PLL S02 Episode 17 Recap Be Bold and Mighty Forces will come to Your Aid

Welcome back Pretty Little Liars Lovers 🙂
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This weeks episode begins with the Liars back at Hannah’s. She is reluctant to give them the portable drive that Caleb has been using to store information he has been able to retrieve e from A’s phone. She does give in thankfully and with the leadership of Spencer which seems to be of contention to Hannah they are able to see a bit more of the mystery.

The first scene is of Ian hiding a camera in Allie’s bedroom not a second later do Garrett and Benna (Blind Jenna) walk in. They were summoned by Ian to come chat though Jason couldn’t make it because of too much weed and liquor or so they say. The meeting of the NAT club has begun says Spencer as they all watch in awe that they are able to get so much information readily. Hannah is of course cringing with the thought that poor Caleb might get hurt for getting involved.

Anyway, Ian informs the group that Allie was not forthcoming as far as giving him back the tapes she had possession of that point to him as the creator of them. The tapes that show he was recording activities secretly of her and the girls plus other mysterious things.

Then Garrett picks up a box, yes a familiar box. its the one that Jason gave Aria after he came back to town. Remember the old junk that was in it including the retched ugly doll ? Well that same box held something revealing or not the night that Garrett had it in his hand. Unfortunately that is as far as the video goes for now.

Hannah’s freaking out about Caleb goes another round; she doesn’t want A to mess with her relationship the way that A has messed with the others. I get that but still if the guy wants to help then let him just be careful because freaking out usually makes things worse.

Creepy Theme music plays……

We are back, later at Spencer’s she shows Emily a picture of her kissing Toby that has been sent to her by A. She is of course, Freaking out like Hannah was earlier but in a quieter Spencer way. Just then Toby drives up outside. Emily is confused because the last she heard they were broken up. Spencer explains that she had kissed Toby last week which he obviously thinks makes them together again. Yep Spencer a kiss might confuse a love struck young man, like Toby.

Toby calls from downstairs but Emily answers for a scared Spencer LOL, oh boy and she is the strong one is there hope for these girls? Emily says that Spencer is unavailable because she really does not want to lie to Toby. He explains he came by to pick up his tools because for some reason Peter has fired him from the job he was doing. I say for some reason because its not explained here.

Toby misses Spencer and Emily says that Spencer misses him too but she cannot tell him why things have changed from when he last spoke with Spencer. Confusing much??? Yeah if he didn’t really love her it would be like SEE YA!! How many guys are that curious to keep being in love when the girl can’t/won’t talk to them for days or weeks at a time then she kisses/talks to them and again won’t talk. 😦

Emily who is trying so hard not to lie to Toby starts trying to give half answers to his questions about talking to Spencer and what is going on just gets sad. Spencer tells her to get off already say goodbye. Um Spencer you coulda answered the dang phone yourself, or is that just me. Toby gets peeved because he knows Spencer is around but is just not talking to him. HE takes it personal like most people would take it. Here again he is just NOT getting the idea that its NOT about him its about keeping him safe. I don’t know how would any of us feel if it was happening to us?? I think I would get the hint but I am not a guy at least in this lifetime LOL.

At school we get our weekly rehash of events from previous weeks. Spencer shares about Toby, the recent event then Aria mentions Ezra. She is not sure if she will ever see him again considering the way he is shutting her out plus its hard with her parents having her on lock down. Ezra never did return her call from last week the one she made on her own phone. After seeing him at the playhouse she thought she might have heard from him by now.

Aria decides that its time confirm another date with her beard, Holden. The others speculate that he is gay the same way I did last week LOL great minds think alike.

Aria goes over to talk to him as they all sit outside. He mentions that she has helped her with his re-intergrating into American Society LOL that part was her words. He wants to help her out if he can to get what she wants and he can in exchange get what he wants out of it. They actually have a date the next night anyways but its verified at this point.

Okay as soon as Aria leaves Holden’s table I noticed something, I rewatched it six times LOL. I mean she has barely walked off before a girl walks across the screen from the inside of the building, so as to walk in front of Holden. She is a curly haired black girl that gets his attention, see all four my screencaps LOL.

