PLL S02 Episode 10 Recap Groped by the Dark Side

Well only two more episodes to go it seems.

This week the episode begins with Emily excited well a bit upset to finally see Aria who was avoiding her the night before by not answer her text. I assume Aria was thinking about her behavior with Jason and feeling a bit guilty for kissing him out on the side walk. Oh My!! Aria blurts out what happened with Jason to Emily almost as soon as she sits down. I thought Emily was going to jump across the table at her for some reason she has been protective of Ezra lately. Emily does tell Aria about the picture of her they found in Jason’s dark room. She is more than a little surprised and freaked out. Spencer shows up out of no where well at least I didn’t see her coming. She sits down after Emily does the reveal on Jason having photos of Aria. Emily blurts out about the kiss seconds later after Spencer does her weekly Jason rant. Bottom line: Jason is dangerous
Aria leaves only a few minutes later, yeah Missy you have some things to consider, just go on home and think 🙂

Call me Sexy

Oh no I am not moving along without discussing Spencer’s sexy little blouse. It is like a long sleeve blouse without the shoulders um not what I would expect Spencer to wear, well ever. I guess Toby has influenced her fashion choices with the whole kissing her till she is breathless thing, LOL

Even though its college fair day at school Spencer has to go home to pack up Ian’s things with Toby, not sure if that is good option or a bad option. I mean its like Ian tortured the girl with his sheer presence how did she get that chore? Well Emily is the only one that will be at the college fair it seems.

Alpha Bits – A is for villian

Who are you calling a weak link?

The next part bugs me in a REALLY big way. Emily pours out her tiny box of cereal, you know the individual kind only to find that the letters which should be random are you guessed it, ALL A’s……..Yeah RIGHT?? I am not buying it and I don’t like it. I am just saying that is going too far NO ONE not anyone could do that. What A had all night to go through the boxes to find the A’s to put in a random box for Emily to find. You know how many times do this girls actually eat, that is another thing, well except Hanna who seems to find time despite staying skinny but I digress.. The weak link is the easiest to break, snapping yet? A Was the message in the box. So I went back four times to find the name of the cereal its Alpha Bits but it has ABC on the front so it still should have had at least those three letters if not all of the alphabets. I am sorry this is the WORSE use of A…….EVA !! That is of course my opinion. Emily looks around in frustration before the Theme song plays.

Over at the Marin’s, Ashley and Hanna talk of Emily’s bad decisions on going to swim practice even though she can’t swim yet and grinding her teeth at night. This wasn’t a bad discussion but it made me uncomfortable but I guess its mother/daughter chit-chat in its truest form. Ashley suggests that Emily needed a bit of pampering as she reaches in a drawer to magically find an old massage certificate that she hasn’t used oh but is still valid, which she gives to Hanna to pass on to Emily. Oh Yes Ashley’s life is stress free; it must be nice Mama Marin. Tom has sent Hanna a sweet card to thank Hanna for doing what she should have done anyway, you know agreeing to be in her Dad’s wedding, duh folks.

No I’m not really a stalker

Jason totally acts as though he had no idea Spencer was in his dark room when Aria confronts him about the pictures. Go Aria, head on into a one on one with a potential psycho, you go girl. At least she talked to him in the halls of the school you know since he is hanging around being a good Samaritan. But wait, Jason confesses he found the roll of film and only developed it, the film belonged to Alison. He is all well now see I am special but go ahead accuse me of something else. Well I’m not fooled Mister, I know you did something bad, I’m just not sure what yet. I totally hate the way he made Aria feel like the one who needed to apologize the true sign of a psycho is that ability, you know. Well Maybe, I didn’t finish my psychology classes, any who.

Peek a boo I can’t see you

Well as soon as the two of them leave we see none other than Benna is hiding behind the divider having listened to the conversation, desperate much?

speaking of psycho’s I mean psychiatrists

Ella sees Anne the psychiatrist in the hall and asks her if she will see her son about his recent troubles. Anne suggests he see someone else since she is seeing Aria and Ella is all for it. You know there are a lot of people whose names begin with A in this show. Let’s see Aria, Anne, Ashley and Alison. I am just throwing that out there though I think A is more than likely a group of people as I said before because well it just makes sense, though having a name beginning with an A does not actually make you a suspect.

