S07 Supernatural Episode 1 – Whose the Boss Now

Hey guys I decided I couldn’t resist recapping Supernatural.
My creds for posting about my “boys” well check them out:
I was hooked after I first viewed the PILOT
I ship Cassie and Dean above any others as well as Sam and Sarah
My favorite seasons are 1 & 2; though I love so many in the other seasons I can’t name a third
I have never missed an episode in all six previous seasons as well I usually watch them more than once
I have met both guys Jensen “Freckles” Ackles and Jared “Dimples” Padalecki plus that angel played by Misha “he is so cute” Collins among others
Yep I have attended Three conventions and am volunteering at my forth which is the upcoming ChiCon next month
I am a certifiable Dean Girl, can you blame me LOL
I have been changed just by watching the show see my story Here
I am excited to have made so many wonderful friends since I first began watching the show through the forums and at the cons, I can’t help but to Love it and pledge my devotion especially after meeting “the guys”.

As an avid fan I also have my critiques of the show lets just put them out front
1. Any time they try to kill Dean or Sam it seems redundant since they are the stars……..
2. I do not like idle threats so when Dean does that it annoys me but I know its his way
3. I miss the regular hunting of the first two seasons though I know we had to have some consequences
4. I am not a big fan of season 6 or any episodes with Lisa Braeden I think she was a mistake
5. I am not a big fan of Sera Gamble’s writing and or input on the show; but that is life at least we still have a show to watch and maybe she will rub off on me eventually.
6. In the beginning when they tried to please the fans there were some bad choices made and we are now living with them. For example: Alona Tal as Jo would have been the perfect little sister for the guys but instead later we end up with Adam whose very existence is suspect. It would have been kinda cool to have Jo as John’s daughter since we all love Ellen so very much.

Okay with that out-of-the-way lets begin.








This episode begins virtually where the last season ended. The guys and Bobby are standing in front of Castiel who has declared himself as God, the new version. They all attempt to bow down to Castiel but he stops them because he says the are only doing it out of fear not respect or Love. I found this a wise statement and it reminds me of the biblical God. If we serve God only out of fear of being smitten or put in hell then why bother if there is not real love? But can we love someone we have never seen or spoken with face to face. I know a subject for another post. He tells Sam that he doesn’t wish to speak to him because he stabbed him in the back, this was literal so it was totally dry wit. I can so imagine them filming this scene because Castiel was so stringent it was either a straight run through or lots of laughing trying to keep straight faces.

As God Castiel says that he is God and he will let them live only if they don’t rise up against him because they used to be his favorites he is letting them live. Note to self: I am probably over thinking this part because having watching the episode before it doesn’t make sense so I will try to remember to mention it later on. Well because they didn’t stand down in season six Castiel refuses to heal Sam from his inner torment. He leaves after insisting that they would be wise to not seek him again. Yep he is on a full-blown god kick with the power of a million souls inside him to back it up, watch out world. Sam collapses after seeing hellfire Sam in his head.

Meanwhile Castiel has gone smiting on a few other angels. Oh and I figured out what I was trying to put together in my head earlier. Castiel is still an angel but he has the power of a god. As he is speaking he says the angels need a firm hand and a father so he will be their father. He is actually taking gods place and is on a power trip. He is not god. I was confused by that I thought God was really using him. Am I the only one that was twisted on that in the beginning??
I do not understand who he was talking to in this scene though because the angels are already on the ground dead, so is he talking to the invisible ones or himself? Is it just not deep and I am over thinking LOL Well there are angels dead as far as we can see and he says it’s a NEW day on earth and in heaven, so wth??

Well all Bobby and Dean can do is to go back to doing what they can at this point that is working on Baby Impala and trying to make sure Sam is okay. On the other hand they are trying to find god part two, Castiel, maybe because it’s in their dna to try to fix the people they care about even if they don’t want to be fixed. Bobby is looking for signs that Castiel has been around; guess no one say the field of dead angels, that would have been a big sign Castiel was around.

Dean speaks with Sam inside the house but after he asks Sam to come outside to help with the car Sam starts to feel like someone is watching him. He looks around but no one is there. We see that something is up but we don’t know quite yet.

