PLL S02 Episode 11 Recap – Watch Your Back

I could tell we were getting near the season finale by the way this episode was no nonsense. There were lots of events that were significant. So let’s get started.

Seriously its too early for a text

It’s after three in the morning and Emily can’t sleep. She gets a text that we don’t get to see and of course she is still restless; it two hours later and she decides to take off without telling anyone. Luckily Hanna hears her car leave and notices that Emily has left her phone, which is very odd in this day and age. I mean our phones are our lifelines something is really up if you leave home without your phone LOL anyway, Hanna is worried and phones the girls.

Oops caught in the act

The other three come over and are discussing Emily issues while we get to see her running through some woods, which by the way is a bit annoying. I guess it was such a tight episode they had to cover two birds with one stone. Actually them being together gives us the recap from last weeks episode so it does work. We also get a peek at what was on the text from 3:07 that morning on Emily’s phone. It’s a picture of Aria kissing Ezra with a message, Clue Ella on this and I will let you out, A. So A wants Emily to tell Mrs. Montgomery about Ezra and Aria? I guess she thinks Emily is so afraid she will do what she is told but hold the phone, Emily isn’t in for it.

Crap where am I?

It’s interesting I noticed the last couple of weeks Spencer has been using the word HELL a lot; it works for her she is going all Bad A** since she got Toby on her team and she is ready to get A out in the open. Yeah Team Spencer !! So it seems it dawns on Emily after her run that she has to talk to Dr. Sullivan, the shrink, because she can’t hold all that has been happening inside any longer.

She arrives to find the others have had the same idea. I have to say at this point of the episode I still wasn’t on team Anne but well it turns out maybe she isn’t the bad guy I thought.

After the break, Emily lets the other know she is not going to rat them out to A for any reason, the others are well aware of her devotion and we see that Anne is real curious now. They prepare to tell her what has been happening and who has been out to harm them.

Sorry I gave Toby some Extra Picture Love this week….*sighs*

I think I might be sick

I loves you Benna

I’m getting use to this not seeing stuff

Meanwhile Toby is working at the Hastings, when he sees Officer Doo Good’s car and Benna inside. It’s a good thing the girl is blind because Toby was practically in her face watching her listening to music before Officer DG, Garrett, comes out of Jason’s house to get behind the wheel of his car. Interesting though I guess with the music so loud she was numb to the fact that her step brother was only a few feet away as she so patiently put the pits from whatever she was eating in a line on the dash board, EWW. The two of them drive off after a nice juicy kiss LOL. Toby seemed a bit freaked out though, he has seen for himself that something is going on.

Don’t talk all at once, I’m getting a headache

Over at the therapy session Anne is asking questions about A and how long they have been getting texts which leads to why they waited so long to tell anyone about what was happening. Oh and the texts started even before Alison was found, that has got to be hard. We of course don’t hear the answer but I assume it has something to do with Emily being pushed to the edge of sanity.

At school the girls talk over their little get together with Anne and wonder if they shouldn’t have just mentioned Benna. It looks like it was a detail they left out. Hanna gets a couple of horse books from Spencer, ones she plans to gift Kate her sister/enemy to get on her good side. Yeah I think this idea was LAME, really Hanna it would have been better to steal her some hundred dollar lotion, since she is a fashionista. I guess she was still thinking of all the horsing around they did the week before LOL I know lame joke. Hanna does confess that she is only trying to get on Kate’s good side to get on Tom’s better side.

Ugh that Benna is everywhere

They whisper a few minutes about Benna after they over hear her on the phone with someone at a near table. The speculation is the same, if she did the deed then she may have had help, I think we get that point already.

Hi I’m grandma extra number 1, Tom’s mommy

Hanna’s grandma Regina appears out of thin air all gray haired and smiling. She didn’t recognize Hanna with a salad in front of her; I don’t know if that was a good comment or a bad one. It sounds like she is used to hefty Hanna. Grandma sounds like an old time Southern Lady. She is all easy talk, old sayings and grins. This will be interesting. She borrows Hanna from the girls after she asks for the house keys since she came in town early to go to the rehearsal dinner the next day. You know she could have gotten the keys after she and Hanna walked away ;( weird. I guess we had to hear the line about, “wiping the dew from my lily.” Okay so I looked it up and it means to go to the ladies room, um pee not something I needed to know….moving on. Ah so I missed the part about her asking for the ladies room first but you know I still would not have connected it at ALL LOL.

