PLL Season 2 Episode 4 Recap-Dating for Dumbies

Hello and Happy Belated 4th!!

Who’s upset? Not me LOL
Credit: ABC Family

This weeks episodes began with Spencer’s return to the pawn shop to get Melissa’s ring back the way she promised. It turns out Mr. Pawn doesn’t quite know how to tell her he sold her ring. Instead he just lies and acts as though he has down nothing wrong. He takes her return ticket and gives her back a Horse Shoe though he takes his sweet time about it. WTH?

credit: ABC Family

While Spencer is inside the pawn shop her forbidden friends are outside in the alley discussing the fact that they are at a disreputable place. This filler scene was used to catch up Emily on the goings on because she wasn’t around when the others saw Melissa get the medicine bag from Wren. Emily also informs the girls that now she has the fake scholarship letter her mother thinks she can do no wrong. Emily: I’m living a lie I didn’t even tell,” that sums it up for sure.

I couldn’t understand why Mr. Pawn had an attitude with Spencer about the ring except that he figures because of her age she must have stolen it anyway but its not his business. In hindsight I suppose the person who bought the ring must have stolen Spencer’s ticket some where along the way so basically she bought a two thousand dollar horse shoe. Okay I can believe a lot of things but How does A have all these resources? Of course the girls are not always careful with their things. Now I want very much to review last weeks episode again but on with this week.

Credit: for awesome gifs!

Well Spencer is outside trying to have a melt down about selling her sister’s ring they get the first text from A. “Just my luck, diamonds are a girls best friend.” They look around to see if anyone is watching them to find a billboard that says, “Look your best someone is watching you.” Okay here again, what person has all these resources and time? I am not sure if it might have been a coincidence but they did feel as though someone was watching them or they appeared to have.

I have to stop here and say as much as I love this show this type of filler stuff frustrates me. I want logic, well played out pieces of the puzzle not random clues that lead no where in my teen dramas 😦 Is anyone with me on this?

After the break we find Mom speaking with Aria about life going back to normal since she is back at home. Blah Blah blah we are only separating you from your friends aka life lines because we love you. Mom shows off her new outfit for her first day replacing Ezra at the school. Aria says she is happy for her.

At Spencer’s house Melissa is still searching for the ever missing ring. Spencer watches her sister as she pulls out a passport. Melissa says its Ian’s passport that she needs for the insurance claim on her ring. Really? What does his passport have to do with her property? Wouldn’t she just need a receipt of purchase? I never lost anything or made any insurance claims but that explanation seemed out of the blue. Spencer tries to convince Melissa the ring will show up but Melissa says she would rather find her husband before she leaves Spencer standing looking after her.

At the Marin house, Hanna and her mother, Ashley, discuss her going to therapy though Hanna has no desire to go at all. Ashley tells her she is going after school that day it seems all the other girls have already been to sessions except Hanna.


Emily is fondling the fake Danby letter before her mother enters the room with a box of Danby memorabilia Emily is torn about what to say. It turns out the box is from a mystery person that Emily can only assume is A while her mother thinks it’s from the scout at Danby. Okay MOM wake UP!! Can’t you see Emily is not as excited as she should be SHEEKS!! Here is a mother who is seeing only what she wants to see and I have to wonder was she excited about going to Texas or not so much?! I mean think about it even if she loves her husband how glad would she have been to leave a life she also is accustomed too because she is really getting into this Danby stuff. I’m just sayin’. I know stop rolling your eyes LOL this is just another view-point to consider. 🙂 Emily reaches and pulls out a note from A,”So Happy to have you on our A-team,” um Mom didn’t you see the note you did untape the box ? Wouldn’t she have wondered who was A? Oh she might have thought it was the A team at Danby because they do that for incoming students when they still have a year left of high school. NOT!! “Someone must really want you at that school,” Mom says with a smile. Emily wants to scream I am certain of it, “Open your eyes, Mom I lied.”