I’m not Gay I just like Brown Girls 🙂

So I think I solved the mystery because if you also see his thoughtful look after she the curly-haired girl passes by you will KNOW like I now do that Holden is not Gay. He is seeing a Black/Afro-American girl or woman. I personally do not like the expression Black but that is for another blog LOL. Now we have not seen actual black people lately on this show except in crowd scenes. Maya is obviously mixed but either way a guy like Holden would NOT feel free to date interracial in Rosewood LOL though I am sure his being gay would be more accepted. This is my new theory on him. Notice also that Aria thought she saw something but it probably has not hit her just yet what it was about Holden and the girl who was odd.

Later that day, Caleb is at a coffee shop outside doing more work for the girls. I tell you this guy needs a job in a computer company he could get some big bucks. HE sees the image of Garrett come up on his screen only to look up to see the real Garrett at a table in front of him You can only imagine how shaken he must be since we all know Garrett is a cop despite being a sleaze. Caleb gets a bad feeling about what he is seeing on the computer so he closes it up the laptop then gathers his things.

Garrett stop Caleb before he can leave but its only to tell him he was forgetting his keys on the table. I really think this was an innocent comment but I guess because Garrett looked so relaxed sipping his coffee. Garrett tends to look constipated when he is irritated but don’t we all? LOL. Caleb thanks him then walks away.

Meanwhile or Later not sure, the girls are in Aria’s room gathered around the box. Hannah is making a big deal about not investigating the box LOL even though its right in front of them. *shakes head* Hannah is so getting on my nerves now. You would think she would be more eager and ready to go after A since finding out Lucas wasn’t involved last week. OH and she should totally just tell Caleb what is going on they are just keeping too many secrets from him when he is helping them.

Anyway Hannah picks up the ugly doll only for the head to fall off or over. Oh and I totally knew that ugly doll had a purpose besides to be creepy. There are at least three notes inside of the head. We saw that Allie had at least a couple of these notes in the Halloween episode I think.

the one they don’t show says, scared yet you should be bitch.
Hannah mentions that the notes are starting to sound familiar.

Then there is a note from Halloween which involves showing a flashback as they walk between houses to get to Allie’s.

The girls are dressed in their costumes from the Halloween episode
Aria: We’ve never been this way before.
Allie: Back Alleys and backyards have always been the best way to my house.
Hannah: Your sister and Ian are so cute together do you think they will get married?
Spencer: I guess so they seem perfect for each other.
Allie interrupts.
Allie: Yeah, perfectly bored.
Hannah: Allie someone trashed your porch
( side note: I decided the weird awkward way that Allie wears that wig is to show us that she is just a girl playing dress up.)
Allie: What the hell?
Then she walks slowly up the steps.
She pulls the knife out of the note and reads it without showing the others.
Aria: Who did this?
Allie: Jason’s beer buddies.
For some reason I don’t believe her now; I think she was pretending and lying because she was scared.
Allie: Real Funny.
Spencer: I better get going.
Aria: Yeah me too
Allie: What’s the hurry? Let’s make a night of it.
Have we ever considered she wanted the girls around because she was terrified to be alone?
I am starting to think her parents were weird in some way or just way to busy to see what was going on with her.

Emily: It’s already been kind of long night.
Keep in mind this was after the house thing where she scared them half to death.
Allie: I’m sorry about the prank I know I took it too far, let me make it up to you guys.
End of Flash.

Back to the present time, the last note reads: Next time it will be your face not this pumpkin. They notice in the right corner that the note is signed by none other than A. The revelation is that A was after Allison before they were after them. Now that is a head scratcher LOL.

After the break, It’s friday and Hannah tries to speak with Mona about being a bad friend to her but Mona is not ready to listen. Mona does however strut over to Noel to give him back his necklace. He makes her feel worse by simply dropping the necklace in the garbage like it didn’t matter to him any more than she does not matter. What a jerk? WE all knew he was using her for an easy lay or maybe something more sinister like to keep an eye on her bestie, Hannah. Why else would he want to go to Hannah’s party for Caleb??

