Lying Game Recap Episode 16 Ethan and Sutton Hide Out

Hi all I am trying very hard not to get behind this week. I have to admit its impossible to do two recaps in a day if one is Pretty Little Liars LOL so here is the one that had to wait a day. ENJOY!!

This episode begins with Ethan and Sutton‘s arrival at Ethan’s father’s house, the same place where he grew up on the reservation. Ethan seems hesitant to drive in the driveway as he and Sutton sit and watch his father deal with his horses. His father sees him and he also looks as though he has no real interest in engaging with Ethan. It looks like a sorry situation though I guess having some place to hide is better than hiding in plain site like on the run or maybe not.

Meanwhile back in Arizona they have taken Emma in to the police station to question her because they think she is Sutton. Dan walks up and uses the chance to escort Emma into the interrogation room instead of random cop Extra number one. Emma talks to Dan on the way in the room and luckily or not they both know that Ethan is innocent of the murder charge that has taken him out of town.

Dan confesses that he got Ethan out of town because he knows how town justice works. Emma asks if he knows where Ethan has gone but Dan says he doesn’t even want to know. I can get that because there is a difference of knowing something and lying and not knowing. You will see what I mean later. Dan insists that Emma/Sutton not contact Ethan he also tells her to only tell what she saw and no more. This is to avoid speculations and adding details that can get Ethan in more trouble. Emma looks terrified because as well all know she wasn’t even at the scene.

Detective Larkin and Officer Sanchez, who is a woman, come in the room to question Emma. I think its the rule that to question a woman you have to have a woman officer in the room. I think its a good rule. He tells her she has the right to have her parents present because she is a minor because she is a potential witness to a crime.

Emma/Sutton decides to go ahead and be questions without her parents or representation. She looks at the camera in a scared way at least to me. Of course the problem is that since she wasn’t really there she has to go by what she recalls from what she was told and make up the rest kind of based on his questions.

Theme music plays

Elsewhere in the police station Derek’s mother has arrived. She sees Thayer and remembers him from when they visited her days before. She makes the accusation loud enough that Alec hears her in his office so he comes out to introduce himself to her after Thayer had reminded her they came by to check on Derek.

Alec lets her know they will do all they can to solve the mystery of Derek’s murder. Derek’s mother frowns at Thayer as she leaves. Thayer tells Alec the same thing he told Derek’s mother; they went to the house to check on Derek for Char. Alec insists he better hope he has nothing to do with the murder.

I find that an odd statement to come from a father to his son. Why would he even think Thayer would be involved? Is it possible Thayer killed Derek to get back at Ethan for the whole Sutton fiasco? NO I think Alec had one of his flunkies kill Derek to shut him up. What is your theory?

In the interrogation room Emma/Sutton is totally out of her element with the lies. She says they were pulled over for speeding when in reality they were pulled over for a broken tail light and Larkin knows something is up. She is trying hard to remember what they told her about the fight but it doesn’t seem like much stuck to her brain. Her answers just don’t seem true even though most of the facts are true like when she says that Ethan only hit Derek once and it was NOT with the tire iron its what Derek had used.

Over at the safe house, Sutton is trying to make their time on the run like a vacation and Ethan is having none of it. She compares them being on the run to being Bonnie and Clyde. Ethan reminds her that in the end they were shot up in a hail of bullets. I hate that movie because of the ending. I didn’t see why they had to be so violent and Bonnie was pregnant. I know Live by the Sword by the Sword.

Finally Ethan’s dad comes around the corner to see why Ethan has arrived with a girl. He assumes that as usual Ethan is in trouble. He doesn’t seem happy to see his son, no hugs no real smiles just snark and frowns.

His father’s gives him the horse he brought over with him to brush down. Ethan knows the drill he did it all his life. Hey I remember Dan mentioning their dad I think he might be a drunk or maybe that is another show. Anyway besides being disagreeable the guy seem a bit hard around the edges but not to the point that he can’t soften up, I think.

