PLL Season 2 Episode 14 Recap Baby We Are BACK

And we are back for more of Pretty Little Liars, can you stand it? Yes its time to recap the Winter PREMIERE of Season two Pretty Little Liars.

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The first scene we see is of three little girl singing and playing jump rope. The song seems to be called Pretty Little Liars? Not sure if this is supposed to be the girls younger or not.

Then we move to ONE MONTH LATER to find the girls doing their community service picking up trash in those cute little orange jump suits. I want one anyone else LOL. Oh but those black flats have to go they are way to GrandmaISH. Well the girls aren’t the only ones at work on the freeway; there are also a couple of chicks that are thrown in to show us that well they do not live in a bubble. The other girls seemed to know why our girls are in trouble and have some speculations which bring out Emily’s claws and Spencer’s bossiness LOL. OH and Emily looks the best in the jumpsuits. I think its her height.

Aria tells them to shut up when they begin to argue. LOL, you go Aria!!

Emily has some bright idea to hand something over to A while Spencer doesn’t think the idea is very smart especially since they have nothing to hand over.

Well that isn’t the end of it because Emily mouths off to Spencer about how if it came down to it Mrs. Hastings would throw the rest of the girls under the bust, figurtively, and let the others girls rot in jail. Spencer doesn’t take that well as she throws the garbage on Emily before they get into a physical fight right there. The cops have to pull them apart and even then Spencer still wants to fight LOL she is a feisty one.
Turns out that Garrett is watching the entire time, then he smiles. He is such a sleaze, he just has that I am up to no good look about him all the time.

Ashley is talking to Hannah about being nice to Emily. Hannah changes the subject to her dad and whether or not he will ever talk to her again. If you recall Hannah HAD to tell the bride at her dad’s wedding that he had slept with Ashely. It didn’t seem to matter because in the end they married some where else. LOL Ashley is at a lost as to why Hanna did it to begin with. Yeah aren’t we all LOL.

We hear the theme music then we are back to the action.

Emily arrives in the kitchen and Hanna leaves the room. She confesses to Ashley that Spencer and she have to do an extra two weeks community service. Ashley talks to Emily about how it would be great if the girls were all on the same team again. I AM CONFUSED here, why would they ever be on different teams?? I guess at some point they will tell us though now it has created a gap for me. Just before Ashley is leaving the room, Emily gets a fax. She seems relieved as she reads it. Hmm so Ashley works at home? Why else would she have a fax, anywho, there it is!!What could it be!!

Over in the downtown area we find Mike walking with Aria as she drinks a coffee, I gotta say the cup seems to be close to empty the way she is holding it. They chat about Mike’s new therapist. It seems as though he has already seen a previous one but this one he likes better. Hmmm too bad he never got to meet up with Anne, huh, well actually good for him that he didn’t. There walk seems amiable and sweet.

Luckily or unluckily, they run into Ezra as he comes out of store. You know because all teachers are studious and hang in bookstores or downtown. There is a short coded message as he reminds Aria he who hasn’t seen her for a while as Mike looks on that yep he hasn’t seen her in a while LOL. Aria sensing Ezra’s urgency to chat sends Mike to throw away the dreaded coffee cup. She quickly tells Ezra how she had to dump him because her mother is too nosy even Ella still thinks that Spencer is seeing Ezra. Aria tells him that she doesn’t want any thing bad to happen to him and his reply: “something bad has happened you won’t see me” ahhh so sad for him. I love his sweetness.

Mike returns from his lame errand and the two of them walk away from Ezra though he looks back all heart broken like and Mike sees.

At the school Spencer confronts Garrett HEAD ON………I loved this part. She is all spunky and he is totally thrown off by her attitude. “Hey you back for more drivers ed?” she asked. He stutters about having hoped to see Jenna but since she can’t make it he ends up there talking to Spencer who totally acts like she is the cat that ate the canary LOL. “You too make an interesting couple,” she adds. “I like it better when you two where keeping it a secret and now all the mystery is gone,” Spencer continues. LOL Garrett looks a bit surprised by the interrogation. He comes back with, “It was never a secret it was private and when the time was right we let people know.” Hmmm now what time? How was it right I wander because there was no big event in their lives that would initiate this TIME. It was the events in the girls lives which of course is Spencers whole point but I digress.

“Timing is everything,” Spencer says. “You keep saying things to me as though they are supposed to mean something,” Garrett replies. Spencer begins to talk about how yes timing is everything since the shovel that killed Alli has shown up now he and Jenna are holding hands in the town square. LOL Garrett insists that just because two things happen at the same time doesn’t mean they are connected. Spencer says he knows all about connections.

Seriously dude, take the hint, YOU and Jenna jumped the gun on being together in public deal with it already, I am sure he will too.