Castiel shows up at a church service at the Lady of Serenity Church. Outside on a sign it says Believe in God he walks amongs us. I am sure they didn’t mean the god that found them on that morning. The preacher is teaching that someone has to speak for god in all the so-called unholy things going on in the world. Castiel arrives, “who says you speak for god?” Uh Oh, Castiel insists god is indifferent to sexual orientation but he won’t abide hypocrits like him, the preacher. “Tell your flock where your genitals have been before you speak for me,” Castiel adds. The guy looks like he might faint. The preacher asks who Castiel is and Castiel says God before a man stands up and tries to leave but falls immediately down breaking the seat. Now I think the man may have been the pastors lover but that is just a guess. Castiel starts quoting scripture about people who lie speaking gods word. The pastor begins to choke before he falls down dead. Castiel looks satisfied with himself as he again claims to be god. Before Castiel can leave the church he hears someone call his name. He doesn’t see anyone but he looks toward the stained glass windoe while he leans heavily on the nearest pew. When Castiel turns away the man on the window looks like Castiel and Castiels hand leaves a black mark on the back of the pew. I think this is the power of the souls inside of him but the voice I am not sure about.

At Bobby’s Sam is getting a tool from a drawer when he gets the feeling of being watched again. He turns around and the room suddenly is glowing red I assume it’s the hell effect they are using. He can’t believe what he is seeing, there are hooks and smoke. Luckily, Bobby shows up looking for him. “Hey Sam you taking a nap down here?” Bless Bobby for checking on him. I really do not believe that Dean or Bobby thinks Sam is okay despite his saying that he is fine. How many times do we need to go through this with them? Sam looks like he is fighting off something but Bobby does not address that. He calls Sam upstairs because they think they have a line on Castiel.

Breaking news; sudden death of over two hundred religious leaders. Yep that sounds like something Castiel would be responsible for at this point. The Vatican has not commented but the people are calling it and act of God. They interviewed a woman about the death of her minister she said, “He was young and sexy and had a rain coat,” the new god I presume LOL. There is a report that the Ku Klux Klan has been forced to be banned. “I can’t argue with that one,” Dean says as he keeps fixing his baby car. So Castiel is going around doing what he thinks God should be doing. The idea is commendable but personally speaking people should just learn to get along despite differences. Sam wants to find Castiel to have a chat but Dean’s says its best to stay out of gods way.

Over in Tennessee, Crowley is hold up in an RV, so not his style. He has angel proofed it to stay out of Castiel’s way but he finds him anyway. Oh and who sits around in a suit? I guess just the king of hell who has to always be the best dressed demon on the planet LOL

After the break, which by the way again included the promo for the Cancelled show, Hell Cats, I don’t get it CW, do some updating.
Crowley is expecting Castiel to kill him but instead Castiel has plans for him. He wants him to return to his post of king of hell but Castiel will control the flow of the souls Crowley receives. Catiel needs a threat to hold over his enemies besides he wants to keep Michael in Lucifer’s cage, otherwise he would have done a way with hell all together. Castiel notices after the conversation that Jimmy’s skin, the one he is using as a body is starting to wear out.

Poor Sam is still feeling like he is being watched just before a chain drops from the ceiling and pulls him up by the neck. I mean talking about having a bad day. He dangles from the ceiling as he tries to breath then we see its a dream or flashback or something. He wakes up looks up then around but sees nothing out of the ordinary. He calls for Dean and Bobby but we see them outside eyeing their handy work on BABY.

Dean missed his calling if he can make that squashed car look that great you know like brand new. He totally should be an auto mechanic. Oh I had no idea Dean said, “I should do this professionally,” Yeah I think that is a shout out to the fans. We know how often Baby has been hurt and repaired by him though the first time was season two after dad died, god rest his soul.

Bobby questions how Sam can even be vertical let alone okay. Dean doesn’t want to discuss it he is pretending to trust that Sam is not lying to him about being okay. That is just Dean’s way of dealing when he feels he has no choice. As long as Sam is in his sights walking, breathing, and trying to be normal Dean is okay. Of course we have all seen where that can lead them.

Sam over hears them talking. Dean doesn’t want to get his hopes up that Sam is really okay. Sam gives them the news that a publishing house exploded he does not mention that he heard them however because really what would it matter. Their desire to stop Castiel is at the top of the list again, Dean thinks that he knows someone that might be able to stop him. They pull Crowley in to get information on how to bind Death. It’s so funny Crowley was in the midst of pouring himself a drink.

