PLL Recap Episode 24 – Trust Not Thy Sister

Hi all you Pretty Little Liars lover we are almost down to the wire on season two, next week is the big A reveal. Do any of you think that you have guessed right or are you at the point that you just wan to know so we can move on to the many others things we love about this show.

On with the recap now, this week we begin with Spencer sleeping on the sofa. Now perhaps because all the girls were in the last scene from last week I assumed they might stay over but Spencer on the sofa is kinda curious to me.

Well things get more curious we notice that Allison is on the floor near the bag searching it frantically. This Allison looks very much alive to me, not like the more dream Allison that Emily saw earlier in the season. I guess that’s neither here nor there though I totally think it means something. How many times have A’s messages sounded like Allison? Yes many times but we all assume it’s a wicked twin she/he devil of hers. Allison seems the kind of person you love to hate or hate to love LOL.

Anyway, Allison dream or otherwise starts to talk to a surprised Spencer. She mentions knowing about Jason being Spencer brother, how Spencer needs a decent sister LOL and then she asks for one of Spencer’s pain killers to take with her on the road which are conveniently on the table with another medicine. I almost forgot that Spencer was with Hannah when she helped Benna out of the fiery house that belongs to Jason D. The point is that she was hurt, remember Dr. Wren. But wait back up Allison wants to take a pain-killer for the road? How many dream ghosts use pain killers? Oh and Spencer asks,”Are you still hiding out as Vivian?”

I totally don’t get how these two lines just run into one another and we are not supposed to believe they mean anything??? Seriously writers how are we suppose to take the show seriously with stuff like this thrown in and in the rest of the episode its not even referred to again??? Yeah maybe next episode Spencer will mention but for this episode its a WASTE if its even a clue to anything.

Moving on, okay so then Spencer tells her about Duncan telling them about Hiltonhead. Allison thinks that Duncan talks too much. She then warns Spencer that she is on the right track with the bag but she shouldn’t get hung up on the details. Okay so now we are to realize yes this is a dream though no dream like I ever had its got to be a Lucid Dream where the dreamers is relating so one on one with the another person and getting answers. Allison tells Spencer she misses her, her serious face when she gets all into something, but again she reminds her they are in some seriously messed up stuff. “The good news is you are getting warmer,” are Allison’s final words before Spencer hears someone coming down the stairs, she throws the bag under the sofa then pretends to be asleep………but wait I thought she was asleep.

Next thing we know it’s the next morning, “Spencer,” yells Melissa, who comes down the stairs complaining about the cold then they both notice the door was open. Uh huh, so was Allison really there or not??

Spencer looks around then sees the cap off her pain killers. Of course in that state is it possible she left it off herself.

Cue creepy theme music

Later, Spencer tells Emily about everything that happened including the open door. Em thinks she is over thinking it. Spencer adds that she could still Allison’s cream rinse after she left. Hmm that is a vivid dream or real life or a memory, hmmm I’m confused. Emily recalls the time she was talking to Allison after being locked in the barn. The conversation at that time felt more real to Em than the moment she is talking to Spencer now. Emily suggests that Allison is holding all their brains hostage; they won’t be able to sleep till they know what happened to her.

On the way in to talk to someone I thought Maya’s parents, Emily gets a text from Maya who is angry that Em talked to her parents. She thought she could trust Em with her secret. Maya has to know that Emily is a sensitive girl who is always trying to do right; she has to know that Emily felt obligated. How would any of you have dealt with that. I personally think I would have done the same as Em eventually.

We find out from Hanna in the next scene that Emily was going to the new tenants of her house before school. Okay so that was where she was headed.

Ashley asks Hanna if they had heard any more about the fire at Jason’s house but Hanna knows nothing; well says nothing that she might know. Then the sound of a phone ringing is noticed by Mama Ashley. Hanna tries to ignore it. Ashley pulls the phone from Hanna’s purse to find Caleb on the other end. Ashley hangs up on him after telling him that Hanna no longer owns a phone LOL. Mean Mommy, Caleb is the good guy now LOL.

