Secret Circle Recap – Episode 8 – I see almost Dead Me

Hey all you witch lovers !!

Photo Credit: Screencaps capped by me at the CW website.

Welcome to the Drama

This week’s episode begins with the gang except for Melissa at Cassie’s house trying to figure out whatever has happened to Grandma Jane. Wait What Happened to Baby Jane was an Old time movie, very creep Stuff; it stars Betty Davis with Joan Crawford as old bickering sisters. Oops well I digressed a bit earlier than usual sorry.

Anywho, the circle does have Jake in Melissa’s stead this week. By the by, Melissa has been taken away for a break by her invisible mother, because you know we have yet to meet her I imagine she is quite beautiful though, wow the digressing continues.

Okay going to try to focus, now Jake is at the house and Cassie has to take up for him immediately. “He is part of the circle,” she says. Cassie who is some times an over Sharer, lets the group know that she believes she is the one that set Luke on fire while they were all bound in the circle. Everyone in the room gasps LOL okay not really but the others were surprised especially Diana and Faye, Adam doesn’t care so much you know since he will end up with Cassie any way LOL.

Cassie ignores Faye as she rants on about how they didn’t have bad things happening to them until after Cassie arrived in town. The others do not agree, they think it was the binding of the circle that made the difference of course that makes more sense.

In an attempt to change the subject from herself, Cassie shows them the papers that Calvin put in her mail box. They all look at the papers but cannot make head or tails of it. The initial’s J.B. are in the bottom but Cassie assumes it stands for Jane Blake because she has no idea of the mysterious father of hers is named John Blackwell……yep sorry I told you. Either way that does not help us in the finding of what the papers mean so I thought I would just spoil you now in case you missed last episode :).

Cassie suggests they to go to the Lake house to see what has happened to Grandma Jane. A few minutes later its a road trip idea, you know since Faye knows the way and has the key, she has to go plus the others want to get out-of-town for a bit. Witchy road trip anyone?

No Isaac you can’t come on the road trip, Geez its high schoolers only Dude!!

Jake runs over afterward to tell Isaac whats up with the circle.

Dawn walks in on Faye getting ready to leave but is unable to convince not to go without seeming suspicious of her reasoning.

Faye isn’t happy to find out that she is riding with Diana and Adam even though she wanted to ride with Jake.

Dude what are you doing with Jane she is knocked out don’t be a Perv.

Oh Goddess, where am I?

Dawn calls Charles before Faye is out of the driveway, she is frantic because Charles has a knocked out Jane in his car and she has no idea where the dead Henry has been taken. Charles thinks its best the kids are out-of-town because he is overly confident his hiding of Henry’s body is secure. Yep you know since the kids are witches they can’t get into any trouble right LOL.

Cassie is driving with Jake in her car but he of course starts asking questions about Cassie’s family tree which seems nosey even to Cassie who stops answering. Yeah one question is fine but when a person starts asking details its best to shut up. I had a guy do that to me at a bar recently wanting my middle name and stuff I was like I don’t even know, are you a cop or what? LOL….oops digressing again.

I see dead people

They all arrive at the house at the same time, which I find odd but whatever. I guess they could have been following one another I just didn’t notice 🙂 Faye starts hearing voices of a little girl as soon as she gets out of the car. They all have to call her name a few time to get her to come inside the house out of the rain; she seems faraway. Faye is still hearing the voice after she enters she goes inside.

After the break, Faye asks if anyone heard a little girls voice but the answer is no. Faye calls out for Grandfather Henry but gets no answer. You know I can tell Faye really loves her grandpa just by the way she calls his name out; it’s too bad Dawn didn’t have the same love for him when she killed him a couple of episodes ago. Dawn treated him like a mere inconvenience. I don’t know how Dawn can be so deceitful and still pretend to be the doting mother with Faye. No I try not to judge but her case I am making an exception LOL.

They are all gathered in the living room lighting candles when Cassie finds Jane’s scarf on the sofa. Yes a room full of witnesses have seen that Jane was around. How hard is it going to be to cover up the fact that Jane was in the house now, Charles? You idiot, didn’t get all the evidence. DUH!!

