PLL S02 Episode 16 Recap Lucas is all Wet

Hey all you Pretty Little Liars Lovers its time for another recap. This week we start not long after last weeks episode left off.

Screencapped by me via

Hannah and the girls are in the cabin as she tries to get warmed up and figure out what happened in the lake with her and Lucas. I have to say that I was not real fond of the way they jerked our chain on that episode. I knew Lucas wasn’t A and wait I am getting ahead of myself as usual. Let’s just go scene by scene shall we?

Even though Spencer tells Hannah the sheriff plans to drag the lake the next morning Hannah is convinced that Lucas isn’t in the lake, basically because he can swim. I have to side with Hannah he may have been surprised after falling in the lake but surely his instincts were to survive. They discuss briefly why they are not sure that Lucas has helped A at any point then Hannah reveals that Lucas who may not normally seem violent destroyed Allison’s memorial. The girls are surprised they never knew this tidbit of information but according to Hannah Lucas told her to keep it a secret. She kept the secret because Allie was always torturing Lucas and Hannah thought she would just keep it to herself. Hannah reaches for her bag to pull out a bottle of water she drinks a bit then the others notice its lake water, you know dark and murky looking Ewww! Hannah was in the lake but her stuff was inside; so how did the lake water get in the bottle? Spencer is quick to blame this incident on Lucas but Hannah gets a text. “no fun chugging lake water is it? choke on this bitch,A” Oh yes its the world of Secrets and Lies, welcome to Pretty Little Liars. Cue creepy theme music…..

The next day at Hannah’s house she gets a text from Lucas but he is not at his parent’s house though apparently he is alive. Ashley talks with Hannah and Emily in the kitchen. She thinks Lucas’ parents are probably crazy with worry and she wants to know if there was drinking at the party though I don’t get the connection LOL. Ashley asks questions but Hannah won’t answer them and doesn’t really want her mother calling Lucas’ parents. I think all the silence just makes the girls look guilty or is that just me?

I know I mentioned that Laura Leighton who plays Ashley was in the original Melrose Place as well as the reboot Melrose Place but I am sitting here and I recall her also from a little Lifetime Movie called Love Notes. It was an annoying Uber upbeat story about a lady that falls for a country singer. She gets pregnant after a one night stand with him but in true modern girl fashion is willing to raise the kid on her own. Of course in true movie form the guy of course falls for her positive upbeat attitude and they raise baby together. It was a low budget B movie for some reason it came to my mind today LOL.

Anyway, Ashley speculates that Hannah is behaving oddly because Lucas is going through something and has not shared it with her LOL if she only knew the truth she would be appalled. Hannah knocked Lucas in the water so fast he didn’t even have time to think. It’s possible Hannah feels more guilt than the others know about or maybe she should feel guilty he never did actually hurt her.

Emily decides she and Hannah need to leave to go to Spencer’s to do some random made up project for school so they leave Ashley in the kitchen. I woulda been like what Project? I have not heard of this before and when is it actually due? Ashley has no idea what to say about this as a dumbfounded looks comes across her face. I hope she is not returning to Useless Parental Unit Land, where parents go to escape their scary acting children.

At Spencer’s she shows them the things she found in her lake house attic. There are several prepaid phones as well as some receipts. A used the attic to take pictures of the dolls and Spencer thinks that A got pretty cozy in the house. I bet A threw some awesome parties at that house her and her helpers, WOOT WOOT!! Party at the lake, Party at the lake…..

One of the receipts is from around the time that Hannah hooked up with Caleb at the lake house. LOL, I don’t know if I would have said that aloud but Hannah did. Oh the memories!! Hannah is suddenly afraid knowing A was there at around the same time; not probably on the same day I imagine unless Hannah and Caleb are A and I doubt that though Hannah can be a bit odd lately.

Although there have been times where I honestly believed one of the girls could be A but in a way that says they are really fractured in the head you know like broken and psychotic which always leads me back to a really screwed up Allison twin LOL oh and who says Allie’s twin is not fraternal, could be a guy or a girl right.

