PLL Recap Season 2 Episode 3 – Trouble Thy Name is Liar

I have to confess to you all Pretty Little Liars is fast becoming my Summer addiction. It has to be gift from the Goddess that I would have a show to look forward to in the summer months. Yeah!! On with the recap. I noticed on the previews they showed Wren this time he is not someone that I have a grasp on as far as this show. I need to do some serious season one research when I get time. Please don’t hold that against me. The flashback was of him kissing Spencer and him telling Spencer he had fallen for the wrong sister; very interesting.

Oh my this is funnier the second time; but when they begin this episode with the four watching a silent movie I had my own flashback. Last night when I was supposed to be watching Chloe King we had a visitor and she and my husband went on about their love of yes you guessed it, Silent Films. I on the other hand do not share their love of them but I digress and so early. 🙂

So the girls are sitting in an empty theater watching a silent movie while they discuss all their issues. The only one eating is Hanna as she holds yellow a bucket of popcorn in this otherwise Black and White Scene.

Spencer thinks Melissa is sneaking out to meet Ian on foot at Jason’s house. The others do not agree with her logic on this subject. Emily says, “but Ian killed Allison why would Jason help him?” She brings up an interesting viewpoint. Hannah says, ” Melissa needs a dog collar that zaps her ass when she leaves the room.” Okay that was hilarious but not sure why except the way the line was delivered made Hanna some how seem in control and sassy which is funny to me. Emily says, “Jason called Ian a phony jerk,” another reason his helping Ian doesn’t not work for them. Spencer says, “Jason was wasted a whole summer so his making sense might not matter.” I won’t recap all of the conversation but after a few moments Spencer happens to look back and see the shadow of the hooded person from other episodes.

By the time the others look he/she is gone. They all turn back around and the screen burns up, yes a big hole appears. At the moment they are mesmerized by the screen the hooded person is suddenly behind them. They all try to get up at once then as they try to find Hanna’s shoe.

They look up at the screen and the hooded person is in front of them holding a flashlight pointing at them. He jumps at them as Aria yells Ian. Yikes!!

Spencer wakes up from her dream, yes it was a black/white dream, to find Melissa pushing her over with a flashlight as she says she is looking for her ring. Now can this chick keep up with anything? First its her phone she is always losing then her ring. She says its because she took it off because her fingers are swollen like sausages. During the search where Spencer has to get up as Melissa keeps searching, the phone rings.

Spencer offers to answer it but Melissa grabs it up then goes upstairs to talk. Oh as if that isn’t suspicious to Spencer. She actually says to the caller, “I’m not alone let me get upstairs,ok.” Can we say OBVIOUS? Spencer tries to listen but I can’t tell what was said at all not sure if she did or not.

After the break, we find Hanna’s parents laughing in the kitchen. Dad says he is going to stay around a while and be there for Hanna. He kisses Hanna on the cheek before he leaves since she doesn’t need a ride to school. Mom Ashley goes on about how things change, people growing and that its for her to have a laugh with her ex, Tom, Hanna’s Pops. Hanna doesn’t seem real convinced but she might be a bit hopeful.

At school the girls meet in the bathroom. Emily is unhappy that the actual letter the scout from Danby gave her is not a sure thing as she had hoped it would be. Hanna seems more concerned with Emily’s dry hands which I found amusing. Hanna pulls out some expensive hand cream as they try to tell Emily it will all work out. Emily has Swim class, Spencer has field hockey and Aria’s class at Hollis College are the activities for the afternoon as named off by the girls. They laugh as Aria mentions going to the college where Ezra is now working for her class. To find out Hanna stole the moisturizer, however, because she is bored was scary to me. I don’t like the whole I have money so now I am going to break the law when I have nothing else going on in my life. Hanna seemed to not care about what she had done at all and the girls didn’t make a big deal about it. I see a lesson coming on for her. They all separate when someone else finally enters the bathroom.

Spencer sees Toby as she walks down the hallway. He says he is only at school to drop off GED paperwork and he has found a new job but because its so far away he needs a job for now to earn money for a van and tools to get the better position. The current job is working for Jason on his infamous fencing project. The money from working will get him out from under his parents roof where he can be free, okay that is my take on it. I am all with Toby get out baby get away from the crazies at your house especially Benna. Spencer doesn’t want him to work for Jason but she does see Toby has a plan that might work for him. Toby promises to not go in Jason house though the obsession Spencer has with it is a bit wacked. I mean if Jason is a bad guy going in his house is the least of Toby’s worries. The bell rings and is time for class as they kiss. In the background of this scene everyone is watching the two of them and smiling/laughing.