Spencer goes on to mention that Jason, Ian, Jenna and him seem like members of the same club oh and where is Jason by the way. You go Spencer !! Garrett says maybe Jason got tired of her and her friends and went away like Dr. Sullivan. Hmmm that wasn’t too smart he just admitted to basically everything Spencer had to say. BOOYAH!!! Well not like Spencer didn’t know that much.

In the gym area, Emily shows the coach that she has been released by the doctor to return to swimming. The coach mentions that since Emily is doing community service she has to talk to the principal to let her on the team again. Hmm sounds like she is being blacklisted or something; you know this could affect her staying around in Rosewood after community service because going to college on scholarship was the deal with her parents, YIKES! I know she is thinking the same thing.

In class, Spencer hands in her report to Ella only to crash into Emily as she turns around. Emily takes it as a cue to knock Spencers books from her hand. Hmmm that is a bit childish which is not what I expect from Emily, a bit over kill. Ella breaks them up as Hanna and Aria take their seats in the room. While they are picking up the books, Emily gets a message from A saying that she has always been A’s fave, does she want to make a deal? I noticed during the book pick up time that Emily got a book that was not hers but I didn’t really think much about it till later. *SPOILER*

Emily looks around as she tries to find if she can see who sent her the text. She then goes to the board and circles a conveniently placed YES so that the text sender will know her answer.

After the break, Hannah is with Aria in the hallway discussing, Ezra, Jackie and the whole situation with them. Aria suggests that Jackie is a latent psycho which I am totally on board with. What is with that woman, scheming, blackmailing Aria and all, what could Ezra the sweetie, have ever seen in her? I guess it had to be physical maybe back when Jackie was cute or something. Hanna reminds her they have to do what Spencer said to basically keep those they love safe. Interesting doesn’t look like Hannah has given up anything other than the prescious *gag* relationship with her confused horny father. She at least gets to keep Caleb. They run into Emily next and she gives them a go to hell stare LOL.

Emily opens her locker than pulls a note from the book she got in the exchange from Spencer earlier. The note in the book says 10 tonight and we know the book was picked up in class after Emily knocked them from Spencer’s hands its only logic that it was a set up right? We will see.

Next we see Hannah talking to Lucas who has found yet another picture of Hannah that was posted online by someone who saw her doing community service. I think this is kinda funny in a way. Lucas’ project is to find the photos and show then delete them; you know he has nothing else to do but Hannah’s bidding since we all know he LOVES her. When he opens the laptop to show her the lastest find another page comes up it has something on top about SportsBook. Anyway he doesn’t want Hannah to see the page so he goes past it quickly. I think that of course since its kinda obvious Lucas is somehow involved with A that its related. Hannah thanks him for all his help but they both know they will never find all the pictures and to be honest I am not quite sure why Hannah is such an object of lust that it matters LOL, maybe that’s just me. I guess its just her vanity.

Over at Hollis, Ezra is trying to bond with Byron. They are talking about Henry James and people reading. Ezra tells Byron he didn’t think that Aria got in trouble to hurt her parents. Byron invites him over for dinner again some time of course Ezra accepts. Way to suck up Ezra, *high five*

Spencer finds Tobey at her house as she arrives home from school. He is excited to see her as well she seems not to unhappy to see him at first. Her parents are away with Melissa because her heart rate is irregular aka you know random reason for the parents to be gone. Spencer confesses that she has more community service because she fought with Emily. Tobey doesn’t understand the fighting because he knows the girls are close friends. HE springs a hand made chair on her which is when Spencer gets angry with him. She asks him to stay away and we all know its so he won’t get hurt. She asked him to only worry about Jenna and Garrett. I really don’t know why Tobey isn’t getting Spencer’s unconscious clues. She keeps telling him the answers but he keeps just thinking about I Luv you Spencer and its getting old. WAKE UP, TOBEY!! You may have the key to all of this.

That night at the old greenhouse we find the girls meeting up, yep they been planning this all the time. They are in cahoots to get A to come to them. “A took the bait,” Emily says after she shows them the text.

After the break they discuss the plan though Hannah is concerned that they don’t have help. They remind her that anyone helping them ends up being collateral damage like Garrett and Anne Sullivan. They are basically on their own. Okay I totally do not understand the plan here but it has to do with Emily being the weakest link and A believing it I guess that is what is important.

Lucas looks a bit heart broken when he arrives at Hannah’s to find that Caleb is back from California. Hannah rushes over to give Caleb a big sloppy kiss, that has gotta hurt poor Lucas. I guess he missed the Memo about guys who start out as friends then help the girl he loves to get back with her boyfriends don’t exactly get the girl. LOL

Over at the swim meet, Emily watches as Garrett buys tickets. You know Garrett isn’t in high school maybe he needs to find more adult activities to attend LOL,I mean its not like he has kids Oh wait his girl friend is in high school LOL. I say that about him but I am a total Ezra/Aria geek, I know but Garrett is a jerk, again I digress.