Okay enough speculating, Spencer mentions that she knows about Hannah fraternizing on her Nana’s sofa LOL Hannah asked who told though she has just confessed it herself. Spencer rants about there being four bedrooms with actual beds in them LOL give it a rest Spencer besides you and Tobey like to hang out in his truck, the truck also has a bed in it LOL.

Spencer mentions how Lucas seem to know his way around her lake house before she shows Aria another receipt this time from Smittys in Philly. Aria volunteers to go with Spencer to check it out after school since they have no idea if its a bar or restaurant or what.

So I am finally figuring out that Rosewood is a suburb of Philadelphia and I never noticed that before all those time that Melissa went into the city it wasn’t really that far it seems. For some odd reason I thought Melissa was going to Manhattan weird I know but that was my idea of going to the city.

In the halls at school, Aria tells Spencer that her dad threatened to turn Ezra in to the police and now he doesn’t want her to call. She did however use her phone, last week, to call Ezra and when questioned by Ella she said she spoke with Holden, you know random dark haired potential new not love interest for Aria, of whom Ella approves of. Spencer recalls Holden who was in Portugal with his lame daddy for a year.

OH and I have to say that Aria’s new wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired on the eyes. The frumpy long sleeves shirt with askew hat and fuzzy vest are kinda horrid at first but later in the episode I realize that …..hmmm no really didn’t like it together at all. She is looking kinda like a Good Will kid that got clothes mom brought home because Yep she was in trouble though the leggings/jeans are nice. Aria confides in Spencer she really thought they would get over Ezra’s age by now and is very disappointed at their behavior, most of that was said with her eyes LOL. By the by I love Good Will LOL but not all items work for everyone just sayin’ 🙂

So they are walking to class before being stopped by the same Holden in the hallway. My guess is he is totally gay but lets just see what happens. Spencer asks about his year abroad which in their school is obviously common, the Montgomery’s just came back from time in Europe so I guess if you gotta a good excuse you can take your kid away for a while in Rosewood.

Holden takes the opportunity to ask Aria out for that night. She tries to turn him down but finds out from him that he has already asks her father, Byron, who said it was okay for them to go out. Spencer can’t believe that Holden asked the father first, she gets a kick out of that. I can’t tell if Spencer is happy for Aria or feels sorry for her knowing she still loves Ezra.

Aria and Holden briefly discuss some lame pre school incident which cements in our minds that they will definitely never be a thing because they have a history that never led them to date before. I get it she can trust this young man he has known her since diapers LOL. Oh she finally does agree to go out with him. She gets to pick the date activity she just has to text him the details. Spencer looks like she will burst out laughing as Holden walks away but instead she tells Aria, you are cute and he likes you LOL.

Moving on, down the hall somewhere else Mona is moaning to Hannah about how things have gotten bad with Noel. She admits that them skinny dipping at the party was just to keep his attention. The rest of the night he was on the phone with a mystery person. Hannah is in a daze and not really listening but if she had been she might have noticed that Mona was giving her good information that could help with the A mystery. This is another thing about Hannah of all the girls she is the one that tends to be the most self involved or so I believe.

Suddenly they see a guy carrying a picture of Hannah, the one where she is wearing the crown from homecoming I believe. Hannah it told that the administration doesn’t think the picture should be shown publicly because Hannah got in trouble with the law. Its kinda like Emily being on suspension from swim team even though she was okayed to swim again. I find it a bit odd because certainly other kids are getting in trouble and undoubtedly they are not being treated as unfairly. It’s obvious they want to make examples out of the girls, could that be A also?

After the guy with the picture walks away Mona inquires whether Hannah heard anything she was telling her but Hannah can only say I have a lot going on. Mona accuses Hannah of being selfish then walks away. I think Mona was right though she is in a panic about Noel and Hannah could have at least pretended to care enough to listen to it for a minute. I do know its hard to keep secrets from friends people you think might actually be able to help if they only knew you were being threatened by a Psycho.