I have to add here you know, I have so far really only seen the inside of Ezra’s class on this show. It could be his was the only one that mattered because he was Aria’s beau. It’s just funny on so many teen dramas the school and class rooms are a plot device to show where this youngsters hang out. Okay maybe its not so fascinating but something to consider.

Hanna is outside eating yogurt and a muffin when Lucas happens by on his way out Lucas tells her Caleb is staying at his house. She invites Lucas to hang out but he says he is busy. He then asks her where her friends because he hasn’t seem them together lately. Lucas invites her to help on the yearbook.

Ezra and Aria at Hollis talking about her student Identification card was up next. She said she was thinking about being released from the prison of having to hide their relationship when the picture was taken. Ok she said the prison of high school but the other would have been better, I’m just sayin’. It’s good she is back on track with Ezra. They are both happy to be able to kiss publicly at least on the days her father isn’t teaching at the college. They go for it with a public kiss with no idea Ezra’s ex, Jackie is watching from across the lawn. She looks unhappy or that might be her natural look. At this point she has not been a character I am prone to enjoying. She seems to be in the wrong places and a bit snobbish for my taste. Its obvious in her face that she is inwardly judging Ezra.

Aria goes into the ceramics/pottery class as Ezra goes off to his own class. She arrives to find Benna is also taking an extended course. Now I suppose this type of activity is good fit for Benna since she can use her hands as her eyes. It does suck for Aria though just when she was feeling a bit free with her and Ezra making headway and all. Aria can only stare when she sees Benna. I really felt for her in this part I mean of all the people to run into as she tries to move forward.

After field hockey Spencer goes to Jason’s to find Toby. She looks up at the house and sees a man’s silhouette; for a moment she probably thought it was Jason but he showed up behind her. She is stunned.
Who is in the house? Where is Toby she thinks or I would have thought. Jason says Toby left an hour ago. Jason out and out lies as he tells her he is the only one living in the house when the shadow was definitely up in the house. I have to say it was creepy to even hear the lie. *shivers* I am glad she is careful to not tell Jason she saw someone upstairs, that was slick of her. It is possible he knew because he went straight inside afterward though.

After the break, Emily is on the phone with Spencer after Spencer told her what happened at Jasons. Emily can only tell her to lock her door though because there is nothing she can do with the whole they aren’t supposed to be talking thing. Spencer looks out the window to see Jason putting up newspaper over the inside of the window. She hides as he looks in her direction.


Emily spending the night with Spencer. There is noise outside the window coming from next door.

Em: You think someone will call the police?
Spencer: That place turns into party central when Alli’s parents go out of town.
Spencer hands Emily the bowl of bright yellow popcorn before there is a knock on the door.
Alli comes in the house wearing shorts and a letterman jacket.
Alli: there is no freaking way I am sleeping there; there is not enough locks on my bedroom door
Spencer: Are Jason’s friends hassling you?
Alli: Jason doesn’t have friends he has idiots who use him to get wasted and act like animal planet
Emily: Are you the only girl?
Alli: What I should do is call my grandma.
Spencer: What are you talking about?
Alli: He’s been counting on the money, all I have to do is say something about him and his loser friends and she will write him out of her will so fast.
She takes off the jacket, though I wonder what it means maybe she was hiding something in it. It seemed to not belong to her.
Alli: He makes me sick.
Spencer looks surprised Alli is dressed for bed in only a tank and the shorts. She goes to the fridge.
Alli: Can I get a soda?
Spencer: Sure……..your’e welcome to stay here.
Alli: Thanks
Alli grabs an apple as she goes to the sink with the soda to wash the apple.
She looks sad in window you can see a tear in her eyes. The other two come up behind her.
Spencer: Are you okay?
Alli: Yeah she says to quickly. I’m just thinking about my grandma, she lies.
She bites into the apple.
Alli: Your family has the worst apples.
She throws the apple in the sink. Ah yes that’s the Allison we know and love.
{end Flashback}

Spencer snaps out of it as she grabs her phone.
At Emily’s house her mother is asking her about packing. Spencer calls Emily and Emily tries to calm her after she lies to her mother about who is on the phone. Spencer thinks that Allison was blackmailing both Ian and Jason because of some things she knew about them. “Where was Jason when Alli was killed?” Spencer asked. Emily looks intrigued.