Dang girl lower your voice your blind not speaking in code

The others find her comment unappetizing so maybe they did know what it mean either way Benna is still having the same discussion when grandma takes off with Hanna and the girls get more nervous. Emily wonders if they should have just gone off to the police instead of telling Anne. Of course, its a small town and Garrett, Officer Doo Good, is Benna’s officer beau, no real help there.

I am dad and I know all

Shut up when I’m talking to YOU, its my way or the highway

Over at the Montgomery’s they are in the middle of another argument, big shock, NOT. I don’t know what Byron wants to do but he is seeming more and more like a hot head every time he is on screen, its annoying. Ella tries to calm him buy reminding him that Mike is seeing someone but it will take time. Byron its like he wants Mike to see someone who can give him meds, huh? I thought parents frowned on that, seeing as it could lead to other drugs and you know o’ding. Aria walks in and Byron doesn’t want to discuss what they were talking about but thankfully Ella tells Aria. It’s about time at least one family opened up about all this drama even if its just about one of the kids

At the Marin’s, grandma is eavesdropping as Hanna talks with Caleb until Tom calls; okay maybe she was just in the room but I am sure she was listening. Toms has called to request that Hanna and Kate both give a toast at the rehearsal dinner. Hanna agrees even though Grandma thinks its a bad idea; she actually expresses to Ashley on her arrival that she thinks Tom wants her back. I don’t know maybe Grandma just wants things to be as they were in the old days, I really hope Ashley doesn’t want Tom because that would be uber sad. She even said he is not what she needs a couple of episodes ago. I think Grandma might need to get that in her head. Hanna has no comment on the assumption that Grandma holds that she wants her parents together, well its natural in that extent right?

Close the dang door

Mike is on the computer minding his own business when Aria comes in to tell him he has to come down stairs to get ready for dinner. That is is all well and good, but things turn after Ella comes in the room and tries to grab the computer from him. Mike refuses to relinguish the computer and the struggle leads to her hitting her wrist on the door; Mike leaves the room and Aria tries to help her mother. Ella insists she will be fine but Aria can’t tell Byron what happen, she has to lie.

Stop thinking and kiss me Spencer

After the break, we find Toby with Spencer as he drops her off at school, discussing Garrett and Benna; the whys of them being at Jason’s. You know how secret could it all be if they are at his house in the middle of the day. It’s not like anyone wouldn’t see them. It’s not very smart if its supposed to be secret that is for sure.

Didn’t we hear this speech already?

So Anne is the speaker for the day at the tough choices of life get together for the girls. She uses the earlier discussion, in disguise of course, to address the room. The girls are upset and concerned that someone, maybe even Benna will figure out they talked to Anne. Way to go, shrink, conversations with thinly veiled references lead people to disappear in Rosewood. She talks about cyber bullies and Benna has the nerve to smirk, ugh, oh and Noel had a smirk too. The girls were looking around now and again but I think it came across as if they found the discussion as boring, well Mona did mouth it LOL. On the other hand it was kinda of cool the way Anne let the girls know that she had been asked to do the speech before they came to her by saying something like, “the principal asked me to speak to you a while back about choices,” to preface her speech. She suggests that those who are bullied should speak up and out. Afterwards Hanna does not agree it was a good thing for Anne to say what she did in public especially after talking to them.

Yes we are Fashionistas don’t be jealous

The others try to convince Hanna that Anne is trying to help them. Spencer points out that A didn’t text them since the discussion that has to be progress according to her but someone else notes its the quiet before the storm, I believe it was Aria. The same Aria who notices her mother talking to someone about her arm as they stand outside talking and she looks sad.

It’s okay my husband doesn’t beat me I fell, really

Really Ella, encouraging Aria to lie?

Oh a fashion note: It was Emily’s turn to wear a blouse with no shoulders this week

Part the waters I’m coming through

Benna comes out with her stick while they are still standing by the door; they have finally decided it was time to speak up. Benna asked them if they were at the shrinks discussion and they she snidely tells them its too little too late and its too bad Anne wasn’t around when Alison ruled the halls. I assume she is implying Alison was a bully, hmmm, pot calling the kettle black? “It takes one bully to know another,” Emily says, “can you please move your stick, there are people trying to get passed you,” she adds. Touche Emily, its about time they got some power back, especially her. The others follow Emily though not as confidently.

I hear your mouth moving; but I can’t see ya

Benna just stands by looking whipped.

Whatch you talkin’ bout Willis?

At the rehearsal dinner for Tom and Isabel, Hanna tries to start over with snooty Kate. Now I knew this was a tragedy in the making because Kate is not giving up anything to Hanna even though she is old enough to know better. Hanna who seems unaware of the fury of her future terror of a step sister is all ready to try afresh. *shakes head* Again I forget how innocent these girls can be at times. Note to those who might want to befriend thy sworn enemies; never I mean never drink anything they give to you, nuf said.

