Secret Circle S02 Episode 11 Recap Fays Goes Bad

Welcome back for another fun recap of the Secret Circle, let’s get started.

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This week Cassie is still at Diana’s house where she is studying her book of shadows when Diana comes out of the shower. They discuss Dark Magic as though Cassie has no free will and to be honest its annoying. Anyway, Cassie lets Diana know that Jake had told her in order to control her magic she needs to understand where it came from. In hind sight I think maybe Jake just wanted to know for himself and the witch hunters but I still think he is cool LOL, my two cents. Diana is still against Jake in any form at this point because of his associations though I can see how she would take that stance since they did try to kill them all. Diana also mentions that Jake left with the witch hunters on the boat. They of course do not know that Jake did that to save Cassie’s life.

After a few minutes Diana suggests that Cassie focus on something else. Just like on most shows there is as usual an event of the week to attend. This week it’s the Fire and Ice dance at the school.

Diana brings out a cute little dress she wants to wear to the dance; the problem with the dress is it’s the wrong color. She asks Cassie to use magic with her to change the color. Now that is a good use of magic; saving money on clothing. I can go with that one and it doesn’t even involve shoplifting LOL. Unfortunately for them the dress does not change color but catches on fire, Oops, thanks to Cassie gift. I gotta wonder what was it that Cassie was thinking when the fire caught? Her motives and thoughts need to be explored on this show; that would surely help her to control her gift.

OH and since when does throwing a blanket on a fire put it out?

At the boathouse, Adam tells his father is leaving for school. Ethan informs him that he is going to chaperone the dance which surprises Adam who reminds his father there is no drinking at the school LOL. He also tells Adam he is sorry about what he told Cassie about their destiny. Adam is having feelings for Cassie and finally tells his father. He felt a connection from the moment they met he insists.

In the car at school, Cassie voices concerns that her dark magic will make it hard for her to do circle magic but Diana blows it off. Diana thinks it will all be fine, but we all know that Diana is a positive person but she is only hoping for the best like the rest of us.

Cassie sees Jake as they are talking to Melissa who volunteered to help with the dance. They are going to make it a girls night since none of them have dates. Cassie is the only one who sees him before she leaves the girls to go off and make sure she isn’t hallucinating. She of course doesn’t mention what she is seeing to the others. She finally sees the face of the person she thought was Jake and it’s not him. Now for a moment I thought he changed himself but that would make him a shape shifter? hmmm More than likely Cassie was only hoping it was him.

IN the hallways inside the school Fay has yet to learn her locker combination LOL, really because how is she getting her books? Anyway Diana walks up to tell her that her Mum signed her up for the dance decoration committee? Yes because her mother knows how much Fay likes to go to dances LOL. Is it possible her mother is trying to reign Fay in by making sure she hangs out with her peers.

Adam talks to Cassie in the hallways then walks her to class; Diana sees them and looks perturbed.

Later that day, Fay is leaving school before she looks up to see her old pal, Lee in the parking lot. He tells Fay after she walks over to him that he knows she lost her power after they bound their circle. Fay is nothing if surprised that he can tell that by watching them. She makes a lame threat to do something to his car if he doesn’t stop following her but we all know it turned her on a bit for him to show up LOL. He told her he can help her with the magic but she acts as though she is not interested.

Adam goes with Cassie to the courthouse to see what they can find on John Blackwell. The desk clerk is ] a stickler about Identification that Cassie does not have but Adam finds away around it. Adam asked a question about the Boat House that leads the clerk away from her desk giving Cassie access to the computer. Here we thought Adam was always the good guy doing the right thing.

However the only information they can find is a deed in his name; 7 Briar Hill. My guess was it belonged to their witch house and I was right LOL YES! So Cassie’s bad daddy used to own that house.

After the break, In the house we learn that the house has a consulate of energy points that makes it a place where magic is at its strongest. Oh Yes, something John Blackwell would be aware about. Adam tells Cassie they found the information in Diana’s book when they needed a place to practice.

Cassie insists there has to be something of John Blackwell’s in the house before Adam reveals he put some stuff in the basement after they began to hang out. IN the basement there is nothing but old junk according to Cassie but Adam uses the moment to ask her out. Cassie who is grateful to Diana for being her friend all this time is hesitant to take Adam at his word that Diana has moved on. Smooth Move, Adam get a girl in the basement LOL then try to score on her.

Over at the school, Melissa is working on decorations when Fay arrives to irritate her. They speak about Lee and his desire to help Fay get back her solo magic. They conversation ends on a sour note because Melissa mentions that Lee is not a good guy but Fay says how would Melissa know about choosing the right man. Melissa looks sad as she goes back to work after Fay leaves. I tell your friends know how to find your weak spot in an argument. YIKES

Back at the house we see that Adam left Cassie alone; way to go guy LOL I guess if you are going to leave a woman alone in a scary house Cassie is the one since she has her dark magic for protection. She is just about to leave when she hears noise from above like someone walking at least that was what it seemed like. She cuts on the light because its darker outside and goes to a spot that has an engraving on above it. It is a symbol.