Cassie is about to call Jane again only to find that Jane has sent her a text. Something about spotty cell service and her stopping at another friends house. She won’t be home till the next day, how convenient. Cassie seems happy that Jane is okay, EXCEPT how many people does Jane hang out with? Yeah she works at a hospital but she seems the loner type to me. She only visited Henry because she has known him forever and he was an elder; so it was kind a witch business related. What she came to his house said howdy do then left? I guess its my suspicious mind but that text would not have appeased me for long.

Faye asked if the text that CASSIE read ALOUD, said anything about her grandfather……Um yeah a redundant question. This is only to bring our attention back to Faye, poor haunted Faye.

Adam suggests because of the rain and Jane being out-of-town, HUH, that they might as well stay the night at the Lake House. Oh because if they drove back to Cassie’s it would be awkward for them to stay over LOL, good job there Adam have you eye candy and your sweetie too.

They all split up to do various duties, get liquor, get generator and find flashlights.

While going through the liquor cabinet Faye begins to see things. There is water dripping from upstairs, there are small foot prints on the stairs as well she sees a pair of wet red rain boots.

—–the first time I had to restart the video——–making note this time–luckily it wasn’t long after the break——-

On the way back down the stairs Faye no longer sees the wet foot prints then on second examination the red boots are also gone. So is Faye losing her mind or have we gone from witches to ghosts on the Secret Circle LOL?

At someone’s house I think its Dawn’s, Charles shows Dawn the crystal he got from Jane at the house. He says he has a spell that they can use with the crystal to help influence her thinking, Dawn is all for that.

Back at the lake, the lights are now working thanks to Adam and Jake’s generator turning on skills. The alcohol is available thanks to Faye who is now feeling the need for a long bath.

Oh Baby we made Fire

Jake entices Cassie to make a fire with him simply by picturing it. “That was intense,” Cassie’s says a second later. Yes it took only that long for the fire to come to life, now that is some kinda magic.

Bad Day gets worse

Upstairs, Faye is in the bath relaxing after a weird day. She suddenly is covered in dark water with leaves before she screams.

After the break, everyone comes to check out the bathroom to see what was going on with Faye but there is nothing to see. Diana thinks Faye might have had too much to drink but Faye just tells them to all to leave then. She pulls Cassie aside to accuse her of messing with her to get a shot at Jake. REALLY, because Faye is delusional if she even thinks Jake is still into her at all. It’s too bad too but with a mother like Dawn I guess she might have a complex of some sort. Faye is blinded by her jealousy which is too bad she and Cassie could be besties.

Back in Chance Harbor Charles with Dawn are at the magic house. Charles knows about it because he followed them after they bound the circle. Charles comments that magic was fun before Blackwell. Hmm so my guess is that Blackwell came to town and wanted to change things somehow. He charmed Amelia and the others were maybe not as eager to go along with whatever he had planned, just a guess. I have to wonder how dark Blackwell was? Was he a demon in disguise or just a bad seed? If Cassie’s magic goes back to the founding of the witchcraft did J.B. come to Chance Harbor for Amelia specifically? Did he come to impregnate her? I know that is a lot to consider with so little information on him/them.

I know my daughter

Charles knows that Diana has learned to leave her book behind, he finds it there at the house under the steps using a spell with the crystal. It seems like a waste to use the crystal when they could have just looked around. The book has the spell that Charles wants to use to control Jane. Blah Blah Dawn wants to keep the crystal but Charles says that it gives him hope to have found the crystal. He tells her the crystal stays with him. You go Charles you have a crystal now, don’t let Dawn boss you.

At the big lake house, there is a party starting, *lets get this party started YEAH*. Umm sorry. Faye wants to play truth or dare, wait they played that on the Lying Game this season. Okay focusing, Faye dares Diana to take her shirt for the next three questions. With little convincing Diana does it with an eye roll LOL. Only Adam is not happy that she is showing her bra off with Jake around, get over it Adam, she isn’t yours any more.