Ignore my mom she’s senile

I don’t like that Tom doesn’t even try to be nice to his mother despite her making the effort to drive to be at the event. Of course I don’t know there background but it seemed rude. Tom on the other hand is all gung ho for Hanna to be friends with Kate and eager for them to do the toasts together. I would imagine it had to do with Isabel’s insistence, oh where is Isabel?

Who brings vodka in their purse? Yeah someone in AA… hmmm or a trickster BINGO!!

As soon as Kate suggested they should have vodka in their lemonades I was certain she was up to something. The fact that vodka looks like water was the reason I knew she as up to NO Good with Hanna I mean no one says what she did to Hanna before about training them like a horse and then Just lets it go; she is a cold calculating…….Biatch….we all know it. I bet Isabel is the same but I guess that is something we will see.

Hi I’m Laura Leighton and I’m still pretty after all these years…YEp

Back over at the Marin’s Emily hangs out with Ashley while Hanna is at the rehearsal.

On the streets of Rosewood, Anne is getting her first taste of A. She receives two calls that are a recording of what she said to the girls earlier about being the first person they have shared about A with. So someone must have bugged her office when they broke in but waited until now to let her know she is also being watched. Welcome to Hell Anne Sullivan.

Ok Anne we can do this the easy way or the hard way

At Anne’s office we see she has called the Crack Police department of Rosewood, which seems to consist of Officer Doo Good and some old guy who may be a volunteer LOL jk. They don’t find anything in the halls or the room but Officer Doo Good suggests that maybe it was one of Anne’s patients that made the call. He also asks if he can contact the patients which he has to know is not what shrinks are allowed to do. She does mentioned she met with several people at once on an unscheduled appointment. I bet that is all Officer Doo Good needed to know to be sure he was on the right track in figuring out who it was. He says if she can’t furnish names then there isn’t a lot they can do, yeah right, the names you can use to continue to torture the victims of your skeezy crimes. Well we did learn from the other cop that if she wanted to get inside the walls she might be able to find the recorder, maybe she can just make a few holes.

Over at the lame wedding rehearsal, Hanna is drinking more vodka than lemonade while Kate works on the speech. Kate sees a picture of Caleb on Hanna’s phone and goes, “Yum,” I wanted to puke because that just puts Caleb in Kate’s crosshairs. I have no doubt she will be after Caleb in a heart beat next time he is around. It’s possible, though doubtful, it was the only TRUE bonding moment for the two of them, if it was real, then it sure surprised kate. There is another moment when Kate has Hanna drink up to avoid talking to some random uncle, just a ploy for Hanna to ingest more vodka, I bet. I hope Kate isn’t going to be a Mary Sue, you know one of those characters with NO redeeming value?

Another shot of that shoulderless blouse, cute huh πŸ™‚

Back over at the Marin’s Ashley and Emily continue to bond over a discussion of Tom and his eccentric mother, Regina. She tells Emily she is okay with Tom getting married again but she does wonder why Emily is home instead of out with her buds on a Friday night. Ashley’s words of wisdom: its good Tom came back to town because she knows for sure now he is not for her, its not fair to anyone to daydream of the what could have beens and she will have to get Regina to tell her where she moved all of her stuff LOL

At the Montgomery’s, Byron arrives home to find Aria doing homework and Ella coming out of the shower. Ella is now wearing a brace on her wrist which Byron thinks is because she fell down the stairs. Aria can’t take looking at Ella knowing she is lying to Byron and goes upstairs to study.

Maya is back; oh I adore Maya HoLLA !!

Across town, Emily waits for someone at at table while she looks hopeful, the person who arrives is Maya. YEAH Maya I hope they didn’t deGAY Maya. LOL Emily smiles so hard I was sure something would break, she is so excited to see her and its a good moment. I was happy for her too. Hey I am going to say something, you know ABC Family is allowing this show to view same sex couples but some people do not find that exactly wholesome, I wonder how they are getting away with it? Just curious not judging, I am all live and let live no worries I am just curious. I might do some research on that.