Hannah meets up with Mona in the bathroom to tell her how she is too good to be with Noel. Mona comments that the guy really knows how to lie. Now wouldn’t that be interesting if Mona was somehow in cahoots with Noel to go against the girls. Why in the world would a girl mention a guys lying skills in a way that shows she admires them after he breaks up with her? Weird? Mona goes on about Noel’s eyes and how she fell for him hard. The guy is a jerk and a user you just said LOL. Anywho, Hannah makes a date with Mona to go to Rive Gauche I guess it’s a bar or restaurant because she promises they will close the place. You go Hannah give Mona a nice night out; I just hope she isn’t fooling you. It wasn’t a few minutes ago that Mona didn’t want to talk to her bad friend, Hannah. Oh and is it weird that they didn’t hug? I get whip-lash sometimes watching this show with all the mind changing from minute to minute LOL but it still fun.

After the others are gone, we see that Benna was in one of the stalls. Hey didn’t she get her sight back? She sure is back quick from the operation.

In other news, Aria is in an empty classroom somewhere calling Ezra yet again. I want to know how she got out of the house in that short dress? I guess covering the cleavage was the main issue with her parental units, its obvious they have not been to sex ed recently since well……you know its not about the cleavage LOL. She tells Ezra they need to talk in person. She wants him to meet her at eight in front of the clock in Rittenhouse Square. If he shows up she will see it as a chance for them but if not it was all that made it to the voicemail. I am sure he will get the idea.

Next we get to see Ezra as the message comes through to his phone. HE picks up the phone and looks at it like its a foreign object. Of course it does not show us the number it came from so I have no idea if he knows but I suppose he can only guess. It’s doubtful he gets too many calls LOL. He does decide not to delete the unheard voicemail. He puts the phone done before going back to work.

Toby goes back to Spencer’s to get the rest of his supplies. He climbs up the scaffolding and starts to take it down. Next thing we see is the screw that was loosened at the end of last episode coming off the wall before Toby comes tumbling down. Poor Toby. Spencer get the news at school, “No,” she says.

After the break, Spencer is at Toby’s bedside giving him more mixed signals, UGH!! He says that her mother was the one that found him and that he is fine. Spencer apologizes for the day before. Toby tells her how he fell just before Wren walks in the room. Hey Jewls there is your boy I know you are happy. Is it odd that Wren is around when the “carpenter” gets hurt? Hmm coincidence much?? Hey I am not saying he is involved I mean he is British and cute LOL.

Spencer introduces Wren as the guy that dated Melissa but Wren insists he was engaged to Melissa before something got in the way, then he looks at a horrified Spencer LOL. Dude don’t blame her blame your raging hormones LOL. Toby looks from one of them to the other as Wren explains that the bone that broke was a clean one and it should heal well. They are going to cast it but he has to stay over night because he came in with a concussion.

After Wren leaves, Caleb asks if there is something that Spencer wants to tell him LOL. Spencer receives a text at that moment. “Almost got him, Toby won’t be so lucky next time.” A

Well we know my main theory on A is that its a group of people. It’s just logical because no one can be everywhere at once. So this weeks my A theory group includes: Noel, Wren, Jason, Mona, Garrett and Benna. I mean Wren just left the room after he got a call, then he walks away and Spencer gets a text. Sorry Jewls I think your boy is in the group, NAT. The leader of the group who might be a Allie’s evil twin, is who I am still confused about because I do not think they actually do anything but give orders. For example they might say whomever hasn’t been messed in a while gets it this week lets work on them a while. The group says yes and follows the girls around using opportunities they find. The only way these people are working for A is because she/he blackmailed them or they hate the girls as much as he/she does.

OH and as far a the Halloween flashback well this A person also hated Allie enough to kill her and set up one of her group, Ian or the others.

Anywho, after the text, Spencer says nothing she can only stare at her Sweet Toby’s innocent face.

At school the girls try to figure out what is happening. They think its possible that Benna was involved in Toby’s fall. To get back at them for the accident that blinded her Hannah thinks that Benna would do anything including hurt her own mother. They don’t understand though how if Benna broke up with Garrett why Toby got in the line of fire. They think that Benna has found a replacement to do her dirty work.