On Death he is a fun one. He looks as old as dirt, LOL, but I love his wit. He has been in several episodes over the last three seasons.

In another part of the world Castiel heals a blind man, “I am a just god I only punish liars and those who forsake me,” he says. The first thing the former blind man sees is that something is wrong with Castiel. Ok so maybe the reason Misha won’t be around much this season is they may need a new Vessel for him. I wonder who that might be? Castiel goes in the nearest mens room to see the problem. The souls are trying to get out of him, stretching his skin and moving around. It looked like hands, Yikes.

Crowley comes through with the recipe for binding death. It involves a fulgurite, I remember this piece of information from a little movie called Sweet Home Alabama. When lightening strikes sand it crystalizes. They call it an act of god in crystal. Luckily for us Bobby found someone nine hours away who just bought the needed item from an auction. Okay here is another thing that even though it saves time I hate that Bobby can find or fix anything…….but oh well its the nature of a television show I suppose.

They do have to break into the house, knock out a security guard and on yeah it seems Dean was looking for grey poupon, “its what popped in my head” LOL but they do get inside. Just as they find it they are interrupted by the owner, two very sleepy looking rich people and the man has a gun. Now more than likely the man has never shot the gun but it doesn’t matter. Dean takes care of them alone because Bobby and Sam didn’t show up till after he tied them LOL they do not show us how he did it but he is trained right.

*Shakes head* they quickly make a mess of the neat den of Dr. & Mrs. Royce as they break the crystal into ash, draw on the desk and numerous other infractions. I assume they will leave them a large amount of cash to repay them or hey trying to save the world might be world it right. Dean give a blood donation for the mixture and there is a bag of something with a drink that I didn’t notice the first time I saw this.

Bobby starts to chant and the rooms shakes which breaks other items in the room, you can hear the woman moaning as all her beautiful items shatter. Suddenly all is quiet, they all wonder what is happening before death appears newly bound with what looks like silken cords.

Dean is about to explain but not before he introduces death to a fried pickle chip, the best in the state. Yes that is what was in the bag, I do wander what you drink with pickle chips. Ah so he knew what would appease death, nicely done, Winchester. Death assumes he is there about Sam’s hallucinations, which um Dean had no idea about until well now. “What?” Dean says.
“One wall per customer,” Death says, “unbind me,” he insists.

Dean confesses to Death that had summoned him to kill god. Castiel arrives angry but he can’t kill them because they have death bound. “Death is our bitch so you can’t kill us,” Dean pronounces. Ah that was the plan to draw Castiel out of hiding or from whatever he has been doing all over the planet. Death reveals the biggest issue of what Castiel has done to himself. It seems with all the souls from purgatory inside of himself he also has the leviathan of old mixed in and they are the oneray sort. According to Death, God created purgatory to keep Leviathan away from everything else he had created. Now that is an interesting tale. Castiel believes he did a service by taking God’s place; he actually is arrogant enough to think he is doing a better job. Dean demands the arguing cease so Death can just kill Castiel already. Castiel looks hurt even though before he was ready to kill the boys for disobeying. In an interesting twist, Castiel unbinds death before he can kill him.

Death takes a seat to enjoy his pickle snack as Castiel disappears again. I have to say I find it amusing that death who is as old as time would have black hair LOL really vanity ??

Castiel shows up next on the campaign trail for some senator lady. He wants to talk to her about abuse of power. He tells everyone in the room, he is a better god than his father. He then starts hearing things in his head and laughs.

Death is almost done with snack as we return to the house of the doctor. Death thinks perhaps he should use his prowess on another planet some place where they respect him. He suggest to the guys they get Castiel to return the souls to purgatory and quick. He will give them another eclispe to do what needs to be done in order to give Castiel time to return the souls. Now interesting as it is that Death wants to help but won’t another eclipse have an adverse effect on you know, earth? Reminds me of Bruce Almighty when Bruce pulled the moon into close and caused tidal waves, Okay writers are you watching enough movies?? Well the earth is suppose to be all but gone by now with the apocalypse and all I guess. Anyway, they have all of twenty four hours to do the deed.

Castiel wakes up on the floor of the campaign head quarters. He has killed everyone thanks to the Leviathan influence. Hmm so they are the new big bad, interesting, yes.