Z Baby help me

Aria is about to go over to say hi to Ezra when she sees him with Jackie and changes her mind. Jackie was acting the way I always thought she would in this episode. *shakes head* She was so obviously flirting with Ezra and being annoying as all get out just by being her perky fake self.

Mom says you really have to relax

Hanna runs into Emily in the hall and takes the chance to give her the gift certificate for a massage. Clear Azul Spa…..product placement anyone? Hanna has to bail on college day just like everyone else because she is dragging Mona along to her dress fitting for Tom’s wedding so she has an excuse, poor Em, three friends but none when its time for higher learning it seems. Well at least she can relax after, right? Yeah have you seen this show? *Spoilery* Emily always gets the harsher punishments.

Emily’s bad day is coming to a head when she opens her locker and the contents fall on the floor. I mean will her drama ever have a happy ending, very sad. Anne walks by in time to inquire about how she is feeling and Emily agrees to have a session with her that afternoon. Oh yeah, Emily is about to snap if she doesn’t get all the secrets off her chest.

Talk to me dirty about College Toby

Over at the Hastings, Toby and Spencer gather together Ian’s belongs to give them away. “Why enjoy today when you could be worrying about tomorrow is the Hastings Motto,” Spencer says to Toby’s inquiry of why she isn’t at college day even though he assumes she has gone before in another year. I don’t know why this comment didn’t flow for me from Spencer it was like she was trying too hard, I don’t know. I guess it was sarcasm. I did note she is still wearing that sexy blouse, Oh Toby see I am all covered up except, bites lip, right here LOL …

While thumbing through Ian’s year book they notice he was in a club, N.A.T., that they cannot find in the index of clubs as well Spencer does not recall it all for the school. They are wondering about the club when they notice that Jason also refers to the same club on his autograph of the year book. Now Spencer is concerned that this mysterious/secret club mean something, Yeah me too, a reference to the Gilmore Girls Life & Death Brigade motto from season 5 in omnia paratus, be prepared for all things. I know that was just what it reminded me of in the next part, I gotta ahead of myself. Anyway, on further investigation of the year book they see that Garrett Reynolds was also in the club.

Aria, my sweet

Ezra sees Aria at the college fair and gets over to her as fast as his little feet can carry him, see I like Ezra. He teases her about Hollis college and the handsiness of the teachers, I thought it was cute, but Aria walks away as he follows her we see evil eye Jackie is watching. Aria seems already to give up to Jackie, I could see it in her eyes, I think it’s why she told Ezra she kissed Jason.

It was not the best time or way but it came out I am glad in a way its out there but Ezra is shaken, then the witch, Jackie comes over to get his help on some lame box carrying. Jackie says she doesn’t want to leave the booth but uhh she is across the room already so why not get the Da*n boxes herself? Oh I am weak and have long hair help me. She has the nerve to tell Aria that “college is a growing experience and you will look back and see how naive you were,” after Ezra reluctantly mind you goes to do her bidding. ..I would have given her an evil stare and said, you should know and walked off but Aria just says really.

No comment

Over at the lame dress fitting Hanna is ensconced in a huge dress that is too long as well as too wide. I suppose the idea is they chose her old size before slim down. Hanna is actually trying to be nice about the situation whereas Mona is complaining in her stead. Kate, Hanna’s future evil stepsister, shows up as they are talking and Mona is excited all of a sudden because Kate has the latest new bag. Mona’s eyes light up when she sees that Kate is a fashionista the way she considers herself to be. On the other hand, Hanna is self-deprecating and makes jokes which I can tell that Kate wasn’t all impressed with. It looks like Kate has the old Hanna in mind as far as the way she will treat her. Mona jumps at the chance to agree for her and Hanna to go to lunch with Kate and the cousins. Oh great Mona can’t you get your own life? She even tries to make it seem as though hanging out with Kate is what Hanna needs to do when all the while we know it’s about Mona wanting the attention and time with someone who can afford to have purse that the rest of the world thinks is sold out…….boo who.

I can get used to this

Over at the spa/massage place, Emily has arrived all ready for a rub down, um massage.

