Revenge Recap Episode 13 – The Lies that Bind Or Whose Your Daddy

Hi all this weeks Revenge was HOT and Explosive to me all the revelations and twists I just had to recap it. So this one is for Busy Busy Jewels who may have missed it or NOT 🙂

This episode begins with Emily and Nolan watching one of the stolen tapes. David Clark is speaking to the little author guy from last weeks episode, Treadwell. David shares about the two times that Victoria came to the prison the one of the time was to let him know about her pregnancy with what he believed to be his daughter. The judge had already told him he wouldn’t leave the prison alive and David was sad that he would miss seeing his girls grow up.

Nolan is moved by the information David shares on the tape but our Emily looks like a stone. She has to keep that mask in place to get her REVENGE, right? Emily doesn’t understand why her father trusted Treadwell, with the important baby information but he didn’t write it in his journal either way she has a plan. She is going to plant one tape to “blow up” Victoria’s divorce in the process finding out if Charlotte is her real sister and use the other tapes to frame Amanda for last weeks over the TOP fire at Treadwell’s house. Oh she is a barrel of fun LOL though I do love her determination I would totally be HER, Revenge is MINE LOL. However, framing of Amanda just seems problematic to me also to Nolan, because besides hanging around town the girl has done nothing but help Emily over the years by allowing her to take over her identity.

Nolan can’t believe that Emily is being so insistent on getting Amanda in trouble and maybe hurting Jack in the process while all the while being the loving woman with Daniel. Its is a true mystery to all men how and why us women do the things we do right LOL. Emily tells him to spare her his passive aggressive judgment LOL oh and he looks hurt. She didn’t originally ask for his help he volunteered because of his devotion to her father. Bottom line: Help or not its his call just stay out of her way.

———————this is the Second day I tried to recap this episode ——-I have no idea why its been so traumatic to get it done I mention that because It would have been up on Thursday the day after showing otherwise :(—————————————

Over at the Grayson’s, Daniel is ratting out his father to his mother and her attorney. Daniel is a good double agent too if Emily wasn’t going ‘head to head’ with his family he might make a good ally. Daniel reveals that the FCC is nosing around his father’s assets so they have to get whatever they want as soon as possible before a scandal blows it all up. He seems to have as much determination to help his mother as Emily/Amanda does to getting her plan accomplished. I tell you no wonder they enjoy each others company so much they are made from the same “cloth.” Victoria is giddy that Daniel has come through with such lovely information to help her attorney win her all the money she wants.

Daniel breaks the news to Victoria that despite his helping her get the funds she thinks she deserves he still wants to marry Emily. Daniel is treated to her sad/sullen look the one she uses when don’t go her way LOL oh well you win some you lose some; luckily he is immune to it. She will just have to learn to love Emily the way that he does, poor boy.

Down by the bar, Emily sees Jack with Amanda, we get a slow mo view of them nuzzle and I thought I might get sick LOL. I adore Jack but I have to wonder if he really like Amanda Part 2 also known as Amanda/Emily and sometime just plan Amanda, or just feels things for her based on what he thinks is their shared past which all kinds of wrong. Seriously he needs to step back and decide what is going on with his head above his shoulders um instead of relying on that other head below the belt. Now that isn’t to say that I don’t like Amanda/Emily but she is just playing a role and sometimes not doing it that well especially as far as helping Emily/Amanda out LOL. Yeah it gets confusing to me too.

Emily sees them as they are arriving into the harbor from their impromptu trip to Atlantic City. They lost big and I am sure it’s because Amanda is a gambler in life too. Hey she can usually do what she wants with her severance from Emily I am sure but she shouldn’t be pulling Jack into her web when he is only barely making ends meet. I know I know he is the one that wanted to go but he only had five hundred dollars in tips to use I just hope he wasn’t dumb enough to get in debt while he was gone.

