Secret Circle Recap Episode 19 Cassie finds a Sister

Hey all you witch lovers we finally got another episode of Secret Circle to Review, Yeah!!

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In case there is any doubt this is a RECAP of Episode 19, Crystal.

Last we saw our little group they were listening to the rantings of JB. He told them a little tale of how they could get enough power to FIGHT the witch hunters. This magic power would be attained by using all of their families crystals.

So this week we find Melissa and Fay at her house looking for Dawn’s crystal. Interesting that they don’t consider that Dawn might be using her own crystal LOL. Fay does note that her mother should not be in possession of so many pairs of thongs LOL. Funny I think that thongs are for older people what do teens need with thongs oh well it’s just life. Personally we should all just wear what we like and move on.

They don’t find a crystal but they do find a journal tied with an actual ribbon. In the journal we learn that JB was secretly “hooking up” with Dawn. Oh wait we as the audience already knew they had a thing; remember the way Dawn practically melted the night she saw JB at the school. HE threw her against the lockers and she was so excited her eyes almost rolled back in her head LOL.

Cue Creep Theme music

Meanwhile at Witch Central aka the old Backwell house Adam is bonding with Jake over information regarding the deaths of witches over the years. Cassie arrives with Diana as they speak of the Burning Times, yes I have read of this time. Check out the LINK for some information on a film about it.

What I don’t like about this episode is how Cassie mimics the things her father has to say. I mean it has been her that the others have basically allowed to lead since she found her book. She is the enigmatic self-proclaimed leader except she seems to have Forgotten that her mother left Chance Harbor for a reason. Her mother spoke ILL of her father for a reason, so all the time with Amelia has NOT rubbed off on her and where Cassie takes them never turns out so well even for her. YEah I hate that about this show.

They need to learn to use their own instincts and not always fall in line behind the person that is headed toward the cliff.

Anyway so Cassie says that she has her grandmothers crystal and she has been told it magnifies individual power. Fay grabs the crystal and uses it to burst a vase; oops other items start to explode also. JB takes the crystal from her then berates her/them all on using the crystal energy up.

Jb sends them out in groups to find the other crystals. Cassie with Jake, Adam with Melissa, Fay and Diana. Oh they are so freaking obedient. What happened to the head strong group we first met; they had their own ideas now they just follow or is it just me?

Cassie stays behind a moment to ask JB, her evil Father, if he will try to get along with Jane who is coming back to town on that very day. HE agrees to try.

Later we see Grant waiting outside the coffee shop then he produces a bouquet of flowers for Diana who walks up. I guess they had a date? Oh wait she must have forgotten she had a date with him. She turns down his offer of a picnic on a local island. Hmm not sure I would go for that anyway, the guy is a liar first off. Why would he take her to a secluded location its just weird to me and I still don’t trust him.

Adam walks up with Melissa, Grant says hi to Melissa who loves his accent. Diana pulls the others aside and gets permission to go on the date with Grant. She wants to blow off the whole we need to find the Crystals drama for a guy she just met *head slap*. Afterward, Adam goes inside for coffees while Melissa texts the updates to I assume Fay. Callum walks up all happy to see her in his annoying way; because you know he is so cute but a BAD guy.

Jake comes out of nowhere to get in Callum’s face; then a fight ensues. Melissa breaks it up then we see Jake, Fay and Cassie leave together with Callum following on his bike. He isn’t even trying to hide himself.

At Melissa’s grandmother’s house they go through her grandmother’s crystals. It seems her grandmother spent the winters in Sedona, that is Arizona. Melissa comments, “they are really into this stuff there.” It is true the Southwest is an important part of the paranormal phenomena of our country. They have vortexes of energy and I imagine more harmony then most places LOL.

Moving on, at Jake’s grandfather’s house they use the “lock, unlock,” spell to get inside. They find walls of information that has been collected in the unibomber kinda way. Jake calls it a conspiracy wall. Cassie finds a list of names with birthdays; it’s the circle’s information. Creeped out yet? Just wait.

Jake thinks his grandfather is nuts and that after Jake’s parents died he fell apart. Of course every time someone thinks another person is crazy then others tend to think the same. I tell you its all an An ILLUSION people respond differently to the same Stimuli. There is NO crazy!!!

In other news, JB meets up with Charles. Charles is surprised to see him. They talk of demons, betrayal, the night of the fire and Elizabeth, Charles’ dead wife who is Diana’s mother. JB insists he has no idea what happened to her that night. Supposedly JB was the reason they met with the witch hunters but something went wrong; JB says it’s because they were NOT united in the cause to get rid of their witchcraft. Interesting because he was the one that wanted to keep the power from what I can tell. Yes its more lies as you might have guessed.

JB calls him Charlie then tells him not to push him, Charles replies with, “I’m going to bury you.”

Friction much? LOL

At grandpa’s he arrives but at first does not realize its Jake. Remember Jake has been gone till recently. By the way when is Nick coming Back, Miss him LOL Jake gets a hug after the slight confusion from teddy bear sized Gramps. Jake breaks the news to him about Nick then Gramps proclaims the Circle will be the death of all of them…….Yikes glad to meet you too!!

Over at the Blake’s Jane seems to be her old self finally. She is with Charles working on a spell to get JB I imagine. If she only knew that Charles was why she was a drooling mess of confusion for months she might mind control his A** out a window LOL. Yeah it sucks that she was compromised so fully and now he still might have some control because she is going along with him and before she had NO use of him.

Charles is all gung ho to kill JB and luckily for him Jane has a prepared Kruet all ready for the father of Cassie. She wishes she had killed him sixteen years ago but she is ready to remedy that with a symbol under the table and the kruet plus Charles’ help.

