PLL S02 Episode 9 Recap Sweet Dreams are Made of This

My half backed theories are included in the recap πŸ™‚

Oh Ezra finally…

Jason, the dream stalker, stop it already, really πŸ™‚

Okay so this episode starts out with Aria getting hot and heavy with Ezra in bed. I know it was supposed to be sexy but I was shocked because up until this point they have not gotten near a bed LOL I was glad though they were working through all the weirdness especially after last week. Next thing we know Ezra reached to turn off the alarm and Jason has taken his place……um a threesome oh no not on Abc Family LOL. You know not like I would approve or anything Um yeah so it turns out Aria is having some kinda hot and heavy dreams. OH wow that was the kind a dream that makes a girl hate alarm clocks well it would have me too.

Yeah we get to wear costumes this week too

I won’t be blind Jenna for much longer

Over at the hospital two new candy stripers, Emily and Hanna, are in the hall of the morgue waiting for Spencer to come out. Spencer finally materializes before they discuss last weeks belief that Jason was the one that had the hockey stick that killed Alison. Oh and the reason for being in the morgue to begin with is to find that pesky page five that was missing at the end of last weeks episode. Suddenly, like a random coincidence, Benna comes walking down the hall with a nurse. She is discussing the possibility of her getting back her sight which does not bode well with the girls.

Hundred dollar lotion or not its not worth chin hair and back pimples Ewww

Later that morning at Hanna/Emily’s place Emily is throwing away anything that even looks like cream, just in case A has drugged them all up. I am with Emily no reason to take chances; hey would get rid of anything that has a cap on it or could be tampered with not just cream. I tell you that A is one tricky kind of villan. Ashley comes in to let Hanna know she needs to call her father, after Emily convinced Hanna to get rid of the hundred dollar face cream she stole by telling her the side effects of hgh LOL it was cute, chin hair and back pimples would change my mind too.

Hanna leaves the room after telling Emily she needs to try to get A out of her mind by not worry so much about everything that has happened or could happen. She is definitely borrowing trouble with that line of thinking; however as soon as Hanna is gone Emily gets a text from A, it shows a pharmaceutical label with her name on it for hgh, it says, “I own you.” Some kind a twisted mind plays with people this way. I think this is the first week I really didn’t know who A could be but I wonder if that person will be someone we never expected, of course….HELLO!!!

It was just a dream, Em, sheeks

At school that day Emily and Aria discuss Mike’s recent behavior and they cannot find a solution for it. Really? I gotta think that his behavior may be related to the whole A mystery folks come on……sorry again more on that later. Jason walks by with one of the kids he is mentoring and give Aria a little wave and a nod. Aria blushes and Emily is all over her like, WTH? LOL go Emily. Aria chooses this time to tell Emily about her Hot dream that included, yep Jason D. There was a strange discussion of why she dreamed of Jason and not Ezra, which well I don’t know why she didn’t mention the Ezra part but the subject was more about Jason being a bad guy than anything else I guess so that details weren’t important?
Or maybe it would have been bad form for it to sound like a you know what…on abc family LOL Emily thinks that Ezra and Aria can work things out, Here here I am with Em on that, Aria looks like she is unsure of that statement. Emily promises to keep the discussion about the doubts and Jason private if Aria gives it the old college try with Ezra. I like that plan lets see how that works OUT !!

Hanna is talking to her mother at school in the next scene, she still has not called her father since he left and his bride to be, Isabel, wants her to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress, AWKWARD!! Hanna says she doesn’t know the woman and she is not wanting to call her dad so she hangs up on her mother basically well she does say “fine” but same thing.

She will be able to shoot a gun, Lol

At lunch they discuss the possible ramifications of Benna receiving her sight. It wouldn’t be safe for them if she can see them coming and going as well according to Spencer, she would be able to aim a gun. I ask you what kinda violent town is Rosewood? Teenagers in fear of their lives, men hanging themselves by accident, young girls being buried alive and revenge at the end of a gun. I got the shivers thinking about it.