By the way Ethan’s father’s name is Ben and he is played by Gil Birmingham. Gil has been around actins since the mid eighties or so and I imagine has played many Native American roles. He is still an attractive man. I have seen him in quite a few movies/tv shows. Ah and then I see it he is HE is Jake’s father in Twilight I knew he was real familiar. That is so Awesome. I hate that I didn’t figure it out on my own

After Ben walks away Sutton asks if there are horse showers. Okay I am not sure I like her I am the princess attitude so far in this episode it doesn’t play well with me. I guess its realistic because she is not taking their on the run situation seriously yet but I know it hasn’t hit her just yet that she cannot go back home.

In Phoenix, Ted and Kristin arrive at the police station with Laurel. I have to say I like Laurel so much more now that she is singing, she even has better style and comes across more confident since the drama with Justin.

Ted and Kristin try to be Emma/Sutton’s alibi but with Sutton and Emma around last night its just confusing to them. Alec says that Mads was spinning lies of her own because of the whole she was supposed to be at the library fiasco but Emma didn’t know not to call Alec…….what a mess. You know all Sutton had to do was to NOT think of herself for a moment to have told Emma or even called her later.

Emma/Sutton comes out of the room then and is hugging Kristin when Alec starts down talking Ethan to Ted. I just noticed that he is trying to get Ted to blame this all on Ethan which makes me think for sure that Alec was the killer of Derek. All any girl needs is for her father to hate the guy she likes for life to be hell. Alec tells him he will find Ethan. Yeah but will he bring him back alive?

**Remember last episode that he was just getting back to his house when Rebecca showed up with food but he lied and said he had gone to the car to get something. Inside the house he made a quick run to the bathroom and I think that was to make sure he didn’t have any blood on him. I knot its possible he just paid someone to do it but that may not have been good enough on short notice. ****

Ryan is with Mads at school when he tells her he wouldn’t be surprised if Sutton had something to do with Derek’s murder. Mads looks shocked. Ryan reminds her about Sutton busting her for the study date as well as Sutton’s lying games.

At the hideout, Ethan is getting started on his chores. Sutton tries to feed some sugar to the horse only for it to bite her well nip at her hand. She is all freaking out while Ethan laughs. I guess he at least got a chance to laugh. So Sutton in the comic relief this week LOL. Then he shows her the proper way to give sugar to a horse is with a flat palm no tempting fingers in the way. She gets so excited they smile again.

I guess because I am a Ethan/Emma shipper I was NOT fond of what I thought was Ethan having fun with Sutton; isn’t he even tempted to call Emma? It seemed like he wasn’t down trodden enough over leaving his girl behind. I know he planned to take Emma with him but that fell through when she wanted to help Sutton look good with the parents but still it sucks. Ethan loves his horses, I imagine they are more accepting then the people he has to deal with like Sutton for example LOL.

When chores are done they are about to go inside when Sutton suggests they could go out. Ethan reminds her he is wanted for Murder and he had to leave his true love, Emma, alone. YEAH he said it I hope Sutton remembers next time she is flippant about their situation.

After the break, we find Dan with Alec watching Emma interview. Alec says that Emma/Sutton answers the questions as though she wasn’t there at all though she readily admits that she was there. Alec explains that when she answered the questions she looked up and to the right but when accessing a true memory you look up and to the left. I don’t know if that was true or not to me it seemed she wasn’t sure if she should look in the camera or not LOL. I know she wasn’t there but still he didn’t mention that option, I would have thought Dan would say that but he did say that she was nervous.

Alec suggests to Dan that he told Emma/Sutton what to say before Larkin took over. Dan denies it of course. Alec goes on to say that Dan and Sutton both have a vested interest in making Ethan look innocent. Dan tells him to lay off because he wouldn’t do that. Alec asks him where Ethan has gone and Dan says he has no idea. I believe Dan. I do not think that Dan believes that Ethan would EVER go back to the reservation.

Alec tells him he has to find Ethan soon or his ass too……what? I guess being the one to live with a fugitive automatically makes you suspects? I tell you that sucks for Dan.