OH and what is with Amanda and those short shorts is that the only way she can keep Jack; I think the answer is yes. She is just a sexy girl and she doesn’t have much else to show for herself. Okay moving on just noticing a pattern with her. Again I am not saying she can’t do more with herself but it doesn’t seem she has tried real hard at it. Truth be told if I was getting paid to just hang out and do nothing I might be the same way not much good for much else but having some fun LOL

Emily lies by saying that she and Amanda had scheduled to have breakfast that very day; she just came by to pick her up for that date. Amanda goes along with the lie and they wonder off together. The first matter that Emily talks to Amanda about is the fire at Treadwell’s. She wants Amanda to believe that Victoria had the fire set because that would keep Amanda on guard around Victoria. Amanda doesn’t really seem to care one way or another she thinks that Treadwell got what he deserved. Emily also throws in the news that Victoria hates her and despises Amanda as much as she did Treadwell. She tells Amanda she needs to leave town. She also suggests to Amanda if Victoria burn down a house then neither of them are safe. Amanda who is on top of the worlds basically says that Emily is worrying too much.

Now its clear to see that Emily was hoping Amanda would just leave town with the thought that she might be blamed for the fire but that didn’t happen so its on to plan B. I can see here in Emily’s eyes she really didn’t want to have to go to Plan B, that is a good thing the start of remorse perhaps.

At the club, Conrad has lunch/brunch, I got confused because Emily and Amanda were going for breakfast a minute before, with Declan and Charlotte. Conrad surprises Declan by telling he paid for his college so he can attend with Charlotte. Declan only has to pass the entrance exams then he can go to Collins Prep for college. Wow must be nice, how many people get that chance you know to have their parents pay for the kids education? I wonder if that is even legal LOL !!

While they are chatting Conrad gets an envelope delivered to his table. HE opens it to find a note saying to open in private as well as a tape. Oh I wonder whatever that could be?

WEll later on at the divorce meeting Conrad shows them the tape. It is the one that Emily watched earlier with Nolan. This time we see a different part of it. David Clark reveals that his favorite aunt’s name was Charlotte, she was the one that raised him. Victoria was fully aware if that fact when she was pregnant. On the tape David speculates that Victoria named the baby after his aunt to send him a message that she was raising his child with Conrad.

I do wish I could wear some nice color on this show, *is sad*

Victoria only wants to know where he got the tape, he says it is irrelevant. Barbara, Conrad’s lawyer, has already ordered a paternity test which according to Conrad if it doesn’t reveal he is the father than Victoria will need to walk away or it will blow up in the media. We learn from Conrad that Victoria was penniless when she met him and she will end up that way again if she isn’t careful. Oh no she doesn’t want that to happen; she won’t be able to hold her nose in the air around everyone she sees as inferior then LOL.

Basically its okay for him to cheat with her best friend but for him to raise a child that is not his by birth is unheard of LOL, the hypocrisy is amazing from that man LOL.

After the break, Victoria’s lawyer rants at her about breaching the disclosure contract yet again. She is interested in finding Mason’s tapes that everyone else believed where destroyed in the fire. Victoria is convinced that the only way that the information would have ever been brought to light is if someone has them. Her first thought is that Amanda Clark was involved in the fire though she doesn’t say it but she invites Amanda over for tea.

At Conrad’s hotel suite Charlotte goes looking for here in her room, as if she would be there instead of MoonDoggying with Declan. Conrad uses his alone time to take some hair from her brush to give to the lab for the dna test, shame on him for bringing the child into this nasty divorce, shame on them all LOL. You know from what I have seen of the divorce proceedings it looks as though Conrad and Victoria where never happy. How can that be??

Meanwhile despite the rain storm, Emily is working on her plan B which used to be her Plan A LOL. She takes the tapes to Jacks where Amanda is staying to plant them in her bag. Emily finds a note from Jack to Amanda and back and for some reason we have to see it. Jack has gone for donuts and Amanda wrote gone to find him DUH, dumb. But what I see in the note is that is from a Ceasars , the hotel not the pizza place LOL The note pad as well it was written by the same person in print then cursive. LOL though I am not writing expert it seems clear to me. With that being said the Love You’s seem to be a bit forced at this early date but then I am still a Emily/Jack shipper most of the time.

