Secret Circle Recap- Episode 6 – Jake is Back in Town

On my last recap I made note that DAWN might have had the demon in her when Charles drowned NICK, well first thing this episode I see how true that might be……very creepy…….but then I figured it out, Can you figure it out by reading this RECAP??

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This episode Cassie is having a weird dream when she awakens with a start only to find a young man in the yard next door. The guy is standing near something on the ground that seems to be burning. He looks her way as she hides behind the curtain.

That morning she mentions the incident to her grandma Jane who tells her the young man is more than likely Jake, Nicks older brother who left town a couple of years ago. Jane says he was a troubled youth. Jane is feeling chatty as she always seems to be whenever Cassie deems its okay to talk to her. Jane feels in the gaps on the bound circle, it binds the bloodline not just the people she says to a shocked face Cassie. She just lays it on the line that Cassie is the real leader of the group since her powers go back to the beginnings of witchcraft. NOW notice she doesn’t say the beginning of the founding of the country or the beginnings of the new age movement or the beginning of time BUT the start of witchcraft. Talking about putting the weight on small shoulders YIKES, Grams ease up with the sharing.

At Diana’s her father, Charles looks like he might break down into tears as she shows him pictures of her with Nick as a kid. They used to hang out on Charles’ boat. She is upset about Nick and gets a hug from Daddy.

Later that day, Cassie brings items that Jane cooked for the wake over to the Boathouse bar/grill. Diana is at the front organizing for the wake and she chats with Cassie. Cassie mentions Jake and its obvious that Adam is upset because it turns out Jake robbed the Boathouse and Adam is holding it against him. Cassie also shares that Nick completes the circle. You know I think its cool they are trying not to keep secrets but I don’t know why its weird that they tell so much to one another; is that strange to anyone else?

Over at a table we see Faye talking to Melissa about random stuff until Jake shows up in the bar.

Adam speaks with Jake in a way that shows he is barely holding back his desire to punch him out while Jake thanks him for the effort he is putting in to give his brother a memorial. Jake acknowledges that he has met Cassie with a hello. Adam has a jealous look on his face that Diana sees after Jake is gone, Cassie tries to blow it off but its more than obvious.

Back at the table, Faye is relieved that Jake didn’t see her because she had an outfit picked out for the next time she saw him LOL, only Faye can make Nick’s death and his brother’s arrival be about her. Melissa is about to leave the table when Faye’s tells her she can’t spend the rest of her life on the floor of her house listening to depressing music. “It’s been two days,” Melissa replies, YUP give the girl a break, its only been two days WOW Faye got over her grief fast. Hmmm wonder what that is all about; they were fellow witches and kinda friends.

Anyway, Jane goes over to Dawn’s to try to get her help on the witch front. Dawn at first seems okay with the visit for a second as she puts on the tea-pot. As soon as Jane mentions that there was something else up with Nick’s death, Dawn’s pulls out a knife in a way that is hidden to Jane. WTH? I don’t know why she would do that because it’s not like she can just kill Jane and lie about it. It was way weird unless she is being controlled by Abaddon? Oh and where did he go? Was he really drowned because I think he could see that coming a mile away being an old soul and all.

Dawn plays dumb as Jane tells her old news, the kids are practicing, they bound the circle, there was a demon and OH yeah Nick died trying to drown the demon………but WAIT……..Nick would not know how to kill a demon because he left the house before they ever tried to get rid of the other one……so that just doesn’t jive Grams …hmmm Dawn agrees to help Jane protect the children but not go to the elders to strip them of their power. OK now what benefit can Dawn get from the circle since the Blood Moon ritual failed?

There is a pow wow at the old house where Cassie tells what she has learned just before they hear a noise outside and see a fire on the lawn in the shape of a crescent moon.

After the break, they discuss the moon but have no idea who or why it happened. Cassie goes to the hospital to find her Grams to ask questions about it. The significance of the Crescent Moon is that it means Conquest, it was burned on the ground of a witches land to show they had been marked, at least in the early days, according to Jane. Cassie mentions that she saw Jake by a fire at his house the night before, she is advised to not reveal the circle to Jake at the present time.

Faye confronts Jake on his boat in her little sexy outfit but he isn’t into her so she gets a bit upset. She does ask him if he set the fire at the house but he acts as though he has no idea of what she means.
She walks away after he insists he wants to know what she means by questioning him about the fire.

Charles visits Dawn at home so she can tell him about her meeting with Jane and how she thinks its good the older woman thinks they are allies. The entire time Charles looks queasy, I felt sad for him Dawn is a big bully. He doesn’t look like the kinda guy that can take all the double talk and back stabbing Dawn dishes out. He is a weak link as well she knows it.

At the house, Cassie is attacked by a woman with dark hair that wants her blood. Cassie screams as they fight just before Jake hears her and comes to the rescue. The woman does swipe Cassie with the knife, however. Jake recites a spell with Cassie before the woman runs away.

