90210 Recap Episode 11 Liam hits the Catwalk

Most of the Screencaps I Capped myself but a few are from 90210-media.org

Howdy there 90210 LOVERS,

This episode begins with Adrianna and Dixon in bed. I gotta say as much as I like both actors I am not feeling the chemistry. It makes me sad because I ADORE interracial couples. In my eyes there was more chemistry when it was all about the chase and Adrianna being a good friend. I hope somehow they can amp things up in the days ahead. It’s true though sometimes the heat is in the air but at other times not so much even with actors you want together. *sad*

While Adrianna and Dixon are thinking about another round of sex they are interrupted by Dixon’s rehab roomie, J.D. He just runs in the room and hops on the bed with them LOL. I totally missed this last time. I think my last weeks watching of this show included a phone call. 😦 Anywho, this guy, J.D. was the former drummer for the Loathsome Hydrangeas’ or something. HE is a long-haired Blonde who looks like he loves to have a good time.

Over at Naomi’s she tries to stage a Frientervention, new word I guess, I love the way she makes them up LOL, for her friends, Annie, Silver and Ivy who are in a room eating rocky road ice cream while watching television with the drapes closed. She has her work cut out for her I would say LOL. Motivational Molly, as Naomi calls herself, needs to see their happy faces because she was just accepted into a fashion design program. YEAH for her but no one seems to have known it was something she wanted to do. I guess they have all been in their own little dramas.

The detective helping Navid try to bring down his uncle shows up at the house because he texted her. She thinks he has some big news but instead he wants to just go ahead and bring his uncle down as fast as possible. WE all know it’s because he wants to try to get Silver back, but the Detective Cat is adamant they need some stronger evidence. It’s also obvious she likes Navid; I hope she is doing this for him with the right reasons in mind. She seems a bit inexperienced to me. Why is she the only one he has talked with? Do others know what they are doing? I wonder now.

Liam arrives on the beach dressed as a vampire only to find out is for a teenagers party. He is not happy about the situation but his agent tells him basically he is her indentured servant until he completes the contract he ruined by getting hurt.

At the CU Fashion Contest location; the group receives information as well as instructions. It’s funny the guy says they will have their on group of expert SEW-ers. I think the word is Seamstress LOL. The person judging the contest is none other than Janice Dickinson. They are all getting started just before Holly arrives, yes she is in the contest also. I hope this one is fun. I have to say I was underwhelmed the last time these two were head to head.

At the bar, Teddy tells Silver that he has gotten a job in London as a coach at tennis camp. He called her because he wants closure before he leaves town.

After the break, Annie finds Jeremy at the gym to tell him she will split the money with him if he will sign the papers. Supposedly otherwise the fighting could go on for years according to her lawyer, so she says. Jeremy agrees to consider it.

Dixon and J.D. talk to Adrianna at the bar. J.D. makes jokes about rehab and how he does drugs to play good music so he plans to go back to rehab sometime soon. He invites Dixon out to a big concert that night. Adrianna gives him the old I can’t believe you look. It’s obvious to everyone but Dixon that J.D. is a bad idea.


Holly banters with Naomi of course at the place where they are creating their designs. I can’t tell what Holly is making because she is over bothering Naomi. It seems Holly’s time is being spent putting down her competition instead of working on her own designs. The person in charge of the, the British guy, admires Naomi’s ambitiousness. Somewhere along the way its determined that Naomi will design the entire event, basically she is the event planner.

Naomi has already asks Liam to be in the runway show but he also gets a message from his agent to be in the same show. He thinks that its connected to Naomi’s offer or so he tells Teddy at the bar. Later Teddy talks to Shane about his decision to leave town. Shane thinks that Teddy should just learn to stand up to the scrutiny and not run away but Teddy can’t take it. He just wants to be a regular guy. Um sure because even though he is the son of a movie star he still wants to be normal, I’m not buying it. It’s the whole gay thing that has him acting like this and we know it.

Ok I do hate to complain but UGH the stupid video is skipping again so if I miss something that you saw on the show them I am saying sorry now 😦

Navid asks to talk to Silver but she tells him she has met someone and he needs to move out at the end of the month. OUCH!! Navid looks so sad. Silver is trying to do the right thing but we all know what will happen, they will be back together by May !!

After the break, I have to say I was so jealous to see them playing volleyball on the beach after Thanksgiving……I mean its gotta be december right? It looks so fun. Teddy and Liam beat Ivy and Dixon. Ivy convinces Teddy to at least go to the event so support Naomi. I personally am tired of hearing her preach though. Just because she was married to a guy with cancer does not make her the sole person with insight. Give everyone a break, IVY!! Oh and this was cute but it seemed random in this episode LOL. Oh we have all this drama going on our lives but lets go down and play volleyball, um code for we need to hear IVY complain again about how friendship/love/life is awesome so start to enjoy it and be faithful to friends *plays small violin*

Annie hears good news from her lawyer about the Marla’s money but he insists she has to find the necklace she sold because it looks bad for her because she sold it so soon. It seems like she was only using the older lady to get cash.

Dixon is about to leave for the concert with J.D. but he gets a hard time from Adrianna. She shows him the video of time he couldn’t perform because he was high to illustrate that he needs to be careful about who he hangs around with. Dixon insists he will be fine then leaves anyway.