Emily why are you up here?

Before Emily can leave we see Jack has arrived. Emily’s only defense is that she was seeking Amanda although being in her room would be odd since the two of them are supposedly new friends, YIKES!! Plot hole anyone? Jack tells Emily that Amanda was summoned by Victoria for tea he also seems to feel sorry for Amanda and the things she has endured. Okay see Jack is confusing sympathy with love and with the way Amanda goes around half-naked I could see how he might think he is in LoVe, LMAO. See now Emily is stronger and has a better sense of herself something Jack could easily fall for; well he was already falling before Amanda Pt. 2 showed up. Amanda is surprised to hear the news and I am sure inwardly hopes that Amanda doesn’t cause undo damage with her bravado at Victoria’s house.

Don’t swallow that canary just yet !!

Over at the Graysons Victoria is testing Amanda. Amanda’s love of strawberries gives Victoria the red flag because as a child Amanda was deathly allergic. Amanda tells her she grew out of it but I think its a cue for her be careful. She does indulge in the Crème fraiche, which I believe is something I assumed might contain milk which no doubt Victoria might say she was allergic to also, since Amanda eagerly added it to the strawberry. Victoria only gives her one of her constipated looks. Ah then when she licks the spoon before she sets it on the plate I wonder if that is the only reason she was asked to the house to start. Oh yes so that Victoria can ascertain by dna if she is David Clark’s daughter. Now see Victoria if you played your cards properly with David you might have two loving daughters instead of one that hates the sight of you oh well the other just hates you.

Afterward they engage in a bit of banal conversation where we learn that Amanda has been told some things but maybe not others. Victoria blames her for the fire at Mason Treadwell and Amanda blames Victoria. Then Amanda realizes she doesn’t have as many answers as she needs to converse as intelligently as the might like with Victoria because she can tell that Victoria is fishing for information. Amanda then leaves despite Victoria telling her to stay. Oh well Vickie I guess not everyone Bows to your Will. Bravo little Amanda part 2.

Peter, the lawyer, appears from another room before Amanda hits the front steps LOL, he grabs up the spoon so he can take it to be analyzed. Hmmm are there no real rules in the Hampton’s? Lawyers do what the want with the law? Rich people play with each other like chess pieces? I mean don’t get me started again on the Anti Style LOL. Peter also tells Victoria that Conrad is not Charlotte’s father according to the dna test. Wow some fast test they have there.

Ashley goes to see Daniel in the pool house to tell him his father is on the way over. Victoria wanted to make certain he had time to leave if he wanted. Ashley sees that Daniel has a ring; they briefly discuss him proposing to Emily. Ashley is not as happy as you might think for her new bestie, Emily. Of course Ashley has been the brunt a few time of Emily’s bad side and I don’t think they are as close as at the start of the series. WE all know Emily was only using her to get into Grayson manner so no harm no foul. Daniel chooses to leave which I think is cowardice but oh well.

I have been curious about the Ashley that plays Ashley Davenport. Yes her name is Ashley Madedwe. I knew immediately that it was a NIgerian name because well I do a lot of name searches LOL. She is also Swiss and British which was why she caught my attention. I love Most British accents I would love love love to have one of my own. I have been practicing a bit LOL.

At another divorce mediation Conrad asks for a moment alone with Victoria. The news about him not being Charlotte’s father has already been relayed to him. He tells her he will take her to court of she doesn’t just take the pittance he is willing to offer her. He is willing to let Charlotte keep her trust fund but somehow I doubt that Declan will get to keep his college money, too bad really he is a good kid. Conrad thinks that it will go harder on Victoria in court than on him.
Ashley is at the door when the conversation takes place so I assume she heard it, because her remark is something like “oh bloody hell.”