At school Hanna and Lucas banter about what a loser he is and how his coffee date with Danielle will be an abysmal failure. Oh and see Hanna is back on the fashion band wagon as she holds up a coffee cup with an argyle print,Hanna tries to convince Lucas he his a boy and he will do what boys do and Dani will still love him. Lucas suggests Hanna come along with Caleb on the date. Hanna does not respond.

Walking the hallway Spencer tells Emily she is going to the hospital that afternoon, I assume to talk to Wren because she is the link to see what was up with him and Melissa. Aria’s mother opens the door to the classroom as they are all standing outside to tell Aria they need to talk. At first Aria critics her mother’s teaching skills because she assumes her mother needs her input; it turns out Mom just wants Aria to take Mikes keys to the basketball court after school. Oh but Mom can’t help but to add that Aria shouldn’t be talking to her buds at school either. That was so unnecessary I mean yes they can’t hang out after school but there is really no way to control them at school the parents need to get real with that one.

In the lunch room Hanna ends up consoling with Caleb on how lame it is that Lucas wants them to come on his date. All the eye hugging and none smiles can’t hide how much these two want to throw down even in the lunch room. YOWZA ….LOL um sorry. Lucas can’t even talk to Danielle in the lunch room so Caleb and Hanna decide they better go with him on the date.

At the local hospital Spencer purposefully runs into Wren then makes her self a nuisance as she asks the pretty blonde Wren is speaking with to go away. I love that scene, the blonde didn’t know what to say. Spencer immediately asks what he had given to Melissa in the bag. I like that she doesn’t beat around the bush and just goes for it. Go Spencer you go girl. Spencer tells Wren that Ian tried to kill her after Wren attempted to tell her that she needs to leave it all alone. He gives in to explain that Melissa needed meds to go take to Ian which was no surprise but Wren says Ian is outside of town which did surprise Spencer. He tells Spencer she needs to leave it all alone again besides he won’t help her find Ian.

At Hanna’s counseling session Hanna watches the clock. Anne sighs because she wants to help Hanna let go of fear, frustrations and a myriad of things. Anne wants Hanna to have a conversation with Allison, as the empty chair. Hanna refuses to do it then gets up to leave.

Credit: ABC Family

Hot Bodies R Us baby that is the scene at the pick-up game when Aria goes to give the keys to Mike. Yes its the weeks random use of half naked men that we love sooooo much. Hot sweaty pecs and toned legs graced the court, gang. Oh there was a point…..hmmm what was it exactly? Yes Aria who has more clothes on then anyone else on the court with long black pants and blue boots tries to call Mike so she can find him but finds Jason instead.


Oh yes Jason with the abs and long hair, wow I do love long hair. Aria doesn’t speak with Jason right away instead some guy named Louis a random Afro American who didn’t grace us with the naked abs, darn it. Her conversation with Jason involved him telling her he liked her pink hair and rebellious ways that kinda turned him on when they were younger. Okay it wasn’t exactly like that but he did miss the pink hair. I am beginning to like Jason just a little bit he acts like a man with regrets who wants to do things right nowadays.

After the latest swim meet, Samara tells Emily that she did a great job, because you know she always does. Sweety Pie Mom is going around telling everyone that Emily got a commitment letter from Danby, darn it Mom keep your pie hole shut. Emily confesses to Samara about the letter, well the little bit she can tell her not all the crazy A stuff that is constantly going on in her life. Mom comes over to tell Emily how she is a wonderful swimmer and daughter even though she is gay and that now she is the love of her life, or something like that. Don’t get me wrong I love her mother is supportive but where was that support when she was going to take her away in week one of Season Two. I get it was about logistics but try to see through Emily’s eyes. They were only going to move from their HOME for one Year, I think Papa could have just visited more often and it had the same effect. Am I being harsh with her? What do you all think of this storyline? After the Chit Chat Mom, who I just learned is named Pam, invited Samara over for a celebration since Emily can’t see her real um other friends. After Pam walks away Samara thinks its a good idea for her to come over in case the whole Danby letter scam comes crashing down on Emily. Emily likes Samara’s idea. Now I like Samara and all but I miss MAYA does anyone else? Is Samara kinda pushy to you? Is there a spark? Just curious about what others think.