What not to wear while snooping, that would be RED

Spencer goes snooping at Jason’s to find him cleaning up his back yard. There is a yard guy helping him and when he tries to go in the shed Jason stops him with a stern warning against ever going in it. Spencer’s eyes get round as saucers as she hears the warning. Ah yes she is going to need to see is what is in the shed, I do imagine. If Spencer is anything she is curious like a cat.

OH Emily finally has an accepting home life; if it weren’t for A

After the break, Samara brings chocolate brownies to Emily at the house. They are kissing as Ashley comes in the door. Samara had made plans for Emily to meet her friends on this night but they have to change plans because of a sick mother but Ashley tells them its okay to have the get together at her house since she and Hanna are both going to be out. Wow that is so convenient because now Emily is prone to anything A might do seeing as it local and Emily has already been threatened by A.

Oh and Cool Mama, Ashley, tells Emily after Samara is gone that she can be herself in their house; you know but no being in the bedroom with girlfriends but its okay with girl friends, yeah I got confused to Ashley. Emily says she will let her know the difference; Ashley seemed a little too trusting on that last point. Young peoples passions can run wild or so I’ve heard.

Okay I am going to say this again: What if Ashley Marin is bipolar? She wouldn’t know what she was doing or when right? I mean she is the one that offered to let Emily have the get together at her house. Only the girls knew otherwise right? I know it sounds far fetched but I think the answer will be farfetched. Just putting that out there.

Kiss me baby, I ain’t dreaming now

Oh Ezra does that mean you are happy to see me, yum, no more dreaming baby

Over at the college things are getting hot and heavy with Aria and Ezra. Aria walked in taking off her clothes and trying to find a way to lock the door LOL go Aria Go Aria !! She put the chair in front of the door and despite Ezra trying to over think the situation they put their fifteen minute time limit to work for them, finally. This is the first time I have really seen them necking/close to hooking.

Spencer is at her house sitting on the stairs in the dark talking to Hanna who is walking down the street I guess getting ready to meet up with Caleb who she sees talking to the guy that was watching him last week. Wow you have to love run on sentences LOL.

This is the point where I say I was RIGHT: Caleb’s mother was the one that hired the detective to find him. Hanna looks shocked at the big reveal. You all are welcome πŸ™‚

Thanks to A this was a nightmare!

Over at the Marin’s Emily and Samara are throwing their first shindig. Well its actually poker night but still its at the Marin’s and Emily is hosting. Just when things are going well at the get together Emily gets a text from A telling her to get Zoey’s phone number or her lab results will go viral. Zoey is one of Samara’s friends the one that has no idea how to play poker I assume. Emily’s heart just fell I can hear it, yep can’ the girl get a break? I can’t qualify A’s texts this week by capping them sorry.

Don’t trust your daddy or Dilaurentis

At the Hastings, Spencer tells her mother about the hockey stick as well as what became of it. Her mother doesn’t seem concerned at all. Mom’s lame excuse for Peter burning the hockey stick is that he just wanted everything to be over now that Ian is dead. She suddenly has to go get her phone in the middle of making salad? Who does that? It was obvious she was tired of Spencer’s questions and wanted to get away from her for a minute OR she needed to call someone and didn’t want Spencer to be aware of it. Spencer still questions why her dad was upset about Jason being back; Mom says don’t trust the Dilaurentis’ including Jason. Now don’t trust someone usually comes after you have been betrayed, so somewhere some how someone in the Hastings house was betrayed by someone in the Dilaurentis house; that is just logical.

Over at poker night, Emily goes upstairs to call Aria where she begins to come unglued. She is being watched and its ruining her fun, her night and her life. Aria asked about Emily stomach just as Hanna did earlier in the episode; I wonder if that means Emily might have a relapse. She hasn’t been very calm since she came home from the hospital and think that was the plan for her to recuperate. Oh we might get to see Dr. Wren again next week maybe, hmmm Jewls would like that. πŸ™‚

Aria stayed around while Ezra was in class so he returns to find she has been raiding the vending machines for their dinner, so sweet. Now if they could just stay in this romantic fog a while. Ezra almost ruins the mood with his questions about Aria’s upbeat attitude, oh come on Ezra you gotta good thing going stop thinking for a minute, geeez.