Amanda starts ranting to Jack at the bar about Victoria in a way that Jack doesn’t quite understand and Nolan stops her by dropping a glass that entails Jack having to go get a broom to clean it up. IN the mean while he speaks to Amanda about zipping her lip. Jack can’t know that Emily tells her stuff.

At Conrad’s Charlotte arrives full of kisses and hugs for him considering his donation to Declan’s college fund. She tells her dad that she and Declan have been prepping for the entrance exams all day. Conrad makes excuses so that Charlotte has to move back in with her mother, he tells her she needs to grow up so she can deal with Victoria.

Just before more rain arrives Daniel takes Emily on the boat to propose. The boat is the one where she spilled the drink on his jacket the night they met. The musicians abandon the boat just like the ones on the titanic LOL except one guy who might be the captain who hands them an umbrella. Daniel gets down on one knee. She accepts then they kiss in the rain. Eww I never am comfortable being wet in the rain even for a moment but that’s just me I guess its a romantic gesture or something.

After the break, inside the house they tell Victoria about the engagement. She gives her best half-smile but only kisses Daniel and not Emily which is quite rude. I suppose she didn’t want to give them any false hope that she will accept Emily as a family member. On the other hand, Victoria won’t be a Grayson for much longer.

Ashley goes slumming at the bar to find Nolan is there also after she has gotten a text from Emily about her proposal. Ashley believes she may have been betting on the wrong horse by working for Victoria who may not be the winner in the divorce settlement, hmm how selfish is she LOL. Nolan seems surprised that Emily accepted though he tries to hide it. Jack overhears about the engagement and looks a bit disappointed himself. Of course Ashley does not mention that she hears some information at the house.

On the other end of the bar, Amanda pours a drink for a stranger who tries to hit on her. She tells him point black she has a boyfriend then walks away. Boyfriend? Oh the guy she is snagging, Jack, the one she has known about a minute? We are then treated to a close up of the guy and I wondered why is he deserving of a close up.. hmmm we shall see.

At the club, Daniel tells his father about the engagement. Conrad asks if Emily is aware she is only a pawn in the divorce scheme with Victoria? Daniel seems really too tired to deal with the accusation. Conrad confesses that he did at one time love Victoria but his jaded view of marriage is that eventually Daniel will do what he has done. I thought this was pretty weak, even though we didn’t see any of Victoria past lovers besides David Clark we do know that Conrad cheated it seems it was a habit. I mean in the typical fashion of with Victoria’s best friend which had to hurt more, cliché much? Oh well Daniel insists that will never happen to him with Emily. Hmm yes with Emily you might end up dead; she don’t play around she is serious about her revenge LOL. Conrad throws in that some secrets just blow up marriages, basically he is too chicken to tell Daniel about Charlotte.

Emily is at her house sitting in the dark when her sister, Charlotte arrives, yes its official now. Charlotte has come looking for Daniel because she feels lost after her used to be father has kicked her to the curb. Conrad you Rat B*st*rd!! The girl deserved to know why you are being a meany to her. Anyway so she is half in tears and I think for a moment we see that Emily is feeling all warm fuzzy for her newly revealed little Sis. Yes it broke her hard shell for a minute there. Charlotte notices the ring on Emily’s finger than hugs her after declaring that she has always wanted a sister. Well Char hun you got one !! She of course is referring to a sister-in-law at this point but well lets see how long it takes for someone hmmmm anyone to tell her that Amanda Clark is her Big Sis.

Peter arrives at Victoria’s to tell her the bad news, at least for her investigation, Amanda/Emily’s dna is a match to Charlotte which mean they are both the daughters of the supposed most hated man in america, David Clark. Peter blows off the announcement like it is inconsequential. “On to more important things,” he says LOL. Oh she beats him to the punchline as he is about to quit she fires him. Uh oh okay she does all the lying he does the cover up job and she fires him…..I would hate work for her.

