90210 Recap Episode 6 Please NO Magic

Hi how are you all? I am not sure why I didn’t recap this before but I have a feeling it has something to do with Magic LOL I decided to bite the bullet and for YOU all go ahead and recap.

Screencaps credit: Capped on HULU.Com by Me 🙂

This episode begins with Naomi, Silver, Ivy and Max hanging out at Naomi’s house. Sadly Max is playing gin rummy with Naomi WTH? Yeah weird right then he adds to the strangeness by showing her a magic trick, um can we say LAME . O…..anywho. Not to long later Max wanders off to go to class before Navid walks in looking lost. Ivy with Naomi disappear pretty much right away to leave him to chat with Silver who has been hiding/living at Naomi’s for a week since she judged Navid to find him unworthy of her trust and devotion.

By the way I want to first stop and thank HULU.com……for deciding to carry 90210 on their SITE………YES now I can get some cool pics and have control over the player way better than at the CW site…..though we do love the CW shows but the player not so much……ok commercial over.

Navid has stopped by to bring Silver some clothes but I notice they are in a tote bag, what girl asked her ex boyfriend to bring clothes over? Has she met a man? I mean they go out of town for a week with one pair underwear and a pack of shavers…..YIKES LOL

So Navid wants her to come back to you know live at her place but JUDGY Silver says if you don’t break things off with your scheming criminal uncle than I won’t ever come back……You know she isn’t perfect either she could have stayed around to help home figure things out instead of stressing him and taking off. There is more than one way to solve a problem, I gotta wonder is she really loves him like I thought or is she just hung up on getting things her way?

Over on the other side of town Annie is having the worse day ever. She tries to leave a message for her mother and the full voice mail box erases it. She has already been dealing with lawyers earlier then suddenly her car dies in traffic. Wow that has to suck. She was able to pull over to a meter only to get ticketed for not putting money in before she got on the phone. She goes to get in the car then finds the keys are inside. OMGOSH this has to be the worse day ever for her even worse then finding out her boyfriend Liam has been sleeping with another girl when he was supposedly at sea. OUCH.

At the bar Liam has fans of the commercial Silver posted come in to him pester him for an autograph just before a modeling agent comes in the bar. The lady gives him her card plus a spill about how he should go with it while everyone knows how hot he is. Liam puts the card on the bar like he has no interest, he is just a bar owner, boo hoo. He has the look I think he should go for it too.

Dixon talks with Adrianna about he having an interview that day but he needs a new track to play. Adrianna explains how sometimes it takes time. Dixon needs to go back to school I think. He would be less stressed and perhaps might have some fun instead of trying to make it in the music business.

Naomi has to go over to Dixon/Austin’s house to get Annie’s spare keys for her. It’s a good thing Annie was on the phone at least she has something to do while she waits for help. Looks like Austin has company as a young woman’s voice rings out while Naomi is getting the keys. She is all smiles and I hope you are having fun with the skank LOL before she leaves. Austin just smiles.

Raj and Ivy get bad news at the doctors office but there is another treatment available but its expensive. Ivy wants to ask their friends but Raj thinks that is a bad idea. Ivy insists they will find a way.

After the break, we find that they have found a way to raise money. There is going to be a talent contest with a trip to a private tropical island as the prize. Um couldn’t they just give the island money to RaJ? Ok maybe its not that expensive as the treatment right? Oh I see someone that Ivy’s mother knows has a private island that makes sense so its kinda free for them then give, got it.

Austin walks up with his friend, Sally as Naomi comes by to drop off some ticket money she collected. Sally signs up for the contest then leaves Austin to tease Naomi who KNOWS she wants him LOL its funny. Ivy laughs as she watches Austin tell how he is only rediscovering his friend Sally again. After Austin leaves Naomi decides to sign up she and Max also LOL this should be funny.

Silver gets a text from Navid to join him for Leila’s birthday party while she is working at campaign head quarters for Marissa. Marissa walks up while Silver is still distracted and they discuss her appearing at the benefit talent show for Raj. Silver agrees is a good idea but its obvious there are other things on her mind but she lies about it.

Dixon sounds all hyped up on his interview, he decides without asking Liam to give out free drinks to people who buy tickets to Raj’s benefit. WOW, I would have been so upset with him but Liam takes it in stride. It looks like he is giving out more than he is getting, he totally needs to take that modeling offer. Adrianna reminds him about modeling agent card to help out, isn’t she sweet.

Navid arrives back with Leila from her birthday dinner to find that Darius has left her a gift. Leila tells him not everyone is a slave to money the way that Navid is. He lost everything trying to get rid of the guy and all for nothing.

Well thanks to Bree who we have not seen this episode so far, Annie is able to get an escort job to make some money to help with her problems. Oh Annie didn’t know it was going to be a one on one date, she starts acting all like I’m not a prostitute. Now the guy wasn’t asking for anything and so far they have not had to have sex SO WHY does she instantly think that? You know Annie was the judgy type in in the beginning of this series and now she is still the worst of that type or is it just me?

After the break, Liam shows up at the model shoot.