At the end of the poker game Emily is prompted again by A to give her number to Zoey, unfortunately she does it under the watchful eyes of Quinn. Oh my gosh somebody has big eyes. I thinks Emily should have just given the number to everyone publicly then it would have been done but it wouldn’t be a problem. Yeah I know that wasn’t what A meant but it would have been covering her basis.

Oh another Ezra dream, I can deal !!

Stop stalking my dream, perv

Next scene is Aria in bed with Ezra, “this was so worth the wait,” she says before going to the mirror for what reason I assume to go take a shower because she has to leave? She ducks her head in the process of making a pony tail and suddenly Jason is behind her smiling. “you can’t stop thinking about me can you?” he asked before she wakes up again to find it was a wdream.

Caleb has a rich Mommy, good for him

Montecito Country Club is the place where Caleb’s mother spends her spare time it seems. Hanna does research for Caleb on his mother who according to Hanna is quite pretty. Caleb looks disturbed as he notices he has two little brothers, he can’t get over the fact his mother had more children before bothering to find him. Now this doesn’t jive with the fact that the detective told someone last week that Caleb knew he was being followed unless that was because the detective realized Hanna had told him.

Girl you better be glad it was only a dream

Aria and Emily pow wow over what happened at the poker game as well as the newest Aria dreams. “what I wouldn’t do for some normal nightmares, something with lots of spiders,” Aria rants. No I can’t go for that surely she is enjoying them a little right. According to Emily dream people show up because you want something from them, ah so Emily knows about dreams too; convenient and I got some doozy’s for her LOL. Aria insists she has all she needs in Ezra, yes remember that when you see Jason waving in the hallway next time, Aria.

Getting caught wasn’t part of the plan; I am in for it now

Over at the Montgomery’s Mike is staying home from school; I’m not sure why stealing is a reason to stay home so maybe he was suspended for almost fighting? I am lost on that but Byron goes racing in Mike’s room to find him laying in the bed quietly. I mean like scary quiet he looked out of it and as though he had no reason to live. Now I am thinking maybe that Mike has been black mailed into the whole stealing thing because he has a secret just like everyone else. A has him doing all this stuff to keep his secret; that just came to me yesterday. If you think about it he is the last person that needs to be getting in trouble he has a good life besides his parents fighting; they all fight some more than others but it can’t be why he has changed. That is just my two cents on that one. Anyway Byron seemed frightened by Mike’s glazed look as he left the room. It was scary I don’t think Mike is playing this time he was really down and out.

Okay didn’t know getting a tattoo could make me so tired; Now I am back to complete this recap so here we go. I am sorry its taking so long to get this one done.

Samara confronts Emily on giving her number to Zoey but I was not convinced that Samara was open to hearing what Emily had to say. I think Samara took the easy way out because certainly Quinn made what happen with the whole number passing fiasco worse than it was to begin with. I believe Emily’s explanation should have been more than enough…..Bye Samara don’t let that door hit you in the A** on the way out back to your hood rat friend you really like anyway.

Da*n I thought I was awake

Get your hands off me this is not a dream

Over at the Montgomery’s its morning time but unluckily for Aria Jason is in her living room trying to pass off his desire for her as a way to help Mike.

So Not Aria’s style

For some reason Aria’s striped shirt distracted me in this scene; it seemed a little young for her and not so much fashionable. Jason’ putting his hand on her arm was way out of left field or he just wanted to convey he was there for her I guess but Aria realized she needed to go about that time. She basically kicked Jason out of the house, which is what should have happened to start before her confused chattering began about classes.

You are so the worse delivery pizza boy ever

Hanna finds Caleb at the playground after he mentioned he was going to get them pizza earlier. Caleb looks mega distracted and a bit down really because he has been thinking about how his mother left him to live in foster homes as she lived her uppity lifestyle. Hanna suggests he talk to his mother and maybe get to know her without all the guessing that he is currently engaging in over having seen her online.