Credit: Troian Bellisario’s fan site

Spencer arrives home to a note from the missing parents basically tell her to take care of her older sister. Spencer notices that the garage/house where Melissa is staying is ajar and goes to see what she can see. Low and behold there is a packed suitcase just inside the door with his and hair clothes, shaving cream, the passport, shoes as well as you guessed it, medicine. I think maybe Melissa is taking a trip to see her sweetie pie, Ian. Spencer is almost caught being nosy by big ears Melissa who though she comes outside to see if she really heard anyone looks for only seconds before she goes back inside to shut the door securely. We see Spencer’s face and she looks spooked. She can ill afford to be caught snooping.

After the break Aria is home alone as she speaks with Spencer on the phone about the luggage find. They try to figure out the mystery of where is Melissa going before Spencer hears her parents drive up. Aria hears noises at her house only to find its her brother Mike. She confronts him about not going to play basketball but he only says if you tell that I wasn’t there I will tell on you being with your friends. Whoa buddy what happened to Mike? Yes he hasn’t really been in the forefront so much but I see where his little mystery might be something to keep an eye on. Bored young men can get into a lot of trouble left on their own.


The pre-date at Hanna’s house things are going downhill before they get started. Danielle actually thinks that Hanna likes Lucas because Hanna is nervous for him since she lied to get him the date. Us and the world knows Hanna set him up to keep from feeling guilty about her ill-treatment of him last season oh plus they are bestie’s now. Caleb thinks the date is doomed. On the other hand, Danielle does tell Lucas she likes him so maybe things will get better.

Pam walks in while Samara and Emily are going through a scrap-book. Samara goes on about how she is also a scrapbooker. They bond briefly though its obvious Pam was just checking in on the girls to make sure they were being kosher; you know not kissing. Pam says she was going to make a new scrap-book about Emily going to Danby but Samara saves Emily’s A** by saying Emily shouldn’t lock herself in at Danby but to wait to see what happens. Samara comes across as knowledgable about the subject which shows me she is used to lying. Pam agrees that is a good idea.

Back at the pre date, Hanna gets Caleb to get close to help Danielle see she has moved on from her supposed love of Lucas. The little maneuver seems to help Danielle see the light; poor girl she is way to easy to fool. LOL Caleb tries to cop a feel after he lets go of Hanna but she isn’t going for it; we all know she will eventually because she loves that Caleb.

Meanwhile, Spencer watches as Melissa puts her suitcase in the back of the car before she goes back inside the garage again.

After the break we find Spencer listening to Wren make a deal with Melissa that he will give her more specific medication only if he can take her where Ian is hiding. Melissa agrees to take him tomorrow, Spencer is going to follow them.

The next day Lucas comes by to thank Hanna for her selfless act of helping him get a date.
The next scene is Hanna at Anne’s ready to talk.
Then we see Aria texting Spencer about when they are going to follow Wren to Ian’s hide out, Aria seems tense.

Dad comes in to see if Aria needs a ride to school, blah blah we love you and we are here for you speech. Mike walks by and pretends he has been at the basketball court the day before when Aria was looking for him, she doesn’t say anything. She does say she thinks Mike is okay when her Dad asked her about him. Okay Mister we will be there for you should include actually interacting with the actual person is being there not asking their sister, SHEEKS!!