Speaking of Benna, Toby wakes up to find her at the hospital. Creepy much? EWW. She demands to know why Toby went back to Spencer’s house. She says he was never supposed to go back. She insists its not safe with those girls. Toby tells her to not mention Spencer’s name. “You need to be stronger,” Benna says to Toby in a freaky way like she is somehow his mother or something. She makes it seem like she is all that Toby has/needs in his life. “Spencer’s haunted,” she tells him. He says she shouldn’t be here more than one time its kinda weird like she has some hold over him or something.

I don’t know but this scene made me uneasy, like there is more to Toby then we have seen before. Is he hiding things or just tired of dealing with creepy stepsister?

Caleb arrives at Hannah’s house looking for answers about the videos he is helping them with. He thinks it’s all about Allison’s murder despite her killer supposedly already being dead. Hannah lies and says it’s not as bad as he thinks. She does confess to being afraid for him though he thinks he can protect her if she will let him. He does know that working on the videos is dangerous after seeing Garrett in one of them earlier. Hannah grabs the flash drive and puts it in the blender. Uh huh? Okay great but its like if someone knows he had the flash drive getting of rid of it only puts him in danger because no one would believe what she actually has done to it LOL….duh uh Bossy Hannah, tells him he is out of the phone tech business as of now LOL. Caleb just stares at her.

At the hospital Emily faces off with Benna after she sees her coming out of Toby’s room. Go Em, Go Em, she is acting like Spencer now all up in Benna’s face LOL. Bennna mentions that not too long Emily liked Toby and if that had happened than Toby would be confused because of Maya. That was a low blow even for Benna. Emily starts to threaten to take Benna’s stick and LOL who knows what but I bet it would be hurtful for Benna who just ignores the almost threat. Spencer gets off the elevator in time to see Benna talking at Emily. Benna says that they all should have left Toby alone. She mentions how everyone close to them gets hurt; now how can she say that without implicating herself in hurting them. Why don’t these girls wear tape recorders OR at least record something important like this?? OH but Benna says she is just stating a fact. Then she sees, yep I said, sees Spencer at the elevator and said her name. Yeah remember she had eye surgery but she still acting blind, why??

At the Montgomery’s Ella stops by Aria’s room to ask how Toby is doing she heard that he was in the hospital as she stood outside Aria’s door earlier being nosy LOL She tells Aria he is lucky, its only his arm if it had been your boyfriend, Ezra it woulda been his face LOL Ok she didn’t say that but she thought it.

She goes on to ask about Aria’s anti-date with Holden. Aria verifies again that they are not dating but hanging out since Holden has been in the wilds of Portugal. Okay check it out I don’t think Portugal is actually a wasteland or all that wild LOL but it works for her excuse. They are going to Magelli’s a place that the Montgomery’s used to go to in their glory days. We all know that it’s why Aria brought it up because it was spur of the moment thinking. Aria is disappointed to find that Mama Ella is in charge of driving Aria to the date and back. Sounds like a waste of gas to me. How embarrassing for her and/or Holden to be driven on a date at her age.

Emily is on Toby watch at the hospital when Spencer arrives with an idea to get Toby to leave her alone and get him out of harms way.

After the break, Toby is awake and Emily has to tell him what Spencer told her to tell him. Okay she tells him a half truth that is Wren is with Spencer and they are going to stay together. Spencer supposedly has been trying to stay away from Wren but she can’t. They didn’t use Wren’s name but since he was in the episode early it may as well have been him. Emily says it was a wrong relationship, so it has to be him. Toby asks who the guy is but we don’t get to hear or see the answer we are left to Assume.

I am so embarrassed I think I will die !

In downtown Philly, Ella drops off Aria with Holden.
Holden talks to Aria a minute about how important them secretly not hanging out is to each of them LOL, he seems very into it. He checks his watch as he asks Aria what her friends thinks she is doing when they are together/not together? She admits that they know the real deal and think he is gay LOL. He says he is not just dating a black girl oh he doesn’t say that I mentioned that earlier LOL. He leaves right away because he is late to his hot date. Aria goes to wait by the clock at five till eight.