Take me now, Toby

Speaking of Sexy, Toby and Spencer are kissing it up in the work truck. Spencer leans down to kiss on Toby’s neck and he sees the shadow in the window of Jason’s house move. “wait you had your eyes open?” Spencer asked LOL wait is that not allowed, I mean even if you are moaning sometimes eyes come open LOL. Oh yeah Spencer is technical like me. Anyway, so Toby tells her what he saw and she is of course on the case. It’s hard to focus on Toby’s lips on her after that and its really too bad LOL they were going at it before, I know I am not a perv, but its not often these girls get to relax at all… know you watch. Sheeks !! Spencer sees there are two shadows at the window, uh oh. She suspects its Garrett and Jason watching together, if so they really need to get a television. How often do Toby and Spencer make out in the truck its gotta be boring when Spencer is studying LOL sorry I digress. Spencer suggests maybe even Benna is there holding the cord for them why the others video tape, she is on a roll after losing her focus on the whole necking thing. She is done running and wants the others to know she is not afraid she tells Toby as she gets out of the truck, with Toby behind her trying to button his shirt. Spencer is stunned to see her own Papa Hastings coming out of the door.

Dad, you are a shadow person?

After the break, Peter Hastings, tries to lie to Spencer by saying he was talking to Jason about the fence. So Spencer calls him on his lie about the fence but he insists he doesn’t have to answer her questions about why he is hanging out with the people he told her to not talk to. Of course, because that makes sense and not hypocritical at all LOL.

You know Jason and I go way back

Don’t touch my Toby

Toby tells Peter he has to answer Spencer inquiries but Peter turns on him and tells him to leave but Spencer gets between them and grabs Toby’s hand as she goes off with him.

Not getting father of year now, Peter

WOW!! Peter is in this up to his eyeballs I betcha.

Over at Anne’s office she is feeling paranoid and we see the hoody person outside watching. I guess he has a reason to be uneasy, YIKES. She goes through the files for the girls and finds some similarities between theirs and another client/patient.

I can’t stop smiling, Help!

At the mini date, Emily and Maya are playing catch up. Maya has been back near Rosewood for about two weeks. Maya seems a bit mysterious in this scene but Emily opens up about all the changes in her life. She is ready for a relationship and to be herself. It all sounded so hopeful, I wish that Maya hasn’t come to meet up with her only to break her heart.

I know who A is and its driving me CRAZY

Aria soothes a troubled Mike’s fears about hurting Ella, with a hug.

Why the obsession with this dress, its alright not beautiful not ugly

I know I’m pretty what’s your excuse

At the rehearsal dinner, Kate has taken Hanna in a room where she is keeping the dress from earlier though I think its a dup or just a fake dress to make Hanna think she is feeling forgiving with her because she flatters her saying it would good on her. Kate still has that I hate you gleam in her eyes and do not trust her. Now at Hanna’s request Kate goes off to order them food leaving a queasy Hanna alone with the beloved dress, of course Hanna throws up all over it. Kate walks in just in time to see her with the mess on the dress; I am certain Hanna was horrorfied. I would have been.

Spencer gets home late to find her father waiting up for her and ready to chat. Alison’s grandma took Jason out of the will a week before Alison disappeared and the Dilaurentis had him change the date on it so that it stated everything went to both grand children. The reason for the change was so that Jason didn’t looke like the killer with a motive.


Alison: My grandmother pours wine in her chili
Regina: I bet she does
Spencer: How much do you need?
Regina: Well that depends, anyone here gotta bun in the oven
Hanna: Ugh
Regina: What”
Hanna: Gram gross enough?
Regina: I’m just sayin’four tablespoons and you go into spontaneous labor; how do you think I got your father to evacuate? No joke Tom was trouble from the start it was like passing a frozen turkey. Patrick was the opposite he fell out like a gum drop.
Alison: Was Patrick your favorite?
Regina: I don’t have favorites if I did I wouldn’t tell you
Alison: Would you ever disown any of them?
Regina gives her a curious look
Alison: Your children?
Regina: I don’t own anybody, there was a war that took care of that, read a book.
Alison: But I’m curious what would it take for you to really cut the cord? What if you found out one of your grandkids was like plotting to sell a family heirloom and use the money to buy drugs?
Regina: If anybody I was related to was that deranged, our family tree would get some serious pruning. Are you writing a story or something?
Alison: Yeah something like that
End Flash

Spencer decides that Alison went to Georhia, because she wanted her grandma to change her will. Spencer believed that Alison may have rubbed it in Jason’s face and that is why she was killed. Peter won’t go to the police to save his own hide because if its found out he made the changes he will lose his law license. Spencer asks “what does the Dilaurentis have on us?” Ah finally a question that might get us some place. Petr tells Spencer he has answered enough questions for one night and she needs to stop asking questions.
Yeah I think Peter was part of N. A. T. at some point and they have that till death blood oath like Skull and Bones.


Plus One equals A

Back at Anne’s office she if putting together the pieces I mentioned earlier. She finds a client that has issues with anger and nosey bitches. She puts it together to mean that she has found their A.