At Diana’s house she and Melissa are dressing for the dance. Melissa asks for advice on her hair. Diana says that up shows off her eyes but down shows off her neck, which Diana was admiring, and also her cleavage. hmmm These two could so be into each other LOL. Melissa chooses to wear her hair up but it would have been classier in a messy low pony tail, my opinion, then the school girl pony. I know she is a school girl but she isn’t Four LOL.

For a few minutes Diana and Melissa discuss how they used to be close friends as children before Fay came along and then Adam. They seem sad to have lost their good friendship but boyfriends do that to ladies as well as Bad Girl friends that want you to themselves like Fay.

Cassie runs into the room a few minutes later all full of apologies as she insists she will dress quickly. Cassie shows them a the symbol she sketched from the basement and she tells them about John Blackwell’s ownership of the house. She shows them the symbol in her mother’s book of shadows having remembered it was there. She notices that the page before the symbol is missing but does not recall having missing pages in the book. Melissa looks upset because she knows what happened to the page but says nothing. Hmmm remember last week Fay took a page; betcha its the same one LOL. Cassie insists that Fay is the only other person to have her book besides herself. Melissa gets defensive when they look her way, “What am I Fay’s keeper?”

Speaking of Fay, she is with Lee discussing the spell she showed him before. The same spell that is on the page that Cassie is seeking. He tells her the spell is used to extract dark magic from someone and he says he can perform it for her. Lee warns her that dark magic can turn on her.

After the break, Lee tells Fay he can do the spell but he needs something of Cassie’s to use and Cassie has to be near by for it to work. He also wants Fay to agree to do something for him at a future date as payment. Fay teases that he isn’t getting laid, but he insists when she has sex with him it will be because she wants too LOL hmmm cocky much? Cassie calls to tell Fay that she knows that she has the page from her book. Fay agrees to bring the page to the dance.

Next we see the girls arriving at the dance and all but Cassie look cute in their dresses. She is wearing some odd dark shirt though kinda cute it is NOT party wear with red short pants. *shakes head* huh?? A red mini skirt would have been so much better especially because if anyone else has noticed she is quite short. High heels and a mini would have worked nice instead of short pants and high heels that looked out of place when everyone was dressed nice. OH and usually Cassie looks cute and sweet in her dresses I guess the excuse is they had to hurry but wouldn’t she have had her dress out ready to go?? Anyway, the first person that smiles at Cassie is Adam who is standing not far away.

Cassie rushes off to talk to Ethan after she sees him near Adam. She asks what he can tell her about her father. He suggests it’s not a road she wants to go down that is investigating her father. Ethan said that John Blackwell didn’t start the fire. Cassie said she will find out one way or another.

Diana talks to Melissa about boys and how they can get who they want because get this: they are witchy, strong and dressed kinda slutty LOL that was cute. I think Shelley Hennig brings out the good actress in Jessica Parker Kennedy OR it could just be the difference of characters. When Melissa is with Fay, Fay is the Bad a** so Melissa is sullen and defensive all the time which can look like bad acting if handled wrong.

Melissa suggests for people to know she is no long with Adam she needs to dance with someone else. She even tells her to start at the top of the list; her dream date. Diana chooses some cute Blonde guy named Aaron that she has never really talked to as they guy to ask to dance. Adam sees her and looks kinda proud well this means he can go after Cassie, Win Win.

At Cassie’s house there are two intruders: Lee and Fay. I can’t believe Fay has stooped to breaking and entering. FAIL!! Fay is about to take a necklace that belongs to Cassie when someone moves by the window across the way the one that belongs to Nick’s family. Yes there was a definite shadow I saw it. Fay and Lee hide as they peek out but see nothing. They tease each other about being jumpy.

Back at the dance, Diana is dancing with Aaron as Adam just stands staring into space.
Then we are in the room with Lee and Fay as they prepare for the spell. Lee does something with oil and candles then unzips Fay’s dress. We can see she is not quite as sure of the spell by the concerned look in her eyes before she smiles. Hmmm, second thoughts maybe.

Back in the dance Cassie asked Adam if he has seen Fay. Cassie shows Adam the symbol after she explains why she is looking for Fay only to find out that Adam knows about the symbol. “It’s used to channel dark magic,” he says.

After the break, Lee uses some type of bones to put something on Fays back then uses a red paste like stuff that look like the fake blood over it. He then dabs it with a napkin which he puts in his pocket all sneaking like. Fay is getting some weird feeling during the time he is doing this stuff.