Then there is Ezra with a student in his class. I adore this student. He wrote a story about a guy that leaves his fiance from their rehearsal dinner to follow a woman he met five minutes before. I love that, spontaneity. Ezra gave the guy a B on the paper because he thought the story was unrealistic. The student thinks the story is romantic. Ezra says sometimes things don’t work the way you want; we all know its not the student he is referring to but he is viewing the paper through his own experience. The student even asks if they are still referring to his story? Ezra decides to give the story another look. I got chills on this part, “Be Bold and Mighty Forces will Come to your aid,” the student tells Ezra before he leaves; he says that is what his story is about.

Trivia: According to Wiki Answers: This is often incorrectly attributed to Goethe… but it’s actually Canadian author and pastor Basil King, when he was speaking about overcoming fear.

Oh during the interview with the student Ezra looked at his phone he had three missed calls and still an unheard voice mail.

Over in Philly it’s almost eight twenty-five and Aria is still waiting hopefully. She looks in each car that comes near. She finally takes a seat and begins to look a bit disheartened. I mean she has three hours to do nothing but wait.

Emily goes to Spencer to tell her it is done; Toby thinks she is with someone else. I guess being with someone else is a worse heart ache than to just not be with someone.

Finally Ezra listens to the message, then deletes it.
WE see Aria still waiting before the break.

After the break, Ashley finds the blender in the garbage LOL. She asks if Hannah and the blender had a fight LOL Hannah says no but she fought with Caleb. Hannah doesn’t want to discuss the fight but Ashley does want to discuss it basically be nosey and see what Hannah has been up to. You all know it, trying to parent at a late stage in the kids life LOL. Hannah asks if Ashley had ever kept a secret from Tom but its turns out nothing really juicy or worth adding here LOL. It’s nothing like what Hannah is keeping from Caleb. Hannah clams up when Ashley tries to find out the secret of course, why did she even steer the conversation in that direction? It’s why she has friends to talk to about things others cannot KNOW to keep them safe.

Ok how did i miss this last night? Wren comes in to look over Toby and Toby finds out that Spencer told Wren they she and Toby were over. Wren is all happy about it. Toby tells Wren to leave and that his right arm is fine, basically threatening to punch his doctor out if he has to look at his face for another minute. Oh Toby she still loves you it will be alright, eventually.

On the way to Rive Gauche, Mona talks with Hannah about downing shots to flush Noel out of he system. Wait are they old enough to drink? Hannah thought that Mona had lost her fake ID but Mona says she got another from an old fried. I think that OLD FRIEND might be related to someone we know. Okay as much as I love MAYA she is the one that mentioned ID’s last week but Emily came to her rescue by letting her borrow Aria’s. Is there a Rosewood, Fake ID making place or just Noel?

Speaking of Benna again, Hannah looks up only to see Benna out with Noel, EWW, can we say coincidence?
Hannah looks thoughtful but more surprised than Mona looks. Its almost like Mona didn’t care too much though if her earlier behavior is NOT suspect than she would be in Noel face ranting and crying. It’s almost like she knew they were together or even more its part of a bigger plan.

Wow I do love a mystery!!!!

Hannah walks away while Mona looks in the window a few more moments. You would think Benna or Noel would have noticed them.

Next up is Toby getting his things ready to leave the hospital. I had to get a shot of him LOL.
He turns his head to see Wren in the hall then looks sadly at the camera.

More importantly, in Rittenhouse Square, Ezra finally arrives. YEAH *cartwheels*
“Aria”, he says as he gets out of the car then he goes to her so they can kiss in the rain on a public street. I tell you that is BOLD !! I just hope there aren’t too many friends of Ella watching or that Wretched A!!