Diana asked Faye how many people she has slept with and her answer is two, the entire room of people seem a bit shocked. “I guess I’m not the slut you thought I was,” Faye replies, LOL, I know right. Adam asked Jake why the witch hunters didn’t put him in the circle with the rest of them. Answer from Jake, “Probably because I’m stronger than the rest of you, it took more guys to hold me down.” Brag much? Adam doesn’t believe him. You know if he didn’t believe him then maybe he needs to give us some proof, you hear that Adam stop freaking sulking and get on the ball; do some research while you chasing your ex who is trying to get over you.

Oh Baby I likey you Jakey

Diana dares Cassie to kiss Jake in the middle of Faye thinking of something for her to do. Diana watches Adam’s face as Cassie does kiss Jake, YIKES, Adam can barely watch. *sings *Torn between to lovers feeling like a fool….” oops sorry a flashback

Faye and Cassie have words. Faye thinks Cassie is a boyfriend stealer while Cassie thinks Faye needs to stop blaming everyone else for her problems.

Faye takes the keys then goes out in the rain but you know oddly enough Faye didn’t drive so she is going to drive someone else’s car it he pouring rain? They don’t even try to stop her beyond a weak, “Faye?” by Adam?

Hey kid you look familiar

Faye starts the car but sees a little girl in a yellow rain coat with red rain boots outside the window. Faye goes after her.

After the break,
Cassie finds a picture of a little girl in a book that has fallen on the floor when Jake comes in the room.

Jake tells Cassie that to access solo magic she has to use her emotions, according to him its like rocket fuel.

“True power is something you are born with,” Jake says. Okay so he is tempting her to see how dark her magic can get, I think its like cheating though. If he really wanted to know her he would allow her to do things in her own time. Instead he is using his witch hunter agenda to guide him. He rejects her when she tried to kiss him; mixed messages much? Sheeks guys !! I am starting to hope she really gets him good when they find out he is a hunter.

You know your mood swings make me HOT!!

Adam follows Diana outside as she goes to get firewood. “You are afraid of change,” Diana tells him LOL, then the arguing turns to sex, typical. I gotta say its cold and damp outside I would have foregone taking off all my clothes LOL just what was needed would have been enough. I guess they were hot and bothered.

Outside Cassie sees the same little girl who Faye saw earlier after not finding Faye in-car. Cassie follows the little girl. Now I find it interesting that Cassie could see the girl, I assume it is to reflect on her over whelming powers but I think it just shows a connection with Faye despite them fighting earlier and before.

—-okay here is the second time I have restart the video —–

Cassie runs into Faye while looking for the little girl. Faye is surprised that Cassie could see the little girl. Cassie recognized the little girl from the picture she found in the books that fell. Faye tells her the girl is her.

After the break, Charles talks to a knocked out Jane. Blah Blah talking to someone sleep is too much exposition for me.

Oh am I dead?

Faye talks to Cassie the last time she wore the outfit, the same one the little girl is wearing, as a child and she recalls being underwater. She recalls the panic then her grandfather pulled her out of the water. He saved her life.

After the break, Charles talks to a knocked out Jane. Blah Blah talking to someone sleep is too much exposition for me. He thinks he will like Jane better when he is in control of her; they will be great friends, yeah right.

Faye leads Cassie to the lake where she insists the girl is in the lake. Faye thinks that the little girl is in the water; she is confused though she knows its herself not really someone else.

Faye stop acting up good grief

Uh Oh!

What am I doing?

There you are; Grandpa Henry

Oh Cassie!!!

It takes Jake and Adam to get Faye out of the water in her delirium. Cassie sees the little girl on the pier why they wrestle with Faye. Cassie puts her hands into the water at the end of the dock and Henry’s body pops up. Faye is crying on Cassie’s shoulder but all I can think is how short Britt must be because she is wearing high heel boots but Faye is still towering over her.

