Dynasty Season 3 It has begun

6 Nov

I’m back with more Dynasty for my first project I dare say is to reveal that as many will have noticed the disappointment events of this season so far. I don’t believe even Guilty Pleasure TV should be subpar writing. 😦

The biggest confusion so far for me is Fallon.  Lets just call it like I see it.  WHAT happened?  I know she has parental issues that from the start escalated into man issues and blew here entire persona of world changing female boss out of the water.

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Dynasty 2.0-Cristal 3.0-S02 was a WIN

5 Nov


Yikes the things I find in my drafts folder, hmm, better late than never.


Last season’s finale killed off the Cristal I loved to make fun of thank the tv gods.  See my original, fangirling post on the show.  I LOVE the new but actually turns out to be original Cristal.  Yes it was confusing at first but seriously both Fallon and I became obsessed with her hair, so all bets were off.

From TWITTER  see the gif at the link

touch cristal hair dynasty

Fallon with Cristal


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Update back at the keyboard YEAH

5 Nov

I know it, the way I explain an episode on audio is not the same as it flows through my fingers.  It is true !!

This is a note to say I am going to be adding new reviews now that I have access to a real keyboard again,

My happy fingers love flying across the keys there is nothing better than a mind dump on a blog for me.

Just sharing my thoughts. sharing my love of fun silly pleasurable entertainment, intellectually stimulating or not! 🙂22520129_l


Coming soon my LOVIES…………so happy !!!

S01: Finally You.. From the End!

7 Sep

Faux pas indeed, I had so much happening this never got posted….

I am taking these last four episodes from the end.  I wanted to see where Beck went wrong. I feel I know when, at least the final nail was when Karen warned her but Beck has always been the curious sort.

Lifetime You returns on Netflix

Penn Badgely Returns in Season 2 of YOU..photo courtesy of UPI.com

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Lucifer – Devil in the Details

7 Sep

I love this show and not posting on it has sucked so here is the  link 

Where there is a will there is a way, making my voice heard is important. I do love to share.  Check it out on #netflix  Leave comments Here.

lucifer season 5

from the Pensacola Voice



YOU: Your Beauty Fades Eps. 4-6

12 Nov

I don’t know how has it taken me this long to post about the Infamous 8 seconds, insert funny laugh here.

I know everyone was like What happened, I had to re-watch to understand, I mean really.  Oh and in no way was it 8 seconds more like 3 seconds LOL.

Okay then, moving on.  Now episode 4 starts with us hearing BECK’s thoughts.  I have to be honest I had to get used to that. I wasn’t digging it at all the first time I watched it.  Her way of thinking was just so juvenile to me.  Over time I got used to it.  What I didn’t like was the part where we had to watch the same scenes twice. Yes I know we had to get his take on it too.  Him with her old phone were a bit of an overkill.  How is she not getting a bill for still using it.  That situation cannot last it’s already unbelievable.

Without going over every boring thing that took place, I have to say Joe showing up at the place she was meeting up with her family was another unbelievable jump we had to make.  I do see how if she was so scattered about her family she might overlook it in favor of having him around although he was more agreeable than her step family.  However that could only take us so far.  She showed up at his hotel room and he somehow hides all this taboo evidence of having pillaged her panties and Peach’s book.  Joe is a super hero.

The woman playing her stepmother Emily Bergyl  seems unusually young but it could have been the custom or the fact that her father has gray hair, not sure.  I knew I recognized her which is the only reason I looked it up she was a boring addition to Beck’s story but now we get why she said her father is dead.

In episode 5, Joe’s leap to go after Peach was not unexpected. She had been goading him this entire time  Seriously, if you don’t like someone it is better to keep your “trap” shut especially if it’s all speculation.  Had Peach been doing research on Joe it would have made more sense, but the sense of it all comes later.

I do love how well Shay Mitchell played the spoiled rich girl all alone with the job and all the money to spare helping her poor friend.  I will miss her.

Has anyone noticed how shoddy a criminal Joe really is?  You know he is really just a troubled sensitive young man.  He doesn’t plan these random attacks, he just goes with his feelings.  I suppose it is why we are I, assume in many ways on his side.