They finally discuss Sam’s hallucination over at Bobby’s while Dean has given up on getting Castiel to the lab in time. Of course, he is using Sam’s issues to avoid the fact that he feels helpless, Psychology 101, LOL. I get he doesn’t want Sam to lie but Sam wants to be in charge of his own destiny. Dean wants to just hang back drink, watch some asian cartoon porn and act like the world is about to explode.

Dean turns on the computer to find that Castiel has been up to his tricks. They watch the video of him at the campaign head quarters and is saddened. Dean thinks reaching Castiel is out of the cards but Sam goes outside to try to contact their old friend and ally.

Dean is actually watching the cartoon porn when Sam returns inside but he won’t drink with Dean until he turns it off. I think its funny in a sad way that Dean has gone from Busty Asian beauties to cartoon porn, what happened to him? Castiel arrives after hearing Sam’s call; he asks for finally asks for their help.

Over at the lab, they send Sam to get the blood they need for the ritual and Castiel apologizes for his behavior. He feels regret but Dean is unwilling to forgive right away. You know Dean is alot like his father with the way he punishes people for their mistakes but that also is another topic for another time.

Sam goes in search of the blood but runs into Lucifer himself. Sam tries to convince himself that Lucifer is lying to him about him still being in the cage. Lucifer is adamant when the tells Sam is really torturing Sam in hell with the memories and he is not really out of hell. Sam does not know what to believe; hey I am right there with him but I think Lucifer is lying.

Dean goes to find Sam but can only retrieve the blood in the jar in the hallway. He has not time to worry about Sam when he has to clean up Castiel’s mess. Who said Dean wasn’t the daddy type…….sheeks that is all he does is take care of people, well but of course he does it his way, not society’s way.

Dean draws the signet on the wall for the spell/ritual and its hard for them to keep Castiel upright he is so beat up. Finally the wall opens and the souls are dragged back to purgatory or so it seems. Castiel collapses and they think he is dead.

After the break, just when Dean thought Castiel was gone for good and he had called him a child for not listening to him, that figures right LOL. Castiel wakes up, his pretty face is all nice again the damage has been undone. Its another one of those things the fans notice, the writers don’t let the boys or Cass stay unattractive for long periods of time. I have mixed feelings about that but it would do us all good to see them a bit damaged now and again, anyone with me?

So Castiel apologizes then he bends over in pain saying the leviathan held on inside of him he is trying to hold them back. Leviathan are in charge of Castiel afterward, they have a weird sense of humor kind of like Misha Collins when he tweets LOL. He throws Dean and Bobby across the room. Sam never did show up again; that is the end of the episode. “This is going to be so much fun,” Castiel tells them. I am sure it has a double meaning seeing as this is the beginning of the season, the season we never thought we would have because this could have all ended two seasons ago. Go Team Free Will.

Whoa what a wild ride. I can’t wait to see what this season holds.
Please leave comments I am open for feedback and discussion. I am trying to get a chat box on here some where but so far have not had time to implement it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Well you know I’m a Dassie fan too LOL. Dassie forever. So the Con you volunteered for is next month already. That was quick. Hope you have fun.

    Supernatural recap: That was an interesting read, of course not watching the dreadful IMO season 6 I’m lost at some things. The Devil is not dead? Crowley is still alive? Castiel thinks he’s God? Glad Bobby was in this episode. Glad he’s still around. It’s a surprise since SPN seems to only kill off the good actors LOL. So Dean and Sam are still as tortured as ever and still don’t seem to trust each other, completely that is. Nothing new there.

    The part I’m really sad about is that Castiel is dead and what he turned into before he died. I loved the Castiel character from the start. And Misha Collins is one of the most handsome and talented actors ever. He was such a big part of SPN for me at least. Will miss Misha and Castiel.

    I’m not going to comment to much this time. I want to read a few more recaps and see what direction the show is headed in season 7. Does sound good so far. I will forever hate season 6! And I wish SPN had of ended at season 5 the way Eric said he wanted it to. But it didn’t and maybe the show can recapture the SPN magic. I really do hope so.

  2. Hey Kree, Keep in mind Castiel is still there but he is not the same Angel but he is being controlled by the Leviathan now it seems. Glad you liked the recap.

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