Supernatural S07 Episode 9 Recap Leviathans Are Everywhere

This is camping

Human burrito?

This episode begins with a couple in the forest. They are in actual bed inside of a portable house/tent; very strange to me. They are both in sleeping bags already to go beddie bye. The man puts on head phones with nature sounds which well since they are in nature is kind of redundant, but oh well I assume its his state of mind or something. The next thing we see is him in a tree upside down just before something comes to eat him, we can only hear noises but he yells out NO!! WE then see his headphones fall to the ground, “nature sounds.”

Yeah its like the beginning of that other episode; um Wendigo or something so its OLD SCHOOL supernatural and I like it, good memories.

Meanwhile over in New Jersey, Bobby and the boys are setting up shop in an old house. Yep they are squatting again because being the most wanted guys in the country is bad business for them. They have to lay low between jobs. Dean is bitching about their quality of life, sucking, all the while thinking that maybe they should just let the world end this time. Bobby tells him he shouldn’t think such deep thoughts cause it might hurt his head LOL.

Sam’s research

Luckily Sam has found information on a local hunt; he shows them print out pages as well as newspapers clipping indicating that there could be a Jersey Devil out on the hunt. The cops have told everyone that they think it’s a rogue bear but the guys doubt that is true considering the last person was strung up and eaten through he sleeping bag.

Ah thanks to Dean we get a definition for the Clampers, yep the High End Campers like I mentioned earlier. They have television, wifi, back to nature with no inconvenience, that makes sense.
Now not to say that if I was going out in the woods I wouldn’t have a satellite phone just in case I needed help but I doubt the rest would do me any good LOL.

call me gomer pyle

The next day Sam and Dean meet up with Ranger Rick Evans the guy that found the man from the tree. Ranger Rick is a cutie and very friendly acting. He says you gotta respect mother nature he doesn’t believe its a bear like the State Police have reported. Him and his assistant, Phil, have been finding something’s remains for weeks he suddenly recalls he hasn’t seen Phil in a few days. Rick doesn’t seem that concerned about Phil.

Uncle Bobby on the case

Bobby comes in to give them the details of his findings at the morgue. HE can’t figure out what ate the dead man but its nothing he has seen before. Teeth marks are too small for the Leviathan. He still had a ventricle so it wasn’t a werewolf. Wendigo’s don’t leave scraps and so Bobby is clueless but they have never met the Jersey Devil so it could still be him.

They decide to stay at Biggerson for lunch; Dean stops the closest person to get a seat but the guy totally goes off on him. “I’m not the hostess do I look like a hostess?” Geez He even calls Dean a douche wad.

Not so great service

Unfortunately, they have to encounter the guy, Brandon, again when he brings their food. He calls Sam, Big Bird, Dean, Ken doll and Bobby, Creepy Uncle. I TOTALLY would not have eaten the food if he brought it to me after all his viciousness. EWWW I can only imagine what someone like that would do if they were angry.

They give Bobby the quick update about Ranger Rick’s findings; Sam suggests that Ranger Rick seemed stoned and Dean agreed. The first bite of Dean’s sandwich seems Orgasmic to him. He moans and smiles. After he tells Bobby what he ordered; that is a TURDUCKEN, which is Turkey, Duck and Chicken sandwich, Bobby says they shouldn’t play with God’s creations that way. I gotta admit I didn’t find that observation to be very Bobby like but that could just be me. Dean ignores him and makes a rude comment about his salad. Bobby give him a look as he keeps eating his sandwich, according to Dean its the perfect storm of the top three eatable birds. Now that was a Dean thought LOL.

Across the restaurant we hear Brandon yelling at another worker named Mike about someone being fat. Unproffesional much?? Dean turns back around and keeps making love to his sandwich, um I mean eating it like its the last food on earth, Yum.

Let’s go a huntin’

Later in the forest, the hunters all go a huntin’, that is Bobby, Sam and Dean. You don’t usually find these guys out in the woods. I can’t remember the last time actually.

Growing up Bobby was an actual wild life hunter; as a kid they used to shoot their dinner. Here we get a little known fact about him, TRIVIA…..YES!!

Dean recalls that he used to take them out hunting. They never liked shooting Bambi’s but Bobby insists they shot Bambi’s mother, okay then.

They find the remains of what they believe to be Phil hanging from a tree. It’s almost dark when Ranger Rick shows up so they can show him what they find. HE says, “looks like we found Phil,” seriously the guy has no emotions in his voice. I would find this strange because earlier he mentioned that he and Phil had been finding remains together like they worked as a team. If a team member goes missing don’t you usually have some type of mental attachment that needs to be broken? I don’t know maybe I am just a girl LOL about all this stuff.