As the fashion show is about to begin Liam finds out that he was hired by HOLLY even though he had planned to walk for Naomi. He has to go with the money because of his contract obligation with Sheila.

After the break, Dixon goes backstage after the concert with J.D. to talk to the band. They tell him they listen to his tracks too. They offer him drugs but he turns it down. He does agree to play with them while they chill out.

At the campus the fashion show is about to begin. Silver is with Shane at the bar talking to a friend from the campaign trail. Navid walks in with Teddy and sees Ronnie but he thinks its the guy that Silver told him she was dating. Navid actually thought she was making up a guy. Ok since I missed parts of this I am going to hold back on speculating right now.

Backstage Naomi finds out that Holly has stolen her designs. Each of Holly’s models outfit looks the exact same as hers. How weird is that? Also how could Holly even try that? See this is what makes me angry on this show. How can someone even get away with openly taking something of someone elses then trying to pass it off as their own but even MORE how can it make it PASS the writers ROOM of the 90210 offices???? *shakes head* It all just makes the ladies look childish; it makes the show looks stupid and infantile. The least HOLLY could have done was make some subtle changes it just shows she has NO talent in the fashion field at least as far as designing goes. I get the show is about NAOMI I love that but not to the extent that anyone who goes against her is made to look like a childish MORON. YES I said it.

Moving on, Dixon is freaking out at the concert because the band wants to hear his new stuff. J.D. gives him a vial of something to take while they are in the mens room.

After the break, Dixon puts the vial in his pocket then reviews the video on his phone of Adrianna singing when she had to take his place. He smiles…..I got shivers…..I am glad that Ad is helping him out though she is as heavy-handed at times like Silver and IVY.

Naomi decides to alter her collection using scissors so they are not identical to the ones Holly’s models are wearing. Now I have to say none of the dresses was anything new or different they just had shiny material. I have to guess that anything that Holly would have created could have looked better so the taking of the designs was of course just a way to mess with Naomi.

Liam tries to convince Holly that is wrong for him to walk for her but she doesn’t listen. He instead decides to be a goofus when he is modeling, it’s very funny to watch.

Dixon uses Adrianna’s song as encouragement as he plays a rap song that is basically dedicated to her which the band loves. He gives J.D. back his drugs. YES!! A great start in the right direction.

Annie arrives at the fashion show just before her phone rings. She goes off to take the call.

Ronnie, Silver friend from the campaign trail is intercepted at the bar by Navid. Navid tells him that Silver isn’t ready for a relationship. Ronnie explains it’s all good because he has a boyfriend yep for the last five years. Ah things fall into place when Silver approaches Navid with the real reason she broke it off with him. She saw him with Cat in Vegas. OOPS!! Well Navid can’t tell her who Cat really is so he screwed.

Meanwhile, Annie talks to the jewelry store about who bought the necklace she sold to them. Liam arrives in time to hear the end of the conversation. He offers to help her but she is in no mood to share instead she goes off to find out more information about what happen to the necklace.

Teddy apologizes to Silver with pink flowers, ahhhh so sweet. Yeah but it took him long enough to do it. They “hug it out” before Naomi has her chance to show of her collection.

All of Naomi’s outfits have been modified by cutting them up. They look like silver trash bags really, awful, Avant Garbage LOL. Naomi comes out in the final fashion disaster; it’s a ripped up silver top with equally ripped up white jeans. She looks great though with a wild blond wig on.

Back stage Holly shows up to rub Naomi’s nose in how she stole her designs. The end up in a cat fight. Janice Dickinson arrives backstage to tell them how horrible their designs are as well as to tell them to stick to cat fighting LOL. Her lines were bogus though she used SERIOUSLY Twice in the few she had to say. Now that is bad writing OR just bad acting, YOU decide LOL

Navid goes to the police station to tell Cat that the bust on Ahmal has to happen NOW, oops I thought he said that earlier but it was during a video skip LOL. Cat looks devastated I guess she doesn’t want to give up on seeing Navid even though for him its only business.

Annie finds out from the jeweler that Jeremy was the one that bought the necklace, Uh Oh!!

Naomi is approached by Rachel Gray, a well-known Beverly Hills designer. She accepts a job to be her intern. Yeah its a good thing she sucked at fashion design. I wished it had worked out for me like that; I would love to be a party planner well at that time in my life anyway. Not long ago I wanted to be a wedding planner LOL any who I digress.

Next we see Teddy leaving, well saying goodbye to everyone. Silver drives him to Shane’s were we find out that they are traveling together to D.C., um Teddy and Shane only. Soooooooo cool; these two can work things out.

During the tear down process of the fashion show; Naomi makes a truce with Holly. Hmm how long will that last ? LOL Um guess who is Holly’s mommy? None other than Yes, Rachel Gray. Holly calls her the devil, I can imagine how much fun Naomi is going to have working for her. LOL. Holly happens to ask about the internship to find that it has been taken. Yes, it has been taken. It seems that Mom wants to keep her in the dark on who will be the new member of her team, I just wonder why..

Cool episode; can’t wait to READ your comments.

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