Hannah goes to the rest room to cry and hears noises outside the door.

In another area on campus Emily gets a phone from an anonymous caller. They ask about staying anonymous but Emily lets them know its a private number. I can imagine she was a little freaked out until she realized she recognized the voice when the caller mentions saying something dirty. It’s Maya her girlfriend calling about their date that night. Its kinda odd to hear Emily say go ahead are you going to say something “dirty.” On this show who know what qualifies as dirty but just saying the word seemed “dirty” LOL I guess that is the point. Dirty is what you make of it LOL.

Anywho, Maya is about to tell Emily why she called when she gets another call but tells Emily she will let it go to voicemail. Maya’s facial features show its not someone she wants to talk to. We find a few minutes later Maya has called about getting a fake ID to use that night and Emily thinks she can get her one. You see Maya’s original fake ID got trashed when her parents found it after “sober camp” LOL. Maya is glad she will get a chance to see, “her girl.” Oh so sweet.

In the bathroom, Hannah comes out of the stall to find a replica of a boat floatng in a now flooded bathroom sink. Creepy much? Then of course she gets a message from A, Life is but a dream and Hanna I am your nightmare.

I will confess that on some days the A TEXTS make me want to stop watching this show but I love a mystery so I keep watching LOL. I am of course invested also in the characters.

After the break, we find Spencer with Aria outside, where Aria is buying tickets for a play LOL Spencer gets a peeved because her phone is not getting reception though not sure why we had to see that. They then discuss that Ezra may be at the same play because two months ago he bought tickets to go with Aria. Aria explains to Spencer that the point is she might get to see Ezra. Ah ha Aria is able to tell Spencer what time the next train arrives for them to go to Philly but I don’t know why or if I care why Spencer couldn’t figure it out on her own phone??!! *shakes head* Sometimes the scenes need to make more sense then to give us information and to be honest I do not think that Troian aka Spencer was invested in it her expression seem to be like she didn’t care too much.

Okay well at Hannah’s Caleb tells her that Caleb called him at his home but he didn’t want to talk to Caleb, AWKWARD. Caleb is staying at Lucas’ house and he is calling his parents but not talking to his guest, oh how rude is that boy LOL. Lucas is staying at his cousin’s house but Caleb thinks his cousin is lying for Lucas. Caleb is obsessed about Lucas and thinks that Hannah is keeping something from him. Caleb is pretty darn smart but its not like Hannah is trying hard to hide that she is hiding something, hmmm huh?

Hannah gets a text from Mona to talk as soon as Caleb is gone; what is Mona stalking Hanna? Interesting timing right?

In Philly the girls decide its a bust they can’t find the address on the receipt or Smittys for that matter. Aria has to go leave to get ready to meet up with Holden so she leaves Spencer alone to see what she can find or to go home herself. A soon as Aria is gone Spencer notices there are a lot of blind people in the area.

At the infamous crisis hotline Emily is showing Maya around while caressing her hands and standing really close to her LOL. There is more flirting than actually information sharing of course but they are about to head out then Maya gets a text or a call. Maya looks sad as she reads the text then decides she will grab dinner and meet up with Emily at her house soon. Maya gives her a quick kiss but looks upset as she walks away. Emily looks curiously after her. Now I agree it looks like something is going on with Maya but I doubt its has anything to do with A unless A is threatening her about being around Emily or some will say that Maya is receiving information about A dealings and things are not going her way. Yep I know how people think LOL.

In Philly, Spencer finds the blind school where she inquires about Jenna Marshall. The lady at the desk says she cannot tell her absolutely anything about a patient not even what chair she used to sit in, well la de da LOL. Spencer is about to leave when a cute curly haired guy calls her over. Its seems he was a fan of Jenna’s; I wonder if she seduced him too.