Hanna lies that Mona needs her all the time so she gave her a phone. It’s a weak lie to say the least; not believable at all. Ashley is like no more secrets and lies my offspring LOL we have had enough of that.

With the timing of a trained actress, Mona arrives a minute later to get in the fray as she shows up to get Hanna for school Ashley tells Mona if she needs around the clock counseling then she can stay over a few nights. Mona has no clue what is up but then Ashley hands her back her phone. She lets her know that Hanna cannot use it, um right MOM. It’s not like Mona won’t just hand Hanna back the phone in the car, DOH!!

If Ashley was serious about Hanna not having the phone she would have kept it then gave it to Mona’s mom with the explanation…it was a weak attempt if any to solve the issue. Mona does take a moment to compliment Ashley on cooking egg whites omelette, which she sees from across the room, before Hanna tells her they have to go. It’s almost like Ashley would rather have Mona as a kid the way she smiles after Mona leaves. Yeah she knows she did no good with the phone deal.

Does anyone think Ashley is A? I know it sounds weird but way back in the beginning of the season I so thought it was one of the parents particularly Ashley.

Over at Hollis, Ezra is at his desk when Aria arrives with coffee to celebrate her father being away in Vermont. I am all for celebrating that, while the Pops is away Aria will play 🙂 Ezra comments that most people celebrate getting a job offer not turning it down, “you are not most people,” Aria says.

Ezra shares that the Dean at Hollis is not acting pleased with him since he turned down the job offer in Louisiana. Now that is odd because you would think have a fresh young professor at a local college would be something that a Dean would like. Now maybe it’s that the Dean put his reputation on the line by allowing Ezra to go interview for a job that he turned down or that Byron has somehow without saying gotten the Dean in the know about Ezra, you know like innuendo and stuff.

Aria tells Ezra the Dean will get over it the bad fall-out will pass, she then kisses him but he isn’t quite get into it LOL its funny, “he is three states away, you can at least, lean into it,” she tells him, LOL.

Meanwhile at Benna’s she is not only recovered but ready to take off her bandage from her surgery. She just can’t wait till after school to do it. She wants Tobey’s to be the first face she sees, EW, Tobey looks unsure himself LOL. She looks all disappointed in the mirror like she can’t see. I bet the doctor would have told her that after the bandage came off it would take time but anyway she jumped the gun. We see a tear fall from the eye but there is no way to tell if she can see or not.

At school Spencer shows them the Ads that Allison took out in the paper years ago. Allison wanted to meet up with a. A responded through the Ads back and forth for a month. The last Ad before labor day weekend says that A wanted to meet Allison in Brookhaven. It gives an address on Spruce street. They speculate it was where the Spooky Doll hospital was in Brookhaven. Anyone else think its interestingthat now Brookhaven is the place to go before it was Philly LOL.

Benna walks up with Tobey on her arm; Tobey does NOT look like he is hating it. Benna has no cane but she is still wearing the shades despite having no bandage. Tobey on the other hand is confusing me more each day. I do have to say he is looking HOT though, I think its he hair ……darn it……soo cute. She wants to talk to the girls, Benna sends Tobey inside like he is her slave, dang he just obeys. She sets down at the table surrounded by the girls. Hanna is the one to ask the question they all want to know, “can you see or not?” LOL oh Hanna it is a good question but Benna will not tell the truth so beware, I say this because she is a liar the top of the chain Liar. *spoilery* but we already know that if we watch the show LOL**

Benna says she still can’t see but she woke up that morning seeing clearly in her mind. She tells them especially Hanna that she believes that people can grow then she apologizes. Benna supposedly wants to let go of the anger that has been holding her back, she asks them if they can just move on. Emily asks exactly what the apology is for because we all know there are a list of things that Benna has done that she will never admit too……anyway, Benna says its about hating them as well as holding a grudge. Yeah that don’t’ include the Garrett stuff I see, hmmm. She does admit to doing things she is not proud of actually she includes them in that part LOL crafty She adds that she has never been the person they need to fear…. warning there is someone else according to her. No one says anything as she gets up to pull out her cane then walk away.

Now either they were all stunned or like me didn’t believe a word of it LOL You see she put the apology out there but NO one actually accepted it; its how apologies work or don’t work am I right?