I’m kinda Hot and Sexy

AT Jacks place the stranger dude, the one we saw the close up of, yeah I knew he meant something to the episode besides being someone to flirt with Amanda part 2. Anyway, he is rummaging through Amanda’s stuff taking the tapes that Emily put in earlier. Unfortunately for Jack he sees him and decides to try to kick his Ass. LOL oh Jack you are a lover not a fighter dude when will you see that? As if on cue, Amanda calls his name only to run upstairs with Nolan to find him on the floor knocked out and bleeding but hey where did the cute guy go?

So when stranger dude who is named Lee in this episode according to IMDB, is done kicking Jack’s ass I see he is not a bad-looking guy so I google him of course don’t you all google cute guys LOL. He is Derek Ray and has been acting since around 2002. Check out his information he did distract for a second.

Anywho after the break, Nolan goes to Emily’s to tell her what has become of her soul mate, Jack. Oh oh, Nolan blames Emily but Emily blames Victoria. So I see now, Victoria had that guy looking for the tapes at Jacks because she believes that Amanda is not who she claims to be. Wow I almost missed that so Emily really didn’t send the guy as I believed the first time I watched this, oh got it. Jack was hurt as Nolan says because of the accumulation of events. Wow!!

Emily leaves Nolan to go meet up with of all people, Peter, Victoria now ex lawyer. It seems that Emily was in cahoots with him and that his how the dna evidence was fixed to her plan.

In a flashback we see how Peter had spoken with REAL Amanda in her black hair days, years ago about him trusting David Clark. David refused to have Amanda testify even though she could have helped his case.

Hmm I wonder if some how Victoria had in the back of her mind she couldn’t trust Peter all this time. Peter tells Amanda if he hadn’t switch the dna test she would be done. He also tells her that Victoria called in her own guy to do the tape finding. HE warns Amanda before he leaves she might need to rethink her plan for revenge; he never signed up for violence. He also confesses he never believed David was guilty. Okay that is the second person that didn’t believe David was guilty oh and Conrad’s slut she didn’t believe it either. I think those for David are starting to come out of the woodwork.

I’m so FINE when I fake sleep

Emily goes to see Jack but he is all drugged out from the pain killers I would imagine. She says she sorry to his sleeping form…..ahh…is sweet.

Downstairs Emily speaks with Amanda. Emily finally after all the years she has known Amanda/Emily tells her that the Grayson’s framed her father and went back to their lives like nothing happened. She doesn’t mention anything about her sister Charlotte or her engagement though I notice. You know I kind of get that Amanda/Emily had no reason to know a lot of stuff because she was supposed to be many miles away from Emily/Amanda OR NOT!! On the other hand, it seems kind of odd and out of left field that sometime along the way that Emily/Amanda never told Amanda/Emily about what happened with her father. Is anyone else buying this? It maybe the worse use of a conversation between these two that I have ever seen but here is the kicker. Emily tells her that Victoria hired the guy that beat up Jack, of course not mentioning the tapes is a smooth move on Emily’s part. Amanda is surprised that Grayson are involved even though Emily had warned her about them. Amanda pays attention to what she wants to pay attention too, not smart. Emily makes it seem again that Amanda/Emily and all of them are now in danger.

Should we not wonder what the girls did in Juvie if not talk about their families? They changed Identities for goodness sakes I thought that was why they did that so Emily/Amanda could get her revenge. Its possible I was just confused on that, huh?

Amanda suddenly agrees to GO AWAY, and luckily Emily has already gotten her new stuff. You know cell phone, ID, passport and such. She got her everything but a new boyfriend to screw around with LOL because so far Jack is staying behind. Amanda says she can’t say good-bye to Jack and Emily says she will do it for her. AWKWARD. How is she going to get away with saying goodbye to someone else for someone she barely knows, supposedly?

Okay here comes the part that really pissed me off when I saw it; it might be the reason I really wanted to write this recapped this week and well here it comes.

