Single Ladies Episode 4 – Men Are Not Your Friends

On VH1- S01 Episode 4 – Men are Not Your Friends

I happened across this show by accident a couple of weeks ago on Saturday night. My interested was drawn because I am always happy to see interracial couples.

The night I first watched they showed two episodes back to back and I was hooked. I had no idea at the time I would want to recap/ or review it but here I am ready to watch the recent episode (4) and share it with you all.

Just in case you have no idea about this show its on VH1 Monday nights at 9Central. Queen Latifah just joined the cast so it should get interesting she is playing a psychiatrist.

Okay the last the thing we saw on the previous episode was Darryl giving his wife, April, divorce papers at her birthday party. I thought WOW what a jerk. I admit until that point I thought her fooling around on him was the worse that could happen between the two of them but this is an all time low.

At the start of this episode we see Sebastian and Val saying good night. It turns out its their third date and Sebastian wants sex. Now the scene was overly dramatic and I am seriously doubting Stacy Dash’s acting ability as Val but Sebastian was a jerk. He thought he had earned the right to come in for the night to have sex. Guys, go figure right?

Inside of course Val is upset about what happened but she makes April feel bad by making a comment about her affair with the mayor that is long over. Well for those of you who have not been keeping up; April is one of nine women the mayor had affairs with so I guess he has some serious charm. He is of course a politician he can probably talk his way into anything.

I just have to ask anyone who is reading this a question? When was the last time you were walking around your apartment in high heels, jewelry, push up bra and makeup while you prepared to eat popcorn??? That was not representing real woman at all. I am watching this for the second time and I noticed Keisha and April were in the apartment fully dressed preparing to have a snack. Now if I go to a friends or am at home I disrobe including shoes especially when its snack time I don’t mean go in the buff just put on something comfy like sweats or anything not dressy. Is that just me?

The three woman go on and on about supposed modern day dating practices until there is a phone call from the police to say that there has been a break in at the store. I did like the advice from Keisha when she said, “Fine men move on if they don’t get it quick because they have so many options.” Her advice to Val was to do the same thing; Treat him like a shiny new toy and when she gets bored move on. LOL Not every man is husband material so you can’t treat every guy like they are when they are not.

Oh April tells the girls before the call that she and Darryl are headed back to counseling. My thought on this is that Darryl is up to something like he got some advice from his hommies or maybe I just love a mystery. We will see soon enough.

When Val arrives a her store she finds out that one of her employees, Christina, was the problem because she was having sex in the front window of the store. Who does that? Side note: I guess its a good thing Keisha and April were still dressed because they went with Val to the store. The boyfriend, Yellow Wolf, is a total idiot with his disrespect of the law and obnoxious general behavior. If Christina had any sense she would have broken up with him right away but she doesn’t. Val does the good deed of not firing Christina but only giving her a warning about her behavior.

April goes to see Darryl the next day and her key no longer fits the lock. He not only is kicking her out she finds after she is inside but he reiterates about taking half of her trust fund. Now this sticks to me of someone who may have some how had hand in planning the relationships demise. He pretended with her to want to seek more counseling only so she would confess more of her transgressions to him. Yeah, April was a cheater but Darryl is a world class TOOL. April in her delusion actually thinks they can still work it out but Darryl wants their to be a war between them though I have no idea why except the whole him being a tool thing.

That same morning Val calls a meeting at the store with the employees. Keisha, Christina, and Logan(?) are present. It comes to light they all have had sex at the store including Val but Keisha insisted she has not; so they make a pact to never let it happen again. It was an amusing premise for a meeting though in a way lame. I mean if Val had already had sex in her own store and the others knew of it then could she really say anything other than be more discreet or try to wait if at all possible to do that at a more appropriate place. Christina suggested they shouldn’t have a bed in the store LOL Really because its not the beds fault she had not self control.

Malcolm shows up to ask Val to ask help with a showing of his new diamond line at showing at his home. Val tried to say no but since its a business deal she agrees to the deal with Keisha’s blessing. Kiesha has a talk with Malcom briefly where he says he is sorry for the way he has behaved. Kiesha agrees to come to the diamond party but she says she will bring a date. Malcolm thinks bringing a date is a bad idea. In my mind Kiesha and Malcolm are both too arrogant for their own good. Kiesha plays games while Malcolm likes to fool around with her because she is a good lay. She needs to move on from what I can see and she needs to be more real.

Val brings her friend, Casey, home from a comedy night out. He really likes her but she doesn’t think the pieces between them fit. Deep down we all know she really likes him but he is impatient to move on from being friends. I think its odd that he stayed over or sleep in the bed with her even though they are only friends. AWKWARD!!

She actually wants him to behave but I don’t know what world she is living in but how many real guys would go for that whole thing. He cuddles her then gets excited and she tells him to turn over REALLY? I can’t see any guy wanting to be tortured like that even though she seems hopelessly smitten with her.

