldn’t see that coming. She is so hot for Navid LOL. Unluckily for Navid the person who came in the room was Silver who pretends to be housekeeping as she leaves again. Yeah she got an eye full.

At the poker game, Dixon is going crazy and Liam is losing the game. He gives Dixon his last hundred-dollar chip for safe keeping.

At the birthday party, Naomi finds out last second that Marilyn is the finale. She has to sing for Austin. She sits in Austin’s lap but he just looks surprised not so happy. Oh and Billy Ray Cyrus is playing Judd Ridge, so original LOL;I never expected that he would be Austin’s dad I think John Schneider would have been better he is such a gorgeous bad *ss.

After the break, Austin pulls Naomi over for a quick discussion. He tries to get out with Naomi but Judd is a jerk. Judd acts like Naomi is using Austin to get to him. He embarrasses Austin by talking about him in front of everyone at the party then throws in a guilt trip. Naomi slinks away as she finally gets a taste of how much of a jerk Judd is to Austin.

At the bar Silver and Annie complain about their various issues. Teddy shows up with the news that he had a good night with Shame but he had never thought he could be happy with a man. Silver is suddenly smiling but we don’t know why.

Meanwhile, Navid meets the guy that he is supposed to give the bag to. The man opens the package to find it contained only socks. Navid passed the test he is declared trustworthy.

Liam has no idea how to bluff at poker. He shows when he is happy by smiling and also when he is doing badly by looking nervous. He even tells his cards, DuH. Vinny folds even though his hand was better; Liam decides to leave while the getting is good. Smart move, Liam. I think Vinny let Liam when because he thought the kid would stay around longer LOL, oops on him.

Silver throws Teddy and Shane a wedding, no marriage license she says it’s a no stakes dress rehearsal. See she is so good to the rest of her friends but she throws Navid under the bus whenever she can, I don’t get it.

Sometime later, Dixon is about to snort something or take something when Adrianna shows up. She hugs him then next thing we know they are kissing as well as undressing. I guess Adrianna is good as distracting people before they do stupid things and sex works as well as anything else.

After the break, Annie goes looking for Dixon after she finds out Liam gave Dixon a poker chip.

Naomi decides to tell off Judd but accidentally tells off one of his impersonators though Judd does hear and Austin is seems mortified. Really you know guys don’t like to have their girls to do their dirty work? It doesn’t make them feel manly, Naomi. Austin tells her she only made things worse for him with Judd.

Annie arrives in the hotel room to find that Adrianna is there with Dixon. He explains about the drugs then Annie blames Adrianna. Really? because Annie was too busy with her stuff to even see it. I am totally on Ad’s side this time. Adrianna leaves but not before she says she will be there for Dixon when he returns home. Annie can only look dumbfounded. She is another one who is always judging but she doesn’t have her ducks in a row either.

As everyone is leaving the hotel for Naomi’s jet,we get to hear what will be the next storylines:
Austin has to stay in Vegas so Naomi won’t see him for a while.
Teddy and Shane decide what happens in Vegas stays.
Annie wants to put Dixon in rehab so she is going to keep seeing Patrick because she needs that money.

Silver gets yet another call from Marissa but while being rushed to hurry up by Naomi she accidentally includes the Teddy/Shane video in her grouping. OOPS I am sure that one will bite them all in the butt in the coming weeks.

Well that was it for the week; see you all next time.
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