Supernatural Fan Fictions


I have created many fan stories, starting in February 2006, quite a collection actually.  Most are at  I will link them by title Below.

My first Sam Winchester Fan Story  is Here. it called My Life as I know It, it includes Sam’s Love as my biracial created character, Bring the tissues, Cassie Robinson/Dean Winchester are very present in their lives.

The Sequel to My Life as I know it HERE, called A Treasured Life.  More Sam with his biracial love of his life and Dean/Cassie.

Dean has died and Sam goes to comfort Dean’s love, Cassie Robinson in this AU fan story from yours truly its HERE, Destiny’s Child

This is one of my three one shot Darkfics called It had to be You, its Cassie Robinson and Dean Winchester again.  You may notices that that is my chosen couple.  You can find it Here.

This is a TAG FIC to 99 Problems, a tag fic is one that directly takes the action of the actual shown episode in a different direction.  This one is called When Dean Went Back, this version has Dean returning to Cassie Robinson and not Lisa.  You can find it Here.

Broken, is another one shot Darkfic, where Dean returns to find things have gone awry in Cassie’s life since he last saw here. You can find it Here.

A surprising One Shot with Cassie Robinson/Dean Winchester called Have a Nice Day is Here.

This story appears in a Supernatural Fan Fiction Anthology, it is unusual for me because it does not include Cassie with Dean, but it takes place in a convent. Evil in God’s House is Here.

My favorite fic of all my fan stories is this one, By His Side, you can find it Here. This intense Cassie Robinson and Dean Winchester story is quite intense.

Tag Fic to Route 666 Season 1 Episode 13, Say Goodnight but No Goodbyes it is Here.

This is a personal fan story i wrote for a friend, she said it was find to share it, its called Fantasy Job, find it Here.

A short One shot story for Halloween, my most Unusual story, No romance all drama, if you read my other stories you might not believe i wrote this, Blood Relatives find it Here.

Redemption, this story is about my character Evangeline, it can also be found in parts at  Find it here too. This was a long new story with my character and Dean Winchester when Dean was considering leaving hunting.

Love and Treats is a fun Cassie and Dean story but it is rated on the NC17 scale be warned it is a one shot. Find it Here.

Valentine’s Day Surprise, another Cassie Robinson/Dean Winchester one shot. This tag fic is also after Route 666, it starts Here.

This story is different, it is narrated by Dean’s eldest child from the Winchester Chronicles series which started in my first fan stories, you may want to read them under my user name LorGilFan on  Remembrance starts Here.

Cassie phones Dean for help when her mother is murdered, leaving her alone, afraid and angry. This is the first story, The Decision, in a series of five. The next story is called Trouble in Texas, the third story is Cassie Winchester then The Curse. The final story is Sins of the Fathers.