Over at Ben’s Ethan tells him that he did nothing but was set up. Ben says for someone who never does anything he sure gets in a lot of trouble, which has to suck. It’s called hanging out with the wrong people, POP.

Sutton walks in wearing a plaid shirt and Ben tells her to put the clothes back. Sutton doesn’t know what to think until Ethan explains they are his mothers things. Sutton is all she didn’t like die in them? LOL Ethan says no she left when he was thirteen. Ethan says she never knew because she never asked him. So basically Sutton’s life with Ethan was all about HER, no big shock to us right LOL.

Over at the Mercers, they are all about Sutton not protecting Ethan. His name is mud now that he is accused of a crime. Here we go again with the Guilty until Proven Innocent theme. Kristin can’t believe that Ethan left Sutton to face the charge alone but Ted says Ehtan is not stepping foot in the house again. Yes that will go over well with your daughter, Ted.

The door bell rings and its Mads and Thayer. Kristin invites them in the house but they cannot see Sutton which I think is so bogus. They may as well have called if they cannot see her why let them in? The explanation is that Sutton cannot socialize but they didn’t come to be social but to comfort MOM hello!!! Ted wants to know how Thayer knew that Sutton was at the police station and Thayer lies that he heard his dad talking. They also ask them where Ethan is and do they know what happened that night. None of this makes sense to me they are her closest friends they know all get over it parents. Yeah I know Mads doesn’t know much but she still is trying to be a good friend. I bet the brother and sister wished they had stayed home.

Sutton listens from the hallway at the interrogation of her friends.

In Laurel’s room she gets a hug and a pep talk. Laurel thinks she is strong for not crying. Emma is probably wishing she was back in Vegas because she was in trouble there too thanks to Travis.

Back at the hideout, Sutton returns with Ethan from the store. She apologizes for being a horrible girlfriend back in the day. He then apologizes for the limited shopping options on the reservation but she says she can be down to earth. Then there is an example about the time they went camping and she plugged the flat-iron in using all the generator from everyone else. She then tries to remind him of what they did during the power outage but he doesn’t want to discuss it. He tells her to take the guest room while he will sleep on the sofa.

Emma is missing Ethan at the Mercer’s as she looks at pictures of them. We then see Thayer hanging outside her room looking in mooning over her. I knew he liked her I just knew it. He looks like he will cry. Could Thayer be the killer? He could have done it to get rid of Ethan the supposed bad seed. He has been hanging around Emma a lot at the cabin and he is totally not happy with Sutton.

The next morning at the hideout, Ethan is outside with the horses before Sutton arrives. They discuss what happened to Derek and try to decide who killed him. Sutton thinks its the same person that told Derek to get in her car and who wrote the note. Ethan reminds her that Derek almost told them who it was just before they had to leave that night. I think they were followed to see Derek so who knew they were going besides Thayer and Emma?? Unless someone was watching them all the time which opens the whole case up to anyone. Ethan tells Sutton he might never be able to go back but he cant’ stay at Ben’s.

Sutton decides to help him exercise the horsed by riding one of them of course before Ethan can get the other horse ready Sutton goes flying off on hers. Ethan has to chase them down on the unsaddled horse.

That same morning at the Mercer’s Sutton gets her phone back even though she is still grounded for you know being at the scene of a crime or something. Ted makes her promise to let them know if Ethan calls. Baz arrives at the door with an offer to take Laurel to school; I guess he ignored the Justin memo because I know Justin told him they were dating. Baz just happened to be around the corner at the copy shop making copies of the flyer for the performance on Saturday. Laurel looks like she forgot about it because of all the Sutton drama.

While Laurel was at the door Emma/Sutton showed Ted her grades that he now shows Kristin after the girls have gone off to school. He is shocked to see all A’s on the mid terms. Hmm now that should be a true sign something is up when a C student gets all A’s. Kristin says isn’t it odd that she aced her mid terms the morning after she watched her boyfriend commit a murder? I assume its said sarcastically since ETHAN has not been CONVICTED!!!!!!!!!!! Kristin adds I think she is telling the truth. Ted looks doubtful but he always looks that way.