Mom why are you still here

Emily and Spencer are waiting for Mother Hastings to leave so they can go check out Jason’s shed but Mother is taking forever. I would have been
like, “Spencer why are your trying to get rid of me, you aren’t slick,” LOL Mother Hastings takes it in stride just getting stuff together to take to Melissa. I don’t get how Melissa lived in the garage apartment at the Hastings but has a condo on Philly but I guess when you are rich you can live in all kinds of places even if they contradict one another. Oh not to say the garage wasn’t a nice place it just seems basic, oh well I think you know what I mean.
Mother does mention that, Spencer looks tense, what an understatement. Then it turns out Emily had no idea they were going snooping, LOL, I didn’t notice that the first time. I have to add before she knew, she asked Spencer, “do we need to introduce you to decaff?” I love the one liners but sometimes they do get by me.

Byron is depressed because he is afraid Mike will kill himself the way his brother did when he was younger because he has that dazed look in his eyes. I have to admit that was a freaky scene earlier but the actor, Cody Christian, did a great job with being all dead eyed, creepy good. Bravo Cody.

Stalker Jason up to his old tricks

He’s Baaaaack!!

In the shed they stumble over a roll of film, that I hope one of them picked up. I guess we will see next week or sometime. They find that the shed has become Jason’s dark room and he has pictures of Aria well of her sleeping, her lips, her hands and such hanging up to dry. Cute or not cute, Jason has some serious issues folks. Now he could be making a scrap book for um reasons but I don’t know it looks more sinister than to just drool over let’s say LOL. He also has surveillance equipment in the room. They hear a car drive up and they drop one of the flashlights they were using before the rush out with only time to put the key back above the door. Jason goes straight to the shed on his arrival as the two of them watch from the bushes. I have a feeling that Jason knew someone was watching before when he put the key on the door; he did look around and Spencer had that red sweater on not very good for spying in foliage, oh well. The dropped flashlight is proof to Jason that someone is being nosy, he gets that look in his eyes; the one we saw when he threatened Alison in that flashback. The same look that says you have been warned.

*is sad*

Caleb shows up at Hanna’s to give her the good news and bad news. Bad news first, Caleb is leaving Rosewood and the good news is he is going to his mother’s in Montecito. It was bittersweet, as Caleb announced his mother sent a car to pick him up that very night. I thought this was a bit too quick, what happened to school? What about a real goodbye dinner with Hanna? *is sad* I did cry on this part, they said their I love you’s and I do believe it was in earnest. Hanna is Caleb’s reason to come back to Rosewood, so freaking sweet.

Jason sees Aria on the street at night and approaches her to talk. He has just come from buying a padlock since someone broke into his shed, can we say oops LOL. But why did he need a padlock when he emptied the shed? Or did A empty the shed and Jason is going to be surprised? Or was it just conversation to cover him stalking her?

Who is protecting the streets of Rosewood, not these two I hope

Meanwhile Officer Doo Good and Benna are stalking Aria or so it seems. They get away fast before either of the other two see them sitting in the car watching, good idea guys. Hmmm interesting though because Benna is nervous that Jason might tell Aria about the night of Alison’s death. So I am thinking they spiked Jason’s drink so they could what use him to get rid of Alison who maybe knows something they were up to? It can’t be that they were up to the Nasty cause we have four witnesses on that one, it must be something more YES sinister, something several Rosewood residents my be interested in. I believe Alison had some secrets that the top town officials wanted hidden. You know people like Peter Hastings, Jessica Dilaurentis, those kind of people. Benna and Officer Doo Good were maybe the keepers of these secrets because they stumbled on them then maybe did a bit of blackmail but Ian and Jason somehow also got involved that is where it gets fuzzy.

Emily and Spencer are at Spencer’s trying frantically to contact Aria about Jason’s array of pictures of her in his dark room.

Warning Aria, this is not a Dream!!

Back on the side walk, Jason is making nice with Aria as he apologizes for showing up at her house that morning with lame excuses about wanting to help Mike, he doesn’t say it that way of course. He actually proclaims to care about her and Mike then he leans down to kiss her. EWWW now a few weeks ago I know I might have thought it was sexy but now not so much; oh maybe it wasn’t me that wason the Jason team so much as Jewls LOL. I get us confused sometimes but I digress.
Aria gives in for a few moments then pulls away, wow it took her long enough. I hope Ezra wasn’t walking his dog or stalking her like Jason because he might get a bit ticked at that whole tongue wrestling thing they were doing in public no less. “I’m not available,” she says finally before she practically runs away from him. I am sure it clicked who the other guy was because Jason’s face looked like ah hah.