Nos Animadverto Totus

Spencer is at def con 5 at the Hastings with Toby trying to figure out about the mysterious club. Toby says its just a prank maybe but Spencer won’t let go. Persistence pays off for Spencer as she finds a tee shirt of Ian’s with the name of the club, Nos Animadverto Totus, on it. Okay so we didn’t want to have to guess for long and they wanted us to get it right, Check, thanks Costume designers. They google the phrase and it means, We See All. Wait big surprise, NOT!! So we have three members of this group which could have many more members seeing as they only had Ian’s yearbooks, I think some of the members could be older and/or yes Younger. So NEW theory one I have been formulating lately is that Mike is in the New club maybe even Benna and Jessica, Peter, Ashley and Mama Hastings were in a former group of old. Think about it, its a small town, so if you were in the club it would be top secret. So I suddenly had the chills, check this out, in the DaVinci Code the lady tells of how she caught her supposed grandpa in a ritual, um sexual, with some club members and she was confused and scared for life. So i am thinking Alison saw something with this club that she shouldn’t have and the Club is A, trying to hide what Alison saw all this time. It is the kind of thing that involves killing to keep secrets like the conspiracies of today, which is another story.

However when I think back to the Fashion show episode I get stuck, the whole My clothes, My Game, My Rules thing does NOT fit the club……..:(

Now Spencer thinks that Jason killed Alison to get back the tapes but it was for the group not for him alone.

Answer please Ezra I can feel that Jason is going to show up

At the cafe, Aria is trying to have a moment alone as she texts Ezra but Jason shows up anyway. He promised before he had chosen some of the pictures to have framed for her so he delivers the, not like he could change his mind now if she he would have been caught in a lie.

Does my butt look big this way

Thanks to Mona, Hanna ends up at the Polo field dressed like a jockey as she saddles up to a horse with fear in her eyes. According to Hanna, Mona bragged about her riding skills and in the process loss them a good lunch to go riding instead.

We are spoiled!

Kate with equally annoying cousins, Bitsy and Margeaux, arrive dressed classy in their riding gear nothing like the jockey twins, Hanna and Mona, LOL already to ride.

It’s obvious Hanna has not learned her lesson about Mona talking for her when she allows the others to leave them alone. Really? Hanna how long have you known braggadocio Mona?

Over at the spa, Emily is on the table eyes closed ready for her first massage. Someone in a dark outfit shows up and begins to rub on her thigh even though they pull back the towel on her back, very confusing. Emily is really enjoying it though since they never showed the person’s face we can assume its A or an A accomplice club member.

I want to believe you but stop talking

Your so pretty

Aria and Jason are at the coffee-house reviewing Alison’s artwork aka sleeping pictures of Aria while Jason pretends to make nice. When he tells Aria he pulled up Alison’s floor board I was thinking, Yep, because he knows like the others do but can’t seem to remember, that Alison like to hide things. Anyway, his explanation ends with he found a box of her stuff and the film that he developed. Well hmm I bet he developed it because he was AFRAID of what was in it……..Aria wake up!! She took pictures, hid them under the floor and of course he is going to be afraid of what she had seen. Luckily as far as we know it was pictures she took of Aria while she was sleeping, maybe at a slumber party or something, but who knows if he didn’t take the other pictures already. The ones in the shed could have been a trap to see who would come looking, who knows right. Oh wait then he throws in the old, “if something becomes a habit its hard to stop,” sounds like an excuse to me, Stalker boy. He offers to give Aria the box he found then teases about waiting for the next time one of her friends breaks in with a laugh like he really finds it amusing, yeah NO he doesn’t he is trying to hide his anger with all this good will. I think under he is seething, while he plays good Samaritan.

No Sweetie you can’t shoot Jason in a public place, maybe later

Outside it looks like Toby and Spencer went on a pizza run and they see Aria talking to Jason but Spencer won’t go into to confront Jason because Aria doesn’t seem to be taking note of her concern. Spencer decides she knows who needs to wake up Aria about Jason, but they leave the person a mystery for the time being.

Are we still in OZ?

There is a short scene with Hanna and Mona somewhere on the outskirts of the polo/country club where Hanna and Mona argue over why they are in the predicament at all. Mona wanted to get Hanna in good with her soon to be stepsister but it comes across as being more about Mona wanting to get in good with Kate for her own betterment. Mona walks away insulted that Hanna could think that of her, oh yeah like Mona is perfect. The scene would not have been missed in the episode they could actually have left it out as far as I am concerned, it didn’t add anything except a slice of Hanna’s day but could have easily been replaced with more of something else, my two cents. Then again I like Ashley Benson and she deserves screen time, kudos, lady.