After the break, the girls discuss whether or not they believed Benna’s apology. Emily didn’t but the others are doubtful too. They do think it odd that Benna would be the one to set the fire with her inside, we all saw that it couldn’t have been her doing that in the end of the episode with the placing of the badge too. It still does not make her really sorry though.

They speculate that A might be Garrett or Melissa then Spencer mentions that Vivian knew who A was its why Allison is no longer with them.

I gotta stop right here and complain. Why is it that Allison is in the dreams/dream walking or whatever yet she does NOT just give them the Answer? Is it because she never did find A? Is it because she loves games so much she loves them in the after life? Yeah its lame that she can talk to them but she gives NO actual answers….what can A reach into the after life and kill her again……I think NOT…..its just another poor device they are using. If you donpt look too close then its all a fun mystery if you look too close its a poor game of cat and mouse masquarading as a dramatic show….I admit I love the chase or I would have stopped watching long ago. I am like Spencer a dog with a bone LOL …..rant over.

Spencer suggests they go to Brookhaven to work more on the last clue.

In the hall later Mona shows Hanna her latest text from A. Oh fun Mona is in the loop now; something else for her to complain about. `Interesting how its all about A now that Noel is gone. The text says that Mona has to break up Hanna and Caleb. I think if A is all seeing then Mona running to show Hanna the text makes no sense at all. Are we totally losing the rules of the show as it goes along. Until Mona became a receiver of A messages there were just certain things that did not happen. Now she is all Oh Oh I got an message from A. LOL

Why would A want Caleb to break up with Hanna, I think Mona would gain the most from that break up because then she only has to share Hanna with the other girls and not a beau. Hmm that is a motive for her to be A but why would she show Hanna if she were A? Oh yeah to make it looks like she is sharing everything with her, hmm. Mona asked Hanna if she got a text from A but it turns out Mona still had the borrowed phone in her purse. Um, Hanna hasn’t gotten any messages since the fire. Yeah that doesn’t prove anything accept that Mona might be new at being A she has no idea how it really works. She might have even sent the message from the borrowed phone then erased it, why else does she happen to have it in her purse anyway; Oh yeah Hanna probably told her in advance before so she brought it to school that day. I guess. OH and how many of us keep our old phones up to date after we get New phones?? I don’t why pay for two services. Speaking of that old phone wouldn’t it have the same phone number as the new phone though I guess that is not necessarily true?

Moving on, Hanna slips when she mentions that Benna might be A which gets Mona to thinking who A might be and here we go Hanna opened her mouth with no way to explain. The very reason she shouldn’t have friends outside her main group during this time of stress. LOL She then blurts out about going to Brookhaven but she is saved from explaining by a Cutie pie named Caleb. He asks about their date that night before Hanna invites Mona along. Mona declines with the LIE that she has a paper due but she will be staying with Hanna thanks to Mama Ashely’s invite to her. Now where is Mona’s mom?

My theory here is that Mona will plan to be in Brookhaven you know following Hanna since she has been unintentionally tipped off that Hanna is going there despite not telling her why because of Caleb’s intrusion.

In my mind I can see the gloved hand running the glove over the bushes outside Jason’s house last week… this point I totally think that was MONA…….just that one little thing. She has that way of walking all prissy like.

Aria is in her mother’s office leaving her a note only to find that her parents are considering putting her in boarding school. She knows this because she sees a note from her father about it then she finds the application. WOW, what a big jump for Ella even though Aria may not be doing what her parents want her to do boarding school is not the answer. Aria is not an age where that should even be a potential answer for them seriously folks. Oh and how much money do these teachers make that they can even think of such a thing? *shakes head*

In Brookhaven, Aria tells the girls about the new development just before they see a woman going into the doll hospital. She claims the store is not open but she has a shifty look about her. You know someone that will tell you anything just to hear herself talk LOL maybe that is just me.

The lady who is named Martha, tells them that she don’t sell many dolls its mostly repairs. Spencer points out the voodoo doll looking one in the window that is like the one Allison had. She is told that it was left there by someone they never actually sold them. So let’s get this right; they are not a store for selling dolls but a doll hospital like it says on the sign LOL you know there are an awful lot of dolls in the window for them not to be for sale on what could be a main street in the sleepy town of Brookhaven.