After the break, Hannah is trying to get the lake water smell from her water bottle when Emily arrives back from volunteering. Emily is concerned that A may be going after Maya because of all the mysterious calls and texts. Hannah thinks she should leave well enough alone because there are a thousand other things that could be going on in Maya’s life that have nothing to do with A. Now I agree with Hannah on that people can have secrets and not have to share all of them with their spouses/girl-boyfriends/children/dog/counselor/priest/mother/lover or anyone LOL. It’s just life.

On the other hand, that white thing around Hannah’s neck is bugging me. What is it? A rope ? Beading? I have no idea but I do not like it because its not even or flowing its just there and its distracting me though I will try to focus.

Hannah says, “it sucks being the girl friend that knows too much,” Emily retorts, “it sucks just as bad being the girl friend that doesn’t know enough.”

Meanwhile at blind rehab, Spencer lies about not having known Jenna in Rosewood. She tells cute blind guy that she knew Jenna before she was in Rosewood. Good move, Spencer because who knows how much this guy with no name talks to her. Oh but she must have told him her name because he calls her Spencer and tells her to laugh at his lame blind joke. He tells her he admired Jenna’s determination to get out of rehab. He works in the art studio and is out of rehab and just accepting being blind now I guess. He also tells Spencer he thinks Jenna is special because she is good at reading people. Jenna Fan club, anyone?

Spencer is attempting to leave when the desk clerk tells her she has to sign in since she officially visited with Jenna’s friend. I find the whole signing in thing odd unless they get lots of random people in and out its just an inconvenience. Spencer is on the way to the desk when some voice from the back room calls the desk clerk, Jada, we learn is her name. Now that is not what I would assumed her name to be but anyway she goes to see what is needed and Spencer takes a chance to be nosy. She goes on the other side of the desk and grabs a book off the shelf. She never did sign the book for visitors however LOL. Jada comes back as Spencer is leaving. I wonder if this incident will come back to haunt Spencer because the cute guy sure seem to admire Jenna and hadn’t spoken to her for a while but this would be the time for him to call right? You know sometimes we think of someone then next thing you know we contact them, like I have been meaning to do that or something.

At Hannah’s the Emily and Aria are getting ready for their night out except Hannah who oddly enough is staying home with her mom. Aria is dressed to go out with Holden and Emily is getting Aria’s ID to use for Maya, they are both five two and brunette of course LOL.

Aria leaves and Emily goes up to change leaving a worried and frightened Hannah downstairs. I have no idea why she is sitting near the window when its thundering and threatening to rain. That is a recipe for anxiety to start with LOL. The noise alone can bring fear to your heart if you are upset or is that just me?

At the playhouse, Aria meets up with Holden after being dropped off at the corner by her mother. Now was mother outside when she was in Hannah’s giving Emily the ID for Maya because that would be weird? And how was she going to cancel on Holden when she volunteered to stay with Hannah if her mother was waiting outside? Oh and if she wasn’t dressing or at Hannah’s to help out Em why was she even over there if she had to ride with Ella? So many questions and plot holes…..yeah that was not well thought out LOL

Anywho, so there is another lame story about play dates, pre school and gummy bears that fills a few moments outside the playhouse…..Lame!! We know they grew up together can we move on? Aria then goes to pick up the tickets at the booth only to turn around and see Ezra. Now I love Ezra but his wide eyed stare is starting to creep me out a bit. He needs a NEW expression that does not conflict with his sad expression and his oh my I miss you again expression, as well as I love you so much it hurts to see you expression that all seem the same to me and am I the only one that sees this……..:(

Aria smiles at Ezra before she does this Slow MO thing that is so ROM COM its funny. She is on they way toward him and Holden is sudenly there in front of her with some older woman maybe a teacher. It breaks the spell. Ezra walks by while they are talking to her but Aria can’t only look toward Ezra who looks unhappy/upset/concerned that Aria is staring at him but who knows I am not sure LOL. Holden notices that Aria is staring at Ezra just before the lady goes to talk to him. The older lady is Ezra’s last minute date, oh boy that has to hurt him to not be able to go with Aria.