Tobey walks over to speak with Emily and tells her Garrett follows Jenna around like a trained monkey. I gotta wonder what Jenna has on Garrett I can’t see them together without a real motive on her part besides she still wants her forbidden brother or she did not long ago YIKES. I mean she blackmailed poor Tobey to sleep with her so I assume she is doing the same with the cop.

Side note: We hear a lot about Jenna this episode but she never really shows up except in the flashback at the start.

Earlier she was not able to make it to meet Garrett but he spoke on the phone to her before Spencer dashed him on the rocks LOL then now Tobey is talking to Emily and says that Jenna must have gone to the bathroom as Garrett was buying the tickets.

Tobey asks Emily what’s up with Spencer but she tells him to ask Spencer. Tobey asks Emily not to shut him out but she only says its not good for any of them right now before she walks inside.

Over at Hollis, Aria puts the book she mentioned a couple of days ago, I think, to Ezra on his desk. She decides to not leave the note she had included but as she takes it out of the book the Witch appears. Witchy Jackie the evil EX of Ezra. The Psycho woman with weird teeth appears out of no where. What is she haunting Ezra’s office; how pathetic is she? She comes in telling Aria that they had a deal to stay away from Ezra. She wants to show the note to Byron, really cause I think she needs a life. Ezra walks in and looks oddly at the two of them.

After the break, we find Aria explaining to Ezra the whole situation about Jackie. I am sooooo glad that Aria is finally honest about the witch. I don’t think that Ezra is all that surprised about Jackie’s behavior it may be why they aren’t together the woman is jealous and overbearing to say the least besides the whole psycho thing. Aria was afraid that Ezra would be hurt by Jackie’s getting involved and telling on them for seeing one another. They decide to finally tell Aria’s parents they are together.

Caleb finds Lucas at the swim meet putting drops in his eyes. He is intolerant to chlorine, hmm never heard of that. Caleb thanks him for helping with Hannah. Caleb says its complicated as far as him being in California but he plans to stay in Rosewood for the school year. Lucas asks him to stay with him though at this point I think its so he can keep an eye on him as well as know what’s up with Hannah. I actually never saw it that way before but Lucas is truly not on THEIR side he is just weaseling his way toward the object of his affection.

Hanna, Spencer and Aria are together outside the swim meet as their plan goes into action. Emily goes straight for Spencer. She goes on about a box, cutting a deal and that Spencer is only in it for herself. The yell and argue while Garrett, Tobey, Lucas and others listen. Spencer insists the evidence is hidden until she wants it found. Hmm that is what Alli used to say that once she hides something it stays hidden till she wants it found ……I am sure its no accident she said that. We see a close up of Lucas as Emily tells them “we all learned to secrets from the same person, I bet I know where it is,” she says before walking away.

Emily isn’t even down the hall yet when A messages her, ” See you tonight BFF,” A. Emily smiles the plan is working.

At the Montgomery’s Ezra is ready to make the big announcement. He finally spits out that he is in love with Aria. Ella and Byron are in shock. Aria makes the move to go up to stand by Ezra. Mike comes down stairs. The parents can’t even believe its true. Aria says she loves him. Ella the judge asks it happens while you where her teacher which means its all wrong or something to that effect. Byron tries to send Aria up stairs but she won’t go. In the confusion Mike punches Ezra in the lip. Ezra who seems surprise leaves after Mike opens the door and Aria suggests maybe he should go. I think Ezra thought they could be civilized I mean he isn’t much older than Aria even though her parents are acting like she is twelve or something. I really can’t see how they didn’t see it to start with LOL. Oh yeah they had their own little cheating drama…..Yeah YOU, Byron.

After the break, Byron speaks with Ella about what she didn’t and didn’t know. Ella thought Spencer was the one seeing Ezra. Byron is all up in arms despite his horrible own affair. Ella is trying to understand what Aria was thinking. Byron says Ezra should have known better, HYPOCRIT!! Aria says they should take some time and consider things but she does love Ezra as well as them. Byron sends her to her room, um too late for that.

Witchy walks by as Ezra is in his office thinking. He rolls his eyes at her. Angry can’t describe how he feels about her, I think that was funny/sad. She thought she needed to be the one to wake him up. She tries to talk to him but he tells her to GO AWAY!! Take the hint witch, then he tells her to GET OUT!! I was so proud of HIM, CHEERS he is finally a man. He slams the door when she leaves.