Aria notices a doll with moving eyes in the window that is really a little child. The older lady calls him Seth as they follow her inside the creepy store/hospital. They follow the lady downstairs where there are all sorts of doll parts. If she is fixing them she is doing a bad job of organizing it all LOL. She tells them that her sister actually does the book keeping for the place but she has been trying to sell it. So she is trying to sell it while also not doing a good job with the clients that she has LOL confused? I guess she is just an older woman with Nothing else to do but play with dolls.

The paperwork they seek is for the burlap/voodoo doll the one that is supposedly one of a kind. The creepy kid tells them that the voodoo doll was the same one a girl came to find a year and half ago. Yes, No how can he remember that? They must really be short on customers for that to be such a sharp memory, right ? um not really LOL. Seth tells them that she, the girl wanted to know who bought the doll. Emily shows him a picture of Allison, he says that its her FACE but she had lots of dark hair. Oh yeah it was the Vivian version of Allison. Anyone ever think that maybe Allison had a split personality? She was Vivian and Allison but not really a mood thing but a Psycho thing LOL. Of course, most people in that condition have no idea about it then others just accept it but Allison openly admitted to wanting to be someone else which is just role play LOL I know.

Seth also reveals that they never could tell her who bought the doll but he told her supposedly to stop looking because a man and a woman were looking for her. The kid looks scarily for real here. The woman tells him to stop talking so much, “hold your tongue.” She is supposedly still searching for information but not finding it LOL. The lady tells them that Seth sees things that haven’t happened yet. Seth adds that the couple that came looking for the girl, were dark haired. The older woman then tells him to take up the groceries, why did she bring them downstairs to start with???????? Before he leaves he tells the girls he is sorry about what happened to the dark haired girl, he says it all spooky like. He says it must have been awful breathing dirt in her lungs, then the woman says, “you said enough.” Hmm what is up with these two characters………here we go again with some random folks having information……….just like with Duncan. The kid goes upstairs while the woman looks at them over her glasses, REALLY? Now either they know something for real or they are lying or lying for money.

After the break, they discuss who the couple might be that Seth had mentioned before. Spencer finally confesses that Jason is her brother. Melissa hated Allison’s guts according to Spencer, she also had access to the creepy doll store since she worked not far away at the law firm. Hold the phone why didn’t Melissa just work for her family, they are lawyers?

Over at the Montgomery’s Aria confronts Ella with the boarding school information. Ella says she is trying to keep her safe. Aria suggests she might do something about Byron, by telling the Dean about his affair with one of his students. Ells looks stunned at Aria’s suggestion.

At the Hastings, Spencer arrives home to find Melissa fussing over thank you notes. Yes, Spencer she does seem so normal to be a psycho LOL. I know earlier I said that Mona was the gloved hand but that doesn’t mean that Crazy Nanny Psycho Melissa doesn’t have a hand in the pie too LOL. Melissa asks Spencer about the bag in her room; I wonder is she went nosing through it since she obviously saw it? Melissa’s reply to Spencer answer of it being Allison’s bag leads me to believe that she did look in it, “it’s morbid keeping that KIND of stuff,” she wouldn’t know what KIND unless she looked.

Spencer takes a shot in the dark by showing Melissa the video with her coming into Allison’s room. They argue and some of it makes no sense. Spencer almost tells Melissa about the investigator but thinks more of it. Melissa wants to know how Spencer got the video. Melissa says she was looking for Ian but she in the video is Clearly asking for Allison…….uh doh!! Melissa also states that half the town wanted Allison to disappear. Hmm so there was a WE HATE Allison club; was that also the N.A.T. club its funny Allison should have been the founder of that club. She was the one who wanted to know ALL perhaps that is a key. Spencer says she is taking the video to the police but Melissa tells her there are other videos out there, in the nether realms LOL, that make the Girls look pretty bad. How can that be? The girls are innocent, right? Spencer asks, “like what?” I know right, I don’t even know why Spencer even wonders there is nothing. Plus anyone taping them would be the bad person not them the ones being taped. LOL
Oh and as far as Melissa being after Allison, how immature is that? The girl was a teenager how jealous and insecure was Melissa to be so upset with her all the time? Gee Wiz!!