Tom shows up to see that Hanna has thrown up on the dress and tell her to leave with grandma who is all over the fact that Kate is a back stabber. I know getting ahead of myself but Hanna was just so sad; she tried to make Kate like her but well I will tell you in a minute.

Over at Aria’s confesses about Mike being a habitual thief. She is tired of keeping secrets and she doesn’t want it to destroy the family. Mike comes down looking apologetic too; maybe things will change for the Montgomery’s before you know Aria and Ezra come out as a couple.

Oh Kate you are going to need some back up, lady

Okay so back at the reception Regina calls Kate’s bluff when she grabs the supposed vodka bottle to find water and vice versa. Hmm Kate was playing loose and fast with the truth; like I said. Hanna puts up the gauntlet after she sees that Kate is not being truthful. Go Hanna, Go Hanna.

And the phone rings darn it, gotta go

Emily gets the call from Anne to call the other girls, she knows who A is. They arrive at Anne’s office to find she is not there. They receive a text, the Doctor is out, A.

Last scene, gloved hand is packing up the folders; oh I wish the girls had gotten those when they were around. The same gloved hand person, lets say A. goes over to the shelf to take a small key from the white haired statue on the shelf. I bet it was the copy of the key they left in the office so they wouldn’t have to carry it around maybe??

I loved this episode: 4.5 out of 5 stars πŸ™‚

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Please leave comments: OH reminder we are having a PLL Finale LiVE Blogging EVENT next week.
Keep an EYE out here for DETAILS!!

Correction: Thanks to Jewls blog I am updating what was on the the bobble head to being a bug device not a key. You know after six hours of recapping things look a bit fuzzy. πŸ™‚


  1. Man, I love reading your recaps! It always makes me feel like we are watching the episode together, and you and I are both screaming the same things at the television. πŸ™‚ (That’s why our liveblog is going to be so much fun, because we really will be watching together.)

    This really was an excellent episode, with great acting all around. Even characters I don’t usually think to much about: like Aria’s family, and Spencer’s dad, gave great performances. Speaking of family’s, is it just me, or are all the dads on the show, except Emily’s, of course, particularly cold. judgmental and short-tempered?

    I mean, I could definitely see where Aria’s dad was coming from, in wanting Mike to be on medication, but I really hated how dismissive he was of his wife’s and Aria’s opinions. They are both just as much a part of that family as he is. And that should count for something. Same with Hanna’s dad. He absolutely had a right to be mad at Hanna, since nobody exactly forced her to drink as much as she did. But she was clearly feeling awful for what she did, not to mention VERY SICK. So, a bit of sympathy wouldn’t have hurt.

    And finally Spencer’s dad! He’s the worst. What a douche! Kudos to Toby for having the courage to stick up for Spencer in the face of that, because I could NEVER imagine talking to the parent of a significant other that way! I’d be petrified!

    Like you, I didn’t trust Anne Sullivan AT ALL, when we first met her, but warmed to her significantly in this episode. It’s too bad she probably won’t be around much longer to hear us sing her praises. I also, like you, really liked Emily’s off-the-shoulder top, WAy better than that weird one Spencer was wearing last week. I think, of all the girls, Emily is probably the least risky dresser, So, it was nice to see her show a little skin for a change. Interestingly enough, of all the PLL’ers, though my personality is probably a cross between Spencer’s (Type A, snarky sense of humor) and Aria’s (outwardly polite, and literary, but a bit reserved, in-person), and I admire Hanna most for her spunk, and humor, I dress most like Emily.

    How about you? πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Jewls, thanks for stopping by. Yeah I am more snarky dry witted like Hanna but i dressed kinda laid back gypsy maybe like Aria LOL I am also competitive though like Em and I love to learn like Spencer πŸ™‚ I am all over the place in person I could seem shy for a minute but talk your ear off the next minute its all based on the vibe I get from the person. πŸ™‚ Oh and I can’t wait till the live blogging I am going to check the page right now.

  3. I love your Blog! You are such a witty and sarcastic writer.

    I immediately thought about you when I first saw Emily wearing that shoulderless top on screen. It’s much cuter than Spencer’s, but I still had to laugh just thinking about your comments from the last episode.

    Can’t wait to read the recap from tomorrow’s summer finale episode.

    (Hmmm, maybe Aria will be wearing a shoulderless top in the next ep. Lol)

    • Ah thanks glad you like the site. I am curious as to whether Aria will have the shoulderless blouse next, though I wonder if they even realized what they had done two weeks in a row LOL. I can’t wait for the finale but I will miss the show, Jewls seems to think we will get a Winter addition I do hope so.

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