At April’s office there is a conflict with Reed Durham the new talent and her boss, Wes Domingo, who is not finding any songs on Reed’s album worth completing. April decides to put her job on the line. She offers to help Reed to finish the album because she has been told by her boss that she has good ear for music.

Val is at Malcolm’s discussing the diamond party. The models will wear his jewels and her designs. The color theme is canary yellow. I found this fascinating because I believe these type events happen often in high society. Kiesha is also at Malcolm’s with Val; Malcolm asks to speak with her in private. I really don’t feel that Kiesha has a clue about what she is doing man wise she is just a broken little girl who likes playing games too much for her own good. I also hate the way she tries to speak properly but its obvious its not natural for her it just sounds rehearsed to me. They play billiards as a representation of how they like to play games and it doesn’t work for me. I was distracted wondering how long it took them to get the balls in the pockets during filming LOL. Malcolm suggested they should just be friends and though Kiesha is hurt she agrees.

After the break, they are helping April pack up her things at her little house; the one she used to share with Darryl. Blah Blah Blah conversation was boring until Casey came in the room looking HOT & Sweet. He insists he is only help because Val promised him a kiss. She pays up by giving him a kiss on the cheek, cheap shot, Val. Poor Casey was ripped off I think. The others advise Val that she shouldn’t play with Casey’s emotions because its obvious he likes her. April points out that Val makes it so that no man measures up.

Reed flakes out on April by not showing up for the studio time she booked for him. He has the nerve to give her an attitude because her job is actually as an assistant. I tell you this behavior didn’t win him any points with me. April is going through a lot now her job is on the line because she wants to help him and possibly prove her worth at work in the process. It wasn’t a good time for her to grow a pair but I do hope it works out.

Yeah she is the one in the yellow LOL that mean look is not sexy 🙂

Over at the party one of the models look as still as mannequins which is funny to me. I found it amusing that the same model thought looking sexy meant looking mean, I’m just sayin’, she had the same look the entire party. Seriously its a loud happening party with bunches of people I guess rich people walking around just eager go by jewels and expensive clothing while they drink the good stuff. Suddenly Val is upset because a model does not have her hair pulled up so the detail of the fancy necklace can be shown. Val is supposedly panicked as she tries to call Christina who has not appeared at the party as of yet even though she has some of the dresses with her. Stacey Dash, Val, does not pull this scene off at all. *shakes head* It is all a big mess to me especially here I don’t know if its the chemistry with the other actors or just her but I’m not convinced.

Christina on the other hand is with her boyfriend having a good time in his car before a policeman stops them. I have to wonder about the personality of this young lady. She is so into fashion as she tries to be an assistant designer yet she keeps putting her job on the line for some half baked musician who can’t keep his pants up in public places. Christina is going down the wrong road if she wants her dreams to be fulfilled. How often can Val forgive her in reality?

At Malcolm’s Party, after the break, he has the nerve to pull Kiesha aside and ask her for a quickie even though they both have dates. OH and this happens after they introduce their dates to one another. If Kiesha was so savvy she wouldn’t have let him stay in the bathroom alone but instead she gave into him. He used her then had the audacity to tell her they were still just friends. I hope Kiesha has learned her lesson.

April showed up at the party to find that Reed was already there. He accuses her of stalking him but she explains she knows the designer, Val. They chat briefly until we are introduced to Murrie who is a foreign woman that Reed has been collaborating with. After a confrontation where April confesses the deal to help Reed is all about her and they decide they will work together. April mentally decides Murrie and Reed have potential to make the record work out. The two of them, Reed and April, make nice before Murrie plays her violin. I enjoy the violin the way she played a modified hip hop song.

Christina finally showed up with the dresses of course Val is upset before she takes the dress then walks away. April goes to get drinks for her and Kiesha to help cheer her up after the drama with Malcolm, luckily her date, Dorian is still around oblivious to the drama.

After the party Casey arrives up to help with the clean up. He tells Val he is moving to Los Angeles to do his work. She is surprised. It seems he was keeping the information to himself or she would have known. He says if there is no real chance for them he doesn’t want to be around. She confesses she can’t guarantee she will ever feel anything for him so its not to his benefit to stay for her. She finally kisses his lips before she says goodbye. She is upset when she tells her friends about him leaving.

Christina apologizes for her behavior and again Val forgives her. I think this is more about Val’s personality then the fact that she has been as screw up as an employee. It could also be that Val likes giving people lots of chances.

April expresses how she is finally going to be on her own for the first time in her life. The confession from April should have been at the house when they helped her move it seemed out of place here except it went along with the part about Casey leaving. She had gone from her parents home to being married; but now she will be all by herself. They decide to go out clubbing a the end.

My final word on this episode is that I will give it more chances but its not must see television for me. I like that the interracial relationships are not a big deal as well I like to see the dating live of the women though a bit over the top at times. I am still intrigued I would say at this point. I wont’ promise to always do recaps or reviews but please to feel free to comment.

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