After the break, the girls try to figure out what horrible thing they have done that would get them in deeper trouble. Now the whole Benna thing was on Allison, right? Any video of that would show it. Allison is dead she can’t be hurt. What am I missing?

Hanna says they have to get Melissa to TEXT them as A as proof that she is the one. This does involve asking Caleb, he is all, “is this a test?” I know right. Hanna wants him to do something that will involve Mona, whom he dislikes but the plan is to get A to text so they can see who that person really might be. This is NOT a fail safe plan especially if Melissa is not A….but oh well.

Aria goes into Ella’s classroom to apologize for being a brat before; Ella is all I never been ashamed of you till when you said you might tell the Dean on your pervert daddy LOL, not quite that but close enough, moving on!! I gotta say I was more concerned about that ugly blue jacket that Ella wore. She raised her arms to erase the chalk off the board and she look like a bug. The bag of the jacket opened up in a V shape, very strange. I really doubt her butt is large enough to use extreme measures to cover it up; its not like actresses wear any thing larger then a size 4…….LOL

Okay check it out, later that night Emily is staking out downtown. Melissa drives up then goes into the Speedy Demon Express, remember that place? It was in episode around the time of the beginning of the season where the courier guy was in the girls cross hairs. I suppose Melissa is finally doing her thank you note errand, odd its late the next day.

Anyway, seconds later the plan goes into action as Mona drives up with Caleb to sit in down the block from the Speedy Demon Express. Here is where Caleb has to do the favor for Hanna. Mona talks to Caleb about ups and downs as Hanna’s friend while they wait. She even confesses to being jealous.

Finally Melissa emerges from the Speedy Demon Express with her box, Emily texts Mona that is Showtime. Melissa is stunned as she sees the two them kissing; she cant’ stop looking. Emily watches Melissa get in the car.

Suddenly we see Hanna with Spencer waiting to hear the results of the plan. They get this text, see ABOVE. Okay I am still not convinced now if Emily saw Melissa sitting in the car texting now that might be evidence but this could be from anyone in the area, right? Of course, Hanna is all do we need anymore proof? Your sister is A, Spencer; Spencer looks horrified.

After the break, Hanna is already to take in the evidence but Spencer is freaking out. Hanna can’t find her flash drive, LOL I wondered why she was carrying that laptop last night I missed her saying this I guess.

Emily arrives after taking Caleb home, he still thinks its Benna and Garrett they are going after; I guess he missed the memo on Melissa, right? Hanna is ready to be done but Emily and Spencer still want more proof. They suggests going to the doll hospital again and though I think they might be stalling Spencer mentions that Seth did mention to them how Allison died which was not in the paper. Yes it means only the person that killed her and THEM know well and Seth it seems. Mona arrives but they lie to her about the text; weird right? They put her in harms way, pimp out Caleb then lie ……hmm.

Mona goes up to shower before Emily tells Hanna that she CANNOT tell Mona everything. Wow, Emily said that vicious like. I totally never seen her so Mama BearISH!! For a moment, I could almost see her killing someone to defend a friend for a cause……….I know over active imagination. But go with me for a moment if Emily where A or even a killer……she could have killed Maya and now with her fractured psyche be pretending to send herself messages LOL Yeah that would make a Cool OTHER show.

I know moving on, Hanna agrees to make the one stop at the doll hospital before the police station, hey I am with Hanna if this is truly from A plus the Melissa video then they have a start on finding A if nothing else. Yeah I know the cops aren’t usually on their side but at least they are actively trying to find the killer and they Do have inside information.

Aria arrives at Ezra’s to the bad news that he was fired. Wow, now what? That seems out of the blue, right? Though I guess with the way the Dean was acting its not really. The suddenly reminds me; what happened to Witchy Jackie, she has been gone for a bit now, I know she is around still right? No Ezra didn’t kill her, Sheeks, she is just biding her time; hey if he gives up on Aria she might get him his job back LOL, not funny at all No No.