Oh No Mommy

But Faye he was an evil Man

Next scene it’s basically daylight but Faye is still crying this time her mother its on her mother’s shoulders. Dawn doesn’t look real happy. She has to know there will be questions though surely they will blow them over as some type of accident, its tv right.

Ok no one laugh but I remember Natasha Henstridge, Dawn, from the movie the Widow on the Hill, she was beautiful and sparkling with personality. Now I guess seeing Natasha as a bulky built woman has been throwing me off LOL but I guess it’s just her character. I don’t know I just keep thinking she will dress up and I will see that beautiful woman again, the character is always such a hard personality who is uncaring except when she is dealing with her daughter.

The others just kind of stand around as Faye leaves with her mother.

Jake drives Cassie’s car back. A dead witch leaves energy hanging around; if you are powerful you can grab hold of it Jake’s informs her that was probably what happened. Cassie informs him that she just knew what to do after she saw the little girl on the dock. They guess that is how the little girl was able to use Cassie or really I think Henry.

It’s over Adam we can only be friends

Adam drips Diana off but she insists the sex the night before was the last time, she still wants Adam to get over her. Adam doesn’t want her to find out she is okay without him, oh so sweet and sappy LOL. Adam get a spine, Dude move on.

What were you here all weekend?

Jake arrives home to find Isaac waiting; he tells him everything. Isaac is ready to move and bored with waiting for Jake to kill the witches, he says, “its time.”

Where is my real Grams?

Cassie arrives home to find Jane cooking. Cassie tells Jane that Henry died. Jane tells her she thought Henry was away because he didn’t answer the door. Um wrong answer Grams. Jane says she never made it inside but Cassie shows her the scarf. Um that’s strange, Jane says, hmm, Cassie has to know something is wrong. Welcome to Stepford folks !!

I really liked this episode all the twists and turns plus the ghosts LOL.


  1. Awesome recap . . . and excellent job screencapping! I’ve tried to do that myself on a few occasions, and quite frankly sucked at it. So, much respect for your impressive capping abilities.

    I think this was my favorite episode yet! For a show that started out rather tame, at least in my opinion, The Secret Circle gets darker, sexier, and more fun with each passing week. The Truth or Dare sequence was so much fun. I particularly liked seeing Diana being a bit of a bitch to Cassie, for a change. It’s nice to know she’s human, and not 100% perfect, like her character was in the books. The fact that she’s flawed actually makes me like her more.

    Also, while I’m not necessarily a Cassie/Jake shipper, that kiss WAS HOT, with a capital “H,” as was Diana’s and Adam’s “Goodbye Sex.” But you are right. Adam is a bit of a wimp. He needs to be a bit more aggressive, both in his love life, and as a member of the circle. Broody looks, pouty lips, and soulful eyes will only get you so far . . .

    Speaking of hot . . . Charles voice when he was conducting that “finding spell” was PURE SEX! I got chills . . . literally. Sure, it was completely unnecessary, but it worked for me, anyway. That said, how DARE he Stepfordize Grandma Jane! That part scared the CRAP out of me!

    Can you imagine your only living relative becoming a pod person. As someone who comes from an extremely small family, that shook me to my core. I hope Cassie figures out what’s happening quick, and “undoes” it. But, I suspect she won’t . . . at least, not until after the hiatus!

    • Hey you thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you are still enjoying these recaps. I know I so love this show; I am totally hooked. I’m also starting to get a bit of a crush on Jake. I am sure he will be in and out as far as the series goes at least for a while. I am still staying away from spoilers except what they show at the end of the shows. It is hard believe me but I think it helps when I recap.

      Oh and what Charles and Dawn did to Jane was all kinds of WRONG. The kiss with Cassie/Jake was hot it worked with their chemistry, absolutely. I have to say there have been times I have not really been a believer as far as Britt Robertson goes but she is growing on me. She is good at being bad too LOL that is always a plus. Phoebe Tonkin is still the best at it though I can see them going head to head big time later on.

      I can’t wait to see your newest Gossip Girl recap; after tonight Louis fail …LOL

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