Hanna tells Anne that to be friends with Allison sometimes you had to do things you didn’t want to do. “You were the best friend and worse enemy,” Hanna tells the empty chair that represents Allison. The empty chair is suddenly full with Allison, who tells Hanna basically she still needs approval because without it she will have low self esteem which leads to “Hefty Hanna”, OH snap. Allison goes on to tell Hanna that she is the only one Hanna can count on because her three gal pals will move on without her. Hanna’s resolve seems to weaken at this point she doesn’t look as confident as she did a moment earlier. I wonder how much truth is in Allison’s words. Its not a good thing if Hanna is depending on her friends for self esteem in any way or form so says me. Hanna makes a come back as she goes on about not missing Allison even though she is dead she insists she would rather be alone then be like her. Hanna looks relieved as Allison disappears; Anne smiles. Here I want to add I am still not so sure about Anne; I think its her sudden appearance in the show partly but also there is something about her. It could be my love of mysteries, oh well.

Credit: Troian Bellisario Fan Site

After the break, we find Samara talking with Emily. The rehash the night before and the close call about the letter. They are excited to have a chance to go on a second date. Samara walks Emily to class. Emily realizes they only postponed the inevitable. I just had a thought what if Samara is involved she could be obsessed with Emily; she is the one who gets to spend time with Em if she stays…..yes I am playing Devi’s Advocate now. LOL

It’s night time even though Anne returns to her office with food to find it trashed. The clock is stuck at a little after six and broken on the floor while on the wall it says, “Nosy Bitches Die.”

Around the same time Spencer gets the call from Wren that Melissa knows where Ian will be before she takes off leaving him talking in mid sentence. Spencer is on the move, take no prisoners is her goal.

Hanna gets the signal SOS text its time to go but is stopped at the door by a whiny Ashley telling her that Anne’s office was trashed. Ashley asked her if what she told Hanna was something that someone might not want others to know. Hmm is Ashley coming around out of her Parental Funk where all parents on this show live?? Hanna doesn’t seem real surprised but there is no time to chat who knows if Spencer will even slow down as she picks her up she might have to close the door on the roll.

The officers at Anne’s office inquire as to who else has keys but she tells them only her. They reveal that there was no sign of forced entry someone YEP basically came in using a key. Shocking yes? Hey come on she has only four patients, hint the girls, but with the money their families have she doesn’t need any other paying customers right? Okay she might have a couple more you all are such sticklers for details. 🙂

Where is Garrett? The girls consider calling him as Spencer tails Wren while he takes Melissa to Ian’s secret hiding place. The idea of Garrett is quickly shot down because they don’t want to get him in trouble; they are really so sweet they just seem to be in the wrong places all the time. Every cheerful Hanna says they can’t be the girls that cried wolf anyway, they are “screwed.”

Either Melissa must be the most selfish woman on the planet OR Wren is a great conversationalist because how could she not have noticed they were being followed? They arrive at what must have been an old ranch/stable then followed not too far behind Wren and Melissa. They watch as Melissa goes around the other side and Wren waits. Not many seconds past until Melissa’s screams can be heard. They all race following the sound of her voice to find Ian dead on the floor of the old stable with a gun in his hand and a bullet wound in his head. Um folks, he is dead this time I think.

Wren holds Melissa back before she goes into Spencer’s arms, oh a sister’s love. Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no evil just watch in shock. Oddly enough there is a hand written letter from Ian supposedly on the floor beside him. The camera goes in close and we see a spot above the door where a horse shoe would have been but now there is only the shadow of it.

Ian’s Letter

I killed Alison. I lost my temper she knew too much, but there’s only so much you can bury. It won’t be that easy , but pain I know how to get rid of the pain. I can’t hide run from the law. Come and find me -I

———————Thanks to for the letter—————

Last scene we see the girls in the distance as the person with the gloves opens Spencer’s car door to put a red cell phone into her purse.

Last Thoughts and Half Baked Theories:

Maybe I am putting my thoughts in the recap as I go because again like last time I don’t have a lot left to say except WOW. I wasn’t expecting the death of Ian at all. I really thought they would go off on the run. Now if Melissa doesn’t lose this baby she might become an ally for the girls finally earning my seal of approval though before that happens she will be holy hell on toast I bet. She will find some way to blame Spencer but that is of course a guess. So far I have been basically spoiler free only so that I don’t get confused during recaps. I look forward to more from this show even though I can be hard on some of the characters.