Now on to the most LyingEST part of the episode. The award tonight goes to BENNA, blind or not she is the best Liar for the episode. She is supposedly reading in Braille as we see her on her bed so sweet, we know she is really reciting her Satanic Prayers but I can’t prove it.:) In walks oh so innocent but equally HOT step brother Tobey. The first thing he notices is Garrett through the window as he sits watching Blind Jenna, known to me as Benna. Police Boy Garrett who was fooled by Benna into bedding her just long enough for her to become unreasonably angry with him for being an idiot or we are believe. I guess soon I will have to give her a new name; maybe sooner than you think LOL.

Benna pretends to not know he is there then like on a whim she tells Tobey she wants to show him something after he closes the curtain; no NOT that he has seen that LOL. She pulls out Page 5 from the autopsy report for Allison. Now is this a RANDOM moment to do this or NOT?? Now tell me was there NO other moment in the whole season let alone this episode that Benna could have decided to show Tobey the page? Then to make things more weird/lame/annoying she tells Tobey she didn’t even know what was on the page, it was just something Garrett gave her for safe keeping. UH WTH? In that case why Now? What? I cannot form thoughts to express how strange this scene has become. I am the only one who thinks her lying about this is just Senseless and Odd. Yes I know she is covering her BUTT but how many other ways could this have been accomplished?

I do suppose Benna had to first appear Helpless for Tobey to be on her side right? I guess that could cover some of the AWKWARDNESS of the idea of the scene but ……..whatever.

In order to calm myself I got a Gratutious picture of Tobey, you are welcome !!

Benna says, “I don’t know why Garrett would give that to me but the police should have it, can you take me there,” she says so soft and innocent like. LOL

The three musketeers head over to see Seth the new episode Guru, so he can tell them what they want to know about the case. The door is open because you know hospitals are always open LOL. They walk in instead of waiting till daylight when the darn dolls don’t look so creepy. Even though the light is on they see no one human just doll parts. Emily finds a box of fake looking voodoo dolls like Allison had. Interesting they were right there despite Martha supposedly taking forever to find them before. I knew she was up to something. Suddenly that one light goes out, they start yelling for Martha, then a doll starts talking that was not talking before. Now wouldn’t that tell you that someone had to have started it up??

The doll says, “follow me; end up like me.” As they get closer to the sound we get a view of Seth hiding in some dolls or at least we see someone’s eyes move, probably him. They open the cabinet to the sound of the noise to find a doll with fake blood, I hope, on his head buried in dirt that looks a bit like Allison.

I gotta tell you I hated this part it was all too much for me. It wasn’t scary it wasn’t enlightening it was LAME. Who would bother to go through all that trouble? I guess it was supposed to be a warning considering it was saying that if you follow Allison you will end up like her. Hmm really?

Then all the dolls start following off the shelves.

After the break, Ezra tells Aria that they will no longer be offering his class, its the official reason they fired him. He thinks they will just rename the class and find someone Byron likes to teach it LOL I think he was being sarcastic though. Ezra insists that Aria can’t break up her family to keep them together; he is going to his family’s place to regroup. He knows he can’t teach in Rosewood any more even though he loves her; I think he will have to stay gone. He tells her how much he loves her. They kiss, undress and you can figure out the rest.

Now the next scene is where they girls gather all the evidence to put in one bag, NEVER ever do this. You always keep evidence separate; have they learned nothing from their things being taken from their rooms?? Computer drives erased? Ugh, ladies focus.

They hear a noise downstairs; we get to see Melissa walk in with Garrett. It seems he is her new beau, hmmm so maybe he has been watching Benna for her? She asks him if he wants a beer but he declines in lieu of a soda, why do I think this is significant? Garrett is jumpy because he keeps hearing noises from upstairs. Melissa says don’t worry she has been scaring Spencer since she was born, basically she thinks her earlier threat to Spencer is all she needs to control her. Yes notice how calm she is about being a liar to his sister since birth LOL, psycho much?