After the break, in downtown Rosewood its dark outside and thundering when Spencer arrives at her car. She it going to get in then she hears a noise and tries to find the source then she see Mona behind her. Mona tells Spencer that Noel broke up with her. She has been shopping trying to get the pain to go away and she can’t get Hannah to talk to her. Spencer advises her if she is The Mona she wants to be she can’t let Noel send her backwards like that. “You are like smart smart,” Mona tells her ,”not just book smart.” Oh girl bonding so fun for Spencer and Mona. She offers to give Spencer one of her sale items, cashmere blend sweater set. Um who wears those? Lets just say they didn’t come up in my search as the thing tweens are wearing LOL.

After the play, Aria hears from Ezra’s friend, the lady from earlier that they know from school, that he left after only ten minutes at the play. Aria looks almost excited though she tries to hide it, to hear he hadn’t stayed; its a good thing for her right? Was Ezra jealous or couldn’t stomach his own date LOL.

At Hannah’s she is still waiting to hear from Caleb. There is a noise after her mother goes up stairs to bathe. The door has come open and the latch is broken. WE however as the diligent audience see that foot prints are on the kitchen floor. A sure sign that someone has gotten in the house through the defective door.

After the break, we see Emily in line with Maya a the club in Jersey. In line Maya gets another call and ends up just turning off her phone before she confesses to hooking up with someone else when they were apart. Emily seems all cool about it being in the past until she hears Maya say it was a guy. Now why would that matter technically its all the same? Guy or Girl Maya is with her now the only thing is to get the guy to stop bothering her, end of story. It’s not like Emily didn’t date a guy in the past they didn’t hook up because she knew she was gay but in Maya’s case it was who was convenient at a time she was lonely. I get it I hope Emily will get it. On the other hand, once Emily came out she never went back to guys and there lies the problem I imagine except Emily never had a chance to be lonely she has the girls to talk to another reason for her to give Maya a free pass to move forward.

At the playhouse, Holden waits with Aria outside though I do not know why. Its like they are waiting for Ella but he suggests they get a coffee? I thought they were going to eat or something? I am so confused and why doesn’t he have a car and if he does have a car why can’t he take her home? Anwyay, He lets Aria know he could tell she liked Ezra by the way she stared at him before he also saw her eyes when she found out Ezra had left. Holden suggests they can make an arrangement because he also….gay gay..has things he wants to hide from his parents, its not just for Girls you know LOL. He asks if they can meet up again next friday, code for do what you want and say you were with me LOL Holden you dog.

At Hannah’s Ashley is just now looking for her bath salts which involves Hannah leaving her room long enough for Lucas to walk in without her seeing him. LAME use of time, really? Ashley could have been soaking in that tub all along. Anyway Hannah finally turns around to see him on her return to her room. I wanna know why wet mysterious Lucas looks kinda sexy in the dark?

After the break, Lucas tells Hannah he never wanted to hurt her and she reminds him that her mother is down the hall. Now she is afraid in the house with her mother present? Anyway Caleb arrives downstairs around this time. Great Plan boyfriend, has finally arrived, YEAH. He just walks in the broken latched door looking for Hannah. Upstairs Hannah thinks that Lucas has hurt Caleb. Hannah dials Caleb on the phone she happens to be holding though I don’t recall why she was holding it maybe when Ashley called her for help she had it in her hand. Anyway Lucas asks who she called and she outright lies about dialing LOL. She called Caleb who she doesn’t realize is down stairs and he listens to the conversation in the room. Caleb races up stairs to Hannah’s room which makes me wonder what Ashley is thinking in the tub. Why doesn’t she get dressed to see what is happening?

ReallY Lucas?

Then we get it the LAMEST EXCUSE for USE of A ……….EVER on this SHOW…….EVER I tell you LOL

Lucas explains how he was scared/embarrassed about losing Caleb’s four thousand dollars in gambling besides losing his money. HUH!! He was going to tell Hannah last week before she pushed him off the boat but he was so scared he just wanted to die or talk to someone at the crisis hotline you know with random information making it look like he was going to kill someone. He spent all of this episode selling his special comic books to get cash to pay back Caleb. REALLY? That was the big REVEAL……..I gotta said folks FAIL !! Um also Caleb has a rich Mommy so how much could the money really matter to him now? Yeah not so much!!