After the break, they sit in the car. Ezra realizes its dangerous for them to be together. He is concerned for Aria. She is convinced she can only know if she wants to be with him by being with him. Oh don’t you love her logic LOL. She kisses him then. “We’re crazy, you know that right?” Ezra says. Yep but its a good crazy I think. Ezra wants to know how they are going to see each other and Aria has an idea, I bet the Idea is named Holden. Any one want to guess her plan? Ok I will go; she will tell Ella that her and Holden are dating. Ella and Byron will be so happy they won’t question it and she can go back to dressing normal and hooking up with Ezra. Wait was that YOUR guess too?

Meanwhile Caleb rats out Hannah to Emily and Spencer, that dirty dog just kidding LOL. “She vaporized it, nothing left but smoke.” Caleb says in true male form, you know over the top expressions LOL. Emily says it was important and Caleb like the sneaky criminal we LOVE, kept a copy. Yeah he knows Hannah Banana is over the top too sometimes. He also wants to keep working on the files and keep it a secret from Hannah.

I can’t believe Emily asks why? Hello she vaporized the portable drive ……duh were you listening she has gone rogue LOL. Oh but Caleb wants to protect Hannah. Caleb wants answers in return for his continued help, hey this guy is on the way to be a cop or a spy LOL. He knows how to get what he wants for the price he can afford.

Later, Aria is looking all freshly sexed as she waits for Ella. Where is that Holden? He is off kissing his pretty brown lover goodbye, maybe? Holden rushes up with treats of some sort maybe ice cream/custard or something. HE says that Aria wanted dessert but didn’t want to be late getting back. She sent him around the corner somewhere but wasn’t sure where she saw the place, basically he covered for Aria and himself for being late. He tells Aria she was off by a block on giving him directions. Aria admits to being a bit scatter brained LOL. Holden even brought dessert for Ella, gee I am starting to admire him. Hey there is a clue for all you if you going to be late always bring a treat especially if a parent is involved. Aria and Holden stare conspiratorially at each other before they get in the car. Looks like Holden found the perfect girl to hang out with him.

The next day Aria, Hannah and Spencer get together to look at the video from Caleb. The night before Spencer confessed to Caleb in exchange for his continued involvement that Benna is trying to frame them for Allie’s murder, that Garrett is helping her, and despite what Ian’s confession says it’s not the whole story. Despite Hannah being out of the loop for acting LOOPY, they are at least getting Caleb’s help on the videos.

Finally on the rest of the video from earlier we are about to hear what is in the box but the people, NAT group, in the video hear someone coming up the stairs. They are in Allison’s room so they think its her. Ian shows them, Garrett and Benna that they are all being filmed. Ian was making sure that they were all in for good, once you are a member of the club you are always in the club he tells Garrett. Ian is just making sure that they are in as deep as he is. Garrett wrestles with Ian over the camera.

The girls say it’s the night that Allison died that is on the video. It was in the last hours of her life. Emily is not sure that she wants Caleb to get any more of the video, that is where it stops for now. Spencer speculates but if Caleb can get more than maybe they can give it to the police, everything can be over.

There is a noise outside and Emily mentions Toby.

They all go downstairs to see what is up with him. Toby has returned the truck to Spencer with the keys. HE left her a note but she only says he is gone; we don’t see what he wrote. Oh soooo sad.

Last scene starts out with pictures on the wall of the girls and their significant others. The gloved hand person or A cuts the pictures in half putting the others pictures in the trash can on fire. I noticed Toby and Ezra pictures were burned first which makes me believe that they do not know that Ezra was with Aria on that rainy night. I wonder if that is significant; they believe that Both Toby and Ezra are out of the picture.

Either way, it was a good solid episode. I am sure I can get an Award for the most Screencaps on a Recap LOL 54 to be sure LOL………Please leave comments.