Now at school Thayer’s lies catch up with Emma. Mads asks Sutton why she called Alec. Ugh…it started out all well and good with a hug then Emma asked if Char was okay, typical Emma not Sutton reaction. Sutton would have been all over the Poor Me’s ……..right, but because Emma is not playing Sutton but herself she acts caring then confused over Mad’s questions. Emma only called Alec once that was when she was waiting at the library for Mads then it seems like a lie that she has no idea why Mads is upset as she walks away. “I guess Ryan was right about you,” Mads says in parting.

Confused? Emma is too LOL

After exercising the horses Sutton is very sore and I imagine ready for a bath soak. She says after a couple of physical therapy sessions she will be fine LOL. She then asks Ethan why his father is so meant to him. Ethan went to juvie for hot wiring a car on a dare and when he got out his mother had gone. He thinks his Father blames him for her leaving. Why do we do that to our children? Why can’t we just let each person take their own blame that is enough?

The cops arrive looking for Ethan and Ben tells them he hasn’t seen either of his sons for four years that was when they left. They don’t call and they don’t do Christmas cards he adds hat is the way he likes it. he doesn’t want any trouble if they find him then they are welcome to him Ethan and Sutton see the cops from the side of the house I guess. The cops who know Ben leave without really looking around too much unless they have cops on the other side of the house.

Ethan asks him what they said but Ben doesn’t care he says they have to be gone at the end of the week.

After the break, Laurel is with Baz talking about the performance on Saturday when they see Justin in the hall. Anyone else notice how Baz always seems awkward around Justin? Is it just that he totally likes Laurel and we all know she loves the forbidden Justin. I gotta be honest her I think Baz is a better fit for her. They have something in common besides just sex which is all Laurel and Justin have in common they shared losing their virginity together. I mean that is great but moving on to being with someone you can talk too is going to be better even though we don’t want her to be slutty. I know she totally doesn’t see Baz that way and she is into Justin but it won’t last because Justin already sees that then sneaking around isn’t working.

Justin walks her to class as she passes out flyers to everyone for the show. She is excited; he seems excited for her though a bit jealous of Baz but we know he should be.

Emma/Sutton catches up with Ryan in the hall to try to figure out what is going on with Mads. She thinks that it’s all about ninth grade but Ryan reminds her the latest big todo happened at the Black/White ball. Ryan sees Emma/Sutton’s confusion then tells her she is unbelievable for pretending not to remember.

Wow I tell you Sutton really screwed things up for Emma. I wonder if she meant to knowing she would end up changing back or more than likely its just her Arrogant Selfish attitude. You know if Emma had any sense she would just leave town and go away anywhere else. Eventually Sutton would show up again then she can clean up her own mess. LOL

We MISS YOU, Derek !!!

At the funeral everyone is present even Alec but after everyone does the casket walk by Emma goes over to him to chat. Alec said its sad that Derek died so young also that Derek did things to help him and Emma says he also did things for you too. Alec tells her to watch who she is accusing. He asks her what was Derek wearing the night of the fight and her reply is that it was dark. He mentions the lights were out but she says she never said the lights were out. Alec says he is suspicious of people with selective memory but Emma say with certainty that Ethan didn’t kill Derek that they need to look for the car that pulled up. She walks away after that; it’s a good move but Alec stops her by saying he doesn’t think that Ethan did kill Derek. Alec with the assumption that she has/will talk to Ethan so he tells her to let him know what Alec thinks that if he doesn’t come back then he is letting the real killer go free. No Alec is playing games as usual.

At the hideout, they are having a quiet tense meal. Ethan tries to initiate conversation but Ben is resistant. He reminds Ethan that his mother left because she was disappointed with Ethan. That is so bogus you leave your husband not your kid HELLO folks, Ben is blaming his failure on his son so typical. Sutton tries to take up for Ethan but Ben isn’t listening he just wants to be mad. He leaves the table then Ethan tells Sutton there are no happy endings like she wants with her real mother and Emma.