Hannah is talking to Spencer on the phone as they get ready to meet up with Emily and whomever happens to be A. Spencer hangs up the phone then finds Tobey at the door; he just walks in. Hannah is trying to leave and is told her father is on the way over. Tobey goes off on Spencer for being mean to Emily. He tells her that the girls are acting like Alli. Jenna told him that Spencer has always wanted to take Alli down and replace her. She makes him promise not to follow her and to let her go.

Tom shows up to talk to Ashley and Hannah but she just wants to leave of course she can’t show it. Tom tells them that he is moving his new family to Rosewood. Ashley wants to believe its because he wants to be near Hannah but we all know Tom want’s to have his cake and eat it too..

Emily arrives at the meeting place ahead of everyone else. Spencer is at her car as she is talking to Aria on the phone. Aria tells her what happened and that she is going to find a way to show up. Spencer texts Emily to tell her she is on the way; which really means outside some where LOL. I am not sure how far parking is from the old greenhouse.

After the break, luckily for Aria her brother, Mike, knows a good way to sneak out of the house. He shows her and she uses it to escape. She finds out that Mike only hit Ezra to keep Byron from doing which makes her smile.

A arrives at the greenhouse and Emily who is trying to stall to wait for the others talks to A about the box she is holding. She finally gets close of course all we see is a black hoodie. She shows them that the box is empty. Emily mentions them alot she says “we lied to you and you believed us.” I guess that point is they can get A to do what they want now?? I am not sure at all at this point.

A attacks her then pushing her than chases her, oh my gosh it was all so aggressive and scary. They struggle and he/she tries to hit her with a rake, they struggle more. A has the upper hand when Spencer rushes in the room. Aria arrives next then they circle A while Emily gasps for air on the floor. To distract them A throws a Pot up into the glass ceiling that is how he/she is able to leave the room. They chase him/her out the door.

Hanna hits A with her car as she drives up but A gets up and keeps running. They chase A for quite a while before they give up. Hmm so A will have bruises now right? That can be a good thing.

Spencer is pissed off, well it was her plan but she is really upset until they go back to Hannah’s car and find that A lost his/her phone. They have A’s very large cell phone.

The last scene of A realizing that the phone is missing LOL, gotta love it.

I think it was a SOLID episode with lots of new clues and hints of things to come. I can’t wait.

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  1. I almost forgot how much fun this show is, and how awesome your recaps for it are. You have this way of describing things that really puts me back inside the episode, and makes me feel like I’m watching it again right along side of you. How do you do that? 🙂

    You bring up a great point about Spencer and Toby. Back when these two were first becoming an item, Toby was so very insightful. He always knew exactly what Spencer and Emily were thinking, and what his sister, and the PLL girls were up to, without any of them really having to tell him. He also always knew exactly how he could help.

    Maybe it’s just hindsight on our part, but it seems like Toby’s lost a few IQ points in the past few episodes. After all, Spencer is practically spelling things out to him, with her, “You don’t understand . . . I’ll tell you after tonight. Tonight means everything. I don’t want to put you in danger.” This is especially the case, considering how much Toby already knows about “A.”

    I mean, Fitzy knows next to nothing about “A”, and he seemed more understanding of Aria’s sudden cold shoulder than Toby did . . .

    Speaking of Fitzy, I was really glad Hanna and Aria finally brought up the question that’s been looming in all of our minds, since Jackie appeared. What exactly did Fitzy ever see in her? She’s nothing like Aria. She’s not kind, charming, funny, cute, or even particularly interesting. Aria’s “latent onset psycho” suggestion seemed to be right on the nose. We’d like to think that the guy Aria considers to be her soulmate would be a bit wiser in the ways of crazy women. Just sayin’ . . .

    As for Lucas getting placed in the friend zone . . .that definitely seems to be where he’s situated now. And if next week’s previews are any indication, his place in Hanna’s heart is only going to decrease not increase, once his true feelings start to shine through. On the other hand, there are plenty of great TV relationships that began with characters as just friends. Take Pacey and Joey from Dawson’s Creek, for example . . . 😉

    i’m so excited to talk PLL with you this season. We always have such a blast together.

    • Hey thanks for stopping by. I tell you the way you describe my recaps gives me hope and I have no idea how I do what I do. I just know when I like something that I love to Share. *hugs* I have to say despite all the page views I get a little down about the lack of comments here. But oh well, at least they are visiting right? I was so excited about this episode and I did enjoy it alot as I said I can’t wait for more to come. I have so many shows I am watching right now I am trying to keep up the recaps on my favorites which makes me want to get myself together to recap REVENGE. I love that show so much too. I will try to decide for sure tomorrow when I watch if I want to just enjoy it or make the jump. You were the only one to vote LOL by the way. Oh and did u find it odd that Hannah and Caleb were allowed to be together is that because Hannah played her part at the wedding? Though I guess considering the issues with Azria that its going to be a problem too. I don’t but Caleb showing up the way he did was sweet either way. 🙂

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