At the paper, Lucas is smitten with a new girl, Dannielle. Hanna can see that Lucas likes her so she tells him to go for it but he doesn’t think Dannielle will have interest.

Melissa is still searching for the ring at Spencers house though I didn’t think Melissa was around considering Spencer’s concern over Jason. I guess in this type situation where only a few friends are the good guys or girls its best to stay away from telling your crazy lying sister, Melissa, the things you find out about your neighbors. Oh and where are the parents who seemed to be in and out without appearing in the actual show most of the time. Melissa has only been looking for the ring since the beginning of the episode but Spencer suggests here to her that she ask Mom. Is there a continuance issue or are the randomly seen parents again just devices to be used?

This reminds me of Mr. Kim on the Gilmore Girls, though we never ever saw him in Seven Years, we were to believe that Lane Kim had two parents. They always talked of her parents when they only showed us Mrs. Kim in almost every episode. I still to this day wonder how that ever happened. I do realize its not the same since we have seen the parents in this show now and again so far but its just a thought on how those devices are used.

So Spencer expresses her concern about being alone to her sister. She lets her know she hopes that Melissa would be willing to protect her if need be over someone else, anyone else. She then gives an example from when she was young but Melissa pretends to not remember protecting her sister. Melissa’s answer to Spencer pleading is, “I am dealing with major stuff……don’t make me choose between me and my husband.” So now if I go back in my head to what we saw in the beginning where Melissa SAW Wren kiss Spencer it would make a tiny bit of sense but in real life it makes Melissa look guilty in my eyes of being a self centered witch. Who does that? Who is so into a guy, any guy they would wish harm on their own sister?

Up next we find Aria at Ezra’s house complaining about being in Benna’s art class at college. He seems unaware of why Aria is freaking out over it. This leads me to wonder what was the truth that Aria told him? Ezra thinks she and Benna are talented artists who need to get over their fued. Also another odd thing here, Ezra is in his robe with wet hair and Aria is fully dressed down to her stockings. Okay I know its abc family but really cause the legs up on his lap kiss is very sexy. I guess as long as you have clothes on its okay to be sensual. Uh hmmm

Back at Spencer’s her attmept to toast bread turns into her finding the missing ring. Melissa yells from the other room about not touching her coconut water as if a teenager would have interest. This little shout out is just for us to know how easy it would be for Melissa to walk into the room to see Spencer’s discovery. Humm ring behind toaster; not a natural place to lose a ring you know like on a floor, behind the cushions or in a bed, Check. So why did Melissa hide the ring? Why not just put it in her room? Or if she did lose it what kinda idiot is she? LOL sorry.

After the break, Hanna’s papa is arguing on the phone with Isabelle, his fiancee. He has stopped by to help fix the water heater for Ashley. It’s very convenient that he is staying at a hotel in town. It is also convenient he suddenly likes spending time with his ex-wife, go figure, you would think that being divorced they might not like each other so much.

Aria, Hanna and Emily discuss helping moms to see things the way they would like them too, in Emily’s car. Emily shows them a letter from what the others think is from the scout but really its faked. Hanna is excited about it but Aria is not as into the idea. Emily is conflicted. They make some random remarks about Benna and the art class as well all and all not much real information after the letter.

Hanna uses a quote from Allison, “Your’e Not Lying Just Retelling the Truth,” this is the absolute theme of the series. I like it though.

A shirtless Toby is at Jason’s working his heart out when Jason asks him if he wants a break. Toby keeps working and Jason gives him a pep talk on being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have to admit I almost like Jason in this scene and shirtless Toby doesn’t hurt it at all. Spencer shows up as Toby looks in the distance. Jason mistakenly thinks its Melissa before he sees her. Spencer asks him why he would think that but Jason says Melissa has been bringing mail over that has been going to the wrong address.

Spencer tries to talk Toby into quitting his job at Jason’s but he says its all he’s got. He thinks the truck he wanted to buy is probably sold already though. Jason comes out with a bag of trash and we see there are bloody bandages in it as the bag breaks open. “Cut myself,” Jason says as he picks up the mess. Toby doesn’t seem to care one way or another but Spencer is suspicious.