There is a knock on the door; its the rest of the police department LOL they come to arrest one of their own, yep Garrett. The girls come down to see it. He is being arrested for the murder of Allison. I hate to say it but did Benna save the girls by turning in that page? This actually leaves them open to not turn in their evidence if they don’t want to. Melissa of course looks toward Spencer to blame.

Back at Benna’s we see her swatting a fly with accuracy……to show us she has good ears or she is WAit for it….no longer blind. She looks at the paper after she uses it to kill the fly so I guess that answers that. In case we missed all that she uses a tissue to wipe the spot where the dead fly used to be then she looks in the mirror, Where’d YOU get those eyes? LOL I love that movie, Jeepers Creepers!! For a moment I thought she had gotten Allison’s eyes, that would have been super creepy LOL.

Back at the doll hospital we see the woman cleaning up the doll mess talking to gloved hand person. The person gives the woman an envelope of money and the kid a lollipop. I think the kid got ripped off he did all the work LOL. HE doesn’t look all that happy either; he is probably really a psychic; it was probably the only truth she told them about his gift.

Okay so there we have it the next to the last episode for Season 2, please leave comments.

Also Keep an EYE on the blog for details on the Interactive Chat for the Finale next Monday night at 7pm, Central time.


  1. I loved this! What a fun read! I have to say, as long as “A” doesn’t end up being Mona, this mystery might very well be one of the best kept secrets in television history. After two seasons, you would think there would be a clear suspect in this whole “Who’s A?” scenario. But the show has been doing a pretty great job of literally making everyone look guilty. (That said, I find it SUPER unrealistic that the girls never suspect Mona . . . especially considering how shady she’s been acting, of late.)

    You bring up an interesting point about Spencer’s Ali encounter. It did seem more real than the ones experienced by Hanna and Emily, both of which featured Ali shrouded in a cloud of dreamy white light. I do think the show will eventually go the “evil twin” route, calling into question all these hallucinations. (Maybe next season.)

    On the other hand, if Ali really does have an evil twin, SHE probably wouldn’t want to help the girls at all. In that sense, the images the girls are experiencing may well be Ali attempting to contact them in their dreams from beyond the grave. It sounds cheesy, I know. But it would make sense that Ali herself, would want justice for her murder. Plus, it’s pretty common for people to see and converse with their departed friends and loved ones in their dreams. (It’s happened to me!)

    As for the differences in lighting between Spencer’s Ali encounter and Hanna’s and Emily’s? Hmmm . . . maybe it was just a production error? 🙂

    The Melissa / Policeboy ending of the episode was a nice twist. I wonder if Policeboy’s rendezvous with Melissa were what ultimately prompted Not-Blind-Anymore Jenna to turn him in to the police. Granted she’s been screwing around with Bushy Eyebrows Noel, but that might have happened, after the fact. Man! It’s like musical couples on this show. I can barely keep all my SHIPS straight!

    Speaking of couples, I too am wondering whether, despite having been “paid” off by “A” at the end of the episode, the kid was telling the truth about the “dark haired couple.” After all, that description fits so many couples on the show that the only possible “A’s” who would benefit from this lie are blondes, like Ali herself, Kate or Hanna, Jenna, who would have showed up in her blind-person sunglasses, and . . one of the PLL girls, who obviously wouldn’t want Seth to tell the rest of the girls she was there earlier.

    So, who do YOU think is A? 😉

    P.S. I’m definitely up for a finale liveblog. That would be awesome!

  2. I agree with what you said about A being the best kept secrets in Television. I know sometimes I get frustrated I do LOVE LOVE LOVE a good mystery. I hope to high heaven its not a let down when we find out who A is……… excited now. I kind of hope is someone we never even guessed though there are few people we have seen on the show that I have not speculated about in one way or another LOL.

    Oh and what you said about Musical couples is so true especially with Melissa as well as Benna who gets around alot for not being able to see most of time, not that that matters at all.

    Allison contacting the girls from the Great Beyond is an idea I never really thought so much about but it could happen LOL I believe in ghosts 🙂

    Oh and them not considering Mona is super unrealistic Absolutely. There has to have been a reason why she never sat with them I would think it was because no one else trusted her besides Hanna.

    Talk soon.

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