Supernatural S07 Episode 19 Review

Hi all you Supernatural lovers this time I am going to do a simple Episode Review. Now I have not tried this before because I am generally long winded LOL but lets see what happens.

This episode features one of my favorite Lifetime TV show stars, Jamie Luner. I think I have seen all of her television movies and I figured out finally who she reminds me of. Yes, she reminds me of Danneel Harris Ackles, anyway that is a good thing. They are both beautiful redheads.

Overall this was a great episode where we got to see Bobby again even though he is a ghost this time around, we found out that Dean, Sam and Bobby all sleep with Annie, a fellow hunter and now we know that ghosts can and do kill their own kind. Wow that is a lot to take in for forty minutes run time, at least for me.

Annie is off on a hunt but decides to contact Sam and Dean about some items she has that belonged to Bobby. She phones them then goes about her business of working her job.

The next day, the guys are waiting at the restaurant to meet her but she never arrives. They become a bit worried as you might imagine but in their hunter fashion are able to retrace her steps enough to find out the last place she was seen.

One of the things I love about this show is the use of historical landmarks, legends and period phrases. In this one episode the use of the word “Fancy Lady” was a period phrase which means hooker or prostitute. It was amusing that the Fancy Lady that was repeating it was not happy that everyone she said it to happened to know what the word meant. LOL

At the old house, Bobby comes inside with Dean because he is tethered to Dean by the flask he is still carrying around. Bobby sees Annie and gives her the bad news, “if you can see me then you are dead.” Annie isn’t real keen on that idea but oh well it’s what has happened. They talk as the guys wander the house trying to get a feel for what has gone on before. They can’t quite figure out why Annie came to the house so they leave again to do research. Bobby goes with them but he is impatient for them to go back to help Annie. Dean takes a shower and since Bobby received ghost lessons while waiting for the boys at the house from the actual murderer in the episode he is finally able to effectively communicate with them.

Dean is not as happy about it as you might have though he would be. On the other hand, Dean has always been a What’s Dead should stay Dead Advocate.

All and all Bobby with Annie are the ones who figure out what is happening so they enlighten the boys who burn the bones of the Murderer.

It’s a cool episode though its kind of obvious to me that Bobby’s fear of death is mostly because its all he has known for most of his life. I am not convinced that idea would hold up for long even on this show, Bobby helping as a real ghost just seems like a tragedy waiting to happen just like Dean believes.

My favorite part was when the guys figured out they had all slept with Annie LOL !!!
My least favorite part was the sight of Bobby in the back seat after he realizes they really don’t want him around or at least its his assumption. He just looked so sad.

My episode rating on this one is a 7!!

Please leave comments. I realize the review is nothing like my recaps so I think from now on I will stick with them LOL.

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