In Aria’s class Benna gets up and runs into something. Aria tells the teacher her name is Anita which would be something the teacher could have at least tried to remember. I also don’t know why the teacher chooses to ask Aria to help Benna when Aria’s hands are covered with clay. This is weird to me. I don’t know if its because the teacher knows they go to the same school or what but it seems wacked. The young man near Aria volunteers to help Benna, instead.

At the school paper, Hanna pimps out Lucas to the new girl, Dannielle. Danielle doesn’t even know his name at first but after Hanna going on about how wonderful his pictures are and how she didn’t want to compete with all the girls after Lucas its clear Dannielle is suddenly interested in him. It was a cheesy scene to be sure.

Spencer goes to the pawn shop with Melissa’s ring to get money. We see someone watching Spencer as she leaves the shop with two thousand dollars. Inside she had told the shop owner she would return in two days to get the ring. Now I think its cool she did this because Melissa doesn’t deserve anything better they way she is acting to her own sister.

After the break, Lucas tells Hanna, Dannielle wants to go out to coffee with him. They go on about how people change and she wants to do better as a friend to him. “People change and they grow.” Hummm the person stealing from the mall tells Lucas that people change and grow LOL okaayyyyy Yeah I know she heard it from her mother but still.

At Emily’s she prepares the fake letter to be mailed. Her mother comes to the room with sentimental stuff from Emily’s past. Her mother tells her she is sad Emily had to hide who she was as a gay person. Emily says it all good now and they bond. Mom wants to go out to dinner so Emily tears up the letter. Why is it no one knows how to tear up things on this show. Okay lesson, do not tear items into less than twenty pieces of varying sizes, got it? OH and always put pieces in separate trash containers in different rooms if you really are serious about it, Sheeks!!

Spencer drives up to Jason’s in the used truck she obviously bought with the money from Melissa’s ring. Toby sees her and is overjoyed. Spencer is resourceful and the best Girlfriend EVER!! He is concerned a bit about paying her back but he says, “I love you.” “I wanted to say it first,” she replies. Ahhhhhhh they kiss. OH and I see Jason on the porch, he probably knows he has lost a good helper. Okay bad thought; won’t people wonder how Toby got the truck? Oh and that darn ring is missing? Ugh has this just become a new pain in Toby’s side? I hope he makes up a good lie.

Oh my gosh, Hanna’s parents bonding, laughing with coffee outside somewhere who cares. Hanna is watching and hoping/praying maybe she can get her Pops back then his phone goes off.

It’s a texty from wife to be Izzie and Hanna deletes it……oh Hanna you are sassy tonight.

At Aria’s art class she is left with Benna who asks her to not only put up the new candle holder so she can see it in action, sorry I mean experience it, she made but to clean up her mess. Who are these people? Even if I know someone I would raise my eyebrows about cleaning up their mess. Anyway Aria who is playing as Anita in art class does it with little talking. Benna rambles about seeing how her pot/candle holder turned out and Aria is quiet as she first has to put it down on the table then light the candle then turn out the lights which had to be torture for her. Benna talks of seeing the lights, shadows and shapes which she compares to when she used to swim and the reflections from the light are similar to those in the pool. Benna was likable well almost in the beginning until she realizes its Aria. Benna seems evil after that she is so angry as she realizes she has shared something personal with someone she dislikes. She has Aria blow out the candle though Aria could have easily left since you know Benna is already in the dark. I suppose she wasn’t thinking. I thought about this and since it fades to black we don’t really know if she stayed or not.

Spencer is studying when she hears voices downstairs. “No not hear I want to be sure she is asleep, Perfect,” says skeezy sister, Melissa.
Spencer rushes to call Emily. At Emily’s house her mother has found a letter on their doorstep from Danby. Emily is unsure because she knows that she had the letter from Danby the real one and she threw away her fake one. Emily is speechless so her mother opens the letter. Its the letter that Emily wrote and threw away. The mother is ecstatic but Emily is confused as she rushes to check the garbage for the fake letter forgetting all about the phone ringing just before her mother came in the room.

There is a note from A in the garbage. “We can’t play cat and mouse if you’re in Texas.” Ah this is the only text from A all episode and Yeah I didn’t miss them.