At the house Daniel tells Victoria that his father told him he was being nasty with her because of a big secret. Daniel is of course curious to know what it’s all about. Victoria is all ready with a half truth the big lying SLUT. She says it’s about your sister, “Conrad is not her father.” If she ended there than Daniel might not have thought too much of it right but that BIATCH, says its David Clark Daniel assumes from her expression that it wasn’t consensual and she doesn’t deny it……she IMPLIES he RAPED her…….that is just so wrong. So now to save her sleazy hide she is lying on a dead man one she claimed to love years ago.

After the break, on the beach the next day. Nolan talks to Emily. She is finally feeling sorry for her actions because Jack was hurt. She is even considering giving back the ring to Daniel. Nolan is hopeful for her soul I think LOL. Now this seems like a step forward.

Declan comes in to see Jack with breakfast and a note from Amanda saying goodbye. The note reads that wherever she goes bad things catch up with her. Oh and its signed All My Love, so sweet. Jack is confused by the letter though maybe its the injury LOL sorry I just feel sorry that the guy is being jerked around by the Amanda and Emily or so it seems.

Victoria puts away the tapes she got from the sweet looking stranger into her safe before Charlotte walks in. Despite living at Victoria’s house or as some might call a beach home Charlotte still doesn’t want to deal with Victoria, Good for Her, the woman reeks of LIES.

Then we get a flashback of Victoria on the balcony of her house looking at the pregnancy test that showed she was pregnant with Charlotte. Conrad comes outside and she hides the test in a potted plant. Across the way the police are at the Clark’s house. I guess it was the night they turned in David Clark. Conrad asks if she is okay and she says no what they did was despicable. Hmmm so at one time she did feel guilty about being part of the LYING DUO. Conrad says it was necessary and I can’t see why framing someone would be necessary except to save your own hide. She asks him to stay with her that night I assume so he will think the baby she is already pregnant with is his baby. But does that mean they were not married at the time? Why else would she have to ask him to stay? Anyone understand that part?

The last scene Daniel tells Emily that he has heard about Charlotte being the daughter of the “mad man” that used to live in her house. Oh but he doesn’t end his rant at that point it gets worse. “That bastard forced himself on her,” Daniel raves. Daniel who knows nothing of anything he just believes his Lying A** Mother…….yep I said it. How can he be so blind? I know Emily isn’t being honest either but he is just used to be lead around by his tail, his emotions always on his sleeve. Spoiled little rich boy he is worse off then his sister because at least she thinks for herself. Oh wait but he goes on again to say that’ “If that son of a bitch wasn’t in hell he would drag him down and kill him myself.” Now Emily does try to verify that Victoria said she was raped but Daniel is in a tizzy and does not reply so Emily can only assume that Victoria said which she didn’t but yes she did imply it in a way. She of course was trying to save her reputation though she was a brazen woman before with her lies and innuendoes. I know some of the story is definitely missing about years ago. I am sure it will come.
Emily decides to move forward with the wedding, “Hows’ June 5th for the wedding?” she asks. “You still want to marry into my crazy family,” Daniel asks. “More than ever,” Emily Snarks………..BOOYAH Go get her Emily!!

Okay so when do we see the Engagement Party I hope it’s soon.
Love this show….!Rating 8 🙂


  1. Can I just say you are my absolute favorite person in the world this week? I’m so honored that you dedicated this kickass recap to me! Seriously, this recap is amazing. You keyed in to so many complex aspects of this episode. The EW and TV line recappers don’t hold a candle to you. Bravo!

    Aside from Amanda / Emily, herself, I’d say David Clark is the most mysterious and intriguing character on this show. Why did he really leave all this information to his daughter? Was it simply because he couldn’t bare the thought of his own flesh and blood thinking of him as a terrorist, or was he honestly hoping his child would spend the best years of her life around seeking revenge against her father’s enemies?