They begin to hear noises as Rick is at the car calling in the death. Something grabs Rick from behind.

Strange monster

After the break, the guys are trying to figure out where the thing is taking Rick. They hear it in the trees no far from them. Bobby tells them to shut off the gun lights and just listen. Dean says, “Man I liked Rick,” LOL Bobby uses his hunters training to let his senses guide him. He closes his eyes then shoots. The thing falls out of the tree in front of them. The guys congratulate Bobby on being a good shot. The thing is holding Rick’s arm in its bloody hands, EWWW.

They leave it for the rangers to find the rest of Rick while they take the body home. It looks so much like BeetleJuice or what I remember he looked like, its kind funny. They put it on a table to examine.

The thing isn’t very hefty they note even though it was strong; it also went down using a regular bullet. It suddenly jumps off the table and they all shoot at it. It falls on the table again.

Dean gets the id from the pocket and he thinks the gross stuff on it will ruin the leather. They finally notice Dean is acting weird. Oh my gosh I listened like Five Times trying to get the name they said was on the license LOL All I could get was Journal Browder or maybe Gerald. I guess the reason they even checked was that the guy was supposed to be two hundred and thirty-five pounds but he was way smaller. “Maybe it’s a lap band side effect,” Dean says. The other two just look at him.

Bobby pokes inside the body and finds some gray gook. Dean decides then he is hungry, Uh Huh? They decide to do more poking where the find, human remains of Rick, a pine cone, pack of gum in the wrapper, more human remains, a cat’s head and they also pull out his adrenal gland which is oversized and gray instead of small and orange. Sam is like disgusted by the poking in the organs while Dean is standing aside just waiting for them to take him to eat. He finally just asks if they can go eat. Sam just looks at him. Now normally wouldn’t Dean be more involved in helping? I can’t believe they don’t notice something is up with him but then again they are kinda busy trying to find out what the thing on the table might be.

At the restaurant Sam pulls up Gerald information on the computer to find that Gerald yep that is his name, went missing eight days ago. That explains the other that have gotten eaten, but Sam wants to know what happened to Gerald. Dean is making love noises to the sandwich again and Sam starts to watch him. Dean suddenly confesses he doesn’t care what happened to Gerald.

We love FOOD!!

Sam looks around and sees almost everyone in the restaurant happily eating on the same sandwich. They look like they are totally out of it. A bit too content with the food. Bobby notices it too. Sam grabs Dean’s sandwich. They take the sandwich to go and open it again at the cabin/house/squatting location.

Dean says my sandwich didn’t do anything LOL, “There is something wrong with you Dean,” Bobby replies.

Dean goes on to say he feels better than he has in months, he doesn’t care that he doesn’t care is the bottom line. He just wants his sandwich back. “You are completely stoned,” Sam tells him ,” Just like Ranger Rick.”

Gray snot gravy anyone?

Suddenly the sandwich spits out some gross GRAY stuff. “I think you pissed off my sandwich,” Dean enlightens us. It keeps erupting then Dean finally wonders if that stuff is in him.
“Whatever turned Gerald into a Pumpkin Head, is currently turning you into an idiot,” Sam says.
“I’m right here,” Dean says defensively LOL

Sorry about all the quotes but it was kinda hilarious YOU had to see it, so I am sharing.
“If I wasn’t so chilled out right now, I would puke,” Dean says with and adorkable smirk.

Dean sleeps off the sandwich in the back of the car that night as the others case Biggersons. Bobby verifies that he thinks Dean will be find after his Kriptafan coma?

Sam and Bobby bond over the way that Dean has been acting before. For a few minutes they talk about their broken lives. No one getting a chance to really live a regular life.

They follow the meat truck when it arrives.

Random woman

Meanwhile somewhere else a woman is walking from a building late at night. She looks around and is attacked by Brandon from earlier; he is still wearing his work uniform. He bams her head on the ground before someone in a truck drives up, gets out and slaps him across the parking lot. Now I call that pro active defense.

Poor Brandon

They follow the meat truck and they find it odd that a big chain like Biggersons gets meat from a low-level meat company. A car drives up to park by the meat truck and out walks EDGAR the supposed dead Leviathan from earlier in the season. Oh but yeah the guy that Bobby killed in the basement told him that Edgar wasn’t dead, anywho. Edgar takes Brandon out of the trunk and lead him inside because well he has a bag on his head.

The guys wonder wth is going on?