Adrianna goes over to talk to Dixon but he is again freaking out trying to get the tracks down for the benefit. Adrianna tells him she wants to protect him from where she went through in her career and how she lost her love of singing in it all. She leaves after Dixon won’t listen to what she has to say to him about calming down, taking time to eat and relax. Dude, Dixon ease up!!

Navid gets rid of the stolen cars then tells his uncle off. He never wants to see him again, because he lost everything trying to work with him because he owed him.

Annie meets up with Bree to tell her that she can believe she set her up a one on one date. Bree poopoos Annie’s complains but Patrick the guy really liked her according to Bree. I don’t know what if this is all a set up from HOLLY? It seems a bit to easy. Like maybe Bree was sent to Annie to set her up good and get her caught doing something wrong according to school rulse. Anyway, Paturick wants to take Annie to lunch before he leaves town. Oh Annie you charmer girl, you go get that rich guy, you need the money LOL, pride be damned LOL. It turns out Annie left her jacket at the hotel; she has to meet up with Patrick to get it, oh no that might be fun.

At the modeling shoot Liam is acting shy. He put on the underwear they gave him but left on his jeans with his boots LOL yeah he is so shy, NOT!! His flexing for the camera was natural and so much better than the other hams/guys trying out, maybe I am biased LOL. Liam gets two hundred dollars for his time but he is told if they use him in the ad campaign he will get more, Liam seems disappointed. Oh my only two hundred dollars for smiling a few minutes; why is he complaining?

Over at Naomi’s they are boring me with her piano playing and Max’s dancing, even Raj thinks its depressing LOL I am with him on that boring and depressing.

Naomi confesses to Max she doesn’t like to lose; she hates it. WE all know she doesn’t want to lose to Sally, Austin’s friend.

After the break, we see that Max is getting why Naomi wants to win so much she is rambling on about how Sally is a country song bird but all the while Max sees its really about beating Austin that has Naomi up in a fuss.

Annie goes to meet Patrick for lunch as well as to get her jacket to find he has a helicopter on standby, oh my fancy that. He goes on about how Annie surprised him with her attitude and LA charm blah blah LOL.

Silver introduces Sally Butler at the benefit; she sounds like a genuine country star. I am not sure how Naomi thinks she can beat that dressed in her magic making outfit LOL.

Inside the bar, Navid tells Silver he threw out Ahmal.

So in a museum somewhere Patrick is with Annie eating on the floor LOL. He tells her she makes him feel alive, because he is a Tech guy with money and basically just a wallet. So he hasn’t had much human contact I guess maybe at this point Annie should go running if she is really afraid to have sex with him. They kiss and suddenly Annie is not sure she wants to leave but he suggests its best. I don’t know what weird thing she was doing with her arm half around his neck but it looked AWKWARD LOL.

At the benefit, Max with Naomi do horrible embarrassing magic type stuff onstage. I sure hope there are more acts so that people won’t remember theirs. But wait, it looks like Naomi called in some favors or something so at the last minute some effects and extra people showed up; the act wasn’t half bad but Max had no idea how it all happened it looked kinda obvious he didn’t know. The crowd applauded crazy like so Naomi and Max actually won the contest. Naomi is excited she won but Max tells her he can’t be the guy who doesn’t care that she is into someone else……YEP Girl, Max knows you Heart Austin……sorry.

After the break, despite the mutual love Max walks away because he can’t be the guy he thinks Naomi wants.

Silver announces that Dixon is up next but Adrianna finds him sweating but with a nose bleed. In order to have a singing act Adrianna decides to take Dixon’s place on stage. Silver looks doubtful and a bit pissed off. What Adrianna is trying to help be GRATEFUL !!Gee

Ahmad calls Navid to threaten Silver, he sends him a text with her picture. Now what is Navid to supposed to do?

Adrianna sings her heart out on stage; the crowd claps then yells in happiness despite knowing her past.

Annie goes to Patrick’s room then seduces him for FREE………..whoa now Annie LOL

Navid goes to the police station to turn himself in.

After the break, Liam got a call he was getting a bigger check which means he must have made the ad, YEAH!

Naomi tells Austin that Max broke up with her before Austin in turn tells Naomi that Sally is his cousin staying with him for the week LOL, OOPS.

Marissa talks to Silver about trusting Navid because she wants to not because there is proof. Really so now the candidate is trying to give advice and play Mama, not feeling this at all. It seems too forced. Silver is the mother type not the one that listens to advice so much its just wrong.

Navid tells all at the police station. The cute detective lady tells him to get the evidence they need he has to get on the inside to rat his uncle out. Navid says he will do it.

Annie gets home the next morning to find that Patrick made a large donation to the benefit fund in her name; of course Judgy Annie doesn’t look happy? WHY can’t people just be grateful? UGH.

Liam’s agent gives him a ten thousand dollar check when she meets him on the street to show off his new sign. Liam looks hot though they don’t show is face but that will come next episode *SP*, the abs looking HOT though.

Adrianna faces off with Dixon on the patio at the apartment, “You have a drug problem, you really need help.”

That was it for the week, last week, please leave comments !!

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