Aria and Hanna are discussing Benna and her weirdness at art class. We see they are at Spencers house as Spencer stands near the window and sees Melissa walking with her purse like a ninety year old woman LOL. She looks terrified; the poor crazy girl. They follow Crazy Carrie I mean Weird Melissa as she goes through the huge gates I never have seen before or don’t remember. There is a waiting car and Melissa leans in before Wren gets out of the car to go to the trunk. He is dressed in scrubs and gives Melissa a bag. The girls who are watching ever so closely guess its pain killers. “Only Melissa would ask the guy she dumped to help the murderer she married,” says Hanna just before the ones being watched look in their direction. Wren leaves though he doesn’t look happy while Melissa stands there looking in the bag. Can we BE more obvious? She is standing in the drive way looking in a bag in full view of Jason’s house. Though maybe she doesn’t care what Jason thinks its only Spencer she is keeping in the dark. Hmmm

WE can see Jason’s house in the background and someone is at the window in silhouette again. You know if you are hiding in a house staying away from windows is the first lesson you learn.

Last scene, gloved hand person is paying up for Melissa’s ring at the pawn shop. The owner insists he knew the person that brought it in wouldn’t come back for it. I guess the two days were up and it was free game to the highest payer.

Last thoughts and Half Baked Theories.

Wow I really liked this episode though I could do without Hanna drama. I don’t know why her parents potential romance just bores me to tears. Hanna getting involved with Lucas’ lovelife was also not interesting. I did like Hanna’s humorous lines she had all the snappy ones this week. Kudos to the writers on that. Aria’s encounter with Benna was creepy as well as Spencer meeting her sister’s evil twin or uh Wow could Melissa be more uncaring? I mean she woke her up from a sound sleep to look for her ring that was freaking selfish, sorry nothing else I can do with that to make it nice it was WRONG. Of course the whole ring drama was itself a set up for Spencer to find it. I do not trust Melissa in any way at this point as well Spencer has seen that herself. I do hope that Toby doesn’t get on the hook over that truck maybe Jason will be a doll and help him by saying he gave him the money or something. I might have more to say on this later but for now I think I am out of steam.

Melissa is evil enough to have killed Allison if she thought it would help her in one way or another. I do think that Melissa is mental though so any involvement might be circumstantial because she is not at all smart in her dealings. Ian on the other hands could be tying Melissa like with some kind of blackmail to be quiet on what she knows. I am up in the air on theories tonight. I will revisit in a day or two.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. I am always up for lively discussions on my shows.
Photo credit: ABC Family


  1. I absolutely love reading your recaps, after I’ve written mine. It’s so fascinating to me how similar our takes on the episode are in some ways, and how different they are in others. I think that’s truly the mark of a great show . . . a program that is complex enough for people to find different things in it to which they relate and show interest.

    That, and I love your descriptive writing style. You always have this uncanny way of transporting me inside the episode. And, because I watch this show as well, I can appreciate your recap-writing talent even more here.

    Hmm, I’m intrigued by your take on what Spencer did. It’s interesting that both sisters, in essence, chose their significant other’s interest over that of their family. Granted, Spencer has reached out to Melissa multiple times, only to be rebuffed. But, in some ways, Spencer’s pawning Mleissa’s wedding ring for Toby’s car, is equivalent to Melissa’s unwillingness to believe Spencer’s take on what happened in the bell tower, despite her promising that she would, just last week.

    As for Hanna . . . yep . . . she’s definitely a bad girl. But I can’t help but like her. For starters, as you mentioned, she’s by far the funniest PLL’er. I also think that, deep down, she has a good heart. She is truly trying to right the wrongs of her past by fighting for Lucas’ happiness. And her action regarding the text message, while underhanded and unnecessary, I really think was done to ensure her mother’s happiness. It was misguided, for sure, but it was also well meaning. We’ve also seen Hanna show that she is capable of forgiveness, of late, both with respect to Mona, and, I suspect, eventually with Caleb. So, there is something to be said for that.

    If the promos are any indication, next week looks fabulous. I really can’t wait to see what happens between Spencer and Melissa, in particular. Oh, and definitely YouTube Wren. You will NOT be disappointed. Boyfriend’s been gone forever, and he still holds the reigning title as my favorite PLL guy. He’s such a cutie . . . even if he may be up to no good right now.:)

    • I agree its cool to see how the people watching the same shows can have different opinions. I guess its the whole nature vs nurture thing. We write and see things based on our individual experiences. Also in shows like these even when you believe something to be wrong well in my case I look at also how the other person is behaving and not so much at the morality; whereas in real life I would personally respond differently. 🙂 I do enjoy your enjoyment of the recaps. I look forward to more of Pretty Little Liars and seeing what the big deal is about Wren. 🙂

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