Half Baked Theories:
I am beginning to wonder what young Mike is up to because he seems ripe for trouble. He doesn’t like the way things are going at home so anything shiny or new could catch his attention in the wild world. I don’t think he is a murderer but whoever A happens to be could have enlisted him to help with some dirty work. I tall young man can paint signs or break tables any task small or large. How much would it take to convince him Aria thinks she is better then him and needs taking down an notch. How much does he know of Aria’s activities? Now I am saying as an accomplice to what could be called mischief nothing deadly. It’s just an idea folks. OH and who is the person in Jason’s house? Where is Noel he has been missing for a couple of weeks. I think Noel could be in the house just playing chicken or as a diversion for A to keep the girls on their toes. Although why is Jason lying about it? He can have friends over why lie? This week the theories are more like questions.

I am asking again for comments/feedback, lets talk it up.
Just a note about the pictures this week: Since ABC Family didn’t have any I got them from all over the place mostly tumblr some are gifs but I am not sure how to make them Live. I would appreciate any help on that the had reblogged most of the gifs to their tumblr.



  1. Spectacular PLL recap, as always. I love that you opened up with a nice big example of Spencer Face. I sware she does that at least four times every episode. And it never fails to make me giggle.

    I also love the “fashion promo shots” you nabbed from ABC Family. By the way, have you ever checked out THIS site?

    I discovered them through their Gossip Girl fashion recaps, and they never fail to make me LOL, all the while, enlightening me on “What Not to Wear.” 😉

    I love the snarky bits, and theories you sprinkled throughout this recap, in particular. It really brought out the fun / guilty pleasure aspect of this show. But of course, THIS was probably my favorite line in the whole recap:

    “Either Melissa must be the most selfish woman on the planet OR Wren is a great conversationalist because how could she not have noticed they were being followed?”

    It’s definitely Wren’s conversational skills that kept Melissa occupied. That British accent definitely has magical powers. 😉

    I too was pretty suspicious of Dr. Anne. For a therapist, she always seemed way too pushy to me. I wonder if someone has paid her to get information from the girls on A or Alison’s death. Of course, this would be a total violation of doctor/patient privilege. But it could happen. If that’s the case, it would absolutely give A motive to trash her place. I think we were meant to assume the Doctor’s place was trashed because A didn’t want Hanna to “get over” Ali’s death, so that she could still have control over her. However, now that I’m thinking about it, the “Anne as Rat” motive makes a lot more sense.

    I also like your theory about Samara ending up being The Roommate a.k.a. Single White Female. That would be a pretty shocking twist, as most of us fans seem to like her a lot. When it happens, you will be the only one who gets to say, I told you so! 🙂

    Thanks again for taking the time to write this recap. I had a great time reading it, and can’t wait for your next installment.

    • Wow K thanks for being my biggest fan, I am so sorry I missed another one of your replies. I adore that you liked what I had to say, its been so long and I am now playing catch up years later. Thanks for taking the time to read them when they were fresh. 🙂

      • I always love reading your posts, sassyfran! They are super fun and insightful. And you remain one of my first and best blogosphere pals.

        I kind of quit on PLL a season or 2 back but ended up watching most of the series finale, just for old times sake. What did you think of Spencer’s evil twin with the hideous British accent? Also, have you tried the PLL game on the Episodes phone app? I actually think it’s fairly well done, and worth a shot, if you haven’t done so. It’s based primarily on the early seasons of PLL, but with some important twists. It also allows you to inject yourself into the series as a brand new character!

        I’d love to hear your thoughts, and look forward to your future insightful opinions on all things pop culture! Talk soon.

      • OMG of course I am reading this six months later, but there are quite a few posts on here and i wrote to you a few times, 🙂 Always love to hear your comments. I will check out the app for certain, YAY glad you stopped over. Hugs!!

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