Yes Lucas is a dweeb but Hannah says, “you are not who I thought you were,” but we know she means he is not A, not just the man she believed him to be.

Later that night the girls meet up to finally eat since no one has had a chance. This is the time Spencer gets to show them the book from the rehab center. In the book, the date before Allie’s death, when she said she saw Jenna, Allie’s name is not listed but Garrett Reynolds did visit her and though he signed in which means he picked up Jenna, he never signed out. Spencer suggests they could have been gone all night.

They speculate about where Jenna could have been with Garrett as they open their Chinese food boxes to find only worms in them all. Not appetizing at all; who delivers that stuff? Check the receipt ladies. Of course I start to hear the worm song again in my head, The worms go in the worms go out. The title of the song is the Hearse Song .

We of course have a text from A to end our night off right because the girls aren’t freaked out enough, “this is what live bait looks like, now we are even bitches.”

The last scene we see is of a gloved hand tampering with someone’s work like the kind of work that Tobey would do.

Mostly good episode; Please leave comments I give it a 6 though because of Maya I have to make it a 7


  1. Hey sassyfran. You know, I think I enjoyed this recap, even more than I enjoyed the episode. What a fun read! 🙂

    I’m inclined to agree with you about the whole Lucas Is a Gambler thing being a major cop-out. The bizarre way he was acting, simply does not line up with the secret he was hiding. I mean, he stole money from CALEB. So, why was his entire telephone conversation with the crisis hotline about hurting HANNA? Because he LOVES her so much, and SHE loves Caleb? It just didn’t make sense.

    As big of a Lucas fan as I am, and as much as I was relieved that he isn’t involved in all this “A” stuff (assuming he was telling the truth), I actually think it would have been more interesting if “A” somehow started blackmailing Lucas about his gambling debts, and used this information to get him to work for “A”. It would have made a lot more sense, in context, and would have, at least, answered the question of which of “A’s” many henchment were at the greenhouse that night . . .

    But alas . . . it was not to be. But hey, at least my Lanna ship hasn’t completely sunk.

    Speaking of sinking ships, I loved A’s torturous text messages this week. They made a not particularly eventful episode seem that much more entertaining. It’s funny, I was just recently complaining about the lack of campy tricks and text messages, and then, a few days later, they come back, with a vengeance. Go figure!

    I must say, I was cracking up about your take on Aria’s new “hobo chic” wardrobe. I guess her parents really are putting their foot down, in terms of the family dress code. (But hey, she could always end up borrowing one of Mona’s sweater sets!)

    I also giggled about your take on Fitzy’s facial expressions. That puppy dog face he was making when he walked toward Aria at the theater was definitely unintentionally hilarious. It reminded me of the cartoon Shrek. You know, when the cat played by Antonio Banderas does that Pouty Cute Cat eyes thing, right before he pounces on his victim? That was totally Fitzy!

    So, you’re a Maya fan, what are your thoughts on Noel being the mysterious ex of hers that won’t take no for an answer? How do you feel about her possibly being “A”? I’d love to discuss it with you.

    Thanks again for making PLL so much fun! I’m always super thrilled to read your recaps. They literally make my week! 🙂

    • Wow KJewls I had no idea that you had responded to this post. I adore that in other parts of the world people are just now seeing some episodes and can still enjoy these older posts. In PLL world I am mid season 7, since I don’t have a way to watch FREE Form or whatever name they are calling it that channel now LOL. I might do a series review after I see the last few or maybe even throw in my opinion on a few of the last ones. I can’t believe its over, I been Spoiler free for the last half I am eagerly awaiting Netflix’s showing of it next week the day before my Birthday, Happy for me!! Thanks again for reading/review Love Always!!

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