90210 recap S04 Episode 9 Talk Money to Me

Photo Credit: cwtv.com Screen Caps capped by Me 🙂

This episode of 90210 begins with Annie telling Dixon that she has found a rehab place for him in Santa Barbara. The cost of the facility is forty thousand dollars with ten thousand needed for a down payment. Luckily Annie has a plan for getting the money. I suppose the plan is called PATRICK, its a good thing she has a Sugar Daddy on her side.

Now I still think that Bree being involved in an Escort Service is going to eventually bite Annie in the butt however for now it could be her saving grace, NO Pun intended.

Then we get our Raj and Ivy cancer update of the week; he is doing better. I am glad that Ivy has her own little side story with her photography class teacher Nick because this one is kinda boring though realistic I suppose. Nick stops by to tell her about a showcase contest for photography because he thinks that Ivy’s work and of course long legs and Locks, hmmmm, will make a good entry. Of course he doesn’t mention that he is HOT for Ivy since Raj is sitting right there but he does have that earnest mopey look, like usual. Ivy just blows him off because she and Raj have only just returned from treatment and are looking forward to some fun time alone.

Speaking of which, Naomi arrives with hopes of spending time with anyone oh um with them but they aren’t interested. She is not to happy to hear it because she hates the thought of having only her own company to deal with. You know if she spent time by herself she might begin to think about her actions; I assume we are working toward that goal in the show.

Yeah you’re right he is Tasty looking

Luckyy Liam, gets to meet his agent’s partner, Sheila. Now Sheila aka Dina Meyer is the same lady who played Huntress, Love Child of Batman and Catwoman, in Birds of Prey a while back. I loved Birds of Prey it was a Girl Power kinda of hero show with some serious Eye Candy, namely Shemar Gorgeous Moore. You can watch all episode online at the WB.com website.

Anywho, Sheila is eager to have Liam do another ad campaign. He can be the hero on the cover of a sexy paperback or sell men’s cologne by driving a race car or something similar. She insists he be careful with his instrument. Okay I say instrument Jensen Ackles would say they have to be aware of the money-maker that is their face. I thought it was funny when I heard him say that on a video but its real life. They can’t get hurt or not take care of themselves based on specific contracts to that effect. Well I guess you gotta suffer to make the big bucks; though I doubt there is too much suffering involved not only will Liam have his fun but Jensen too LOL.

Annie its all about the Sex get over it; I need some one every where I go

At lunch, Patrick meets up with Annie to eat. She tries to be the kinda girl who can just ask for money from a guy even though she saw him cheating. He does admit to being with another woman in Vegas but to him its all about not being alone when he travels. He thought she understood. Annie leaves the table she thought they were exclusive obviously but they aren’t.

Oh GAWD give us a break

At the bar, Silver, Teddy and Shane are celebrating the campaign being over. A late breaking new story comes across the TV screen which they all see. The video shows the fake wedding in Vegas, that was supposed to be kept quiet. They are in shock.

After the break, Teddy automatically blames Shane because he is stupid enough to think that he can’t trust him. He doesn’t consider that it could be Silver. Because of the video Teddy’s uncle lost credibility in the campaign. I think this is Teddy’s way of not taking the responsibility for being gay. HE just goes off I totally would have been looking toward Silver asking her where was the Video and was it ever out of her sight.

Over at the house, Annie is trying to sell everything that Patrick ever gave to her to earn enough for the rehab down payment. Naomi asks her to hang out; ugh can’t that girl to shopping alone LOL. Annie doesn’t have time to bother with Naomi.

Naomi asks Alaina to hang out finally because she is out of other people to ask.

IVY they are beautiful

At Raj and Ivy’s he is looking at the photographs that Ivy has taken when she comes in the door. He wants her to enter the contest because he remembers when he had dreams for his future. HE wants to focus on moving forward not worry about what could happen. He is going to apply to go to medical school because it is his dream.

Back over at the house, Silver finds out that she is the one that accidentally sent the wedding video to Marissa office.

Ad I love you too

Dixon asks Adrianna if they are a couple because he has feelings for her. She reciprocates his feelings but he gets upset when he finds out that Annie tried to keep them apart by telling Adrianna not to come around him.

At the photo shoot Liam gets to climb inside the race car but not to drive the car like he had hoped because he is only the face of the campaign. HE has a stunt double that does the dangerous driving. Liam is not happy about that. This is actually when he finds out about the clause in his contract that now controls his life.

But I can do what I want Ugh

After the break, Liam decides to go surfing despite the contract.

Dixon confronts Annie about trying to control his life. I think he is being a bit annoying because Annie is trying to get the money for his rehab he could be more grateful. I do think Annie is only trying to make up for not being there for him though. She is going about it in the wrong way.