After the break, we learn that eight hundred years ago three hundred families split into three circles. Two circles stayed east and one went west to Chance Harbor. Sixteen years ago JB did a bunch of bad stuff causing people to be massacred you know all the stuff we heard up till now. This story is told by Gramps to the Jake, Cassie and Fay. Um listen children to the story of the MAN you are following; it is a tale of Woe and Sorrow that YOU dare follow this Balcorn Descendant at YOUR Peril says ME. LOL

Gramps continues his tale of Woe with the fact that what JB really wanted from the circle was baby witches, you know kiddies, as in more than one Folks!! He was a baby making dude….all Hail JB the lover of the Circle LOL make Love not War folks. πŸ™‚

The reason he wanted children was to make the Circle dark, if the other circles had the same situation with their members it would tip the balance of power in the war between good and evil. Wow don’t you hate when there is one guy with all the answers that the others might have been able to find on their own if they had TAKEN time and stopped following ever Tom, Dick and Harry that came to town?? They been in so much a rush to get things fixed they have made it Worse each time with Cassie the NeWBIE leading the way. This Plot Device BLOWS for me, if only Ethan or Jane had given the information I would have been happier, but no random Gramps does it oh well.

They are ready to leave after hearing the news though I don’t think they quite understood how BAD the leader of their group is for them. They still think Gramps is bat sh*t crazy. They do find out whtere Gramps has hidden his Crystal and does not want them to have it. Its in a mine and spelled against dark powers like Cassie’s and her mystery sibling.

Diana is with Grant in her room as she grabs a sweater I guess; before she gets a call from Adam then Melissa arrives. Diana kisses Grant then goes off to follow Melissa to the garage where Adam is waiting. They need her help finding the right crystal in a bag of them. They think Melissa’s grandmother has spelled them so their thought is that they need more power to choose the right one.

Of course, Grant comes in the room wondering what is happening as they discuss why they are at her house. Diana lies to Grant to get him to leave then with her power they find the right crystal. The power also turns on the television and the vacuum LOL. Diana rushes off to catch Grant after she is done. You know its interesting but up until now just having two witches was enough to get their power to work, am I right?

Before they can leave Gramps place Fay tells Cassie and Jake about what was in Dawn’s diary. She thinks she might be the other JB kid. There is a sound of glass breaking so the rush back inside to find that the map to the mine has been stolen from the wall. Fay looks out the window to see Callum riding off on his motorcycle.

After the break, they contact Melissa and Adam who are closer to the mine so they can get there ahead of Callum.

Oh then we get to see a few minutes of Diana with Grant on their date. I think she should give up on trying to replace Adam so soon she really just isn’t in the right place of her life for a new relationship. Well she gets a text and has to end the date anyway. She asks for a day to show him who she really is but then rushes off. HE is leaving the next day supposedly so oh well.

Adam and Melissa get to the mine ahead of Callum. Unluckily for them the Iron Ore will make them normal kids because magic won’t work around it. They follow the map that Cassie has sent to them on the phone. It’s lucky that works right.

Over at the meet and greet of the Damned; at the Blake’s. Jane is pretending to get along with JB. Too bad for him he drinks her tea then sits by that dastardly table. Charles walks in behind him with the crystal. JB can’t move at all. Then there is the moment where Jane tries to get JB to tell her what really happened to Amelia. Hmmm Charles did that, hey look to your left we know Charles did that!!

Deep in the mine they started to get nervous as well as hear noises. Adam jumps over a chasm using a rope, hops upon a box, grabs the small crystal then jumps again over the chasm almost falls then they begin the trek back. Of course they hear someone coming conveniently after they have the crystal. They try to hide from Callum but run right into him LOL tricky guy right.

Outside the others arrive, Fay thinks she is a JB kid so she tries to stop Callum after he runs from the mine but is pushed out-of-the-way by Diana before Callum runs over her. Cassie rushes out and stops Callum with her Death stare LOL.

At the Blake’s, JB confesses his undying love for Amelia and the crystal remains clear which proves he is not laying for ONCE. Wow he finally told a truth, miracles do happen LOL. Charles is still ready to kill him but Jane says no she only wanted the truth from him. Charles lights up the Kruet but it seems JB had days alone in the house and replaced the blood and items with Janes, I guess her DNA LOL. OOps, she should have checked that Kruet it has been there for SIXTEEN years ……… that sucks. JB is only keeping Charles alive because he has use for him or so he says. Now how obvious would it be for two people to die in one night?

It is convenient now Cassie has two relatives a mystery sibling and JB…..let the Blake/Balcorn Games begin LOL.

Meanwhile the circle, that is Jake, Melissa and Adam, takes Callum to the edge of town and MARK him. Jake cuts his hand over and puts the blood on Callum’s head just like Dawn did to the guy before several episodes ago. I guess its something Jake learned over the years; I have never seen the circle doing anything like this before.

At the old house, Fay speaks with JB about her parentage. He does go on about how much Tom her real dad loved her and Dawn. Fay is not his daughter it seems but he offered to be available for her if she needs him. Um did they NOT listen to what GRAMPS said earlier, JB is not a good person……Ugh!

Cassie goes to see Diana after receiving a text, Diana wants to take a break from the witchy stuff but Cassie reminds her they have things to do. Cassie tells her that they have to work together to stay alive. Diana tells her fine but just till things settle down. Diana is frustrated because earlier she couldn’t get in the mine but neither could Cassie. They both realize that Diana is the OTHER John Blackwell child. Wow big surprise but I kinda hoped if it wasn’t Fay it might be Melissa……oh well. It’s still a great Twist.

Great Episode, I’m excited for much more. I totally hope it gets renewed. πŸ™‚
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