  1. Fabulous recap. And, of course, I adored all your screencaps. It was like a stop motion slideshow of the entire episode. You definitely have just as much of a knack for screencapping as you have for recapping. Super impressive! I’m a little jealous 🙂

    One of the things I’ve particularly enjoyed about PLL, recently is that, now that the writers already KNOW they are going to reveal who “A” is, by the season finale, they are no longer afraid to give us REAL clues. For a while, during the first half of the Season, it felt a bit like they were just spinning their wheels. But, this week, we got a ton of information! By now, we have a pretty good idea of the timeline surrounding Ali’s death:

    (1) Ali invites the girls over to the barn for a sleepover.
    (2) After the rest of the girls fall asleep, Ali fights with Spencer about Spencer kissing Ian.
    (3) Ali stalks off, and runs into Toby outside. He gives her his green jacket.
    (4) Ali meets up with Ian. They make the first “I know you want to kiss me,” video. (And have sex?) During that time Ian, tries to convince Ali to give him the NAT club tapes she stole, but is unsuccessful
    (5) At some time, earlier in the day, after getting an emergency message from Ian, Garrett checks Blind Jenna out of the blind school for an NAT meeting. While Ian is hooking up with Ali, Garrett and Blind Jenna meet up with Jason and (I think) purposefully get him wasted, so that he is out of commission for the rest of the night.
    (6) After porking Ali, Ian sneaks into Ali’s room (while she is getting killed by someone else?), and tries to find the tapes himself. He also installs a hidden camera in her room. He then invites Garrett, Blind Jenna, and Jason to the room to help look for the tapes, and also to implicate them, since he knows that HE has already been implicated (in the tapes . . . I guess). But Jason doesn’t come, because he is passed out. Garrett shows everyone Ali’s box with the doll, A’s messages in it,(and maybe something else, that isn’t the tapes). He then learns about the hidden camera, and fights with Ian.

    Note: I think, whoever A is, is NOT Ali’s killer, but the person who currently has these tapes, which contain information about Ali’s killer and the NAT club. “A” also must have Ali’s diaries, because she clearly knows a lot about the PLL girls . . . things that only Ali would know, under normal circumstances.

    (7) Over at the barn, the girls wake up to find Spencer and Ali missing. Spencer returns a few minutes later, to say that she doesn’t know where Ali is, either . . .

    This information actually puts us really close to the time of Ali’s death. I love how the writers are finally giving us enough information to allow us to put the pieces together as to what exactly happened that night.

    You know, I felt the same way that you did about that scene between Jenna and Toby. I found her threats and flirtations extremely uncomfortable to watch . . . particularly when she started caressing his leg . . . ick.

    I think, as viewers, we often forget how disturbed and troubled Toby really was, before he started dating Spencer. And, even though Blind Jenna was clearly the aggressor in their incestuous relationship, at least at first, Toby went along with it . . . Given that, in that scene, I couldn’t help but feel like Toby was ever so slightly aroused by Blind Jenna’s aggressive flirtations, but trying to fight those feelings out of loyalty to Spencer, and, because he now understands just how wrong those feelings of attraction are.

    I’ve read a lot of comments criticizing Keegan Allen for his acting. But I think this episode, in particular, showed us all his impressive talent and intelligence. Of all the characters on this show, Toby is, arguably, the most complex, and to use Blind Jenna’s own words, the most “haunted.” This episode really allowed us to see that.

    As for Caleb and Hanna, the romantic in me kind of loved that they were both trying to protect one another out of love. And yet, at the same time, they were both betraying one another. The whole interaction between these two kind of reminded me a bit of that old short story “The Gift of the Magi” .. . you know, the one where the husband and wife are a poor couple. And the wife cuts her hair off, to buy her husband an expensive watch band, while the husband sells his watch, to buy the wife a really fancy hair clip?

    When couples are coupled on television, they can often become boring. This is why writers always seem to feel the need to create sometimes artificial obstacles between them. I like that the writers here have had the courage to take a risk, and show that Caleb and Hanna absolutely love each other . . . And yet, ironically, it’s that love that’s coming between them, in this instance.

    Oh, and Wren is NOT A, dammit! 🙂 He’s just too adorable to do anything wrong in my eyes. What can I say? I’m puddy in the hands of a cute boy, with an adorable accent. 🙂

    • OMG I hope you are seeing all these apologies, I have no idea how I missed these though now I wonder if I didn’t respond to you by email, I can’t believe I missed this many responses. If I did I apologize again. Thanks for being a loyal reader. I do hope you are seeing the new ones for Season 7.

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