Uh oh, some of Liam’s fans take pictures of him getting out of the water.

Alaina and Naomi’s day of fun includes Charades, LOL, not much fun for Naomi at all even though she had promised to do whatever the other girl wanted to do. Alaina confesses to wanting a boy to notice her. This of course is right up Naomi’s alley.

Silver grow up already

Silver talks to Marissa about the wedding video only to find that Marissa was the one that leaked it to the press. Silver with her ethics is LIVID. Yeah you play with sharks then you end up chewed up LOL. It’s really sad that she is finally seeing how life works. Oh and Marissa loves that Silver is idealistic; um yeah right. She was wrong for what she did; period. She used the Silver like a work horse then turned on HER in the end.

Yes just flash those pearly whites

After the break, Naomi takes Alaina out then encourages her to go over to flirt with Stanley. I knew I recalled this guy from some place, he played on the show with Kaley Cuoco as her little brother.

Naomi tries to show her how to make contact and act flirty but it really doesn’t work. He does come over to the table but as soon as Alaina goes off to get drinks;it turns out that Stanley is more attracted to Naomi.

In another area of the photography show, Liam is complaining to Teddy about how they used to have so much fun when they weren’t in the limelight. Liam ditches his agents assistant who is around making sure he is not getting into trouble or having any fun. He and Teddy go off to find some fun.

You don’t know how to keep your trap shut!!

Annie meets up with Adrianna to talk about Dixon. Adrianna suggests that Dixons behavior is normal addict behavior. She seems disappointed that when he confessed his feeling for her they might not have been real if he is still using drugs.

Please leave Stanley

Stanley tells Naomi he wants her; she tries to tell him he shouldn’t be bothering with her but all he can see is that she is hot. He doesn’t want “dork girl” Alaina. Of course, Alaina, sees them talking and gets upset with Naomi for trying to take her man, YEAH Right, lame sub plot.


yeah Baby

After the break, Teddy is with Liam looking longingly at the race cars on the track. I assume its the ones from earlier because aren’t they normally put away at night somewhere LOL. The two of them decide to go on a joy ride because they don’t like being told who they can be or what they can do. YAHOO its fun time. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt, right LOL. They hot wire the cars then race then race to their hearts content.

Back at the art/photography show, Silver, Annie and Naomi try to reconnect by chatting about how their lives are going. Naomi goes off to find Nick to take her picture. Annie’s auction ends and she doesn’t have enough money like she hopes just before Nick announces that the winner of the photography trip to New Guienau is Ivy of course, YEAH!!Oh before I forget I remember Nick aka Sean Wing from a movie.

The movie was Ten Inch Hero. HE played Tadd the guy that liked Danneel Harris character but he was a Jerk. Okay I can focus now I have been trying for weeks to figure out where I recalled him from LOL. I had never taken the time to look.

So Busted big time by the 50!!

Over at the track, they finish up their race all in tact and excited. I never realized these two where such good buds. But I do remember them hanging out with Navid and Dixon a lot last season. They are excited, happy, feeling great to be alive when the cops show up. They run jump over the fence and Liam hurts his leg.

Nick tells Ivy the photographer she would go on the trip with is him. She thinks that is Awesome.

Annie goes to Patrick’s house to tell him she knows what she is getting into and she is okay with it. Yeah basically she needs the money so she has to leave her pride and judgment at the door LOL.

After the break, Naomi apologizes to Alaina but it turns out she met Paul another boy. She has him outside waiting for her. She isn’t mad at Naomi any more.

Naomi calls Austin to apologize for interfering with him and his father. She asks him to come home.

Teddy it was my fault

Silver picks up Teddy from the police station. She confesses to him what happened with the video was her fault. Teddy doesn’t forgive her; he says he can’t right now.

OH Yeah baby girl

Annie made her Money YEAH!!

Annie gets a check from Patrick but she is not a happy camper when he leaves because you know she didn’t kinda sell herself for it. You know just do what you need to do and get over it Annie; its business and its pleasure who knew? LOL

I did it whatev

I am the boss dude

Get ready to show those Abs Liam 🙂

Sheila tells Liam unless he has two hundred thousand dollars he is stuck in his contract but he has to do something different because he can’t finish the other campaign with a broken leg. He is now going to be the face on a romance book cover LOL.

No Rehab Sex for you Baby

Adrianna goes with Dixon to drop him off at rehab. She explains that he can’t have vistors; hmm didn’t he read the brochure. Sheeks, Dixon.

Okay so the last scene is of Raj telling Ivy that his test results showed no cancer, he says he is going to live but I just dont’ believe it. It’s like his facial features make me think the is lying or just doesn’t know what to do about the fact that he thought he was dying. Very strange. She is happy about the results but I gotta a feeling the Cancer thing was what is keeping these two together. Just my guess folks.

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