Oh my Gosh hand me a bucket so I can throw up

At the spa, Emily is horrified to find the person who gave her the awesome thigh massage wasn’t the lady who was supposed to be doing it…..EWWWW, I would have been all find that person someone anyone that doesn’t work here and is wearing..oh I don’t know they have great hands…..*is sad* it wouldn’t have helped.

A is for Water

To top it all off A had the nerve to put her initial on the water-glass by the table. The nerves of that A..pick on someone else for a while leave Em alone.

<a href="”>
Hey Ezra oh I mean Mr. Fitz

Ezra is in his car about to leave the school when Spencer gets in the car, the goddess bless Spencer she is so intense. She always wants to help her friends. Anyway, Stutter stutter, “Spencer do you need a ride or something,” Ezra asked in his confusion…..perfect scene by Ian LOL. Spencer blurts out that she knows about him and Aria but before he can say anything she says, “Aria is in danger,” which probably gets his attention faster than anything else would have. Now all would have been good if not for Ella, big eyed, Montgomery seeing Spencer talking to Ezra in his car. She looks like she disapproves from a mile away because it looks like they are having an intense conversation.

Where are you my Pretty? (Homage to Jewls)

Look how easy it was for me to get my hands around your neck?

As if there is any doubt it was A at the spa, Emily is about to call Anne for a session when she gets a text from A. Look how easy it is to get my hands around your neck, Wow some kinda nerve A has. Emily looks as though it suddenly dawned on her it was really A that did her thigh massage, Eww again.

Come with me to the shed

Over at Jason D, he and Aria are just arriving to get the box. Aria refuses to go in the shed with him to get it, thank goodness. I think she is finally having second thoughts about Jason, not long ago he didn’t want anyone in the house now he is going to invite her into the wood shed, uh no thanks stalker dude.

Get me out of these Jod Purrs 🙂

Hanna and Mona finally make it back to finally change out of there dirty clothes and Hanna goes into a rant about Kate and her mother, Ouch. It would have been all good except for the fact that Hanna sat her helmet down on the speaker or something and everyone outside heard her call Kate’s mother a skank and various other details. Looks like Hanna might get bitten in the butt for this one. I do get that Hanna is the hurt child of divorce and she acts out because of it. She goes out to try to apologize but to no avail of course.

There are no words for this scene

Benna has the audacity go show up at Spencer’s house to threaten her about being quiet. She actually tells her she needs to stop digging, because is dangerous for her and Toby so basically two threats. I am so glad Spencer wasn’t scared of her because you know Benna is more scared than all of them she is the one with the secrets. Spencer says, “tell Garrett I said hi,” as Benna leaves, touche, so glad Spencer said it.

Kiss me baby let Jason see us too

At Jason’s Ezra comes driving up all ready to save Aria from the bad guy. Aria is still convinced that Jason is on the up and up because he had a reason for the pictures but Ezra says whatever I want us to tell everyone about us and gives her a kiss right there in Jason’s yard.

Take the box and leave

While they are kissing Jason comes out with the box and there is no way the contents are what was inside before unless well we will see what is in it in a few minutes. Jason who has seen Ezra around Aria before is not shocked that they are together, but I don’t think he was happy about the reveal. I do think that well sorry to say that Ezra might be in this mystery some where he shouldn’t be. I think that might come up in Season Three.

I think they are on to us, Duh, you think

So Benna and her beau, Officer Doo Good pow wow after talking to Spencer. Big ears Benna knows that Spencer has been looking at year books and adding one and one together. They decide its time to talk to Jason. So I think they want to see what Jason remembers about the night Alison died. I really love that Benna was scared, it’s about time she has been so arrogant until now.

Welcome to psycho sister land

Hanna finally gets back home all ready to have some pudding before her mother comes in asking about her day. Surprise surprise Tom calls ready to tell Ashley that Kate said they had a great time together. Unfortunately Kate is the step sister to be from that dark place, hell. She wants to train Hanna like she does a horse, to take all the fight out of her until she is broken. Hanna didn’t see that coming. You know I think Hanna can take her.

Who hides this crap in a box

At the Montgomery’s Aria is going through the box of crap that Jason gave her. Now either something interesting is in that doll or jar or Jason got the good stuff out already because otherwise it was a waste of a drive to get it at all. Ella comes in the room to see how Aria is doing then puts a job on her as usual. Aria has to convince Mike that he isn’t a loser for going to a shrink. You know Ella needs to man up and learn to talk to her own son, I’m just sayin’ Aria doesn’t need that any thing else to do, she is got enough going on.