After the break, we see the performance with Laurel. I really do like this new Laurel because the old one annoyed me with her whining. In the audience Ted and Kristin are proud of Laurel getting up on stage and performing unlike the days when she was shy. Ted tries to hold Kristin’s hand but she won’t allow it. She is still upset with him about the Justin lies.

Speaking of Justin they see him in the audience and Ted takes it upon himself to go over to the young man to remind him that Laurel has moved on. Justin leaves right away not wanting any trouble with Ted.

Emma talks to Thayer in the audience she tells him what Alec says but Thayer thinks Alec is saying to tell Ethan to come back to catch him in a trap. On the other hand, I think Thayer is saying this to get Emma all to himself LOL. Hey maybe that is just me but the guy is crushing on her big time.

Emma asks Thayer why Mads is upset, then she mentions that damage control was easier when Sutton would feel her in. I say Exactly LOL updates would have helped her bunches. Thayer decides to go ask Mads about the situation but of course it only confuses Mads.

Ryan returns to the table after Thayer screws up talking to Mads only to find an angry Mads. Ryan confesses that Sutton came on to him at the Black/White ball. Ryan insists that Sutton is not her friend that she is bad news. Mads is surprised by his insistence. However its interesting that Ryan doesn’t tell the whole truth you know about hooking up with Sutton in ninth grade.

Mads goes over to Sutton to tell her they are no longer friends.

Now am I the only one that doesn’t get why Emma can’t call Sutton?? I mean all she has to do is clear the call history. It will be a month before it can be traced on the bill?? What they tapped her phone? Not long ago Thayer bought a prepaid for Sutton NO one even knows she has it?? Am I the only one that thinks there is NO reason they are not in communication?? Oh and Thayer could also call Sutton on that Prepaid phone if they need to. Yeah it’s because there is NO reason why she can’t get the answers she needs to keep from feeling lost and on the verge of a nervous break down because Thayer is her only life line to who she really happens to be and he may not be being HONEST in his LUST for her.

Loving the back of this Jacket.

After the concert Justin texts Laurel to come over just as Baz is telling her the new member pancake traditions totally lame right. It’s just to show us that Laurel has to choose between fun Baz and I gotta stay inside Justin. Laurel chooses the band because as Baz says you can’t redo your first time performing with the band. Of course, Baz knows exactly what he is doing also and now it occurs to me that Ted may have set up this whole Band gig thing or maybe Alec, to get Laurel to move on from Justin. Ted is acting weirder than usual lately.

We all know Ted and Alec were BAD Boys in the day like Justin and Ethan; he may think he is protecting

Over at Rebecca’s Alec is with her after a night out. They are trying to decide if he will stay the night but forthcoming Becca basically said let’s do it.

After the break, Alec is doing the walk of shame trying to leave before Rebecca stops him to chat. She wants to know if they are still okay and he says they are more than okay. Oh I guess that roll in the hay was extra good. Becca confesses she came back for him, now I would think that would have scared Alec senseless or is it just that I think she still has more than one personality LOL. He seemed okay with it.

Laurel arrives early morning at Justin’s apartment you know above the club, seems like a bad place to be hanging out with all of her parents friends in and out. I know maybe it’s not upstairs but on the property. Anyway the rehash last night then move on to hooking up.

That same morning Ted grills Alec about Rebecca. He doesn’t seem too happy about Rebecca with Alec. Alec says he is doing it all to keep her close.

Ethan talks to Sutton about why she and Emma want to find their birth mother when they are already set up with good parents. Sutton finally makes sense she tells Ethan what I said earlier, his mother left for her own reasons not because of him. WOW finally her eyes are opening a bit. She touches his hand but he then leave the room right away.

Over at Mads house Emma is trying to talk to her. Emma just can’t wrap her head around all that Mads is saying because we all know Sutton did all the bad things. Emma just cracks and tells Mads that she is Emma Becker NOT Sutton Mercer.

Okay that was a great episode but how many people think because I am trying to Not look at spoilers LOL that they might go flashbacks next instead of going with the confession part? I hope not I hope Emma lets Mads really in on the secret.

Leave comments thanks for reading.

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