    Because the latter seems like a kind of selfish, not particularly paternal, thing to do. But you would think, if his goal was just to clear his name in the eyes of his child, he would have wanted her to know she had a half sister. You could imagine a father hoping that such information, though damning to himself, might make his lonely daughter feel somewhat less alone.

    The fact that David Clark left that important piece of information out of his journals, is the first hint we get that he might not be the most reliable narrator. By now, we all know that David Clark wasn’t a terrorist. But something tells me he’s also not as entirely innocent, as his daughter believes him to be. And that’s something Amanda / Emily is going to have to face, when she’s walking away from all the wreckage she’s caused.

    I too was troubled by Amanda / Emily’s almost complete lack of remorse for framing the real Emily T., who always seemed to be just a tad in love with Amanda . . . and not just in a friendly way. I mean, on one hand, Fauxmanda is not an incredibly sympathetic character. She murdered Frank, without batting an eyelash. She’s not too bright. And she’s obnoxiously slutty. Yet, on the other hand, she’s surprisingly loyal, and, a bit naive. And she certainly didn’t deserve the treatment she received from the woman who is likely her only friend in the world.

    Speaking of Amanda’s “targets,” like you, I love that they are exploring the darker side of Daniel Grayson. I mean, how could you come out of THAT family, and not be a schemer, to some exten?. To me, Daniel’s deviousness is actually refreshing. Because, up to this point, both of Amanda / Emily’s suitors seemed far too milquetoasty for my taste. Now, at least Daniel is showing a little spunk and backbone.

    (The conniving and sometimes smarmy genius, with a surprising amount of heart, Nolan, will probably always remain my favorite male character on this show. He just seems the most real to me.)

    But just as Daniel Clark’s not-so-white lie, made me question his reliability as a narrator, I’m starting to wonder whether Daniel Grayson will end up, not being the dead body at the engagement party, but the SHOOTER. Here’s my theory: What if Tyler breaks out of the loony bin, and crashes the party. Daniel shoots him, in an altercation that is not entirely self-defense. Now, he’s missing from the party, not because he’s dead, but because he’s on the run.

    How cool would that be? I can’t wait to watch this week’s installment, so that we can discuss this show again. Thanks again for the super sweet dedication, and, of course, the fabulous recap!

    • I am so glad that you liked this recap. As far as David Clark’s motives though no one is wholey innocent in this life I don’t think he meant for Amanda to revenge him at all. I think he wrote the journal perhaps so she could see how easy it might be to try to TRUST people who get close to you but to warn her to be careful. I am generally the positive trusting person myself but I have learned that is not the way others live so I have to have that intensity that is not so normal to me. I see that in Emily at times, I guess bottom line is I tend to IDENTIFY with Emily in a lot of ways. Now don’t be scared LOL I think I tend to moderate my activities better than her but I admire her organizational skills. With that said as you called her Fauxmanda does seem naive considering her early life; its almost overkill at times. I think she is somehow the actress in a lot of ways. Did you see her expression when Emily told her to leave? I honesty think she knew she was in too deep and it was time for her to move along. I too like Nolan I guess mostly because I follow Gabrial Mann’s tweets he seems really excited about being on the show and that is refreshing.

      I just Finished the PLL Recap I hope you like it as well.
      xoxo 🙂

    • Clearly you didn’t pay close enough attention to the original pilot, where Mr. Clarke addresses his daughter in his letter to forgive the people that took their lives from them.

      • ah so I was right in my response to Jewls when I speculated that he never meant her to get revenge; cool. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Actually, I did watch the pilot. But, in my opinion, I think there is a bit of a disconnect between, the words of David Clark, “Please forgive all the people who have ruined our lives,” and his actions: “Here’s a road map for you, so that you can ruin their lives in return.” Just saying . . .

    • Hey You, Yeah I saw the pilot too, I have seen them all more than once but I don’t remember that part LOL I was speculating when I responded to you before. I should probably watch them all again since I started to recap some of them 🙂 I LOVE this show 🙂

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