Life Sentence – Slow Death

21 Jun

Hi Guys, anyone who has been to this blog more than once knows I enjoyed Pretty Little Liars to death. Yep I was Excited to see Lucy Hale in a new show especially with that sexy Riley Smith, one of my FB followers. I had to share that, he seems very down to earth.

I went in thinking that perhaps they could pull it off despite the whole Cancer backdrop. I normally do not like those shows, it seemed too gimmicky and I have never watched any other ones. I am not heartless but to me it is not entertaining. I did find that there are a list of shows/movies about or with cancer in them that is 25 titles long, they call it Cancertainment, now that is bad taste.

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Supernatural Renewed S14

11 Apr

I don’t really know what to say about this. I do love those guys, its hard not too once you meet them a couple of times or more in person LOL.  Honestly in my heart I know they have to take care of their families and supernatural can be amusing.  I am not seeing where it can go from here, I suppose.  As a from day one fan, with many fan fictions all over the internet, I have a lot of supernatural experience.  I used to devour news about the show and the people with the rest of the DAY 1 fandom.  If you been around a while you know things got pretty crazy for a while, now its settled a bit.  I imagine if you have been to any cons then you will have experienced some drama of one sort or another but that is not here or there.


Okay but what is your take on all of this? More supernatural is a good thing for TV or is all greed?  I want some feedback.  Some real sharing here.  I am not your mom or your priest just want to see how you are thinking about this move from the CW.

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Dynasty 2.0

11 Apr

Okay we are well into the new series, Dynasty and I am still loving it.  I do have to flash to the past to compare some points from the original.  If you watch this CW television show you may have had to do some research if you heard it was a remake.  I actually remember the old show, ugh showing my age.  Any who, the changes they made from the older one are very obvious but they did keep the campiness in tact.

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Another PLL Alum gets a Show

11 Apr

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Yes that moment you realize two of your favorite Celebs are on the same show coming up in the FALL………….WOW

It’s called YOU on Lifetime

I was wondering whatever happened to Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and boom here he is with our lovable Shay Mitchell from PLL.  Yes this is going to be good and its on Lifetime television which hosted my two guilty pleasures from year before last.  I know I never really mentioned them, Devious Maids and Unreal but i was so addicted.  Now I watch them on my Showbox app which is a must have if you missed shows the first time.  I digress, yeah Penn and Shay.

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Your Favorite Shows

3 Apr

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Curious to know what has everyone excited in 2018, thanks for sharing.

PLL The Perfectionists

1 Apr

Okay in case you have not heard it seems Pretty Little Liars is not done after all.  I am curious what every one is thinking about this tv show idea with Mona and Alison.  Get your Wiki Summary Here!

Entertainment Weekly reported in mid March that the show is to begin filming, since the cast choices have been completed.

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Shows I am watching in 2018

28 Feb

So I was updating an old list of course realized I have not made a new list, so here we go.  Keep in mind I been Netflixing it up for like three years.  Actually television watching has been only about 2% over that time, because of travel and other priorities.


copyright Supernatural media.

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PLL – Final Review

10 Jan

For seven seasons I watched with the rest of you the ups and downs of four teenage girls that turned into women and their friends.  There was torture, sometimes pure horror, murder, many deaths but sometimes also fun, romance, silliness and always friendship.

pll banner

^No copyright infringement intended, just liked the picture of all of them together.^

If you recall originally I had plan to review each new season 7 episode but time wasn’t allowing that, too many changes in my life.  This review was written almost two months ago, I sent it to my bff and then moved on. I apologize for the delay.

In real life I would still want to have such close relations that is friends who get the who of me and still are able to fully communicate despite our differences.  In the show they go through a lot quite dramatically of course but they have what maybe is a universal closeness with others.  It was the all-it-could-be at times and a hot mess at others for certain.

I plan to stick with reviewing the main female characters with and without their spouse/boyfriend/companion instead of the storylines.

I will start with the littlest of the liars, though not the least, Aria Montgomery. When we first meet Aria she has only just returned from Iceland, for a year away from Rosewood with her family. The time away was precipitated in part by the fact that one of her best friends, Alison has gone missing.  The stress and strain on her and her friends was quite intense; the Montgomery’s chose to take Aria out of harm’s way or so that was the hope.  Another reason for the year long drip we find out is that Byron, Aria’s father had an affair with a student this information isn’t kept hidden too long in the first season.

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PLL – S07 Episode 5

7 Sep

Welcome to episode 5 of Pretty Little Liars season 7.

We open with Aria standing on Alison’s lawn holding a casserole, its funny and somehow Aria reminds me of Wednesday Adams in her dark outfit.  It is a surreal scene for certain.  Alison drives up with Mary Drake at the wheel she seems as surprised as Aria, whose mouth drops open. Mary insists that Alison needs her rest and cannot talk for like two minutes, but Alison is able to get away with a long good bye to Aria.  Alison insists to Aria that its okay she watching Mary like a hawk, basically.

epi 5 aria outside

What I liked about this scene with Aria and Alison is they finally seemed to be on the same page against a common enemy.  Alison has caused so much drama its hard to see her as a victim sometimes.  My favorite line from her was “she is just going to keep acting like a demented den mother,” in her reference to Mary who is watching them as they speak.  That was kind slick from Alison.    Cue Creepy theme song.

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PLL S07 Epi 4 Dead Man thy name is Archer

30 Aug

Hi again, and lucky me I have a chance to get another review done, that will be two in two days I am on a roll.  Let’s get started with those Pretty Little Liars the final season (7) episode.

Okay so I see what happened in the beginning of the last episode it was a few minutes later basically the same way they are starting this one off.  The girls are digging a grave, which if you look back over the series they do quite often.  I did a quick search hoping someone was a curious as myself but to know avail.  I did find some odd topics that have nothing to do with this episode.

aria and em epi 4

Emily, Spencer and Aria are doing the grave digging while Hanna is in shock in the car since she did the actual crashing into Elliot with the car and Alison is in shock on the ground having seen her husband/psycho doctor killed.

hanna shock epi 4

Hanna’s shock wears off first as she comes to help dig, Aria doesn’t know why they couldn’t go to the police to tell the truth.  Lots of conversation happening at once, something about how to get Alison back to the hospital, also what version of the truth would they tell the police and why didn’t Hanna know which peddle to push to not run over Elliot, low blow Spencer, Yikes.  Finally Alison comes over to the digging area, squats on the ground and reaches in to get Elliot’s bag, “here you will need this.” ha ha at least she is thinking.  Cue creepy music, round one is done.

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