Oh and I have a pet peeve about them all putting things that are not theirs on their bed spreads. I am a germo-phobe but Aria just sat down that old box on her bed, another time Emily threw her trash on her bed, they also have their shoes on the bed, they do it all the time it’s so strange to me. If they were sleeping in those beds I would imagine it would never happen but why don’t they treat them like they are sleeping in them. I know weird rant I am just putting it out there.

Judgy McJudgerson

Before Ella leaves she has to express her concern that Spencer might be dating Ezra, *laughs* she thinks it would feel like a betrayal if she found out a teacher was dating a student, such a judgy character she is always trying to find the flaws in people or is that just what I see. Her big eyes seem to be everywhere. Aria is disappointed that her mother feels that way even though Ezra is not much older than the girls. Well there goes the plan to tell her parents about them. You know and I don’t know how she could feel betrayed when she has her own husband and life and if it was Spencer it is none of her business. I believe in live and let live. I mean people should do what makes them happy as long as they don’t hurt anyone else.

Five showers and I still feel dirty

So this week we get the meeting of the minds at the end. After Emily has taken five showers and needs more with each thought of A having touched her; She, Spencer and Hanna discuss the discovery of the N. A. T. club. Bottom line- A is not one person, see I said that LOL.
Spencer is afraid Aria will be upset with her for talking to Ezra but Aria is cool about it but she has to tell her that Ella thinks Ezra is dating Spencer, very funny.
It was cute that they both said I love you, in a bestie friend sort of way “you are so tiny and I was scared for you,” (paraphrase)Spencer said.

Let’s bring the meeting to order

Garrett shows up at Jason’s for an unofficial meeting of the N.A.T. club. He actually offers Jason a beer but it seems Jason is on the wagon and I am sure Garret was just testing him. According to Garrett all roads lead back to the house where Jason lives. Garrett wants to make sure that he and Jason are cool, for some reason with him being a cop it matters more than ever. Jason give him a weird look.

Really, you turned up my air conditioner?

The last scene is Anne meeting a new patient, they we do not see, but the room is cold like maybe before Anne came in the person turned it up. It could have been she was outside in the warm air before, LOL, yeah I got nothing but I do think its A in the room.

Feel free to comment.

One comment

  1. You know, I’ve been wondering about that whole “Anne Sullivan is cold” thing too. My first thought was Sixth Sense. Remember how they always got cold when the dead people showed up? I suspect that was what we were SUPPOSED to think about. However, now I’m wondering whether “A,” who we already know had access to the shrink’s office, long before she became her patient, turned up the A.C. before the session, just as you said. Who knows, maybe “A” plans on putting something into the office that needs to be kept cold, like, I don’t know, a dead body, perhaps? 😉 Interesting . . .

    As always, I absolutely adore reading your insights into this show. You never fail to make me giggle, nod my head vigorously in agreement, or think about some aspect of the show in a way that I never thought about it before. Great job! 🙂

    I wonder if you are right about Jason having sorted through the box before he gave it to Aria. It kind of makes me wish she accompanied him to the woodshed after all. Then again, it’s possible that, although those items inside the box SEEMED insignificant to Aria, on initial perusal, they will all end up spelling out some major clue to who her killer is. After all, didn’t Ali say, during one of her flashbacks, that she always keeps things hidden until she wants them found. If Ali knew someone was trying to kill her, it would be just like her to leave clues for her friends about who the culprit might be. This way, her death could eventually be avenged.

    As creepy as they are (and I do think the N.A.T. club made stalking women into a “hobby”), I don’t think Garrett or Jason are “A,” nor, I suspect, did they kill Ali. You are right. The whole fashion show debacle definitely suggested a female “A.” Plus, much of “A’s” specific brand of psychological torture seems a lot more typical of the kind in which Mean Girls relish. Male torture typically tends to be more physical in nature. Right?

    Speaking of “A,” I’m with you, the As in the Alpha Bits were just super lame! It’s like they aren’t even TRYING to make “A” seem human anymore? Am I right? 😉

    Oh, and congrats on Ezria! 🙂 Don’t you love it when things go well for your favorite ship members? I know I do *cough* Delena *cough 😉

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