After the break, inside the building they put Brandon with the others? The doctor from previous episodes has Edgar follow him. The doctor is excited about his experiments but Edgar says to burn them all. The big boss, Dick is coming. I gather Dick doesn’t like so much exposure like the kind the experiments have caused. I mean missing people, body parts in other people, all things than can show up in newspapers.

The next morning, Bobby talks to Dean about his new way of seeing life. Bobby explains that Dean has to find his reason to be back in the game. HE doesn’t want Dean to die before him because he has the wrong attitude about his life and hunting. “We need to scrap some money together to get you a condo or something,” Dean says. Too bad its a throw away line, sometimes the funny stuff just gets stuffed under the carpet. Sam gets in the car as the notice something is going on at the office building.

Dick Roman, very symbolic, king of the world reference, Cesar and all

Bobby recognizes Dick, he is Dick Roman the billionaire. HE is the Douche business man who is the Leviathan leader from before. We get to see a video of all the things about Dick, he is supposedly one of the good guys. HE gives money and such, he is an inspirational speaker blah blah. the important thing is he is the Leviathan leader in a meat suit of a man who is on top of the world. He is a can’t do no wrong guy to the world. The Winchesters are so SCREWED.

They discuss why Crowley said he hates Dick, but Dean says he thought that Crowley was being general. I think the comment was a bit Raw but maybe I misunderstood LOL

Anywho, Bobby takes a new toy out to test it to find if he can hear what is going on inside the building.

Preservatives anyone?

Inside the doctor shows Dick a test group of subjects happily chomping away on the TurDuckEn sandwiches. Because of the food additive they have no idea that the grandmother has died sitting only a few feet from them. It’s really sad how this episode just hits home to me. All the junk they put in food and we just eat it up because it taste good; ok no soap box but if I had time for another blog I would certainly do one on Food LOL. From the first dose it starts to work on their dna and they also crave more of it within a few hours after they have eaten it; slows their metabolism makes them complacent.

Hyperadrenalized cannibalism is what Dick says happened to the failures in the experiments. Dick says it all with a smile; he knows how to get people to produce what he wants.

Goodbye Dr. Gaines

The guys are talking to Bobby when he notices movement inside. They show us Dick, a woman, Edgar and the doctor going into an office. They are shutting the doctors program down, Dick doesn’t like mistakes it seems. They hand the guy a bib, he has to EAT himself……ugh Leviathan are monsters.

I gotta say I am going to miss seeing Dr. Gaines. I have seen him, Cameron Bancroft, in so many lifetime movies is just crazy but he was also on Beautiful People with Daphne Zanuga as well as the Original 90210. It was cool having him on Supernatural.

Seen it all Now

This place looks dirty

Bobby says he has officially seen it all just before the meat truck driver knocks him out. Sam and Dean arrive where Bobby should be to find him missing. They look down from the building to see a cleaning truck driving in. Uh okay I guess Dick likes things neat and tidy but otherwise WHY?? I mean really its kinda random and too convenient because you know the guys need the cleaning solution to surprise/burn the leviathan we learned that earlier in the season.

Inside the building Dick is taking care of business as though nothing has happened. He now has Bobby in his office playing sleep. Susan the woman gives Dick a box he has been expecting. It is two guns from Sothersby. Dick talks Blah Blah about his love of our human emotions and toys. He and Bobby banter for a few minutes. The bottom line: Dick plans to eat Bobby and he is aware that the boys will try to rescue Bobby. Bobby is convinced maybe its his time to go and thinks the guys will pass, YEAH right, he is their only father figure they would NOT give it a go if not just for that one reason.

Hero Time

Downstairs, the guys come in spraying cleaning fluid on the monsters including Edgar who happens to be hanging around.

After the break, Dick hears the noise downstairs and suggests that Bobby stay in the chair while he has a look-see.


Bobby goes through the info on the desk as he loads one of the guns. He takes the info with the gun then attempts to leave the room. Susan slaps him as he tries to leave and he shoots her it he head. He runs out as she recovers.

Whats up with Bobby

Downstairs the guys try the cleaning solution on Dick but it has less effect. Bobby shoots him in the back and it only makes him mad. The guys run out Bobby barely makes it out the door before Dick starts shooting at the van. They realize as the try to hand Bobby his hat that he is not responding.

Now that was a good episode; Please leave comments.


  1. In the beginning when they are in sleeping bags in a bed and he puts headphones on with a nature soundtrack, it is just to push the image of a “clamper.” the fact that they are “camping” yet he still relys on fake nature sounds compared to the real ones outside his window. It’s so the audience understands just how bad these “clampers” are. I thought it was pretty funny

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