Hanna finally calls Tom about the fitting for the wedding; I guess she learned from Caleb how to reach out to a parent even though she is the one that give him the advice LOL

All sales final, just one flashlight left to go

Over at the shed, Spencer and Emily go back inside the now open door to find everything is missing except their flashlight. Yes ladies someone knows they had a visitor; actually more than one person knows it seems.

Caught red handed, ladies

The last scene is the gloved hand person developing a picture of Spencer and Emily in the dark room from earlier when they were being nosy.

Whoa I love this show; I could never pass up a good mystery. I cannot wait for more.

Please feel free to leave comments; talk back with me about the show, Thanks.

The song in the title is dedicated to Aria

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I traveled the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something
Some of them want to use you ((Jason))
Some of them want to be used by you ((Ezra))
Some of them want to abuse you ((Benna))
Some of them want to be abused. ((Officer Doo Good))

Rest of the Lyrics are Here

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  1. I love your recaps! Keep up the good work. I find Ezra and Aria to be ridiculous and cringeworthy. He’s a big creepy wet-blanket to me!

    • LOL thanks for liking but I think Ezra is sweet; he was probably the nerdy guy in school that just longed to be looked at by the cool girls. I think he is excited to have a cool girl finally, does that sound bad? πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hilarious recap! πŸ™‚ I had so much fun reading this. Great job!

    You know, I don’t typically notice fashion on TV programs. But some of the outfits they make the girls wear on this show are really bizarre . . . in this episode, in particular. You mentioned that odd little shirtdress / belt number Aria was wearing. And I’d also like to add to this list EVERYTHING SPENCER WORE THIS WEEk! πŸ™‚ From the My Little Pony Sweater to the Pocahantas dress she was wearing when she went to stalk Jason the second time, it was as though she had raided her ten-year old imaginary sister’s wardrobe. What gives Spencer? πŸ™‚

    And I’m with you on Emily having about A MILLION other ways she could have gotten Zoey to “leave with her digits” than the dumb way she did it. Plus, was it just me, or does Quinn seem like she REALLY wants Samara. From the clingy way she acted at the fashion show, to the glares she was giving Emily the whole night, to the way she couldn’t wait two seconds before selling out Emily and Zoey, girlfriend just seems a little Single White Female to me, if you catch my drift.

    Hmmm I’m not necessarily a huge Ezria fan, but I was NEVER a Facelift Vampire Jason fan . . . (I’m kind of partial to Jason 1.0, actually.) The thing is, I don’t think he killed Ali. An it will probably end up that he either DIDN’T take those pictures of Aria, or has a good excuse for them. That’s just how this show tends to work. The biggest suspects always end up innocent. Look at Abs Toby, and Creepy Pedo Ian! πŸ™‚

    That said, aside from them being attracted to one another physically, I don’t at all see any sort of emotional chemistry between Aria and Facelift Vampire Jason. I mean, they had all of TWO conversations together, since he’s returned. And all the sudden he’s randomly macking with her in the street. It’s just weird, not to mention really cocky. It’s almost as if he’s saying, “Well look at me, why WOULDN’T you like me?”

    I HATE cocky characters (well . . . except Damon Salvatore, and Eric Northman, and . . . oh nevermind). Correction, I hate creepy characters . . . Yeah, that’s it! πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Jewls, yeah I do like Aria with Ezra I really can’t explain why except he seems so darn earnest LOL. Glad you liked the recap; oh and YES Quinn is acting all Single White Female but Samara is kinda my stuff don’t stink you know considering her flirting with Quinn in front of Emily not a few weeks ago. I think Emily should be happy for her to be gone; I do hope Maya comes back I liked them together the little time they had. Hey its almost time to plan our FINALE Blogging EVENT……….times does fly doesn’t it.

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