Over in a hallway somewhere in the school; Adam stops to talk to Diana. He tells her he is glad she is having fun. Adam also mentions that he tried to give Cassie a ride to the dance but Cassie didn’t want to hurt Diana’s feelings because it would have looked like a date if they arrived together. HE asks Diana to give Cassie the go ahead basically, she agrees but after he walks away we see she is crying. Adam you jerk, you were the one holding on not so long ago now you got the hots for Cassie suddenly and you have to have Cassie NOW!! A horndog maybe?? LOL

Back in the spell room Lee tells Fay she is now open to receiving Cassie’s energy before he puts Cassie’s necklace on Fay. She will be tethered to Cassie through the necklace. Um but won’t Cassie see her necklace on Fay? She should have chosen something less obvious if she was really gonna do it up right NOT that I agree with this things it’s all kinds of wrong. The triangles on the floor fire up as soon as the necklace is clasped. “I can feel it,” Fay says.

We see Adam get light-headed in the dance area of the school. Diana also touches her head then Melissa almost falls down. Cassie sees her but Melissa pushes her away. Melissa refuses Cassie’s help again then goes off to the lady’s room to throw water on her face or that is the plan.

The next thing we see is Fay walking out of the room where she was Spelled, looking all ready to rumble. The first thing she does in unlock her locker LOL this was so crazy Lame, of all the things she can do now she goes to unlock her locker. I guess since it the one thing she has the most problems with it made sense though. Why won’t she learn the freaking combinations you know as a back up LOL

In the bathroom Melissa puts water on her face.

IN the dance Fay arrives and runs into someone in her daze of power. The girl is rude to Fay who freezes the girls glass that she is holding and the glass breaks in her hands. Um.. Obvious MUCh, FAY?? Not a good idea to perform in public.

Back in the bathroom, Melissa heads her head and falls on the floor. I guess she was dizzy it was a weird little scene. Poor Melissa it seems she gets the worse of this incidents of power gone wrong. I wonder why that is.

After the break, Cassie sees Fay and asks for the missing page. Fay tells Cassie she forgot to bring the page then Cassie tells her “You can’t stop being a biatch, can you?” Fay uses her anger to change the decorations from being fake fire into real fire. Fay fires up each table’s decorations just before Diana tells Cassie she keeps getting dizzy spells. Fay finally gets to the centerpiece, the largest decoration and of course has to do it also because she showing off though no one knows its her.

Diana collapses in Cassie’s arms onto the floor before Adam sees then and comes to help. Cassie notices the way that Fay is looking around and figures its somehow related to her actions. She leaves Adam with Diana to go find out. Its almost amusing when Cassie gets upset because of her heights it can be hard to take her anger serious but she is learning to make it work for her.

Cassie confronts Fay and she confesses right away what she has been up to. Cassie tells her its stupid to mess with the dark magic because NONE of them understand it including her. They look over to see that Adam is also in distress. Cassie informs Fay that whatever she has done is not affecting her but it has the rest of the circle. Lee watches from afar now; as though they are only pawns in some larger plan he is going to enact. Fay runs to Lee for help and explanations. He tells her she was an artist with her magic but if she wants to go back to being the spoiled debutante she only has to drop the necklace in the oil then set it on fire to sever the connection.

Inside the dance, the large fire starts to melt the decorations off the ceiling. They fall down like icicles melting. Ethan tries to keep the kids calm as they flee the scene of what could have been a tragedy. They are all accounted for except for Melissa.

Cassie goes back in to find Melissa she has to disperse a fire that is covering the other door to the hallway. She finds Melissa knocked out still in the ladies room. Cassie ends up on the floor too before someone we do not see comes in to help.

After the break, Cassie and Melissa are on the lawn of the school. Cassie doesnt’ remember what happened either except she saw someone’s boots. Melissa suggests it was a fireman. Cassie has an idea of how the fire started but she doesn’t tell Melissa right away.

A while later they all confront Fay with what her insistence on being a solo witch could have done to them all. Fay finally gives back the page then goes on about how as soon as she realized what was happening she reversed the. Each one of them tells her what a horrible thing she has done and what it has cost them on and the school is now damaged because of her selfishness.

Fay goes on about all the things that Cassie has done and I have to agree. She released a demon that ended up killing Nick, she brought Jake into the circle who turned out to be a witch hunter and she almost choked Adam to death with her mind. ON the other hand, Cassie did all of that by accident, go figure, Fay has a point though. They all are new at the witch thing; mistakes happen. “How does this bitch get a free pass and I get burned at the stake?” Fay says. She does have some valid points though I think her desire for solo magic is a bit too aggressive; its not like the others don’t want the same thing. Fay walks off in a huff, “screw you guys.”

Ethan is relieved to find Adam unharmed but he looks at Cassie when he tells Adam that the fire Marshall has never seen a fire like the one in the school. OOps looks like Cassie has made an enemy of her own with running off her mouth.

Diana drops off Melissa at her house but before Melissa gets out of the car they discuss Fay and Cassie. Both of the others are obsessed with dark magic. Fay wants it and Cassie wants to figure it

Fay goes back to Lee for more help meanwhile Cassie is at the old house trying to figure out if maybe her father was trying to get rid of his dark magic using the same spell that Fay used. Adam arrives to check on Cassie and ends up kissing her. Jack interrupts their kiss with his untimely arrival. The two of them don’t look real happy to see him.

Well that was another good episode thanks for reading.

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