After the break, Cassie talks with Jake who sticks around a few minutes after the lady is gone. Jane comes not much later at which time she basically asked Jake to leave. I think she thought he was somehow involved with the woman who tried to hurt Cassie.

The next day, Adam is with Diana driving as they talk about the woman who tried to hurt Cassie when they see her on the side-walk talking to Jake. Adam stops on the road then goes over to with them while Diana follows behind too. He argues with Jake thinking maybe the woman followed him from another town but Jake’s alibi is she burned a moon near his house too, yep I think that is too convenient but we will see. Adam takes his little attitude and leaves with Diana after a few minutes with I hope you feel betters for Cassie who looks at Adam oddly. Jake makes an excuse for him to leave also.

In the car, Diana confronts Adam on is his attitude, in her eyes he acted like Cassie’s jealous boyfriend, OUCH, Yes Diana, don’t hold back.

Melissa uses her key to Nick’s house to go in and hang in his room to listen to sad music. She ends up lying on the bed holding Nick’s coat while she cries. I totally appreciate that they are honoring Nick by having him part of the storyline this week. I miss him too Melissa……cry us a River.

At the old house Cassie states her case about not wanting Jake to leave since he saved her life but the others are doubtful especially jealous Faye who says that Jake will leave Cassie in a million little twisted pieces if she gets involved with him. Faye has no idea its not about sex for Cassie because Cassie has been warned against telling the others her true identity as leader of the group. Therefore she has to pretty much take what Faye has to say with a grain of salt. I think Cassie is growing up already.

The next morning after looking over Cassie’s injury, Jane gives Cassie her crystal. The crystal is a reflection of the person who carries it, she tells Cassie. So this answers the question of why Dawn is so bitter and angry, I think. Maybe the crystal also Magnifies the weakness of the person in other areas. No one can know Cassie has the crystal not even the people in her circle, it can bring out the worst in people.

Across town Jake goes to see Simone, the woman who tried to kill Cassie. According to Jake, she is a true believer, the kind he hates, one who is frothing at the mouth wanting to kill witches. HE looks until he finds the blood she took from Cassie. “It’s too soon for bloodletting,” Jake tells her. Okay well things are getting more interesting.

At the wake everyone is remembering Nick in their own way. Faye is using the drops Nick made, they she calls his witches brew. It seems she started early on them because she seems on the way to be “toasted.”
Adam’s father, Peter, is drinking at the bar as he rambles on about their town burying teenagers. It is from, Peter, we learn that someone named Blackwell was who Amelia was distraught about. Adam punches out Jake after he arrives when he insults his father.

Dawn grabs Charles to take to her table so he won’t blab in his semi drunken state.
Outside Jake talks with Cassie about running away and how it worked or Not. After Cassie goes back inside we see that Simone is around again.

After the break, Diana goes down to take coffee to Adam’s father only to have him go on about how Cassie is destined to be with Adam, its written in the stars. Yes future father in law I want to hear I won’t ever marry my beloved, your son, thanks for the talk. Great Pep Talk, Pops.

Outside Melissa finds Faye trying to fly off the pier. They know each other too well to stay mad for long. They hug it out after Faye verifies that she knows Nick loved Melissa loved her as much as she loved him.

Inside Adam talks to Cassie about Jake; he wishes he was wrong about him being bad news but he doesn’t think he is wrong. Diana wanders off after seeing them talking before Cassie goes outside after noticing Simone with Jake.

Simone goes after Jake with a knife after she tells him he is not completing his mission which seems to be to kill Cassie. Cassie who had no idea what is really happening uses the crystal to get the knife to go flying so Jake can get the upper hand. Jake looks up as we see that Simone is stabbed in the neck.

Jake shows up later that night at Cassie’s, he lies Cassie that Simone was a witch in town to scavenge powers because when witches die its possible. Cassie lies to Jake about how the knife left her hand. She tries to get him to stay because of them being bound. He agrees finally but it came a bit too easy I think lets see what’s next.

In the bar Adam is cleaning up when Diana returns to tell him what his father told her about him and Cassie. She thinks he looks at Cassie in wonder; she is tired of watching it from the sidelines so she walks away.

Diana goes to Cassie to tell her she broke up with Adam because of her. Diana is at Cassie because Adam was her best friend and she had no where else to go. They hug and I imagine Cassie is more than confused.

Meanwhile, we find out who Jake really is and that is a Witch that is a Witch Hunter. He supposedly has sworn to rid Chance Harbor of Witches to avenge his family. Hmmmm sounds a bit weak on motive for me because he did run away before. Time will tell I suppose. I just bet he will see what is really going on around town and become a fine upstanding member of the local witch community LOL.

So that’s it for last weeks episode, WAKE. I am looking forward to this weeks Halloween party episode.
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