Even when he tries to do good he gets beat up, he can’t win for losing as they say. At least Paco is someone he dotes on even though he is teaching him how he survived and not how most people live in the world.  Yes I know Paco is a victim too.

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Episode 6 starts with Peach being babied by Beck as for some reason Joe looks on.  I mean the guy walks in all beat up and Peach still goes after him. Her eccentric behavior is actually anger, but no one seems to notice it ever at all.  It is this dependence that Becks shares with Peach that Joe desires so much it is obvious even more now.

I will say it again in this review, why do all these shows focus on one person being the end all be all of every person in the show’s attention?  Why bother having friends and relatives if they are just eating the wall paper?  I have seen it time and time again, and the people they choose for this roleplay are the most damaged of them all, not able to stand on their own two feet as well usually have no mind of their own.

His flashbacks of his ex, Candace got to be a bit odd and all his “touching himself” was disturbing.  Do guys really do it that often?  I mean what happened to just imagination people.

Joe being in the house with them was classic Joe, but it makes you want to always check those closets when you get back to your house.  Peach watching Becks in the tub while Joe watches from the closet, all kinds of creepy.  I believe that Beck knew all along, seriously who can’t tell they are being watched from that distance.

Peach setting up a threesome from them was also weird, with Becks not interested at all, great for Joe, as he keeps seeing Candace again. I know right, he is the bad man who has mental issues.  It was great that Becks confronted Peach on being gay and Peach attacks her verbally, which really means she could have been suicidal.  Beck walks out on Peach and Joe screws up he is so mental  he takes this moment to see Candace.

{At some point I started to think what if all of this is in Joe’s head, he might as easily be locked up in a mental ward some place having this happen–you heard it here if it is true, it’s just a thought but who knows.}

Peach has her chance to shoot Joe after she knocked him out, it’s all the talking that usually makes people the victims in these shows.  They boast and rant and in the end who is the one dead in the yard.

Joe’s suicide post I have to say sounded very Peach like, he seemed to know her well maybe even more than he really knows Beck, who is really as confused as he happens to be. And Joes’ urine that was left at the scene again shows he is ruled by his passions and not by logic or being careful.  Seriously, he should have been caught by now between the glass room at his Work and running back and forth all over after Beck.

I know seeing Dan from Gossip Girl and Emily from Pretty Liars is fun.  Here they play totally different roles and we see they are great at their jobs dispite sometimes hard to deal with characters they are given.


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Westworld Review on Video S01

1 Oct

This was another show I decided to review on a video, it was on my mind so I shared my thoughts.  Let me know how you like the video reviews.  It some cases it is just as efficient to share it all while it is in my thoughts than to wait to get to a computer to put it all down.


I am currently watching Season 2 on my handy app.  It is far more violent than the first and I have had a hard time getting into what is happening I can say that up front.

Feel Free to leave your thoughts below, I am interested in knowing what your take has been so far.

Humans Tv Show Review

1 Oct

From time to time I have done video reviews.  This particular one was because I had just watched it on my app and had a lot to say about it.  Anyone who visits this blog a while knows I love Colin who starred in The Adventures of Merlin and Humans so it was natural my mind was full of it. Enjoy!


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Ravenswood S01 Episode 1

30 Sep

I had high hopes to review this show but I also thought it would last more than one season for me to really get into it. It had something fun and odd that I enjoyed. This is a delayed post obviously I am working on rearranging the site so some things will seem out of order for the year.

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S01 YOU – Penn Badgley’s New Show

29 Sep

Wow looks like i missed this News – Season 2 for You did you?— So nice to get a second season before the second one is all totally aired.

Hi Folks this review is about the new show YOU on lifetime. Lifetime is a great place for a stalker love fest.  I will say upfront I LOVE Penn Badgely. He has shiny hair and I seriously want to touch it 🙂 enough fangirling.


Image courtesy: tvfinaleseries.com

I have watched the first three episodes so expect them to be intertwined in this review.  My initial reaction to the first episode was a “hot mess”.  Penn was the only good thing going for it.  I have since revised my attitude and thoughts on it so this review starts from that new enlightened viewpoint.

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